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Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

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IND BIOS, always says init dvd.Does not effect anything. Boot up time is around 12-15s, I have downloaded new Hexen disc and will be putting M8+ BIOS and run my preferred. setup. This will presumably cut my power needs even further, a pico power supply is in the mail. Hopefully that will work out.

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Funny enough I used a Sabrent adapter at first and it would boot my SATA drive with the 40wire just fine, once I switched to an 80 wire I had booting issues, But then I got a startech adapter and alls been well.

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I have 3 xboxes with the cheap ones and 1 with the red expensive one.Also the"cheap"xboxes wear the 40 wire ide cables and the "expensive"xbox wears the 80 ping ide cable.All of them perform excactly the same(game load times same and FTP 11,87MB\s transfer speed)

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    • By N64 freak
      Decided to post about my ATX to Xbox adapters as i've been contacted about them a couple times now.
      I won't build more of them in the future as it's quite a time consuming process but you can order the PCBs and build them yourself.
      The bill of materials is printed on the bottom layer and assembly is pretty straight forward too.
      The solder work isn't hard to do so even a beginner is able to get it done!
      You can order the PCBs here:
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      This might interest those that want to turn their retail/debug Xbox into a fully-functioning development kit without having to spend $500+ on one. It works on any version 1.0 through 1.2 motherboard and can be great for troubleshooting crashes of all kinds without requiring the use of XDK software.
      I'm selling pre-made units for $30 plus shipping and would also like to get a feel for how many might want one in Europe so I can bulk-ship to a distributor to help save some on shipping costs as it's usually around $15 USD to ship from the US otherwise.
      Everything is fully open-source if you'd like to build/sell them yourself as well. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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    • By Starteck2002
      I've noticed that roms on CoinOps take much longer to load when using a PATA-SATA adapter and a 2TB HDD - is this a known issue?
      Thanks 🙂
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