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  1. Ewok0815, for Chihiro what pack are you using? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jtKjtvfOOZi50BL5MD09IQUz9R5lxOqc That's my pack, works and tested with 128mb of ram. The XBE files in the Sega Chihiro folder are just shortcuts to the xbe's in the root folders. So you really just need to patch the games located in the root of F or G (wherever you place them).
  2. I think the best start is to look at some of the soft mod tutorials. there are various videos on Youtube, i recommend the ones by JCRocky5. Softmod or hardmod is really a preference thing, both will get the job done. I personally like TSOP mods, but when i started out I did the softmod, and got familiar with setting up by back games etc. perfoming the actual tsop mod is quite easy if you are somewhat comfortable with a soldering iron. Seems like you have a lot on your mind on what you want to do with this setup, but start small and tackle one thing at a time. Before you know it you'll be teaching other people how to do this. In order to get further help, learn the ropes a bit, watch some vidoes. This way when you have specific questions, people can help you. Good luck.
  3. easy way is to drop a resources folder in the root of E, F, and G and fanart will pop up. of course if you use the same image for all 3 as the fanart.jpg, all the main category icons will share the same image. What Rocky5 was alluding to above regarding folder specific art is even better. I've never set it up that way but now im going to figure it out (if it has it). really nice skin isn't it? i much prefer it over origins or generic xbmc.
  4. I usually get in about 2-3 weeks, right now is Chinese New Year so good luck lol.
  5. Not sure if this is still for sale, but sent you an offer via PM
  6. Incursion64

    New To Modding

    Not familiar with it, but went on the amazon UK site and saw this one. Might be worth a try. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AAB-Cooling-Super-Silent-anti-vibration/dp/B01HTNV1GW/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516293717&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=Titan+70mm+Fan
  7. Incursion64

    New To Modding

    I use Articlean Thermal paste remover, usually gets the crust off the sides with a little work. Other guys use various thinners which also work. On some models, i've come across a plastic like paste where regular remover doesn't cut it, I use a very small amount of goof off, and it comes right up. Honestly though, if you have a little paste on the side and it's not on the top flat area,.it should be fine. You can use a 80 mm, you just have to do a little more dremel work to get it to fit. Remove that clock capacitor, even if it looks like it hasn't leaked, because at some point it will. The only time you don't pull one is if it's a gold colored cap, I recommend you watch a youtube video or 2 just to learn a little more detail on these points that I'm mentioning. 3.5" hard drive is what is typically used. The Xbox uses and IDE interface. You can use a SATA hard drive, but you will need to purchase a PATA/SATA adapter, and a new 80 conductor (40 pin) IDE cable. Most people by 24" long on amazon or ebay. I like the Hitachi Ultrastar personally. They are enterprise/server class drives and are very durable. If you decide to use western digital or seagate, i'd stay away from the green drives
  8. I'm pretty sure X2 5035 is (that's the 512k bios) you could check the bios config file to be certain.
  9. Incursion64

    New To Modding

    Your other questions - fan upgrade is nice, but with new paste it isn't necessary. A lot of guys have guides on how they squeeze 80mm fans in. I prefer a 70 mm nexus fan (amazon). It's a silent fan that you have to just cut two corners off a little (so hdd tray fits nicely). While it doesn't move air like a 80mm, i can run at 75%-100% and barely hear it. The nice thing is that it snaps into the bottom clips in the case, you just need some small cable ties to hold down the top. You will also want to pull off your clock capacitor if you haven't already. That should be an easy one to google.
  10. Incursion64

    New To Modding

    Thanks Randy - I leaned on the community pretty hard (still do with new things) when i got started, gotta give back . So much outdated info as these consoles have been modded over many years., it's good to have bullet point list that people can work from and do some research as they go.
  11. IND BIOS 5004 and X2 5035 can run without the dvd tray. IND Bios will hang when it's not plugged in.
  12. Incursion64

    New To Modding

    welcome - seems like you have done some research. I would start start with downloading the latest softmod tool from JCRocky5. You will need to softmod your console before performing the TSOP modification. Also, after you softmod, your board version number will pop up on the main dash as sort of a confirmation to what info you have. Sounds like you are 1..2-.14 so the flashing options are the same. You will also want to download HeXen 2017. You will use that to flash to your desired bios. step 1 - softmod step 2 - solder your bridges step 3 - run HeXen - for this particular xbox you will use non winbond option, then choose a 256k bios. Most people recommend IND-BIOS 5003 or 5004. (F & G). step 4 - Install new hard drive with HeXen in Dvd tray - it will automatically take you through the hdd setup. step 5 - once complete, install applications (you will need Xbpartitioner) step 6 - boot into generic unleashX without HeXen in tray. Run xbparitioner. - see note below note: Xbpartitioner can be a little buggy. Here is what i recommend for a either a smaller drive upgrade or a large one up to 2 tb. Leave the first grouping of rows alone, you will be focused on the second set of rows (1st line or 1st or second line if you are doing a G folder (anything over 1TB will require a G). hit A i believe to set those 1 or 2 rows to their max amount. Example 2 TB will show 927GB in both rows. Before selecting format, lower that number in both rows by one tick using the dpad (926 for ex.), Format by pressing start, then Y. Reboot Xbox, Run Xbpartitioner again, and now set both of those values (or 1 if using a smaller drive) to their max amount, hit start, then Y to format. Now when you reboot your new HDD should be set correctly to the correct cluster size and not show any ER (error as you may see in XBP until you start changing the values). Then it's up to you which dashboard you want to load up. Happy modding
  13. This past weekend I decided to do it myself and board is working great. Lot of flux and patience. I’ve purchased these with great success as well. As far as difficulty, I found it to be a 7/10 but most was nerves not having done it before. Here are pix of my first attempted (and successfull board). My advice, don’t be afraid to try if your comfortable with a soldering iron. You can’t go wrong buying one either, prices are very fair. Good luck
  14. To elaborate on part 2 of your question. As OGXbox Admin stated you can copy with a dock, but the drive must be unlocked. I only mention that because there are a lot of people who only softmod. If you are intending on cloning a soft mod disk, either have another disk that you can use to load chimp to re-lock when you are done,. Another method is to use a TSOP xbox with nulled keys and lock the softmod drive there, and move back into the softmodded unit (which would also need nulled keys prior to doing any of this). If you are using Unlocked drives, then just clone away.

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