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  1. Thanks, Dave! 2 hdd related questions: If I softmod another OG Xbox console and in xbmc4gamers there is option to change the hdd key, if I put there the hdd key I have for the problematic console - it will work on it or not? Basicaly I am asking the og xbox looks to see that key and will accept any hardisk? The second question is : What happens if the HDD remain locked - is it possible to be used on a PC for example or it is lock forever and unusable? Thanks!
  2. I dont have any install DVD, I believe you mean like those Hexen etc...tried to ftp on black screen, but not working. At least I have the backups eeprom and hd key etc, so if you have any idea how to connect the hdd to a pc to take a look, or any idea how to reset the dashboard - I can try!
  3. Hello, guys Today I updated my softmoded Xbox with Rocky5 softmod and xbmx4gamers ...everything was ok, until I started to download artwork downloader which is over 600 mb and placed it in E: In the same time I uploaded a game with size of 4gb by mistake in E: again instead of F: So, now the xbox starts green animation and flashes like to start the dashboard, but continue on black screen. My only suggestion is that I consumed the entire E: and on that drive is the xbmc4gamers folder, too....I dont know, but if the dashboard need some space on start maybe that cause the bla
  4. I am interested to buy one for maximum 2 players, dunno what is the price difference per player! Great you are in the EU , I am in Bulgaria! Any cost idea for the product and when can be produced to ship? Thanks!
  5. If your device support 360 and XB One controllers - that basucaly means that with Cronussmax in a line can be used basycally any controller on the OG - PS4,PS3,Wii and arcade sticks etc, flight joysticks... not to mention that with near PC and Gimx you can use even more rare stuff and even made by yourself DIY.:)
  6. Speaking of this - is it possible MS Xbox 360 oficial Wirreles racing wheel to work on the OG? It uses same receiver on a PC and it is similar device I think, I have few and I can test. It will be awesome to play Forza with it!:)
  7. Is it working without plugged DVD? Saw somewhere thatneed to have the DVD plugged.
  8. Do you have install manual to see is it posible for me to do it, N64 freak?
  9. Looks fantastic!

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