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    Hi all, As a fun educational exercise to wanted to replace the CPLD logic on the cheap AladdinXT 4032 Original Xbox modchip and convert it to a basic LCD driver, consequently it looses the ability to load a custom bios. I consider this to be something like the old X-addons generic LCD-display mods (but a fair bit simpler) The Lattice LC4032V CPLD on the cheap Alladin modchips is extremely limited, so this is a hacky bare minimum to reduce macro-cell usage to fit onto the CPLD. Therefore it can't really support any extra functionality over the bare minimum. It doesn't support backlight control (just full brightness always) It has some very basic contrast PWM control through the dashboard settings. Anyway just wanted to share what I came up with https://github.com/Ryzee119/AladdinLCD Ideally, you could design a small PCB (and maybe use a larger CPLD) to improve the installation. that is something I may do in the future
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    hi guys been a while heres the latest modchip copy done its at v1.0 and untested waiting for pcbs to arrive for testing thing is im running out of modchips to copy i only have the duox2 smartxx v3 and xecuter3 and x-bit left in my possession cant wait to depopulate them and see a bare board. i was going to leave the x3 till last i think its appropriate considering its pinnacle status as apparently being the best chip ever for ogxbox thoughts?
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    Since the Sickmods site has vanished i thought it might be worth saving the information from there open source projects. Having a backup of the user manual, source code and the shematic can't hurt. So here are the files for anyone who wants to build a couple Xerc2s. And for anyone who wants to build them i uploaded my panelized Layout here: Xerc2 Panelized Have fun building and using the Xerc2 ir mod! Xerc2 Firmware.zip XERC2XE-UsersManual.pdf
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    I updated the archive with numerous additions. It now contains 79 total files for 720p: https://mega.nz/#!gYEkgYjb!y2NSMyuTqv3d18k_hIlSEfg26gOoTuamcbTBF1z0ax8
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    cheers mate. good to hear your getting into it. i started copying out of frustration for reasons similar u mentioned. 2019 deffinitly is the year of the ogxbox
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    Fuck off my post if your not interested don’t comment on here
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    Mine looks like the second link
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    https://github.com/Free60Project/wiki/blob/master/FATX.md#Limitations Free60 Project - the 360 sucessor to xbox-linux.org but it was there too. But there list of allowed characters doesn't list all the characters I've seen before for filenames/folders:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx yz0123456789!#$%&'()-.@[]^_`{}~ (that includes the space character) https://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?87071-XBOX-FATX-limitations-and-notes The number of game saves from epforums.org states only 240 game saves could be saved in E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA folders but that seems to be disproven. Although people had reported problems with more than 240-250 game saves on there hard drive deleting some and games that before black screened on startup now played. Why the problem, still a mystery if the save count wasn't actually it. Were they out of storage space on the E drive? etc... Which is correct or a combination of information from both...
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    Hey, Everyone! I joined the a few weeks ago. I've been modding OG Xbox since the days of The Screen Savers on Tech (G4) TV. I got my first and only modchip, an Xecuter 2.3b Lite+ back in around 2003. The very first time I got the new Evolution-X Dashboard to load and a Genesis emulator to run I was over the moon thrilled and thus began my heightened interest in "modding" things. I was always perusing the Xbox-scene website. Shortly thereafter, I had quite a few folks ask me to mod their systems but they were all softmods and hard drive upgrades. I left the Xbox modding scene pretty much right after the 360 came out but, when I discovered CoinOps, Rocky5's softmod tools, and TSOP modding a couple years ago, it reignited my interest. I've been practicing my soldering skills so I figured I'd give TSOP modding a go. My model 1.0 Xbox I bought back in 2001 was the guinea pig and was successful with the TSOP on the first try. I first removed the old modchip as it was having issues staying in contact with the motherboard. This would cause it to power cycle 3 times then flash red. Once it was removed, the problem went away. I was so elated that I found someone on FB Marketplace who sold my his 1.0, 2 duke controllers, and about 12 games for $30. He said it was having issues shutting off but, after a good cleaning and a clock capacitor removal, it's working great. I TSOP modded that one as well although it took me about 6 tries to get the TSOP writeable. My next hardware venture may be into the realm of 128MB upgrades although my soldering skills are kinda crappy. I actually really enjoy playing these old games too and have recently completed Baldur's Gate I and II, Evil Dead: Regeneration, and am currently playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Here are some of the other retrogaming interests I've involved myself with: Created a Arcade (LaunchBox/Hyperspin) system from a shoddy empty arcade cabinet. It now includes about 80 systems and tens of thousands of games (see slideshow below). You can view my Hyperspin contributions here: https://hyperspin-fe.com/profile/18535-malarrya/content/?type=downloads_file You can view my LaunchBox contributions here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/79634-malarrya/content/?type=downloads_file (I'm very proud of the D&D Platform I created). Fully restored a Marvel vs Capcom 2 machine from non-working/shoddy status to fully working and Net DIMM expandable. The Net DIMM is a Naomi system cartridge that's network capable and contains 512MB of flash memory so many other Naomi games can be flashed to the cabinet. Soft-modded several Nintendo Wii systems installing new games, emulators, and programs with an SD card. Updated my Sega Dreamcast so games are launchable from the rear serial port using an SD card. Still own my original Sega Genesis with 32x and Sega CD and have collected about 30+ 32x games. Restored/fixed 2 ColecoVisions and amassed about 50 games Own about 60 Original Xbox games, 2 dozen Xbox 360, and about 10 Xbox One games. I've owned the following consoles (in personal chronological order): Pong, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, NES, Sega Genesis, Sega 32x, Xbox original, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox One S, and Sega CD. I've always been the "other system" guy. Coleco over Atari, Sega over Nintendo, Xbox over PlayStation, Samsung over Apple, Samsung over Sony (TVs), etc. My interests also include my family, snowboarding, baseball, hockey, movies, guitar, boardgames, throwing Halloween parties, and Comic-Con (conventions). I mostly listen to Celtic music, John WIlliams music, Beatles, Pop-punk, and 80s. Good to meet you all!
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    I made a few changes to HeXEn 2017 to... well, update some of it. There's certainly a lot more that could be done, but I didn't feel like it was necessary to go all-out on it, since the disc is primarily just used for TSOP/modchip flashing and building new HDDs. But with flashing in mind, there were some issues that should have been addressed, which were 1) editing the EvoX M8+ BIOS files to disable the need for a DVD drive on boot up (because it makes no sense to keep that restriction enabled) and 2) removing the ability to flash iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only), since it is apparently broken and just bricks the TSOP/modchip. Full changelog: - Changed the default.xbe's title to "HeXEn 2018". - New menu background image. - Main menu's network type is now set to DHCP. - Updated all EvoX M8+ .bin files (including sharp.bin) to remove the DVD drive check by default. - Removed iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only) because it bricks the TSOP/modchip it is flashed to. - ind-bios.cfg now supports 480p by default. - Corrected an error which prevented the sharp.bin BIOS file from being copied to the HDD. - Partially rewrote the TSOP/modchip flash menus to make things more clear and to correct spelling/grammar. - Updated XBMC to include JCRocky5's 480p Game Loader scripts (useful if you have a 1.6 Xbox, otherwise it can be ignored). - Updated Chimp261812 to JCRocky5's latest release. - 1080i support is now disabled by default (because it slows the Xbox down if enabled). - UnleashX .xbe file replaced with a patched version that doesn't automatically create UDATA folders for all .xbe files it sees on the HDD. -Updated the main menu's skin.xml file to display more system information to the user (on the right-hand side of the screen), and changed the color scheme of the options menus, dialogue boxes, file explorer, keyboard, etc. to better match the background image (no more of UnleashX's default ugly blue scheme clashing with it). - Various other spelling and grammatical fixes. - Other general housekeeping. As for the rather bland new menu background, I had to go for a very minimalistic design, because I suck with Photoshop, lol. It gets the job done though. OGXbox download link. MEGA download link MediaFire download link
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    There is a minimum number of posts on the forums you need to have. It’s about three or five. Though to make things easier here’s s link to the current revision Download cheers!
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    HELLO TO EVERYONE!! After a long inactivity in this community , I come back with a game, it may be the first time to be modded in xbox, like this one. So I replaced some old textures with better and with a higher resolution (512x512) that the xbox support. And THx!!! Here some of screenshots: DOWNLOAD & More in MODDB
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    @malarrya could you provide some detail as to what the HDD patches actually do, if you know? My understanding is that some games don’t work from HDD due to the FATX limitation of 128 characters in file names. Could simply be worked around by running the game as ISO if this is the only issue; cut down on the number of patches necessary.
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    I've uploaded a pack of 720p Hex Edited files to my MEGA storage. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!ZJ831QAR!p9rjLcJq-pZ0PT42T62z69Re3COQRpAi2l3s1yMt2VE This is the thread that has the 720p Hex Edited files. I collected whatever I could find and take no credit for any of this. http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6203&start=160 You should back up your original XBE for each game in case something doesn't work. I am not responsible for breaking your games. Do this at your own risk.
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    Here's a HDD/480p pack I found on the EmuXtras board from user Headphone. I'll keep posting more/newer archives as I find them. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!rBgVkCaY!auBeOzdahNGRsq19WcXU4lqexn4Ijo1ExH5Zg_j7aIs EDIT: Please follow the board link below for discussion of these files. You should back up your original XBE for each game in case something doesn't work. I am not responsible for breaking your games. Do this at your own risk. http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6569
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    I never could get it to work on the old softmod, so I made a new xboxhdm/ndure3.1 disc and redid the softmod, then rocky5's extras disc booted up fine and I upgraded. thanks
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    Yeah, the same pinout for the two CPLD chips, LC4032V and LC4064V, but there's not enough macrocells, 32 vs 64, to include the operation of the LCD in the modchip with an LC4032V chip installed. One PCB to make for both non-LCD and LCD supporting version of the modchip. Either install the LC4032V or LC4064V. Different logic programming present for the particular chip's use. You'll see that the latest clones have the pads present for the LCD but no traces running to the CPLD.
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    The 2 chips you have already support LCD and normal modchip function as they're likely real. @eustachy1973
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    Ufff ... ftd2xx.dll I threw into the SysWOW64 folder and it works! Soldering tomorrow morning, today I'm torn my nerves :)) Cheers!
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    Damn man. These are beautiful looking boards. I really appreciate what you are doing for us here. Personally, it makes me sick that people sell these chips in the hundreds of dollars because they’re “out of print”. In a world where you can order these boards for yourself and clone them so easily and cheaply, I don’t think that holds up any more and serves as an excuse for profit seekers to scalp the community. Your work has certainly helped me to do a bit of my own cloning which I hope to be able to share soon I’d be interested to see how you get the X3 clone dines as some of that board is custom silicon, no?
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    XDVDMulleter Beta 10.2 can be used to do the same thing and more. It's in English. Not my application, I just uploaded it to the download's section of OGXbox.com
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    Thanks - I improvised with a usb2 SD card reader and an old 2Gb Sandisk SD - it seems to be working perfectly - hopefully I won’t ever have to refer to it as the crazy Xbox again - thanks for all your help
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    Download a copy of the EvolutionX (or I guess just copy Hexen’s from your DVD) dashboard and put your modified BIOS file into the BIOS folder of the evolutionX dash. Then you can flash from System Utils > bios flash and it should point directly to any bios files you’ve put there. There are other ways to skin this particular cat like XBlast XBE sedition but I personally prefer Evox. Also: when you’re flashing in EvoX or HeXen, it should show the exact name and model of flash chip you’re writing to just before you PRESS Y TO FLASH!!! Compare this to what’s actually on your board... I wonder that it’s writing to the correct place or anywhere at all.
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    This is my little collection, Mainly ogxbox with some 360 and pc games too.
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    Hello! For those people with a Xenium modchip, I have made an open source recreation of a legacy adaptor that allowed you to use extremely common and cheap HD44780 compliant character LCD displays with the Xenium modchip SPI interface. The legacy adaptor was called 'SPI2PAR' and has long since been out of production and extremely hard to come by. The old website actually still works for now (http://cheaplpc.com/xenlcd/) if you want to see what it was all about. This design and info is all on my github page https://github.com/Ryzee119/spi2par2019 It does everything the old one does I believe (although I never had one), but it also can read the Xbox SMBus directly with a couple extra wires to the LPC header for temperatures from the ADM1032 onboard temperature chip and fan speed which are displayed and updated on the LCD mid-game. It can also read the Conexant and Focus video chips to work out was resolution your game is running at which is displayed on the LCD aswell. (This doesnt work on a 1.6 though due to the Xcalibur chip) XBMC can already display these, but these extra SMBus features will only apply when you're in a game or program that doesn't normally support LCD. Works best on a 20x4 character display.
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    The second lcd I would like to install in my second modified OG Slim
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    pcb 1.6mm fabrication thickness enjoy. gerbers included Gerber_999999977_20190525051758.zip
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    I'm sure there are several people on this web site that can fix the power on problem and upgrade the hard drive. The only problem is getting the console to someone near you. Shipping each way for the console in the U.S. runs about $20 maybe more. The old thermal paste needs to be cleaned off of the CPU, GPU and associated heatsinks and replaced. Dust and other contamination inside the case removed and all the electrolytic caps need to be checked for leakage or bulging and if found, replaced with new ones. Even though the 1.6's clock cap was a higher quality than previous versions of the console, the 3 ultra-low ESR electrolytic caps next to the power supply connector on the 1.6's motherboard are not. Many are found to be leaking an orangish-brown goo out the top which can cause a multitude of problems. Check and if needed, the DVD drive laser lens cleaned, not really necessary as the hard drive should be used for applications; cough, cough, ahem games; instead of the DVD drive and/or the eject belt replaced.
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    Search for and replace/change the hex values in the game's default.xbe file. Use a Hex Editor. For Windows OS, try: - HexEdit v4.0 (main web site is offline but links below to the software) - HxD - etc. Update: Looks like www.HexEdit.com is no longer online. I've been using it for many years and didn't know the site went away. Links to download HexEdit v4.0 Old Mirror sites: dropbox.com box.com mediafire.com Verify file integrity of hexedit4_binary.zip with the following checksum values: MD5: 12A0 992F 6807 D528 CFC6 BA3E B71B F672 SHA1: 374C C2C6 27A9 BB38 51EC E446 5287 ED6A 436B A793 Values found on the Wayback Machine's capture of hexedit.com's download.aspx web page from 14 April 2018.
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    I've been asked about hot to internally install my HDMI mod into an Xbox. Well i finally found the time and did such an install properly! As i don't like soldering wires all over the place i went a different route and made it a permanent install replacing the original Video Connector. Cause who would use an old composite cable if you have an hdmi out right? Audio is provided through the HDMI signal of course and it supports 5.1. And with the 3D printed plate to cover the rest off the opening it looks perfect in my eyes. And the best part it does almost not need any modification to the Case! Well except trimming a tiny bit off the DVD caddy so it doesn't touch the PCB. The PCB itself does fit into any revision console and is relatively easy to install. Any thoughts about the install?
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    Tried to make a set of widescreen/CPU/RAM/720P patches for a few games tonight, ended up getting sidelined by Halo of all things. I'd assumed this would be relatively simple, especially using OGxHD, but while it definitely works for forcing widescreen it gets stuck at 720P and just looks awful. I'll download your updated archive, try to backtrack the changes and go from there.
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    I have a million billion Xbox-related projects I’m always going back and forth on so between that and real life I get kinda hung up. BUT, as far as I know certain BIOSes such as Yoshihiro will allow remote video capture over the network.
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    it's done in a few steps. 1. choose original xbe 2. choose modified xbe 3. save the *.ips patch which contains the difference between them, so when a stock xbe is patched, it takes all the changes of a modified xbe. This way, the repo could be shared everywhere, even under youtube videos and such. Probably I will contribute to this, just need to find some time, unfortunatelly it won't be soon, too busy.
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    I'm a sucker for Mulatto... oh, and those Latinas, wow!
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    I've sorted it now - see my last post but when I used Chimp it kept saying the Slave Drive was locked and I could not unlock it again. It unlocked the very first time I tried it - I know this for sure because I took a picture on my phone - however it must have locked the second I powered the xbox off. I tried countless times after that but I failed to unlock it. Thankfully the HDAT2 program worked and the guide was really easy to follow. Thanks again for all your help.
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    You can also use the script for XBMC4Xbox v3.5.3 - 480p Game Loaders XBMC3.5.3.zip - to get them to work - in 480p.
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    I just picked up one of these on eBay here in Oz for $20 AUD. Yet to test it but hopefully it is good, I'll let you know.
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    https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/Myriann-HDMI-Xbox-HDMI/32947444026.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3fd433edZjEvSB look closely at this Converter) good quality output pictures on the TV
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    Back to the original topic ofc. I would say your first problem is that you have over 4096. But in all seriousness, use nested folders. So you start with ~\PCSXbox\psxcds and this gets full. Simply add sub folders to this directory. So you can have: ~\PCSXbox\psxcds\A-G ~\PCSXbox\psxcds\H-M ~\PCSXbox\psxcds\N-Z As needed. You should not have to organize them alphabetically as PCSXBox is basically just giving you a file explorer rooted in the psxcds directory. According to what kaosengineer has said, if I am interpreting properly, each of these should have a 4096 capacity, and as an added bonus each folder can have its own configuration.
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    This right here. I once lifted some pads on a 1.4’s TSOP and ended up destroying all of the pads for said chip out of frustration. That console works great now with a simple modchip install. There are few, if any, repairs that are impossible. It’s just not the case. Granted you may not be equipped to figure them out or do that fix yourself... doesn’t mean they can’t be done. On that subject I have some spare boards I can send out if anyone is willing to pay shipping costs for them I have gotten my practice out of them and stole the components I cared about having. Useless to me now.
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    Oh that board looks really burned. To much heat applied. That's also a reason why the pads got lifted. Don't worry we all started somewhere . I suggests practice soldering on any other broken or unused boards first, web guides can't give the true experience. You can also send me this 1.6 mainboard, I can probably still safe it!
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    Get yourself a conductive ink pen to fix the trace and then see if it boots up.
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    First thing I would do, if you haven’t already, is just give it a nice break. In my experience battering your head against these things just makes it worse eventually. I see two locations that appear to be damaged. The uppermost pad at R8R1 looks to have almost completely been lifted. It doesn’t look to go anywhere so it may be supplying power directly to the other side of the board. Gently, push it down as far as you can and dab on some solder to try and hold it in place. This should at least get your electrical connection back. Next, directly above, or to the left, of C7T3, that pad is just gone. If you follow the trace on both ends, you should see small holes - vias - on both ends. Take a very very fine, sharp object, and scrape JUST A TEENY TINY bit to remove the solder mask and reveal the trace underneath. Be very careful when doing this as it’s easy to overdo it and take the whole trace. This way, you should be able to take some spare wire or as Ging3rguy mentioned regular kynar wire, and solder it into these holes. Try to tin the wires a bit beforehand as this tends to make them fit better. In general, it looks like the board is getting way too hot. Go a bit easier on it. You wanna melt the solder, not your board
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    @Ging3rguyYeah, that was initially my problem. I copied over the saves like my xbox wasn't modded or anything, but half of my saves (like Mafia) didn't allow me to copy the save. No idea why, but I had a few that wouldn't let me. I learned the whole ftp thing last night and set it all up. At first it worked no problem, then it quit working for no reason at all. Ugh, I really hate networking. Anyway, this morning I just shoved Hexin back in and used those settings without booting to a dashboard, and that is working really well. As for my boot times, I noticed that I installed the dashboard to the F directory, so I'm going to move it to the C and see if it speeds things up. @Magicaldave, @KaosEngineer: thank you guys so much for your help. I think everything is working perfectly now! XD
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    I don't think he's doing the external one anymore. He offers the internal HDMI kit for sure, which is absolutely amazing.
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    I agree on the 1.0 being the best, from what I understand they also had the best video chips. It seems down the road they use cheaper components to cut cust. This is also true IMO for the PS3 CECHA.
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    I personally like the ones that don't have the solder on the pads.
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    Here’s a conversion table for the max hdd sizes for klusters. You multiply the jouster size by 16 to get the max hddgb size. 8k x 16 = 128gb16k x 16 = 256gb32k x 16 = 512gb64k x 16 = 1024gb
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    SmartXX_public_datasheet.zip SmartXX_lt_opx_public.pdf

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