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  1. I've done it so many ways over the years, I do 1 or 2 every month now. I use a plastic pry to get the double sided black tape off, then I use my electric sander with 400 grit to remove the paint. takes minutes and makes it clean and flat. If the top is damaged i use 400 grit moving in one direction, usually in line with the "XBOX". then I use a green dish scrubby to smooth it some. then I use wide painters tape and tape around the jewel, that way I can paint the bottom. then I use crystal clear coat on top. makes them look great. for a clear jewel I use crystal clear coat on both sides, makes the jewel light up great with LED'S. most times I make them clear, so I do the top first. then when I clear coat the bottom I use the tape that's around it to position it on the xbox. nice and very clean compared to glue, and makes it easier/
  2. I know someone that is 3D printing translucient replacements.
  3. I have everything set up and working, however, the LCD has a lot of flicker to it. I have tried several capacitor values across the ground and VO and it has not helped. it dims the display with no flicker, then as soon as I adjust the contrast it comes right back. is there a solution for this? I have 5 of the spi2par clones and they all have the same issue. as a note, I have the legacy spi2par from greengiant and it does not have this problem.
  4. Did a HALO Edition, I installed all red LED's, then figured people may prefer green so I added a switch to the console. I tried to just add pictures but I seem to be at a limit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113805187649
  5. gonna take me some time anyway, I have to do some trial and error to get that one right lol
  6. I like that idea! purple/black marble would look great, im going to look into that for a future build.
  7. The pearl white looks great, the pictures could not do it justice. It sold in only a few hours. I have 2 more ready for paint, anyone have an opinion on what colors I should go with for them?
  8. Here is the pearl white and deep blue one I just finished, about to list it. its nearly the same as the red one except for the DVD kit from a ghostcase, and the colors.
  9. I put the LED's in all 4 ports, 2 for the DVD drive, 2 to light the jewel, and replace the 2 in the power/eject board. Cutting the DVD window is tricky. I use an old DVD disc centered over the jewel to round that off, and the rest I take out what I can without cutting out any plastic that maintains strength of the top cover. I use a dremel to make the cuts, then hone it in with files. Then a green scrubby pad for sanding. It takes quite a bit of time, but makes the cuts appear factory. For the port numbers and bezel "XBOX" I use an oil based pen.
  10. Also, I add LED's in the DVD drive on all my builds
  11. 420 may or may not be coincidence, I do not exhale lol! Thank you Dave. 1) I build the LED circuit, putting the LED's on the end of a wire. then I drill a hole in back of the controller port the perfect size for the LED to pop in. that way they can be removed for service. 2)I usually do paint the cage, I like them looking sharp when I open them. makes them look complete. 3)I am open to ideas on window cuts, do you know a better way to do it without getting into the side fins?
  12. Thank you TEK! I am over OCD, when I get a part 100% clean I put it in a ziplock bag. I know people don't care, but I cant skip steps if I wanted. I actually tried lol! I agree on the video cords, but the good cords are expensive. I figure I will set them up for 720P and they can get the $70 authentic component cable, or I would direct them to frank for a WII2HDMI.
  13. I rarely post anything. Just wondering what people think about the painted case, DVD window, and jewel. I would like to improve future builds, I plan on making a bunch and retiring. may sell my whole collection soon. I use 2TB drives because some people believe I'm wasting space since Xbox Linux only sees 2.2TB. My personal are 3TB. Almost all of my builds are 128mb RAM upgrades, some of my favs will not work on a standard Xbox. Every inch is clean as a whistle, you can lick the motherboard it is cleaner than the plate in your cupboard (except the other OCD people). I don't say that in the listing so there's no need for a disclaimer lol! AS A NOTE! UNPLUG BEFORE YOU LICK! Rocky5, Cian, and others did an awesome job creating XBMC4Gamers! I had several people ask me to build some more Xbox's just to implement this great dashboard mod. Honestly, it fired me up and I had to get involved again once I threw it on a hard drive and took it for a spin. I literally deleted most of the years of work setting up artwork for XBMC4Xbox, they pulled off a great feat collecting so many cover scans. Anyway, any advice, information, or opinions are welcome. Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113791001671 Of course if this is not allowed please delete this.

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