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Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

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Results Below!  I compare load times while controlling all variables of the startech ide2sat2 adapter vs the cheap adapter that most people recommend. There are significant differences in both price and performance.

    ux bootup 2:28 - 3:09 = 41 seconds
halo 2 load   4:11 - 4:56 = 45 seconds
coinops dd3   5:42 - 6:25 = 43 seconds

    ux bootup 8:00 - 8:20 = 20 seconds
halo2 load    10:05 - 10:25 = 20 seconds
coinops dd3   10:57 - 10:40 = 43 seconds

CoinOps was 43 seconds for both tests. This implies that the wait isn't due to throughput of the storage device but rather the zip extraction of the cpu.

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I have never had any luck with the cheapo adaptors, I think I have maybe 8,  although they work fine in my pc's so they just hate Xboxes.

Gonna have to buy the Startec ones as my supply of ide drives is drying up.


Thanks  for the video

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Hello and thank you for these clarifications!

I have a generic IDE2SATA adapter with a 2Tb hard drive and IDE 80 cable but UnleashX needs to take about a minute to start.

Is this normal (for a 2Tb hard drive)? Or it comes from the adapter and I should rather change it for a Startech?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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I use the cheapy ones with the jumpers (amazon or ebay) and have used Startech also.  I have not seen a noticeable difference in boot times.  Your boot times in general seem slow.  Are you running custom icons and have a lot of Xbox Backups on the drive?  I ran into this issue where it was 30-40 seconds and I believe it was Rocky5 that mentioned that UnleashX caches all the images.  I had to add a delayload in my config file for everything and it cut my boot times quite a bit.. Also I noticed that that more Xbox games, the slower it booted. I typically run a 2TB setup. The the F has all of my emulators and about 150-200 xbox games. The G folder has all Xbox games.  I remember when I had transferred half the content (filling up just F), the Xbox booted a lot faster than when I had both folders full.  The delay load worked great and cut those times down quite a bit.  I have since gone to XBMC as my dashboard of choice, it boots so much faster than UnleashX. 

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I think I may revisit my generic adaptors, my new chip has drive tools onboard where as before it was down to the DVDs when setting up the drive.

It  may well work this time.

I only have one 250gb ide drive left so need to get a solution for SATA drives.

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On 11/15/2017 at 12:22 AM, XC-3730C said:


How do you add a delayload bit your config file? I will also be using a 2TB drive.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

I think Incursion64's talking about Delayload in Unleash's Config.xml file.

Rocky5 Please login or register to see this link. :


Re: Slow Xbox start up
Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:25 pm

How many games or emulators are there on this system?

UnleashX pre caches them all on load, you can disable this by adding Delayload="True" in the header of each <list tag>

ie, <list text="Games" Sort="On" Delayload="True">

The latter will make booting into unleashx almost instantly, only issue is when entering these menus there will be a slight delay as it caches the titles.


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I've found most of the cheapos to be buggered. one in 5 actually work pretty well.

Your initial load with the cheapo is super slow. I've had them booting faster than that... BUT you read my thread about it zapping a drive and ive recently received 4 that were completely totaled. They ruined a hard drive for me so im really nervous about ever using a cheap adapter ever again.

Anyways, i didnt really inspect them until after the damage was done and they are all just horrifying.

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Is there any similar comparison between using 40 and 80 wire ribbon cables? checked google, didn't find anything precisely measured, just "Yes, it's faster" and  "no not really"

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Its supposed to be faster, I didnt really notice the difference but now only use 80 wire.  

using the sata adaptors you'll find it works more readily as some of the adaptors only seen to work correctly with 80 wire. 

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