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  1. No Using the standard installation of a softmod such as Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool will cause interference when booting from a modchip/TSOP. Results in a black screen at the point you expect the replacement dashboard to appear. You can manually reconfigure a softmodded console to support both - after you learn enough about how to do it yourself! Not going to tell you how. Install one or the other modding methods, not both at the same time.
  2. I suggest using HDDGURU.com's: HDD Raw Copy Tool. Do you have XBMC4Xbox, XBMC4Gamers and XBMC-Emustation installed? Dropbox - x4xbuilds - Simplify your life (33032 is the latest build, duh!) XBMC4Gamers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1je41mKY0Qm7L3P1zbZkcgt7VphEhYFz2 XBMC-Emustation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1timqZv2wJJRTf68BrvY5rkubnq1Thcs4 DVD2Xbox - copy original game disc content to HDD. DVDX2 - DVD player (however, don't suggest using the DVD drive in the Xbox to play DVDs anymore since they are dying). https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/apps/media players/DVDX2_XECUTER/dvdx2.rar Some cool looking demo-scene apps: Index of /homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/apps/demos (diomtec.com) Config Magic Final v1.6 and Rocky5's updated version 1.6.1: Index of /homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/apps/eeprom tools/Config Magic (diomtec.com)
  3. DON'T DO IT! Format the hard drive on accident that is, not not upgrading to a bigger hard drive. Yes. The dashboard / bootup stuff will be wiped if you format the hard drive by accident. It is installed on the hard drive - stock MS dashboard and any replacement dashboard(s). Multiple dashboards can be installed but only one of the is them is the default dashboard that will start when you boot a modded console. No, only on the hard drive. Don't format it by accident!
  4. Which BIOS version is installed/booting from the modchip?
  5. I'm not exactly sure what they will be. Install and run XBPartitioner v1.3. It will show the size of the extended partitions in use. without the latest LBA48 support in the BIOS, partition 6 will start at sector 00eea8b0 (with LBA48 support too) with a size of 0f1175af sectors. (with the LBA48 v2 or later patch, the size can be larger than this old LBA28 hard drive size limit of the original BIOSes). partiton 7 shows that it starts on sector 0fffffff and the size depends on how much free space is available on the hard drive after that sector. Example XBPartitioner v1.3 main screen (partition 6 size shown here is the maximum without LBA48 support). The hard drive in this example is not formatted properly. Notice the ER text to the left of partition 7's size. The maximum size of an extended partition is limited to 1,024GBs when using 64KB clusters, 512GBs with 32KB clusters and 256GBs with 16KB clusters. Source: imgur.com/vRMIWxY
  6. Read the following thread and follow Rocky5's suggestion of adding the HDDKey to a file, hdd-key.txt, stored in the location he states to place it:
  7. No, the Extras Disc installs additional dashboards to the shadow C or E drives. To access the real C drive, run the NKPatcher Settings application then FTP into the console. You will see a folder named "Do not touch anything in here". You are now accessing the real C drive used to boot the console before the softmod activates the shadow C drive. For the softmod, where is your default replacement dashboard running from (e.g., E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe)?
  8. NULL or set to all 1's the HDDKey on both consoles. (Not limited to those values for the HDDKey but the easier to remember) Then lock the hard drive with the new HDDKey value. Changing the HDDKey can cause some game saves to become corrupt since they were originally cryptographically signed using the original key. To use the saves for games that did sign their saves you will need to resign them using the new HDDKey's value. NOTE: Remember to make a backup of the eeprom.bin file and save it off of the Xbox in a safe place before messing with the configuration EEPROM's content. The NKPatcher Settings application that comes with Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool has a menu option to perform all the steps for you necessary to NULL actually set to all 1's the HDDKey and relock the hard drive. Once the HDDKey values are the same on the consoles, the hard drives can easily be swapped. CAVEAT: A softmodded system does not have a replacement dashboard on the hard drive in the location that a hard modded console looks for one. Make sure to install one on the real C drive of the softmodded hard drive, not the shadowC drive that you can easily FTP to while the softmod is active.
  9. There is much more content available from legacy.downloads.diomtec.com's XBOX-SAVES.com archive: XBOX-SAVES (diomtec.com) Xbox Saves Rosters Saves Dead Or Alive Patches/Hacks/Saves Phantasy Star Online Patches/Hacks/Saves Rainbow Six Patches/Hacks/Saves Halo Patches/Hacks/Saves Halo 2 Patches/Hacks/Saves Patches/Patchers/Hacks Trainers
  10. Halo 1 CZN +10 Trainer Download https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/files/czn-halo.zip IPSWin 2.0 Download IPSWin 2.0 - The Tech Game (requires one to sign up to their website with a free account to download the file.) Ah, I found it elsewhere too: Romhacking.net - Utilities - IPSWin However, in their description of IPSWin, they suggest using a different application:
  11. Since holding the power button different lengths of time boots either the stock BIOS from the motherboard (short power button tap) or a custom BIOS (long power button press >1 second), they have installed a modchip - most likely an Aladdin XT plus 2 clone. You can make the modchip always be on by making a few changes to the connections to the modchip. Remove any wire soldered to the BT pad of the modchip as well as the other end of the wire to not leave it dangling free inside the case. Solder a short wire from BT to Ground as shown below. Soldering to the larger square pad slightly up and to the left of the quicksolder pin 2 ground location works too.
  12. Source: XERC2XE-InstallDiagram.jpg (800×700) (archive.org)
  13. Make sure there are no bent pins or broken wires for all of the power/control cable connections at the cable ends as well as the motherboard and DVD drive connectors.
  14. Ok, same question for XBMC-Emustation. How old is the copy of it that is installed? Compare it to the latest release available from here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1timqZv2wJJRTf68BrvY5rkubnq1Thcs4.
  15. How old is the copy of XBMC4Gamers you installed? Compare what you installed to the latest release extracted from this download - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1je41mKY0Qm7L3P1zbZkcgt7VphEhYFz2
  16. I don't believe there's a way with the ogx360. There have been mods in the past to do so from the Xbox controller or with an infrared (IR) remote control. Which power on/off mod are you wanting to do? The addition of a momentary pushbutton on the Xbox controller and modding a front panel controller port to piggyback on the front panel's power button signal or using an IR remote control. To use an IR remote, you'll need to install additional hardware such as the X3IR module or an XERC 2 (Xerc2 | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community). Both original sources of these devices are out of business. There has been a seller on eBay that still sold the XERC 2 XE - looks like they still have listings on eBay: XERC 2 XE IR Remote On / Off / Eject Mod for Original Xbox | eBay
  17. Back in the day the usual place was xbins.org's FTP server. The server is still online; however, I don't think this latest build of UIX is available on there. You can find the link to download the latest Beta builds on the XBOX-SCENE Discord server. Invite link: https://discord.gg/WTF98xDCGT Look at the pinned messages for the #teamuix channel in the HOMEBREW AND SOFTWARE category of the server.
  18. https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/?p=homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/apps/emulators/arcade/Final Burn/
  19. Zeroing it with the Linux tool dd will do the same thing as HDD Guru's HDD LLF Tool.
  20. Some of the Pound HDMI cables do this with some TV sets. Contact Pound and get an in warranty (hopefully) replacement. Edit: In the end, you may need to use a different Xbox HDMI cable to work with this particular TV set. Not all BIOSes have complete LBA48 support. I don't know why Team Xecuter bodged together their own take on ozpaulb's LBA48 patch. They opted to not read a partition table stored in sector 0 of the hard drive. They finally did include full LBA48 patch support in their X2 5035 BIOS release. No; however, the modified Xbox BIOS loading from the modchip needs to have the Err16 Fix, not all do.
  21. Ok, run XBPartitioner v1.3 one more time to verify that partition 6 is using 64KB clusters. As long as ER is not displayed to the left of its size, you are good to go.
  22. Yes. The BIOS is patched to properly initialize 128MBs of RAM; however, ind-bios.cfg needs to be modified to actually use it.
  23. Is F (partition 6) less than 1TB in size?
  24. I always use a new empty hard drive or wipe a previously formatted hard drive clean with HDD Guru's HDD LLF Low-Level Format Tool. The hard drive should not be formatted with NTFS or FAT32. I believe that confuses the Xbox. It sees the filesystems already present on the hard drive and has no space available to create new FATX partitions. Note: Some people say it doesn't matter if the hard drive was already formatted by Windows but I've had no luck installing a new larger hard drive if it has been. Wiping it clean and trying again has always fixed any problems I've had.

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