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    As the title suggests, this is a collection of mods for the Xbox version of GTA: Vice City. The aim of this mod was to fix a couple of bugs, to make what I feel are improvements to the game's overall presentation, and to provide a fresh, new visual experience for the same Vice City you know and love, while still maintaining what made the atmopshere and feel of the 1980s American beach city setting so enjoyable. Retaining immersion was also important. If it couldn't have existed in 1986, you won't find it here. Performance was also a key focus. While the Xbox version of Vice City is capable of displaying larger textures just fine, the texture work here was (mostly with very few exceptions) kept at the same resolution with the same compression method as the original textures, because you will run into performance issues, namely regarding pop-in, textures failing to load properly, and frame rate hiccups if you do decide to go with larger textures. In my testing, this wasn't something immediately noticeable in the early stages of the game. It only really becomes an issue when you're driving back and forth between the two islands, particularly late game when you own a lot of properties. This modification performs just as well as the original release from beginning to end. It is recommended that you play this mod in WIDESCREEN with TRAILS OFF. New Roads: Original textures replaced with textures made from real images of Miami roads. This solves the issue of the blurry roads in the original release and generally looks better all around. Sidewalks replaced as well. New particle effects: Particle effects replaced with more realistic representations. GTA III's Liberty City holdover leaves that once scattered the ground have been replaced with palm leaves, much like they appear in the PS2 version. This one small change in particular has a surprisingly large effect on the atmosphere of the world. New Duds: New Miami Vice inspired suits for Tommy and Lance. Most outfits have been changed. From pallette swaps to complete replacements, the new outfits fit the game's world while simultaneously referencing various films, TV shows, and video games along the way. Each outfit functions in cutscenes as well. New timecycle: More colorful days and darker nights. Nights actually feel like night time now. Make the neon of Vice City shine brighter than ever against these blackened night skies, and enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Fits the beach weather perfectly and looks great with the Xbox version's unique lighting system. New foliage: Fuller and more colorful foliage textures make Vice City come alive. The Xbox version has always had inferior foliage to the PS2 version, this fixes that issue. Bug fixes: PS2 animations, including idle animations missing from the Xbox release, have been restored. Tommy now gives an "up yours" gesture with his arms instead of flipping a nonexistent finger (another GTA III holdover) when standing in front of traffic. A bug preventing the acquisition of the Havana outfit after completing certain missions has been fixed, it is always accessible after having been unlocked now. The brass knuckles have been resized to not look so outlandishly large. Aiming sites for weapons like assault and sniper rifles have been adjusted to display correctly in widescreen mode. This means they display incorrectly in 4:3 mode, however. New animations: A few improved animation replacements for Tommy. He runs with single handed and two handed weapons in a more believable way now. Walking, idles, sprinting, and just about everything else has been kept vanilla for the sake of familiar game feel. Tommy still sprints as fast as he always has - something that's typically changed for the worse with animation mods. Female character models no longer dislocate their hips as they walk. Peds overall have new animation. They all walk a little slower now than before, but their animations look less rubbery. New pedestrians: About 85% of peds replaced with their VCS counterparts. These pedestrians are higher quality than the ones found in the original release of Vice City. Better quality texture work, more colorful outfits, and more diverse models. New surprises: I've thrown in a number of retextured areas and objects throughout the game. From small world objects to interiors, there's a number of new things to see for returning veterans. New weapon: The Ruger has been replaced with an AK-47. New HUD: The radar ring has been replaced with a new, original ring. Icons on the main HUD, map icons, and weapon icons have been replaced with their 10th Anniversary counterparts. The pause screen map has been replaced with the 10th Anniversary map. New text: A few lines in the game's american.gxt file have been modified to reflect some of the changes this modification brings. Mostly in terms of outfit and weapon names. Download INSTALLATION: 1. Extract folders to any directory of your choosing 2. FTP all folders from the archive into your GTA: Vice City root folder on your Xbox, choose to overwrite files in the process. 3. IMPORTANT: Delete GTA_VC.CAP.Final file from your GTA: Vice City root folder if it exists 4. Clear your Xbox's cache and start the game 5. Have fun There shouldn't be any issues with running this mod on existing save files. Feel free to report any bugs you see. What I'd like to change in the future: Improve widescreen mode from the existing pan 'n scan implementation Fix the alpha render state for the target lock and sniper dot
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    Here is a step by step tutorial for making a high quality component cable using an Xbox 360 component cable and a standard original Xbox Composite AV cable that pretty much everyone will have. I was looking for an original Xbox component cable recently and my options were a cheap Chinese non brand component cable, a monster cable or an official HD kit. The latter being crazy expensive nowadays. Since I have a background in electronics I thought why not make one from a 360 cable if a standard AV cable has all the pins present but not wired. I did a quick Google and I am not the first to have done this but thought I'd throw up this step by step for anyone who isn't afraid of some small soldering. You could just splice a 360 component cable onto a Chinese component cable but this way you have a pretty much official cable that is very high quality.. Here goes. Get yourself a 360 component cable and a standard AV cable with the 3 RCA plugs, red, white and yellow. . Cut the head off your original Xbox AV cable. Take a hair dryer to it now to make the plastic sleeve malleable and remove the sleeve from around the socket. Use a screwdriver to help pry it off if needs be. It should come pretty easy but don't be too rough as we want to get it back on at the end. Now loosen off the clasps around the cable by prying them out with a screwdriver and then with a long nose pliers if needed. Again don't go too mad as we will need to squeeze these back on at the end. Now you should be able to remove half this casing. The socket itself with the pins will still be secured inside. Update: before opening the metal casing as per the following instructions and image you can actually remove the pin connector without opening it, you can push the pin connector out. This is the preferred method but I am leaving the previous instructions here. Now take a long nose pliers and carefully separate the remaining casing. Do this carefully and slowly just enough so you can remove the pin housing. The less you bend this the nicer it will look at the end. Take note of the way the two sides lock into each other. The little tabs click in from the top. So grab the side with the tab and pull up. So pull up the right hand side then turn it around and again pull up the right hand side. Patience, remember this has to go back together. Try to open this up less than I have here if you can. Don't worry about the black shield cables soldered on to the casing. We will be removing these anyway. Once you get the pins out if you're lucky you'll just have a piece of black tape over the pins. If you're unlucky you'll have a blob of hot glue over them both sides. Don't despair....you can get this off with some small effort. If you are met with the glue you can again soften it with a hair dryer and get a screwdriver and gouge the majority of it off carefully. I would then get some sticky stuff remover and spray it on and leave it for 5 minutes. Then carefully scrape lengthways down along each pin with the corner of your small flathead screwdriver until it is all gone. Take your time and make sure it's all off. This is the stuff I use for that. Here is the pins that the lucky people will get with the tape. Lovely clean pins straight from the factory. Now take your 360 component cable and cut the head off this just below it's socket and get the sleeve off your original Xbox socket and put it onto your 360 cable. Just keep turning it until it goes on. It's pretty much the exact fit. And a second time...PUT THE SLEEVE ON YOUR 360 CABLE BEFORE YOU START TO SOLDER!!! You do not want that sinking feeling when you've just done lots of tedious work to find you've to de-solder everything because you forgot to put the sleeve on. Now take a sharp knife and about 2 inches back from the end score a ring around the insulation. Take your time and bend it a bit and let the sharp knife do the work. Don't go mad here. You want all of the shields inside to be intact. Again. Patience. You'll be met with a load of cables with a braided shield around them. The cable with the colour is the signal every time and the shield wrapped around it is that signals ground. It is possible you could find two cables, a signal and ground both insulated and not braided shields. Either way it's the same thing and actually easier if you don't have the braided ones because the braids are trickier to solder because they are bigger. You will also have some white fibres up the middle. Cut these off. And an overall screen, the one that's on it's own. Don't cut this off. For each cable push the braid down a bit to loosen it and make a hole as near the base as you can by separating the braid and pull the coloured cable through. Then pull the braid and twist it nice and tight without breaking it. The idea is to get it as thin as you can. When you've separated each signal from it's screen measure it against the length of cable already soldered onto the original Xbox pins and give yourself a bit extra and cut them all. Strip the ends of each signal. Only about 3 or 4mm and be careful not to pull out strands while stripping the insulation. Make sure there are on stray strands by giving the ends a little twist and tin the ends and also tin about a half inch or so of each braided screen. Try keep them tight with no loose strands. To tin put a small bit of solder on your iron and use this to heat up the wire and flow the solder with the transferred heat of the wire, not the iron. This makes the strands basically into a solid cable. Now desolder all on the cables from your original Xbox pins. Also I highly recommend you use Weller solder or similar decent quality solder as it will make life easier than using cheap stuff. Now to the good stuff. I have taken this diagram from an online search and did not create it myself. It is the best diagram out there and credit to the Creator. I will find the name of the guy on YouTube that has done this and credit him. So you have already tinned your cable ends and braided screens. Now you want to go and tin each pin you will be using. Just a tiny bit of solder and heat the pin for a second. Do not stay on the pins with your iron for anything over 2 seconds or you'll melt plastic. Take your time. Everything one by one. When you've tinned all the pins all you need to do for every solder joint is put a tiny bit on your iron and press down gently and the tinned cable will marry into the tinned pin. Do not use extra solder, no need. The tiny bit I suggest for your iron is simply to transfer the heat. Go ahead and tin pins 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21 and 22. That is for audio right and left signals and grounds, two jumpers for the mode and red, green and blue signal and grounds. To note the connector I've used here is one that was covered in hot glue so it looks a bit bashed up but is electrically sound. Audio right - red to pin 1 and it's ground to pin 2. Also make 2 small jumper wires and tin them as previously. Solder these as shown to pins 6 and 7. Bend the jumper wires around to the other side and solder pin 6 jumper to pin 18 and pin 7 jumper to pin 19. Ignore that strand to the right, that is the overall screen and it's not soldered to a pin, just a bad picture. Blue signal to 9 and it's ground to 10. Green signal to 11 and it's ground to 12. Audio left - white signal to 14 and it's ground to 15. Be careful that you don't mix up the pink with the white, they look very very similar. Last but not least the pink signal wire to 22 and it's ground to 21. Careful with this one. All the rest were 'signal, ground' and this one is 'ground, signal'. Tape up the yellow cable. Nice to have a spare socket at the end of your cable so you can fix this in years to come if one of the rca plugs every gets broken you can solder the yellow up instead. Take the yellows ground and twist the thin overall ground wire around it. Bend it as shown and then tin them together with some solder. We will use this to ground the metal housing on the plug. Scratch up this part on the plug housing with a screwdriver. Now turn your iron up a touch if needed and flow solder onto the part you just scratched up. Solder the screen from the yellow that we tinned together with the overall screen to this part of the case. Cut a strip of electrical tape. The width of standard electrical tape is perfect to cover the pins. I recommend you do this instead of hot glue to insulate the pins. At this point plug it in to your OGXbox and see does it all look good. (Troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this post if it doesn't look quite right) Put this guy back into the other part on the plugs housing and carefully crimp back on the cable grips after around the outer insulation. If you were careful taking apart your plug top earlier you will be happy right about now. If you weren't don't worry, just get a long nose pliers and carefully form it all back together. Remember these tabs click in from the top. They won't sit right if you try click them in from the under side so you'll have to do a touch of light convincing with a long nose pliers again. Be careful of the pins inside now. Don't want to break it now after all of that. Don't lose the cool once they are almost snug you can put a bit of pressure on the tabs with a screwdriver to secure the housing. Once it is fairly solid slide your sleeve back down to cover it up. Now what you have is a top quality fully Microsoft component cable for your OGXbox. In my opinion it's better quality by a mile than the old HD kit and and the monster cable. It's also two fingers up to the cretins that want 70 quid for a cable. You'll get a brand new 360 component cable for around the price of one of those horrendous terribly shielded Chinese component cables and everyone has an AV composite 3 plug standard cable lying around. Also the 360 cable is about 2 metres long. Hope this is of some use to someone. I originally threw a few of them pictures up on the Facebook group but thought I'd post it up here as a reference for anyone who is interested. TROUBLESHOOTING: When you have finished soldering all of the pins do a continuity test with your multi-meter between each pin that are next to each other, You may have one strand from the shield bridging the pin next to it. If this is the case you can try run a sharp knife between the pins to separate any stray strands. A quick multi-meter test is to test between each tip of each RCA plug to the pin you soldered for that signal on the plug. Also check the tip of each against ground (outer ring or barrel the of RCA) make sure there is nothing bridged out. Note that all ground will be connected together. If you plug it in to your OGXbox and it doesn't look right, go back and check each cable you soldered against the diagram again and if needs be reflow any dodgy joints. If you plug it in to your OGXbox and you are missing a colour again go back and check your wiring/soldering. The colours are RGB (Red = Pink cable, Green = Green cable, Blue = Blue cable) For example if you see only Greens and Blues when you load up a game the issue is with your Red colour (Pink cable) and you may have mixed up the ground and signal. The same is true for any colour you seem to be missing. Also do a test of the Audio Right and Left by plugging one out at a time and see do you still have sound. Any issues, the fix will be as above, re-check your wiring against the diagram and re-flow if necessary. Try the cable with a game you know well so you know how it should look colour wise. If it all looks and sounds good close it all back up and enjoy!! Note also that there is a perfectly good optical audio pcb inside the Xbox 360 head, maybe someone could have a go getting that usable. You can also connect the yellow to pin 24 and it's ground to 23 instead of connecting ground to the overall screen and leaving yellow spare. I rather keep it as a spare, means your cable will last long into the future and I don't ever plan on using it as a regular yellow, red and white composite.
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    well we dont really invite people its a private one i think im not the owner but i talk about some of the updates in this discord https://discord.gg/f5YedSP
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    yes it is i used to help this team alot with making that xbox live project come to life
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    never heard of that, also google does not hint me anything. Can you provide more details please?
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    Some of the files may have been uploaded as text files which messes them up. All should be transferred in binary mode. Text (aka ASCII) transfer mode sets the most significant bit of every byte transferred to 0. For example, a byte of 10001101 would be transferred as 00001101.
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    thank you! I have all worked out, now the game has a mod and Russian language.
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    No, I didn't try 720p, it should run just the same as vanilla Vice City does in 720p though Is it just the text you're having problems with? Don't replace fonts.txd inside the Models folder. Keep your original fonts.txd from the unmodified game and that should display the Russian language.
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    got ya, thanks for your work, hope to see somebody uploading a video, to see what's inside, because unfortunately I'm far away from home and don't have a Xbox in my reach. BTW, did you try to make it run in 720p?
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    I've just uploaded a revision. It fixes some incorrect weapon icons and fixes a potential bug causing Blista Compacts not to spawn. If you've already downloaded, it's strongly recommended you download again to fix these issues. Installation method is the same. If it's your first time downloading, there's no need to download the link in OP. Just get this one. Download Is there any way I can edit the OP to replace the link with this new one? Sorry, I don't have a capture card, and taking footage from my phone or something along those lines seems too archaic to post lol If anyone would like to capture footage and share, it would be appreciated
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    Here's my Gears of War skin Yes I know the game never made it to the original Xbox But there are okras timeless so I thought I'd make a skin for it Gears Of War.zip
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    Thanks for this, played it for a while last night. Been so long since I played the original I don’t really notice any difference in this mod cos I don’t remember how the original looked
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    Same here, MrMario's video on upgrading Xbox HDDs was really useful to me and one of the reasons this mod exists. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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    JohnnyBaboon, thanks bro. there was a reason to find time to play)
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    Hey man. I'm watching your youtube channel. thank you, your videos are very useful, sometimes I follow your advice when upgrading game consoles.
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    I made a dvd Cover-Sticker so it looks a bit prettier. Hexen2019-DVD-Layout .pdf
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    That's great news. Don't forget to thank the people that helped you along the way.
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    The prebuilt version of Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool is available from Xbox Softmod Kit Updates - Google Drive.
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    Yes blow the lot away is starting from fresh. You need to make 5 posts here then you can down load the Hexen disk that need's to be burn to a DVD. My preference of disk's it verbatim DVD-R but most DVD-R should be fine. Some people have had success using DVD-RW disks as well. As your Xbox has a mod chip do not try and soft-mod it as it will crash There are plenty of BIOS files on the Hexen disk that you can use The Evtool will let you change the Evox M8 BIOS but the chip more than likely has a M8 Bios in it. You could mod a new M8 BIOS and reflash the mod chip but start with a clean install then worry about the IGR The IGR should work with the BIOS that's already in the chip. SS Dave
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    hi all, i just finished painting this xbox so thought i would share the pics, the colour is tangerine the jewel is white with black letters, i like how its turned out but i'm not happy with the jewel it may end up black with tangerine letters. sorry about the potato i took the pics with.
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    Yeah San Andreas is easy enough. I still patched the default value of 55 C7 B5 2B with 00 CA 9A 3B too just to be sure, but additionally you need to change all instances of 95 30 0B with 40 42 0F. If you have a 1.4GHz CPU, you'll want to replace 55 C7 B5 2B with 00 4E 72 53, and all instances of 95 30 0B with C0 5C 15 instead.
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    You mean something like this
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    Here's my progress so far, I figured out where the value is, but now I need to figure out what value the menu should be in order to stretch it to full screen.
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    Alright cool, I'll have to go through these one at a time until I find out what's breaking the menus. OgXHD seems to be changing 101 values, so it's likely just changing some things it shouldn't be is all.
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    I'll have a look at the others now and get back to you as to whether I see any progress. I'll start with 06 first since that has a black screen on the menu.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyfbxuMgI4M&t=480sHello everyone! First post, and happy to be here. I want to share something that will add value to the community. I've put together a video tutorial on how you can install games directly to the XBOX HDD through the internet and FTP. All you'll need is your softmodded XBOX, an Ethernet cable, and the HDD Ready games you want on the HDD. You'll be up and running with it in no time. Full how-to video is below. Please let me know if this video helps you so that I can make XBOX content that makes your gaming experience more enjoyable. Thanks, Blaine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyfbxuMgI4M&t=480s
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    It's called OgXHD, but it's very hit and miss as to whether it works, and it tends to break some games. I can have a look at Tiger Woods if you want, I'm actually surprised that it isn't already widescreen, given that it's a sports game. The only game I have managed to manually patch as of yet was Rayman 3 (and Rayman Arena too kinda), but it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to make it work properly, since objects and enemies near the edges of the screen were being cut off. There is a user named Esppiral from assemblergames who documented a lot of hex edits for games. It would be nice to have a thread on this forum documenting any widescreen patches that are figured out by users too. Hex editing an XBE file using HxD is a piece of cake, since anyone can literally just click replace, put the original code that's written into the top box, and put the new modified code in the bottom one (both will be written). It would be in a format like this and it should be easy to follow: Find 00 00 80 3F Replace 00 00 40 3F
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    since it obviously works and you have modified the motherboard plug to run the xbox might as well hang on to it. may come in handy to test other xboxes, though i would thin out those wires a bit to just what the xbox needs, though leaving two molex connectors may be handy for chimp.
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    I made this a while back.it was made out of stuff i had lying around.it has a modded xbox that has alot of hardware mods done to it.i did a padhack for the controls.it has a internal wifi adapter and i modded a old wirless doorbell into a remote power switch.it can switch between the arcade controls and wireless logictec controllers.i also tsop flashed it and installed a 1tb hdd.check out the video for the full build and please sunscribe to my youtube page thanks. Marvel Arcade Cab.
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    I took a 1.6 board I have laying around and decided to do a speed-mod. I paid no attention to quality of solder joints, length of wires, or anything else that a more experienced technician might look at. I did it as quickly and as shoddy as I could, so I could show results similar to what the average Joe may expect. I'm not trying to talk it down. THIS WORKS, and that is what matters and that's what this guide is for. 1. Insert the pinheader. Hold it with one finger against the board and flip it over. Solder 1 pin on the bottom side in place. Make sure your finger is not touching this pin on the other side. Let it cool, and then look to solder the opposite corner (diagonally). Don't let your finger touch that pin this time, and solder it in place. Now you can stop pressing on the opposite side with your finger, and just solder all of the rest of the pins in place. (A MUCH better way than using your finger, is to add a drop of super glue between the plastic holding the pins, and the board. Don't let it touch the metal or it will cook away in a very eye-irritating vapor.) 2. Now we're going to attach the wires to rebuild the lpc. On the top is the guide you should use. On the bottom is the demo job I did, and yours should look similar or better. You'll notice on the bottom picture, the LFrame/D0 wire is soldered to a pad you don't see anywhere else. The guide tells you to solder it to the chip, and the chip has a pad for it. That's not necessary. Just solder it to the pad I show you. That pad is ground, and grounding LFrame/D0 causes the Xbox to boot from LPC instead of the onboard rom. Doing this allows you to take the chip off at will for hotswapping/flashing other chips. (The dark colorations in the bottom pic are not burns. I use rosin-core solder. I usually clean it off to look nicer, but in this case I was trying to demonstrate a real-world normal job someone might do.) 3. Now it's time to get the Aladdin ready to go in. It has features built in for xbox live, which no longer exists for the original Xbox... so we need to defeat those features. Solder the BT pad on the Aladdin to the pad shown. This will enable the chip as soon as power is pressed. 4. Now you're ready to fit your chip and test it out. It mounts on the pinheader like this:
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    BIOS flash-ed (without crap-o-pug) tomorrow (in GMT+1POLAND)time to swap HDD
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    I have a couple of already patched XBE's for some NTSC games. May I post them here?
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    Last I checked the chip I mailed is in your country. But glad you got it working.
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    How's your Xbox modded? If you use Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool, it will load XBMC4Gamers instead of UnleashX if both are installed at locations supported by his softmod's boot order list since the first has a higher priority than the later. If your console is hard modded, you need to create a shortcut to run XBMC4Gamers or edit the BIOS settings and reflash the updated version to the modchip to change the dashboard boot order list.
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    Evox.ini has a jump to MS dash for the clock fail that could cause that. I have mine set to NO that way if the clock is not matching the time and date of the files it just keeps booting. I also have network access for the Xbox's to set the time automatically. So have a look for a setting for clock skip or clock error ? And yes clock caps for version 1.6 are starting to fail but when that happens the box will not boot
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    Modchip or TSOP Flash 1tb or 2tb Hard disk. HDMI Mod.
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    I have the wiring all ready and a fresh copy of Hexen waiting. Just need that chip now Cmon USPS!!!
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    yes, this works on windows 10, I have done this with all windows versions starting with xp all the way to the current windows 10. though i would not recommend filezilla for your FTP client, instead i would use FlashFXP
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    Hi K-9! It sure does. FileZilla is free for both Win10 and Mac and will FTP over to the XBOX in exactly the same way. I have both Win10 PCs and Macs and both connect with ease. This is a super easy setup for softmodded XBOX consoles and really adds to the fun factor and ease of use in the long run. -Blaine
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    Yeah, not sure what causes it. honestly all my devices are back at dhcp, and i no longer have the issue. i myself thought it weird when it started happening to me. not even i could figure out why.
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    the ram upgrade is more for some of the homebrew games, that require 128 MB of ram. some games will actually run faster as in double time with the upgraded ram, and so the game has to be patched to properly run. that aside, its not really all that useful, only if you want to try to play some of the homebrew games. as for making my own modchip, no, i actually havent done that, not yet anyway. im in the process of making one as we speak utilizing the aladdin xblast svf file that was released. i know nothing about coding, let alone the ins and outs of an og, so making a chip from scratch with my own code is simply out of the question.
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    I myself have 3 boxes, a 1.1 that is currently being refurbished and rebuilt, Have to get a DVD Drive for it, as well as a hard drive, I've got an Aladdin Xblast chip, that I made myself, that will be going into it. I've got a 1.4 that I am doing a ram upgrade on, it has been tsop'd with IND-BIOS and will have my X3 installed with LCD and Pro Switch, and I have a 1.6 that will have an Aladdin XBlast in it as well. The All of the boxes will soon get 2TB drives.
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    Welcom Relkvs1 You collection sounds a bit like mine. A version 1.6 with X3 chip and Lcd panel,Coax digital,2 tb hard disk. A version 1.1 with N64's HDMI kitt,1tb Drive A version 1.0 with component to HDMI internal mod,1tb drive A version 1.0 from N64 with his 1.4ghz CPU and Ram upgrade. Yet to be put into service. Ps2 with mod chip and hard disk. I also have a Ps1,Ps2 X 3,ps3 X 2,Ps1 classic,Xbox 360, there are also other Xbox"s waiting to be looked at and to finish it of with a Commodore 128D. A 2tb disk drive will easly hold CoinOPS 8 Massive that has 4100+ games installed and around 1.6tb of games or over 750 games plus apps with some space left. Cheers SS dave
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    My final skin of the night This has become one of my favourite games on the original Xbox Red Dead Redemption So I decided to make a skin for it enjoy Red Dead Redemption.zip
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    wanted to make an invite to discord chat, but I see you are already there, in the Xbox Live Revival channel.
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    Waiting for anyone to test it and report back. I'm guessing it wont work straight away (or it might) as it probably has some quirks but I could fix them I would think with some data.
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    XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers are both awesome. I use both on various Xboxs I have. You can definitely get CoinOPS and Ninja to appear in the menu. To use it as the default dash, simply make a shortcut using xbeshortcutmaker to the default .xbe for XBMC-Emustation and place it in the c drive. I usually edit the current dash in the c drive to evoxdash_bak.xbe. Then name the shortcut you created to evoxdash.xbe (assuming you are currently using the unleashx dash). This way if you decide to go back to booting from your original dash, just delete the shortcut you added and remove the _bak from the original file.
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    disable the fast game loading in the skin settings toggles
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    No, it’s part of XBMC, It getting the names, thumb location and if games have trainers. I sped it up as much as I can, without disabling it completely and breaking games.

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