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    @Bob_the_vampire yep that flash dump has some issues. Even the protected sector is messed up. So its possible that the CPLD banking is broken or hopefully its just corrupt flash. Upload this to your xbox in the xenium-tools xbe directory and rename it to flash.bin, then in Xenium tools use the 'Write raw flash.bin to Xenium Flash' option. "START+B" If that doesnt work, it doesnt sound promising. Send me another dump of it after flashing it as you did previously. flashGoldClean2.3.1.zip
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    Dino Crisis 3 Xbox 1.0 @870/315 - IND 5003.67 and X2 5035 64mb = No 128mb = Yes Widescreen dashboard = Yes 720p/480p = ok OgXHD 1.05a = Auto 720p / 16:9 / Window View / Scan Range = Normal/ Start byte = 1513350/1683692/1683696 (It also works if you go for Full byte location search) Note = HUD not resized, some slowdown even with an overclocked Xbox cpu870mhz/gpu315mhz Video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X99bWEl8feM&feature=youtu.be Scrapland Xbox 1.0 @870/315 - IND 5003.67 and X2 5035 64mb = No (64mb works in some areas but freezes after you get the ship) 128mb = Yes Widescreen dashboard = Yes 720p/480p = ok OgXHD 1.05a = Auto 720p / 16:9 / Window View / Scan Range = Normal/ Start byte = totally custom, I forgot to take a note about the byte locations Note = Seems to be perfect (I've seen one of these around made by someone else but the HUD was not resized) Video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S--Lqw8Aq0&feature=youtu.be Dino Crisis 3 720p PAL.rar Scrapland 720p NTSC.rar
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    I made a few changes to HeXEn 2017 to... well, update some of it. There's certainly a lot more that could be done, but I didn't feel like it was necessary to go all-out on it, since the disc is primarily just used for TSOP/modchip flashing and building new HDDs. But with flashing in mind, there were some issues that should have been addressed, which were 1) editing the EvoX M8+ BIOS files to disable the need for a DVD drive on boot up (because it makes no sense to keep that restriction enabled) and 2) removing the ability to flash iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only), since it is apparently broken and just bricks the TSOP/modchip. Full changelog: - Changed the default.xbe's title to "HeXEn 2018". - New menu background image. - Main menu's network type is now set to DHCP. - Updated all EvoX M8+ .bin files (including sharp.bin) to remove the DVD drive check by default. - Removed iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only) because it bricks the TSOP/modchip it is flashed to. - ind-bios.cfg now supports 480p by default. - Corrected an error which prevented the sharp.bin BIOS file from being copied to the HDD. - Partially rewrote the TSOP/modchip flash menus to make things more clear and to correct spelling/grammar. - Updated XBMC to include JCRocky5's 480p Game Loader scripts (useful if you have a 1.6 Xbox, otherwise it can be ignored). - Updated Chimp261812 to JCRocky5's latest release. - 1080i support is now disabled by default (because it slows the Xbox down if enabled). - UnleashX .xbe file replaced with a patched version that doesn't automatically create UDATA folders for all .xbe files it sees on the HDD. -Updated the main menu's skin.xml file to display more system information to the user (on the right-hand side of the screen), and changed the color scheme of the options menus, dialogue boxes, file explorer, keyboard, etc. to better match the background image (no more of UnleashX's default ugly blue scheme clashing with it). - Various other spelling and grammatical fixes. - Other general housekeeping. As for the rather bland new menu background, I had to go for a very minimalistic design, because I suck with Photoshop, lol. It gets the job done though. OGXbox download link. MEGA download link MediaFire download link
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    Heres the link guys, dont know how long it will last in onedrive if you all start grabbing it lol. I suggest grab and reupload elsewhere for others. EJW Standalone 212 pack
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    Check out my MEGA drive for a 720p pack that I collected from emuxtras. It contains ~ 79 hex edited files: https://mega.nz/#!gYEkgYjb!y2NSMyuTqv3d18k_hIlSEfg26gOoTuamcbTBF1z0ax8
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    Well the “Xbox artwork installer” is out, although it’s only on my downloader that comes with XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers. Currently prebuilt is 1072 Games with full artwork and synopsis information. There is more artwork done but that’s for specials and homebrew/emulators eg... these aren’t part of the installer. But you can download and manually install them from the github link below. Also a big thanks to everyone who scanned the disc and sleeves of all the Xbox games over at Emuxtras. If you want to make your own artwork or manually install the artwork you can get everything you need here. Link: XBMC4Gamers Artwork Github Full artwork source, 23.1GB worth so it’s big :eek: Link: Full Artwork Source Google Drive (23.1GB) Here is a preview of said artwork prebuilt ready for the Xbox. Link: 007 - From Russia With Love
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    Can you post a pic of the main board? And is it the same timing ie 2 minutes every time or dose it very.? I am leaning to Bad power filter caps near the heat sink or bad solder joints on the power supply assembly It could also be over heating from the fan not working but you would normally get some flashing lights here is also a small chance the HDD is failing So get snapping with your camera and include both sides and the power supply as well. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
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    Hi van0014 I had a hard time finding a version 1.6 here as most of the Xbox's I have here(20+) are pre 1.6. Any way here is a link to the EEprom from a version 1.6 that I know is working fine as it's the kids console. The file your looking at is the one in capital letters. https://www.dropbox.com/s/700n512e44v1ddc/Biso edit and version 1.6 bios.rar?dl=0 Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
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    No Retail games are compiled to use only 64MB's of RAM.
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    Ok I really have a big thank you you made my day, even my week with that, it is back working wow! anything I could do for you?
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    Hi, thanks for this it give me some hope, like you said I can cycle the RGB and dump the flash (2mb) but now i don't know if I can "explore" the dump file to know what happen or should I only flash back a clean dump without any more checks I joined the flash dumb if you think you can do something at a faster rate than me flash.rar
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    New guy here. Looking to get back into playing around with my original xboxes...
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    Hello, the 1.6 can not be upgraded to 128 Mb, only your 1.1. The most visual quality for hdmi is N64Freak solution. If you want the perfect motherboard, you can ask N64Freak for a cpu upgraded, hdmi output and also 128Mb upgrade. I can only do 128 Mb upgrade and wii2hdmi quality upgrade using a pcb adapter. It works, but this is a bit nicer with N64Freak solution. wii2hdmi solution has less quality on low resolution. If you need me, I am near Lyon in France. bye
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    Hello, I repair Xbox and DC. I am in France, if you need something and if you leave in Europe, I can prepare Xbox for you. bye
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    If you "find" an Xbox ISO file that does not work with anything, it's most likely a "Raw Dump" or "ReDump-style dual layer rip" meant for use with a modded Xbox 360, the ISO needs to be converted from "Raw Dump" to "XISO", you need to use something like the program "XDVDMulleter" to convert the ISO, Google searching with something like "XDVDMulleter ReDump XISO" will lead you to some Reddit posts that might help.
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    Not really as just over 2 years ago Is stumbled across a torrent with 90% of the Xbox games in it from memory it was 1.6 terabyte zipped that I uploaded to a 2tb drive and no I can't remember where it came from. Most of the games I had before I got the torrent where done by swapping games for Xbox upgrades. I mod you Xbox for a copy of your games I don't have type of thing. You may have to wait until you get a bigger hard drive and then use DVD2Xbox. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
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    I have just received from Kaico Labs their OGXbox to HDMI to test, and am pleased to report that i have finally got a Hdmi adaptor that works as it should. All previous adaptors from Hyperkin, Mascarry and Pound failed to give me an interference free image. This beauty is as clean as a whistle..and should be available from Amazon sometime near the end of the month
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    X-cuter parts list 1x Malaysia 29F040C-90 0006 F03S 1x lattice im4a3-64 10a3 10vc-12vI
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    Hey dude! Replying on here since you sent this over Twitter to me. If your new HDD suddenly started throwing tons of errors and wouldn't unlock, despite previously doing so and working, it certainly could have died in the midst of you using it. I had a friend of mine have something similar happen, but he was using flash storage in his hardmodded console. He had swapped it in, set it up, all was well, etc. After several hours of transferring games over FTP the transfers came to a standstill and tons of errors were produced. Upon restarting the console, he couldn't successfully boot up. Determined the storage had died mid transfer. You're using a HDD in this case but that can happen with new and old storage. If your stock HDD works just fine, there's nothing wrong with the console. Again, it sounds more like your new HDD is the culprit, especially since it all worked before and now can't unlock properly. For future FTP transfers I personally limit my transfers to 1 connection, 1 file at a time. In my experience I'll get errors, incomplete transfers, and overall a bad experience when I try to transfer more than 1 file at a time to a console.
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    I’m interested in sending one to ya
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    Thank you for your service. It sounds like you are doing what I'm doing and buying back your childhood. LOL
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    Hello everyone. I wouldn't call myself new to the scene, more renewed. I used to mod the OG XBOX back in the day and then just moved on eventually. I've gotten nostalgic and have now pulled out my old XBOX consoled (Like 4 of them). They are in various stages of being modded. One has an old Xecuter chip, 2 are soft modded (one with larger HDD), and the other is a v1.6 I just picked up from Goodwill. I'm beginning the process of going through each of these and restoring to their former glory. However, I now realize, I've forgotten more than I remember on these. So...I'm here to absorb and hopefully not ask too many stupid questions.
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    This link seems very popular Im uploading to Google Drive as a backup now too, will post that link later
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    Not on a TSOP. You can't put a 256KB BIOS in the first quarter of the 1MB flash chip and leave the remaining 256KB (2 - 512KB bank split TSOP) or 768KB empty. You fill the entire chip 4x256KB BIOS or split the TSOP in half for 2 - 512KB BIOS banks - 2x256KB (not recommended though). Evoxdash writes multiple copies of the BIOS's dot bin file to fill the chip's size it detects based on values stored in the evox.ini file's Flash = lines. If you want to use 2 BIOS's (2x256KB or 1x512KB + 1x512KB or 2x256KB) you'll need to create a 1MB dot bin file. The BIOS's code reads some data values from the start of the flash chip's address space and other data gets read from the end of the 1MB x 16 memory space.
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    I am hoping to get an internal mod from N64 Freak. If that fails, I am going this route. Thanx for the post!
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    I ended up just doing normal softmod via MA and USB, this worked fine. Not sure why the disk/app wont launch with old softmod running but writing over it with rocky's worked fine this way.
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    It might be better to post a pic of the main board 1st. What OGXbox Admin is talking about its swapping this bit. . If the chip can be unplugged you can swap the whole chip to a working version 1.0-1.4 Xbox with the same mod chip and reflash it with the correct BIOS. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
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    UnleashX Skin - OGXbox Screenshot - a static image doesn't do it justice as the blue in the background is not a static image but a video loop, BG.wmv, being played making it shimmer.
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    Thank @Ryzee119 . I was trying for 2 days but gave up and ordered a Xilinx. hope it will work . I want to say thanks for all your projects!
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    @Nextria welcome to the constant struggles of programming CPLDs
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    Don’t know about the cheapmod but you can get a working Aladdin chip for a few dollars nowadays......
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    Hi Blobby85 You could try Xecuter 2 4981 Xecuter 2 5035 As both have 128meg ram support just make sure to use the right size for you MB Version 1.0-1.1 is 1meg(1024kb) Version 1.2-1.4 is 256kb https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/bios/features Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
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    Method 1 to Run XBMC4Gamers as the Default Dashboard Download the ind-bios.cfg file from the root folder of the Xbox's C drive. Use a text editor to modify the file. Generally, the last 3 lines contain the entries for the BIOS's dashboard boot order: DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe DASH2=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe DASH3=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dash\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbe Modify the DASH1= line to contain the path to XBMC4Gamers' default.xbe file. The partition names equate the to following drive letters: Partition2 = C Partition1 = E Partition 6 = F Partition 7 = G So, if XBMC4Gamers' default.xbe file is located at: F:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe the DASH1= line needs to read DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition6\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe Method 2 to Run XBMC4Gamers as the Default Dashboard Using an XBE Shortcut Instead of editing ind-bios.cfg, you can create a shortcut file to upload as evoxdash.xbe to the root of the C drive. No need to edit the ind-bios.cfg file. Download: XBE Shortcut Maker v2.0 Run the Windows executable (dot exe file) from the location you extracted it to on your PC's hard drive. Change the Target Path to where XBMC4Gamers' default.xbe file is stored on your Xbox's hard drive. Next, click on the large Create Shortcut Xbe... button and save the shortcut with the name evoxdash.xbe. Upload this new shortcut file, evoxdash.xbe, to the root of the Xbox's C drive. Reboot and XBMC4Gamers should now be your default dashboard.
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    What you Need: -A TSOP Mod or chip with your Bios image set to have an F and G Drive -(!IMPORTANT!) Xbox Ready 2TB HDD With Drives F and G set to 927.78 GB using 64k clusters and the drive set to unlocked -A 80-Wire Ultra ATA 2-Drive Ribbon Cable pre installed in your Xbox -A way to connect your drive to your computer 1. Start by grabbing the NZB and downloading whats there (1640 RAR file in parts) TIP: Add extra connections in your usenet client to achive higher speeds until your speeds are hitting the limit 2. When you finish go to part one and right click "Extract Files..." set where you want it and under "Miscellaneous" section check "Keep Broken Files" (this is for WinRAR do the equivilent for your choice of decompresion software) TIP: Dont worry about the corupt file warnings! just wait for it to finish! 3. When finished, start the torrent (on Arcade Punks same place as the NZB) and tell it to download in the same location as the file you got from extracting the parts we got from the NZB. 4. Your torrent Client should check and complete the file. This will take much longer for the remaining 162GB of data. 5. When it finishes you should have a complete working writable image file. 6. Download and install HDD Raw, Copy Tool make sure, your drive is connected, Select the complete image we just obtained as the source, select the Xbox drive as the Target. TIP: MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT DRIVE AS YOUR TARGET You'll risk computer imparement or data loss... or both. 7. Wait for the drive to write. 8. Put the drive in your Xbox and Test the image. 9. Assuming all went well, Profit. <This was a copy and past from someone else......... I followed this and it worked. Mine is TSOP flashed with IND bios. I used the HeXEN disc to prepare the 2TB hard drive in the Xbox. It should recognize as new drive so install as you would any other drive with dashboard. Then go into Xbox partioner and format F and G. If you are having problems getting F and G to have 927 GB 64k clusters each, set to 926 each and format and back out, Then go back in and set to 927 and format, now your dash will see F and G both at 927GB and ready for your new 2TB image. Take out of Xbox go to computer and write the 2TB Origns to your drive. Once complete put back in your Xbox and enjoy.
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    Hi everyone! I TSOP flashed my Original XBOX 1.0 and everything went great. I put together a video about it to share my experience and help you out with it if it's something you want to do to your XBOX 1.0 or 1.1. Enjoy!
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    Here is a work in progress overhaul to home-brew and other unique ports such as ram upgrade games, There is also some collections in the CoinOps realm. These art packs are designed for xbmc4gamers but we compatible with other dashboards. Here is a link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p5LSdf5RIRJaaFiJaOhCBOlRHRx6CgjT
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    XBMC4Gamers includes a script that'll do that. Settings > Skin Settings > Scripts > Remove Empty Save Folders
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    Here is a step by step tutorial for making a high quality component cable using an Xbox 360 component cable and a standard original Xbox Composite AV cable that pretty much everyone will have. I was looking for an original Xbox component cable recently and my options were a cheap Chinese non brand component cable, a monster cable or an official HD kit. The latter being crazy expensive nowadays. Since I have a background in electronics I thought why not make one from a 360 cable if a standard AV cable has all the pins present but not wired. I did a quick Google and I am not the first to have done this but thought I'd throw up this step by step for anyone who isn't afraid of some small soldering. You could just splice a 360 component cable onto a Chinese component cable but this way you have a pretty much official cable that is very high quality.. Here goes. Get yourself a 360 component cable and a standard AV cable with the 3 RCA plugs, red, white and yellow. . Cut the head off your original Xbox AV cable. Take a hair dryer to it now to make the plastic sleeve malleable and remove the sleeve from around the socket. Use a screwdriver to help pry it off if needs be. It should come pretty easy but don't be too rough as we want to get it back on at the end. Now loosen off the clasps around the cable by prying them out with a screwdriver and then with a long nose pliers if needed. Again don't go too mad as we will need to squeeze these back on at the end. Now you should be able to remove half this casing. The socket itself with the pins will still be secured inside. Update: before opening the metal casing as per the following instructions and image you can actually remove the pin connector without opening it, you can push the pin connector out. This is the preferred method but I am leaving the previous instructions here. Now take a long nose pliers and carefully separate the remaining casing. Do this carefully and slowly just enough so you can remove the pin housing. The less you bend this the nicer it will look at the end. Take note of the way the two sides lock into each other. The little tabs click in from the top. So grab the side with the tab and pull up. So pull up the right hand side then turn it around and again pull up the right hand side. Patience, remember this has to go back together. Try to open this up less than I have here if you can. Don't worry about the black shield cables soldered on to the casing. We will be removing these anyway. Once you get the pins out if you're lucky you'll just have a piece of black tape over the pins. If you're unlucky you'll have a blob of hot glue over them both sides. Don't despair....you can get this off with some small effort. If you are met with the glue you can again soften it with a hair dryer and get a screwdriver and gouge the majority of it off carefully. I would then get some sticky stuff remover and spray it on and leave it for 5 minutes. Then carefully scrape lengthways down along each pin with the corner of your small flathead screwdriver until it is all gone. Take your time and make sure it's all off. This is the stuff I use for that. Here is the pins that the lucky people will get with the tape. Lovely clean pins straight from the factory. Now take your 360 component cable and cut the head off this just below it's socket and get the sleeve off your original Xbox socket and put it onto your 360 cable. Just keep turning it until it goes on. It's pretty much the exact fit. And a second time...PUT THE SLEEVE ON YOUR 360 CABLE BEFORE YOU START TO SOLDER!!! You do not want that sinking feeling when you've just done lots of tedious work to find you've to de-solder everything because you forgot to put the sleeve on. Now take a sharp knife and about 2 inches back from the end score a ring around the insulation. Take your time and bend it a bit and let the sharp knife do the work. Don't go mad here. You want all of the shields inside to be intact. Again. Patience. You'll be met with a load of cables with a braided shield around them. The cable with the colour is the signal every time and the shield wrapped around it is that signals ground. It is possible you could find two cables, a signal and ground both insulated and not braided shields. Either way it's the same thing and actually easier if you don't have the braided ones because the braids are trickier to solder because they are bigger. You will also have some white fibres up the middle. Cut these off. And an overall screen, the one that's on it's own. Don't cut this off. For each cable push the braid down a bit to loosen it and make a hole as near the base as you can by separating the braid and pull the coloured cable through. Then pull the braid and twist it nice and tight without breaking it. The idea is to get it as thin as you can. When you've separated each signal from it's screen measure it against the length of cable already soldered onto the original Xbox pins and give yourself a bit extra and cut them all. Strip the ends of each signal. Only about 3 or 4mm and be careful not to pull out strands while stripping the insulation. Make sure there are on stray strands by giving the ends a little twist and tin the ends and also tin about a half inch or so of each braided screen. Try keep them tight with no loose strands. To tin put a small bit of solder on your iron and use this to heat up the wire and flow the solder with the transferred heat of the wire, not the iron. This makes the strands basically into a solid cable. Now desolder all on the cables from your original Xbox pins. Also I highly recommend you use Weller solder or similar decent quality solder as it will make life easier than using cheap stuff. Now to the good stuff. I have taken this diagram from an online search and did not create it myself. It is the best diagram out there and credit to the Creator. I will find the name of the guy on YouTube that has done this and credit him. So you have already tinned your cable ends and braided screens. Now you want to go and tin each pin you will be using. Just a tiny bit of solder and heat the pin for a second. Do not stay on the pins with your iron for anything over 2 seconds or you'll melt plastic. Take your time. Everything one by one. When you've tinned all the pins all you need to do for every solder joint is put a tiny bit on your iron and press down gently and the tinned cable will marry into the tinned pin. Do not use extra solder, no need. The tiny bit I suggest for your iron is simply to transfer the heat. Go ahead and tin pins 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21 and 22. That is for audio right and left signals and grounds, two jumpers for the mode and red, green and blue signal and grounds. To note the connector I've used here is one that was covered in hot glue so it looks a bit bashed up but is electrically sound. Audio right - red to pin 1 and it's ground to pin 2. Also make 2 small jumper wires and tin them as previously. Solder these as shown to pins 6 and 7. Bend the jumper wires around to the other side and solder pin 6 jumper to pin 18 and pin 7 jumper to pin 19. Ignore that strand to the right, that is the overall screen and it's not soldered to a pin, just a bad picture. Blue signal to 9 and it's ground to 10. Green signal to 11 and it's ground to 12. Audio left - white signal to 14 and it's ground to 15. Be careful that you don't mix up the pink with the white, they look very very similar. Last but not least the pink signal wire to 22 and it's ground to 21. Careful with this one. All the rest were 'signal, ground' and this one is 'ground, signal'. Tape up the yellow cable. Nice to have a spare socket at the end of your cable so you can fix this in years to come if one of the rca plugs every gets broken you can solder the yellow up instead. Take the yellows ground and twist the thin overall ground wire around it. Bend it as shown and then tin them together with some solder. We will use this to ground the metal housing on the plug. Scratch up this part on the plug housing with a screwdriver. Now turn your iron up a touch if needed and flow solder onto the part you just scratched up. Solder the screen from the yellow that we tinned together with the overall screen to this part of the case. Cut a strip of electrical tape. The width of standard electrical tape is perfect to cover the pins. I recommend you do this instead of hot glue to insulate the pins. At this point plug it in to your OGXbox and see does it all look good. (Troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this post if it doesn't look quite right) Put this guy back into the other part on the plugs housing and carefully crimp back on the cable grips after around the outer insulation. If you were careful taking apart your plug top earlier you will be happy right about now. If you weren't don't worry, just get a long nose pliers and carefully form it all back together. Remember these tabs click in from the top. They won't sit right if you try click them in from the under side so you'll have to do a touch of light convincing with a long nose pliers again. Be careful of the pins inside now. Don't want to break it now after all of that. Don't lose the cool once they are almost snug you can put a bit of pressure on the tabs with a screwdriver to secure the housing. Once it is fairly solid slide your sleeve back down to cover it up. Now what you have is a top quality fully Microsoft component cable for your OGXbox. In my opinion it's better quality by a mile than the old HD kit and and the monster cable. It's also two fingers up to the cretins that want 70 quid for a cable. You'll get a brand new 360 component cable for around the price of one of those horrendous terribly shielded Chinese component cables and everyone has an AV composite 3 plug standard cable lying around. Also the 360 cable is about 2 metres long. Hope this is of some use to someone. I originally threw a few of them pictures up on the Facebook group but thought I'd post it up here as a reference for anyone who is interested. TROUBLESHOOTING: When you have finished soldering all of the pins do a continuity test with your multi-meter between each pin that are next to each other, You may have one strand from the shield bridging the pin next to it. If this is the case you can try run a sharp knife between the pins to separate any stray strands. A quick multi-meter test is to test between each tip of each RCA plug to the pin you soldered for that signal on the plug. Also check the tip of each against ground (outer ring or barrel the of RCA) make sure there is nothing bridged out. Note that all ground will be connected together. If you plug it in to your OGXbox and it doesn't look right, go back and check each cable you soldered against the diagram again and if needs be reflow any dodgy joints. If you plug it in to your OGXbox and you are missing a colour again go back and check your wiring/soldering. The colours are RGB (Red = Pink cable, Green = Green cable, Blue = Blue cable) For example if you see only Greens and Blues when you load up a game the issue is with your Red colour (Pink cable) and you may have mixed up the ground and signal. The same is true for any colour you seem to be missing. Also do a test of the Audio Right and Left by plugging one out at a time and see do you still have sound. Any issues, the fix will be as above, re-check your wiring against the diagram and re-flow if necessary. Try the cable with a game you know well so you know how it should look colour wise. If it all looks and sounds good close it all back up and enjoy!! Note also that there is a perfectly good optical audio pcb inside the Xbox 360 head, maybe someone could have a go getting that usable. You can also connect the yellow to pin 24 and it's ground to 23 instead of connecting ground to the overall screen and leaving yellow spare. I rather keep it as a spare, means your cable will last long into the future and I don't ever plan on using it as a regular yellow, red and white composite.
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    I have stock to make 10. I will do them this weekend and ask who wants them when done
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    Here's a link from the Assemblergames boards to a spreadsheet made by Cyrix that gives a breakdown of about 300+ games and how they fare with 720p mode: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HpxKGQ6wVTRevUdQ6_4rkuyF_ZugOgc2C4tXnZxBZCk/edit#gid=0
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    disable the fast game loading in the skin settings toggles
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    is there any way that I can set the games to a "sub-directory" .... .inside my games folders they are ordered in a alphabetical folder structure e.g. (folder) #AB (folder) CD (folder) EFG (folder) etc. so by default the folder names given become the game names and system crashes. if I can't do this then I'll need to change the "other skin" :'(( edit: never meant to edit the post
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    No explanation needed or should be given. It is not inherently racist even though MANY people try to make it that way these days. Leave it alone. Don't inject racism where there is none.
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    The controller wire colors designations are: Red = +5Vdc White = USB Data- Green = USB Data+ Yellow = Video Sync Black = Ground Video sync (yellow wire) is for a light gun, not used by a standard controller. A light gun controller or standard controller have to connect to the console. One port handles both by including it. -- KaosEngineer
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    XVGM Additional Previews (20180802).rar (68.3MB) CB-Games released seven (7) more preview videos for the UnleashX XvGM Skin. They are for: Sam Coupe PC emulator Sam Coupe.XMV and PC Ports: Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, Wolfenstein 3D DOOM.XMV DUKE NUKEM 3D.XMV HERETIC.XMV HEXEN.XMV Rise of the Triad.XMV WOLFENSTEIN-3D.XMV Up next, he plans to create preview videos for: Quake 1, 2, & 3, AVP Gold, Prince of Persia 1 & 2, MuchimeX, MESSoXtras, Retro-Arch, and homebrew / OpenBors. Remake the Virtual Boy preview as it has typos. Create a few more category videos for racing / fighting / combat games to have most everything covered. He is also working on a much better Shutdown video, It should be just as epic as the Launch DVD home screen. Download: XVGM Additional Previews (20180802).rar
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    Website won't let me download it. Tells me I must be a registered member. Huh??? "Sorry, there is a problem You must be a registered member and have contributed several times to download files. This is here to help our membership achieve their goals rather than to just let people leach. Error code: 2D161/2" Guess I'll just use the MEGA link.
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    Description: The classic fighting game Streets of Rage comes to the original Xbox in a new open source homebrew video game called Beats of Rage. Beats of Rage is based on the gameplay style of the super popular Streets of Rage franchise. Beats of Rage is part of the OpenBOR program, which allows homebrew developers to create their own Streets of Rage style beat em up games. OpenBOR has lead to many wonderful homebrew video games. You can see the best of these OpenBOR mods exclusively on this channe. This is a port of Beats of Rage for xbox, a fun beat-em-up game developed by the clever people at Senile. NOTE: You also need the .PAK file from the full DOS binary version to play. Author: Unknown Version: 4 Password: ogxbox.com DOWNLOAD HERE!
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    Thanks Randy - I leaned on the community pretty hard (still do with new things) when i got started, gotta give back . So much outdated info as these consoles have been modded over many years., it's good to have bullet point list that people can work from and do some research as they go.
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    Links to original post: http://xjet.50megs.com/photo.html You need a Mad Catz memory card for Xbox and USB cable Use a utility knife to shave a flat spot on end of card. You will notice a soft spot when you are deep enough. Cut out the soft spot. (end of usb cable should slide in firmly) Now modify usb cable. Cut end off cable with about three inches of wire left. NOw use utility knife to remove insulation from cable and connector. I also removed the metal strain relief from connector to shorten it up. Remove shielding and ground wire from cable(ground wire has no insulation. you should have black, red, white and green wires left) Now disassemble memory card. Remove circuit board from black rubber end, insert usb connector, slide circuit board back in being careful of wires. Now cut wires to legnth and solder start at left 1: black 2: not used (Xbox yellow wire) 3: green 4: white 5: red Now assemble memory card. Download and install Action Replay for Xbox from www.codejunkies.com. Plug memory card into usb port, windows will prompt to install driver. Select install from a specific location and browse to your install directory for Action Replay . The driver is in the drivers folder.(default would be"C:Program Files/Datel/ActionReplay Xbox/Drivers"). Once driver is installed start Action Replay and enjoy.
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    Here is the live link to download the Action Replay Software Action Replay Xbox v1.40 website http://uk.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=196

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