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  1. You need one of each of these 3 connectors: Hardware Accessories - Ribbon Connectors - 40/80 ATA IDE Female Connector, Black, Blue, Gray - CablesOnline
  2. When the hard drive makes those weird sounds, check the voltage levels powering the hard drive. Use a multimeter to measure DC voltage between the yellow and black (12Vdc +/- 10%) and red and black wires (5Vdc +/- 5% I think) of the hard drive's Molex connector.
  3. A2: Before you run Chimp while a replacement dashboard with an FTP server is running. Upload it to the Y drive. It will not immediately get deleted. A3: Yes
  4. 66.6MB/s to 100MB/s - the difference ???. Many say not noticeable. Others say it is. I've not tried to test it myself.
  5. What thing? The entire artwork set with original images is no longer accessible - the 23.1GB file or set of files. ( I never downloaded it when it was original available. ) Only the images made for XBMC4Gamers to install as game resources to the Xbox is downloaded with its URLDownloader app.
  6. Not Not yet. The developers have released two different versions of the BIOS's dot bin file. One with UDMA2 support and one with UDMA5 support.
  7. 100 MB/second transfer rate instead of the original hard drive and DVD drive's UDMA3 UDMA2 33.3 MB/second transfer rate or UDMA4 66.7 MB/second that is negotiated when the stock IDE cable is swapped out for a high-speed 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable. CerBIOS supports the faster UDMA5 transfer rate if you use the UDMA5 version of the BIOS. You need the high-speed IDE cable as well as an IDE-to-SATA adapter that supports the 100MB/second transfer rate - Startech IDE2SAT2 or DeLock #62510. M8plus can also be manually hex edit patched to support UDMA5. Edit: UDMA2 is 33.3 MB/second not UDMA3. Updated text above.
  8. What does your 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable look like? Is the insulation color yellow? Recently, several people purchasing those similar to the one shown at the top of the image below have had problems with them not working well.
  9. The signal on pin #5 of the LPC Debug port is LRESET# (aka MCPX's PCIRST# output). This signal connects to several other peripheral chips to initialize them during startup. For the RAM, the signal goes from the LPC Debug Port's pin #5 to several line drivers/level shifters whose output then connects to all of the RAM chip's CKE (clock enable) inputs on pin #53 to properly initialize them during system reset/startup. As I understand it if this active-high CKE pin is not pulled low then high at power-on, the RAM chips don't get initialized to function properly. Therefore, when the RAM is tested during system initialization, a data error is detected. The CPU tells the System Management Controller (SMC) that a RAM error has occurred which then indicates detection of this RAM error by flashing the Eject ring RED and ORANGE and halts the remainder of boot process. The RAM chips may be good but without the proper startup sequence, no go.
  10. XBMC4Gamers has had several revisions released and one change Google made required a change of the URL the app goes to download files. If you have an old version of XBMC4Gamers and also have a different replacement dashboard that you can use, remove XBMC4Gamers then download, extract and install (FTP upload) the latest release to your Xbox.
  11. Cerbios does not have a force480p setting/option/release.
  12. That's not it. This script fixes games on a v1.6 Xbox that have a scrambled screen when you try to play them at 480p or higher resolutions with a high-definition cable (component video out) or an HDMI adapter.
  13. (31) [WIP] FinalBurn Legends DAT File + EXTRAS - www.emuxtras.net
  14. Which to use depends on the software you use and the bank size of the modchip or size of the TSOP you are flashing. Some flashing software automagically writes multiple copies of a 256KB BIOS dot bin file one after the other to fill the bank size: 1 copy to a 256KB bank, 2 copies to a 512KB bank or 4 copies to a 1MB bank (Evoxdash or XBlastOS) and others don't (e.g., Gentoox Loader) they only write 1 copy of the dot bin file and if it's not the correct size - bank size - the console will not boot but FRAG. depends on the bank size of the modchip or size of the TSOP you are flashing it to. The 512KB version is simply 2 copies of the 256KB base size CerBIOS and the 1MB dot bin 4 copies of the 256KB BIOS. Most modified Xbox BIOSes are only 256KBs in size. Team Xecuter's X2 5035 and X3 BIOSes, 3294 the latest release, are the exceptions with a base size of 512KBs and 1MB respectively. It takes the entire base size BIOS for the firmware to boot. No. For example, an Aladdin XT plus 2 modchip only has 1 256KB bank so you cannot use a BIOS that's larger than 256KBs for its base size. And, the X3 BIOS only works with an X3 modchip. A waste of space for a modchip that has 1MB of flash that can be split into 4 separate 256KB banks. For example, an X3 modchip can split its 2MBs of flash into 8 separate 256KB banks, 4 512KB banks, 2 1MB banks or 1 2MB bank. Or combinations of sizes as long as a 256KB section is not already being used for a different BIOS: banks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 each 256KBs in size banks 12 34 56 78 each 512KB in size banks 1234 5678 each 1MB in size bank 12345678 being 2MBs in size
  15. There are two different Microsoft component video adapters/cables for the original Xbox: The HD AV pack that included a set of component video Red, Green, Blue RCA cables as well as a stereo analog audio Red and White RCA jack cable and the all-in-one component video cable you mention.
  16. Sounds like the hard drive is dying on the one that slow to display Microsoft under the big X at the end of the startup animation. You could also swap DVD drives between the two consoles to see if that fixes it. The DVD drives are not locked to a particular Xbox motherboard like the hard drive is.
  17. Ok, delete all of the files and folders in the X, Y and Z drives.
  18. There are a couple of items to do / check in the stock MS dashboard's settings: 1. Change the language to a different one than currently set then change it back to the one you want to use. 2. Check the Parental Control setting to make sure the game's rating is not higher than the level it is set to.
  19. You have to edit the BIOS with EVTool v1.0.9, save a new dot bin file, upload it to your Xbox then flash the updated BIOS to your TSOP. There is no easy on-the-fly fan speed change available with M8plus by editing a configuration file on the Xbox's hard drive.
  20. It is not a softmod problem I'm able to play the game on my Rocky5 Xbox Softmodded Tool modded v1.6 Xbox without any problem.
  21. CerBIOS supports larger hard drives than iND-BiOS 5003.
  22. I suspect, playing the game! However, I have not tried yet. I just created my Insignia GamerTag about an hour ago. Testing other games.
  23. Once you create an Insignia account, you are to set a password for your account on the insignia.live web site. In the Dashboard there, you select the server you want to connect to to play Phantasy Star Online when connected to Insignia. If you wish to play on a different server, login to the dashboard and change the server to use before playing the game. Edit: Oh, you already knew about this PSO Server selection menu.
  24. IIRC, when Microsoft appears under the big X at the end of the startup animation, the hard drive has been unlocked. Next, the C:\xboxdash.xbe file is executed. If not found, I don't think it goes anywhere and no startup error code screen will be displayed since all of the hardware is functioning as expected. There's simply no dashboard to start. Does the console play an original game disc that is loaded in the DVD tray?

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