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  1. If I can get it working, and it is the full game I will share for sure.
  2. Made a discovery. When I set it to auto load a profile the LCD works every time. If I try to use the profiles it will not seem to work.
  3. I have a copy of Lamborghini, not sure where I got it from. I have purchased a lot of Xboxes and pulled files off, and I did a lot of downloading over the years. I just put it on my 128mb unit and it did not load, just rebooted my dash all 3 times. it is 169mb in size.
  4. Heck yeah a using this on every build now! So clean and smooth! Will text it with a 64mb unit next time I get one. I already rammed everything on my shelves. If I figure out the LCD thing I will post the solution here
  5. I love this dash! My only issue seems to be getting it to utilize the saved LCD settings. It seems to save settings fine, when i reboot the settings are still correct. However, when I reboot it does not display the dash info. If I toggle the type of chip it displays correctly until I reboot again.
  6. very true. but that is much easier than finding a good CPU these days lol!
  7. I just saved a board with a bad hard drive the other day. I installed a xenium mod chip, and used the Xenium OS to create a backup of the EEprom. Then I also used the OS to lock the hard drive. I was able to boot Xbox dash, so I proceded to softmod, then flashed.
  8. I will sooner or later, my work schedule for January is jam-packed. The Xenium mod chips require a separate circuit board to translate info to the LCD.. It is called a spi2par, they are very rare. The one I have is the only one I have seen anywhere other than the website that used to sell them. An LCD with SPI protocol can be used as well, but they are expensive and hard to find from what I am told. I never really looked into SPI LCD's because I have the spi2par. If anyone has information please share it. http://www.cheaplpc.com/Xenlcd/default.asp
  9. My start at Collecting the info on LCD installation utilizing different modchips and other means. These take me hours to create so I hope they help a few people.
  10. Yes, the hard drive should be set at cable select.
  11. In your case, you can FTP the file E/x2config.ini to your PC and make sure this part is a zero. doDvdDriveCheck = 0 then FTP it back to E partition copying over the old one.
  12. you do not need a dvd drive at all if the bios has "DVD Check" disabled
  13. I can only do them for the ones I have, I need to verify before I will post them. I'm sure I will get one sooner or later.
  14. It is an Xecuter 2 Lite mod chip. looks like you already have a good bios on it, I would try to use it as is.

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