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  1. There are some PAL games that only output a video signal on a console set to PAL mode. I believe all of CodeMasters' Club Football series of games work that way. I've not checked the XBE file's Game Region flag to see how it is set in them. Most likely 0x00000004 (Europe & Australia a.k.a Rest of the World).
  2. Mounting for SPDIF optical and coaxial digital audio output jacks on the back of the case. 1 or 2 USB ports on the front of the case like found on an X3 Control Panel (X3CP).
  3. An unmodded Xbox checks the region of the console versus the region set in the header of a game's default.xbe file. XBE Header Content [.XBE File Format (caustik.com)]: Game Region Game region for this .XBE. For example: #define XBEIMAGE_GAME_REGION_NA 0x00000001 #define XBEIMAGE_GAME_REGION_JAPAN 0x00000002 #define XBEIMAGE_GAME_REGION_RESTOFWORLD 0x00000004 #define XBEIMAGE_GAME_REGION_MANUFACTURING 0x80000000 x0004 x00A0 Configuration EEPROM Region [EEPROM - xboxdevwiki]: Start Offset 0x2C End Offset 0x2F RC4 Encrypted Region code values: 0x00000001 = North America 0x00000002 = Japan 0x00000004 = Europe & Australia 0x80000000 = Manufacturing plant I believe Region Free means that all region bits are set in the header of the game's default.xbe file: 0x00000001, 0x000000002, and 0x00000004 = 0x00000007 (region-free) Binary: 00000000000000000000000000000001 (North America) Binary: 00000000000000000000000000000010 (Japan) Binary: 00000000000000000000000000000100 (Europe & Australia) =================================================== Binary: 00000000000000000000000000000111 (Region-Free, this default.xbe file can run on all Xboxes, not restricted by region)
  4. Hmm, from the README-XBOX.txt file in the 1.4.1 release of ScummVM for the Xbox, it mentions: However, the release currently available at github.com is 2.5.1 and the repository there doesn't have releases available that go as far back as v1.4.1 (edit: Oh wait, it is there. You have to switch branches from master to branch-1-4-1). The source code for the older v1.4.1. release of ScummVM is also available at sourceforge.net: ScummVM - Browse /scummvm/1.4.1 at SourceForge.net https://sourceforge.net/projects/scummvm/files/scummvm/1.4.1/scummvm-1.4.1.zip/download Edit: The v1.4.1 branch is available at github.com: scummvm/scummvm at branch-1-4-1 (github.com) Next problem, obtain the source code for all of the required libraries to build the emulator.
  5. Sounds like the hard drive is dying. iND-BiOS reads its configuration information from the hard drive, c:\ind-bios.cfg. If it cannot read this file, I believe it will freeze on the screen: loading ind-bios However, it may freeze on the white background big X logo screen with ind-bios displayed below it.
  6. Try running the patched smartctl.exe command-line applicaion included with XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 or Beta 3 in a Run as Administrator cmd.exe window. You will need to determine the proper device name to use with the command. From the cmd.exe command prompt run the following command: wmic diskdrive get model,name which of the entries is the Xbox drive. Note the name's value, \\.\PHYSCIALDRIVEN, for it. N=0,1,2,3,etc. Translate this number to the letter used for smartctl.exe's device name, /dev/sd?, ?=a,b,c,d, etc. respectively. Run the smartctl.exe command to check the current security status of the hard drive: smartctl.exe -g security /dev/sd? Place a copy the correct eeprom.bin file for this hard drive in the folder where smartctl.exe is located. Issue the following command: smartctl.exe -s security-eeprom-unlock,eeprom.bin /dev/sd? Next, check the current security status: smartctl.exe -g security /dev/sd? NOTE: For all of the smartctl.exe commands, change the ? in /dev/sd? to the letter that corresponds to the Xbox hard drive. Check the lock status of these drives. If installed in a hard modded Xbox, they may not be locked. smartctl.exe -g security /dev/sd? Double check the device name that Windows has assigned to the drive each time you connect one. The PHYSICALDRIVEN value may be different than you think it is especially if you have connected / disconnected any other USB devices. The /dev/sd? value to use with smartctl.exe to work with the attached Xbox hard drive may have changed. If it is locked, you may still be able to unlock it with either the manufacturer's MASTER password or one of the xbox scene eeprom tool's MASTER passwords - TEAMASSEMBLY or XBOXSCENE. What are the brands and models of these 30 to 80GB hard drives? Edit: The above smartctl.exe commands only temporarily unlock the hard drive to gain read/write accces to its content. After an IDE bus reset or power cycle of the hard drive, it will again be locked. To permanently unlock / remove the ATA security password, issue the following command: smartctl.exe -s security-eeprom-disable,eeprom.bin /dev/sd?
  7. The input/output lines of the SDRAM chips are SSTL_2 compatible signals. What type of input/outputs signalling does your logic analyzer support? See: SSTL Interface Description, Stub Series Terminated Logic for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 Electrical layer, SSTL-2, SSTL-18, SSTL-3 (interfacebus.com)
  8. What application started when you held both triggers?
  9. Ok, I know it runs on my v1.6 Xbox not sure why it doesn't on some consoles. Not that it should matter but do you have the stock MS dashboard installed on the C drive.
  10. One that looks like this one: instead of like this one:
  11. Do you have one of the older, maybe even an original, Aladdin XT plus 2 modchip? Have you tried to install a relabeled SST49LF020A - actually an SST49LF002A/B - flash chip in it and see if Evoxdash or XBlast OS can flash it? Edit: I'm thinking that somewhere along the way of cloning the modchip, the CPLD code developed for them dropped support for FirmWare Hub (FWH) flash memory chips, only supports LPC flash devices, since Evoxdash has code in it to recognize FWH (SST49LF002B) flash devices to write a BIOS to them.
  12. Load the eeprom.bin file into LiveInfo. LiveInfo_Beta_3-Xbox_v1.6-Yoshihiro.rar Does it display an error when loading your red flashing Xbox's eeprom.bin file? What values are loaded into its various information/settings boxes?
  13. Is the hard drive locked? Unmodded Xbox hard drives are locked with a unique password computed each time the console boots to gain access to the content stored on it. An Xbox hard drive cannot simply be moved from one console to another without the console being hardmodded and the drive unlocked. (Edit: Or, locked using the password computed for a particular hard drive using the same HDDKey or relocked using the password generated for the Xbox it will be installed in. From the factory, each Xbox motherboard has a unique HDDKey preventing hard drives from being moved between consoles.) Unlocking requires either reading the HDDKey used to generate the password for that hard drive using specialized software that computes the correct password or HARD modding the console and unlocking it. (Actually, you could unlock it on a softmod but the console will no longer boot with an unlocked hard drive. It has to be locked for the stock BIOS to boot the console without an error.)
  14. I don't understand the output of this program completely either. There is no comprehensive memory testing application for the Xbox like for a PC (edit: e.g., memtest86). The application itself uses some memory for itself, the Xbox's kernel is held in RAM as is the framebuffer for the screen; therefore, only 54,588 1KB blocks of the first 65,536 1KB blocks are accessible. I'm not sure why the upper 64MBs (65,536) blocks are not being allocated. (Edit: Hmm, most likely because Xbox app's are set to only use 64MBs of RAM out of the 128MBs that can be installed on Development and Debug Kits.) The output when executed on my 64MB softmodded v1.6 console is slightly different: Tested Memory : 131072 Memoryblocks OK : 55014 Memoryblocks ERROR : 0 Blocks not able to allocate : 76058 Number of CRC errors : 0
  15. Xbox Hard Drive Partition Background Information C and E are actual drive partitions that are present on any Xbox's hard drive. C, 500MBs in size, holds the stock dashboard files and on a modded console the replacement dashboard or at least an app (dashloader, xswitch, XBE shortcut, etc.) used to access it when stored in an extended partition. More information on these extended partitions shortly. E; 4882.84 MBs in size; holds game saves, DLC content and soundtrack (ripped CD music) files. Also present on all Xbox hard drives are X, Y and Z partitions/drives. They are cache partitions. These partitions hold preloaded game data. Each one is 750MBs in size. On a modded console with a larger than 8GB hard drive, there can also be extended partitions. These extended partitions are stored in the free space above a standard Xbox's hard drive size of 8GBs - partitions numbered 1 - 5 (E,C,X,Y,and Z respectively). The stock BIOS of the Xbox supports LBA28 drive access - yes 28-bit addressing - for a maximum hard drive size of 137GBs. With the original BIOS's and modified BIOSes hackers created from them, LBA28 addressing limited the extended partition's size. An F drive /partition 6 was created in the free space above 8GBs limited to a maximum size of ~120GBs. A brilliant hacker, ozpaulb, came up with a method to expand the LBA28 access of an Xbox hard drive to LBA48 addressing. Well, not full LBA48 but limited to 32-bit addressing for a maximum Xbox hard drive size of 2.2TBs. ozpaulb's LBA48 kernal patch is available for both softmodded and hardmodded consoles. Support for more extended partitions was present, not just a 6th partition - F drive and a 7th partition - G drive but partitions 8 to 14 as well. ozpaulb's LBA48 partition table is stored in the first sector on the hard drive - sector 0. It can hold data for all of these partitions numbered 1 to 14. Recent BIOS Updates in 2022 A person named gaasedelen on github.com has created a new Titan patch for Evolution-X's M8plus BIOS that expands the supported hard drive size up to 16TBs. The extra space above 8GBs is all allocated to a huge F partition. There is no G drive avavilable in their current release. Available only for a hardmodded console booting a Titan patched M8plus BIOS. Xbox v1.0-1.6 supported. A second person or group, Team CerBIOS, has released an entirely new BIOS that expands the maximum Xbox's hard drive size to over 16TBs too. Adding support for hard modded consoles to use more than 2 extended partitions. At present, only Xbox v1.0-1.4 are supported. These two increased drive size updates at this time are only supported on hard modded consoles. XBMC-based Application Drive Letters P, Q and S are not real drives/partitions on the Xbox hard drive. They are virtual mapped drive letters created by XBMC-based applications when they are running. Not all of the XBMC-based applications have all of these mapped drives: XBMC4Xbox - Q only XBMC4Gamers - P and Q XBMC-Emustation - P, Q and S Mapped Drive Letter Usage P is mapped to the current user's profile location for XBMC4Gamers or XBMC-Emustation on the hard drive - the XBMC-based app's profile/UserData subfolder (e.g., E:\XBMC-Emustation\ system\UserData). Q is mapped to the folder where the running XBMC-based applications' default.xbe is located on the hard drive (e.g., E:\XBMC-Emustation, F:\XBMC4Gamers, F:\Apps\XBMC4Xbox). S is only present when running XBMC-Emustation. It is mapped to the folder that holds themes for XBMC-Emustation skin. Other XBMC-based apps, XBMC4Xbox and XBMC4Gamers have similar mapped drives created when executed. Download the xbmc.log file and look through it for messages about the creation of these mapped drives. This file should be found in Q:\ folder; howver, for XBMC4Gamers and XBMC-Emustation it is in the Q:\system subfolder. Connect to the application's FTP server from your PC using an FTP client (e.g., Filezilla, WinSCP, etc.) and download it. Open it in a text editor to view its content.
  16. Replace the stock 40-wire 40-pin IDE cable with a high-speed 80-wire 40-pin one. Edit: Did you change the UDMA speed from 2 to 4 or 5?
  17. Possibly, try xbmemcheck xbmemcheck.rar
  18. You can rename any replacement dashboard's XBE file to evoxdash.xbe and install it on the C drive to run it. The file does not actually have to be the executable of Evoxdash. Or, even better install an XBE shortcut named evoxdash.xbe to C that is set to load a different dashboard from another location on the Xbox's hard drive. Or, install Rocky5's hardmod version of his dashloader application that has a much longer boot order list and install a dashboard you want to run in one of it's locations. Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/Extras Disc/Hardmod/dashloader at master · Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool (github.com) Edit: Boot order list for the hardmod version of the dashloader: C:\XBMC-Emustation\Default.xbe E:\XBMC-Emustation\Default.xbe F:\XBMC-Emustation\Default.xbe C:\XBMC4Gamers\Default.xbe E:\XBMC4Gamers\Default.xbe F:\XBMC4Gamers\Default.xbe C:\XBMC4Xbox\Default.xbe E:\XBMC4Xbox\Default.xbe F:\XBMC4Xbox\Default.xbe C:\XBMC\Default.xbe E:\XBMC\Default.xbe F:\XBMC\Default.xbe C:\Dashboard\Default.xbe E:\Dashboard\Default.xbe F:\Dashboard\Default.xbe C:\Dash\Default.xbe E:\Dash\Default.xbe F:\Dash\Default.xbe E:\Default.xbe E:\Dashboard.xbe E:\Evoxdash.xbe C:\XBMC.xbe E:\XBMC.xbe
  19. Download the 3.0 Beta version from here: FATXplorer » 3.0 Beta (eaton-works.com) It is currently free to use during the Beta development phase.
  20. Yeah, one step left out of the suggestion to delete XBMC-Emustation's installation folder especially if it is currently being used is that some files/folders are in use and cannot be deleted. To delete all of XBMC-Emustation, you need to run a different replacement dashboard and from its File Manager or by connecting to the console with an FTP client delete it. That way, none of the content stored there is in use preventing it from being deleted.
  21. Download the Xbox Softmodding Tools Extras Disc.iso from Rocky5's pre-built Xbox Softmodding Tool Build 1.1.8 repository instead of buiilding it from the github.com source files. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xTpK-VoZX_uzyztk3zdnDaOdEcfOqPJb Edit: Is the dot iso file there the 613.1MB file you are trying to extract from? You don't extract the files from it. You burn that disc image to a DVD-R disc. Or, you can use the attach app in the Extras subfolder at the link previously provided to run it from the hard drive. Instructions on how to do so in the Documents subfolder there. Windows and many other standard ISO file extracting apps do not understand the format of the content stored in this dot iso file. It is in a special XISO format disc image, not a standard ISO9660 disc image. Use Xbox-Scene homebrew apps Qwix or C-Xbox Tool to see the content or there is a commercial Windows disc image application (free demo available with the only restriction of how big a disc image you can create - 300MBs) that does understand how to view/extract the contentf from this special XBOX XISO format disc image - PowerISO. Oh, it does also have a delayed startup prompting you to purchase the application before you can run it by clicking the appropriate button after a short delay to continue using the trial version.
  22. You need to download the xbmc.log file to see why there's a problem now. FTP to the address shown in the error message and download that file. Post it as an attachment to a reply.
  23. What's the boot order list set to in all of these patched BIOSes? The original xbins distribution list: C:\evoXdash.xbe C:\AvaDash.xbe C:\neXgen.xbe or other.
  24. The order of applying all of the patches matters. The XboxHD patching app requires a stock xbins distribution of the BIOS to apply its patch. Which or from where was the M8+ 1.6 BIOS obtained? To point to the XIOS patcher app, nothing needs to be changed in the base xbins distribusion of the M8plus v1.6 BIOS. It already has c:\evoxdash.xbe as the first item in the boot order list.
  25. It's the bottom shield that makes the ground connection. The top can be removed without a problem. However if it's a black console, I see no reason to remove it. On a translucent case, that's a different case!

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