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  1. Hi, Absolutely, loving you XBMC overhaul... I can see you've spent many hours creating this and have to say it tops the lot! Possible tweak: Is there any chance you can allow access to the Emulator and Home-brew folder after locking it down? I need to stop my kids fiddling, but at the same time I've created artwork for the folders and it's a shame not to see it. I've tried booting to other dashboards from XBMC4Gamrers, via the shortcut to run Emulators, but it feels messy. I'd rather run them all just from your dash and keep it simple. Also, how do I add images to the actual root folder icon e.g Apps, Emulators, Dash etc? all looks great apart from sitting at the root. Hope you can help. Regards, Mark
  2. Hi everyone, So glad I found OGX! I decided to dig out my old modded Xbox last week for my kids to look at and I've been hooked ever since - My Xbox one hasn't been turned on since. lol The reason I'm hooked is because of all the hard work that's been happening since I put mine into storage! I'm frankly, blown away by the quality of the skins and media that's available- so much effort must have gone into compiling it all... Thank you! I now have my Crystal Xbox installed back in my living room.. Looking forward to experimenting with different setups and hopefully contributing, once I've cleaned all the cobwebs off. :-) Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the info on the startech ide2sat2 adapter. I was about to but a cheapo. :-)

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