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    So I've figured out how to get games downloaded on a 360 to work on a real Xbox. You might be interested in this if you get the Games With Gold titles, since they've had some pretty good ones in the past like Mercenaries and some of the Star Wars games, and Destroy All Humans is available right now. Do note that since we're dealing with Xbox 360 Marketplace here, the only real way to get these onto your console is through buying and downloading them, so Piracy really isn't a thing here. To begin, you will need two Xbox 360 tools: GOD2ISO and velocity-master. You'll also need a USB drive big enough to hold your game. You'll also have to enable the "show hidden files" setting in Windows Explorer. Start by copying the game to your USB drive from the Dashboard. Plug the drive into your PC. Go to Content > 0000000000000000 and you will see several folders. I've attached a picture of Halo 1's folder layout. Open that extensionless file in GOD2ISO and save a place to save your ISO file. Then use Velocity to extract your ISO to a new folder. From there, you should be able to FTP the folder over to your Xbox and play the game.
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    Hi guys, I posted this on a few xbox groups and thought i'd share it here too. I basically remove the jewel, use a dremel to make a circular hole where the jewel was and then attached a round 800 x 800 pixel (3.4") lcd. The video is provided by a small media player such as the Sumvision Cyclone +2 but i am also going to set it up with a raspberry pi zero to save space. Using the small media player means having to lose the dvd rom due to space confinements. The interface between the lcd and media player is a HDMI to MIPI pcb with 50 pin flat ribbon cable, you can find them on most china electronics websites. The video is just some boot videos i found and stitched together. This media player can loop playback on start up provided the video is placed in a folder in the root of an SD card or USB stick named AUTOPLAY
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    Latest beta version out, will give it a try later. https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/3-0-beta/
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    Hi all, Over the past few months I have painstakely reverse engineered the Team Xodus Xenium modchip's CPLD and written a complete open source replacement. I call it OpenXenium. https://github.com/Ryzee119/OpenXenium It has full support for XeniumOS and its features. Repo will list them. The Xenium CPLD is normally read protected to prevent clones. This project did not attempt to break that protection, instead I determined the behavioral properties of the CPLD to write my own VHDL source code. Check the repo out! there is a few xenium related tools that may even help people with a genuine Xenium! Hopefully this will help with LPC related CPLD projects people may have in mind too. Enjoy! Ryan
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    Another option is a crossover cable, pc to Xbox, gets a transfer speed of 10MB/s +.
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    And I would still not power it up until you worked out where the smoke came from as the damage may be on the main board and you could cause more damage by just changing the PSU. I a case like yours I would power the old PSU separately and test the output voltages are correct and then power the main board from current limited power supplies. Any 1/2 decent electronics tech would not say just plug it in with a RCD and see what happens as you could be doing irreparable damage . An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire. ... RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    I went though the same with a 2tb and X3 chip there is a glitch in the xbpartitioner 1.3, That's why you create the F and G partitions with the version 1.1 to around 900 gig per partition and that creates the 2 drives and then run 1.3 and increase the size of F and G partitions to reset the size to maximum minus a few kilobyte to increase the size of the drive's. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    Did you catch the smoke as the non genuine smoke is not as good. A loud pop/bang would probably be a Cap that's exploded and it maybe on the PSU or the caps next to the heatsink on the mail board. As mentioned before be careful when working on a PSU as yes there is 250 volt for a USA PSU and over 300 volt for a AUS PSU and that kicks. I would suggest you post a pic of the main board and the PSU so we can get a better idea on whats happened. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    The cap's that seller has are the ones that will fail at some stage, I have a preference to the nichicon or the Panasonic brand but each to their own. Here is a link to a supplier that's not evilbay. https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/replacement-capcaitor Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    The important thing is the thread pitch and diameter and that I do no know. By luck I have my one Thomson drive out at the moment and I've looked at those screws and indeed they do appear to be an obscure type. This is what I can say for sure: they have a Torx 10 rounded head of some sort. I do not have a screw pitch gauge but using a steel rule the screw thread length appears to be 3/16 on an inch, approximately 5mm. They are not M3 (metric) and they are also not 6-32 (UNC) the two commonest screw thread types used in PCs and similar equipment. I know because I've tested the screw holes with both types and the diameter is to big. Also I'm fairly sure they're not the other common (UNC) type: 4-40 either. The diameter could be correct but I have MB standoffs which I think are 4-40 and they do look to have a similar thread diameter. However the thread pitch is definitely not the same. They do not fit and looking at the pitch under a x8 lupe the 4-40 thread is much finer. The Thomson screws are clearly coarser pitch. They may be either M2.5 or M2 course pitch or some UNC equivalent but that is pure speculation. Sorry I can not be more help.
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    A easy mistake. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    Criminal ^ punching holes in MS's nice rubber Xbox feet. Go stand on the naughty step.
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    Was pretty fun once I got control of the soldering
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    I've owned two 1.6 Xboxes in my time. The first one had a Samsung drive in it, which tended to work excellent for reading discs and up until the console itself (not the drive) died, it was still reading discs fairly well, though it did eventually experience the problem in which having no disc inside the unit would cause the tray to get stuck upon ejecting. My current 1.6 actually has the rarer Hitachi-LG GDR-8050L drive in it, and its been a champ so far. Reads just about everything I throw into it with no hiccups, and doesn't get stuck when there's no disc in the console. As for blank media, Verbatim has been relatively solid for me, though they were recently acquired by CMC, so the quality of the discs might be different going forward. More often than not however I've had the least amount of duds with them. I've also had good luck with Maxell discs. I've not used many other brands that have worked as well as those two, but I'm told that some of the better options out there currently are CMC Pro (a.k.a. CMC's acquisition of Taiyo Yuden) and FalconMedia's "Premium" Line.
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    The partition table can exist either in BIOS only, or it can be written to the disk. In your case it seems like it may exist in BIOS only and needs to be written to the disk for the other BIOS to understand it. XBPartitioner can do this but you must use the old BIOS and make sure to write partition table only, don’t format the partitions. There’s a good chance something could go wrong though so I recommend taking a full backup beforehand (either imaging the entire disk or copying over the files via FTP). It may also be that the partition on disk is wrong and in that case the partition table needs to be removed. The boot into old BIOS (and let it use partition table from BIOS) and write that partition table to disk, then boot new BIOS. Also, if you write files when the partition table is wrong, it will corrupt the old data, it sounds like this may have happened so I hope you have a backup.
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    You will need to use a composite cable( Yellow Video) as the software (Linux) for the mod file is not component(Red,Green,Blue) compatible the same for Chimp will not display with component. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    I agree. Its not the first time we've had this discussion and the conclusion I thought was that replacing the TIM had minimal effect on the reported temperatures. That's what I've found. Add to that the potential risk to the chips of removing a well stuck on heat-sink and that ^ is the best advice. Leave it be.
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    microsoft gave those to people with faulty power supplies to attempt at keeping them from catching on fire. it wouldn't help u at all. if u are concerned about power surges messing up your xbox then yes, a good surge protector should do. however, surge protectors are not 100%. i always unhook my xbox if a really bad lightening storm pops up. remember, lightening can come in through your a/v cords from your tv. so completely unhook it from everything if a bad lightening storm pops up.
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    Try using FATXplorer the beta version can now write to a Xbox drive and memory card. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    I just tested it with a 2tb drive and it's ok evox_m8++_67.bin It is advisable not to have a large drive connected when Flashing a TSOP as it can sometimes corrupt the partitions. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    If you're doing the shortcut thing you do need to find the Xbox's Short Cut Maker PC tool to be able to create the shortcut. By default the tool is set up for XBMC "e:\apps\Xbox Media Center\default.xbe" you must make sure to put in the correct path that you are actually using which will more likely be E:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe. You can usually leave the pre-selected shortcut ID box as it is "FEFEFEFE" but note that if you want to change it because it conflicts with an existing UDATA/TDATA ID it must be 8 characters made up of 0 - 9 numbers and/or A - F letters. When changing a main dash XBE for a shortcut XBE: always test the shortcut works first before replacing the existing main dash for real. A C:\evoxdash.xbe main dash will not be there with most softmods, it'll be E:\evoxdash.xbe so check your UnleashX system settings to see what path your main dash uses. If it is a hardmod of some sort it will likely be C:\evoxdash.xbe but even that should be checked first.
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    are u sure u soldered to the correct point for d0? it's different on the 1.0, 1.1's than any of the rest.
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    I really think you should post a pic of the main board and a pic of the power supply top and bottom Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    No you don’t need a tsop as you have a modchip. You need to flash a new bios that can see all of a 2Tb hdd. You need a bios that ends .67. The .67 refers to partition 6 & 7 or F & G. If you use hexen install disk to flash the bios and choose 256Kb. You just need to know if you have a 1.0-1.4 or a 1.6 Xbox.
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    So i picked up an xbox the other day that was working and decided to clean it up because it looked like someone had spilt something inside (rusty metal cage). while i was there i thought id change the thermal paste, just to prolong the life out of it really. I got it all back together and now when I power it up, sometimes it will flash red/green and sometimes it will start for about 10-40 seconds and then switch off. I personally think I may have gotten some of the solvent under the gpu as well. so I am thinking the first thing ill try is drying it out with some 99% isopropyl. fingers crossed!
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    You just install to a folder called Emustation in either your apps or e partition. If you put it into the root of e partition you will need to edit the config.xml so you can see it from you dash.
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    the 1.1 didn't tend to ER when i was trying to change partition sizes. hitting the partitions with 1.1 and finishing it with 1.3 seemed to do the trick. i'm ftp'ing alot of games to the xbox as we speak.
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    Check out the second half of this video, he walks through the process of installing an new empty drive into a hardmodded xbox. And don't forget to get an 80 pin IDE cable.
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    I use a pair of jewelry maker magnifiers to examine joints after soldering small circuitry - good to see how soldered points actually settle. I'm wary of LED light bouncing back into eyes at that distance so I don't use the lights on it.
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    The Aladdin chi is one of the most reliable chips out there and the only non working ones I have seen is from poor fitting or a bad reflash but there is always a 1st. Can you post a pic of you soldering around the LPC as the couple of pin I can see look like they need resoldering I would add some flux paste and reheat each joint. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    Oh sorry i don't see the button 'Download' the first time when i click on your link KaosEngineer Thanks you ! Bye
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    What's wrong with the web page that I posted in a reply of this thread to download it? Gamebrew.com's download link still works. https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/Quake3_XBOX
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    I would fit a mod chip then you use a install disk to set up a new hard drive. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    thank you for the working link.it works great
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    It's the original the red ones are the newer clones
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    Use xbe shortcut maker to load to your chosen dashboard. https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/xbe_shortcut_maker?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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    Try soldering D0 to the chip before you add the other pins but add pin 6 if you want the led to turn on. Use the D0 on the underside as it is easier to solder to.
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    irlandez has postet a mirror (Post 86) of the resourc-pack. But here is a nother mirror on 1fichier https://1fichier.com/?dcgahcvjm9ledafbebg4&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?osbko7fwmjpbvo0kcjco&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?xybdb1mj0b7my4wmezei&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?f0f5h2mv0cafwd7qvjc4&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?maru8fcu381hmubz1ejt&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?gcyf61vb7mgg04zdwf4q&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?0hb7tibqgui5c3kid6h0&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?ik1psrt1mm1d42nxivqc&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?qbxq4wsx22k3anlfwf9n&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?m3nkhj1mhfgw5gtqz83o&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?djmx4d7gks2llywvrg2u&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?a0ockffqusrhp6wpk3zo&af=3160491 https://1fichier.com/?59e66adpjmgfr19l083h&af=3160491
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    Any BIOS that has X2 ****.bin will report as xecuter 2 If you flash a Evox M8 to the aladdin it will have the logo on the top left. That pic is the X2 5035.67 and it won't fit on you aladdin chip as it's a 512kb and the aladdin is mak 256kb Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
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    Do a continuity/resistance test to see if the cap points are linked.
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    Size 512kb and that normally ends with .67. If you are using hexen to flash the bios you can use a 256kb as it will just flash it twice. Read this for more info. https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/bios?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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    This is a copy of portions of my thread over at BitBuilt https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/xboxdvi.3304/ As some of you may know, the original xbox is really lacking in video output modes for the modern era. It is only capable of analog video out, and doesn't even support VGA through that. Early versions of the xbox use a CX25871 as the video encoder, which can take a variety of digital inputs and in turn outputs analog video. https://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/153349/CONEXANT/CX25871/384/1/CX25871.html My suspicion is that the xbox uses the highest quality of these potential inputs, RGB24. If that turns out to be the case, I should be able to use the Texas Instruments TFP410 to turn these signals into DVI https://www.ti.com/product/TFP410 End goal is to have a board with a BOM of under $20 that I can then install in my absurd stack of xboxen. The catch: This is my first circuit design project and my first PCB design project, so I'm starting out way over my head. Wish me luck, I guess. -------------------------------------------------- I've since found that my initial assumptions were incorrect, and I've made it to my second prototype. It still has issues, but I'll find out soon enough if I'm on the right track. --------------------------------------------------
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    I always wonder in votes like this how many people have actually used all the drives. I thought I had until I found out there were actually two Philips and two Thomson models and both have, reported, somewhat different media preferences and reliability. There are also significant variations in the published media compatibility tables you can find online too. My own quite extensive testing on the Thomson (late), Samsung 605B, Samsung 605F, Philips (late), Hitachi (I have two of each except the Thomson) supports some online compatibility information but completely contradicts others. The only thing that is actually agreed 100% is that DVD-R is the only universal type and if it does not work chances are the media batch is bad or your disc drive has a problem. There is also the question of what constitutes the "best". Quite frankly the fact the Samsung 605B has the greatest compatibility is irrelevant. It doesn't make it the best IMHO. Reliability is, for me the key issue, and the Hitachi wins hands down in that respect. Both my Hitachis gave me identical results. They do not like any CD-R at all but that is it, anything else they'll boot including DVD-RW. I have an Hitachi in my most used Xbox and it has never given me any problems. All five Samsung drives I've owned have eventually needed replacement/reconditioned drive belts and even then that has not always cured disc tray eject/close issues 100%. The only problem is that the Hitachi drives seem to be less common in the US so fewer users and therefore I would expect in a poll like this the Samsung 605B is going to walk away with the prize. Another example of how in a free poll the majority vote sometime produces the wrong result.
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    Ture. On the other hand he could use a PC DVD Drive as far as i know. I have an old LG SH-D162D here in case the next drive dies.
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    I think he should have a look inside.
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    Here are 228 ACL files but idk if the need file is included. acl.7z EDIT: Also found this : https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1003-hdd-fixes-for-games/ Maybe it helps. The Mega linmk there ist still working.
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    Decided I would tear down my dev kit because there was a rattling noise inside of it and I wanted to see its guts. The rattling turned out to be the GPU fan, and I decided I should film its guts for everyone to see. Now if you don't have one, or don't want to open the one you've got, you can see inside, too! Pictures will come if I ever get a decent camera. If anyone has a Raptor card I can pair with it, please send me a PM. I don't actually know anything about developing games for the xbox, but I'd like to have a full kit in case I ever do start developing. I also might be willing to sell this to someone that wants to use it for its intended purpose. It's pretty worthless as a collectors item because it has no code on it, has a prominent cosmetic defect, and has been opened.
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    I was going to update the post, but apparently we're only allowed to edit for a few minutes. I've gotten the whole circuit laid out now. We're once again at the "Sleep on it" stage where I take a nap and then decide how I feel before ordering anything. 20.5mm*56.5mm, or slightly smaller than the fan cutout in the motherboard.
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    You can just use XBlast OS to flash a new BIOS. No reason to burn more DVDs and have numerous versions of HeXEn. Copy the XBlast OS application to the HDD (latest version is v0.56) and put your desired BIOS file in C:\BIOS. XBlast OS is the best tool for flashing and is a lot cleaner than HeXEn.

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