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    Decided to post about my ATX to Xbox adapters as i've been contacted about them a couple times now. I won't build more of them in the future as it's quite a time consuming process but you can order the PCBs and build them yourself. The bill of materials is printed on the bottom layer and assembly is pretty straight forward too. The solder work isn't hard to do so even a beginner is able to get it done! You can order the PCBs here: Rev1.0-Rev1.1 Rev1.2-Rev1.5 The ATX Port and Cables can be reused from a dead (or unused) Xbox PSU and motherboard. The end result might look like this 2 examples here:
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    Working on 8bitdo usb adaptor support! It was very picky and needed a sequence of usb packets on initialisation to keep it active. Still testing but should support everything the 8bitdo website says. (Bluetooth xbone, ps3, ps4 all 8bitdo controllers etc.)
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    Hi, I have just finished transferring the complete (or as close as possible, all NTSC and most PAL games) Xbox game collection to my 2TB X3 Xbox. I say complete but i am missing the "Club Football" games as there is about 20 of them and they are petty much all identical..... I will pick one club and put both of their games on but i haven't decided yet. I have about 26Gb of space left on my G drive which i am planning to use to go through the few Jap exclusives and add any that are actually playable without knowing Japanese Its taken me the best part of a week to FTP it all across doing as much as possible each evening, had a few issues along the way, such as overheating a couple of times and even had a catastrophic hardware failure which resulted in me having to butcher another xbox for its motherboard to get my beloved x3cp xbox back up and running!! I managed to fit all these games in to 2TB by using a combination of extracted folder games and ISO's. I used ISO for those games that have 1000's of files as all those small files dont play well with a 64k cluster size. The ISO's do actually take less space on the hard drive!! Im running the excellent XBMC4Gamers as my dash (Thanks Rocky5) This is a fantastic dash and has provided everything from full artwork for EVERY game, to being able to patch a BFM bios to play the ISO file games. This has bought my xbox back from being unused and stuffed away in the loft to sitting under the TV in the front room where it deserves to be.
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    Hi all, I built an xbox mini a few years ago and designed a case based loosely on ghostavels well known xbox mini. I had it laser cut from plexiglass and it turned out ok, but could be better. I'm looking into possibly designing in CAD and making the cases but want to see if there's enough interest for it to be a worthwhile venture. I've attached some pictures of my original, any feedback or suggestions would be great. Currently it uses the breakaway part of the controller cables for controller ports, I have only used 2 on mine but 2 more can be added obviously. I also added internal wifi hence an extra cutout on the back to loop a small cat5 to an internally mounted wifi pcb, this could be omitted or the wifi pcb could be directly soldered to the ethernet port (I wanted to retain the port). There is also a small window for internal IR dongle, again this can be omitted. The 3 smaller "holes" are for hdd act LED, Power LED and network activity. Again optional. You would need to do the pico psu mod and have some aftermarket cooling for cpu etc (I used Iceberq 4 pro's) Face plates could be any colour, same for the side/back pieces. Also doesn't have to have the xbmc logo engraved Thanks
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    overclock Xbox CPU GPU tut.rar
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    I sat down with a friend of mine and we made a final revision of that diagram. I'm not trying to post it a million times but this is polished clean and final. Cheers.
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    I second that request please! this is good stuff to keep this thing alive after all these years. Rooting through old stuff I found 3 new Xenium chips from days of old. One being the ultra rare still in sealed pack Xenium Gold that was their last Xbox design. Plated in 18K
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    This might interest those that want to turn their retail/debug Xbox into a fully-functioning development kit without having to spend $500+ on one. It works on any version 1.0 through 1.2 motherboard and can be great for troubleshooting crashes of all kinds without requiring the use of XDK software. I'm selling pre-made units for $30 plus shipping and would also like to get a feel for how many might want one in Europe so I can bulk-ship to a distributor to help save some on shipping costs as it's usually around $15 USD to ship from the US otherwise. Everything is fully open-source if you'd like to build/sell them yourself as well. Any questions, feel free to ask. https://github.com/XboxDev/serial-usb-adapter
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    Hi guys hope it helps those who have a broken/missing usb ports on the x3cp v1.0 needed a few minor dimensional changes to fit snugly in the stock x3cp usb board slide slots i had to shave off 1-2mm from the sides of the pcb for it to seat properly and not damage the housing. these files are v1.1 and the required changes have been made i recommend 1.00mm-1.6mm board thickness any questions feel free to ask https://mega.nz/#!LkNAFYSJ!SDPPguhC64fcmEvT2RkIuT_xdSYkedqKGIfJJlUAJQA
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    With the overclocking tool, I managed to get 280mhz on the gpu and 158.3mhz fsb which is 1660mhz on the cpu (I did both overclocks at the same time). I couldn't push any higher on the cpu and I know the gpu at 290, the xbox freezes up on boot. My xbox is a v1.1 with the x3cp mod with the 1.4ghz cpu replacement and the 128mb ram upgrade. So far the only thing I tested was Goldeneye on N64 emulator and the game so far at the start, there is almost no performance hit with 720p with the overclocks. I'll test some more stuff if anybody wants to know the performance of any other emulators or whatever. Maybe I'll test my other 1.4ghz xbox which is a v1.4 with that different gpu and see what I'd get.
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    Nice, I think I might try this now Edit: GPU up to 300Mhz for me, FSB clock is stock. Freeze on boot anything higher for me
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    XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 does exactly what you want. No original game disk is required. Boot the console after building the drive with it on a PC and the softmod installer starts up to finish the installation. There will be no MS dashboard installed to the C drive when completed. If you need/want to run the MS dashboard, you will have to install it by either FTPing the files for it to the C drive (Clean_C_and_E_Files_for_Xbox.7z) or download the Xbox Softmodding Tools Extras Disc and boot it. Find the menu option to install the MS dashboard to the HDD. Note: XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 requires the HDD to be connected to the PC with a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. Place the eeprom.bin backup file in the root folder where you extract XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 to lock the HDD before exiting the app. A softmodded console requires the HDD to be locked.
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    https://etsy.com/au/listing/682458413 You're right, that's where it gets tricky
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    Thanks for all the help guys. resoldering the 9 and 15 again fixed ther issue All good and chip up and running
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    This HDMI mod replaces the AV port completely and offers an HDMI port instead for convenience. The Installed HDMI mod does look like this: The HDMI mod does offer 5.1 sound through the HDMI port. If you don't need 5.1 (or your TV might not support it) you can simply disable 5.1 audio and get digital stereo audio instead. For those who want to add an optical output to there Xbox the HDMI mod does offer 3 solder points to add a TOTX178 optical transmitter. To get the HDMI mod installed you first need to get the AV-port removed. To get it removed you could either use a hot-air station or a heat-gun to remove it at once. But that would put a lot of thermal stress on the board! The better and recommended alternative is to disassemble the Port and remove it one part at a time. First desolder the Metal Tab holding it in place by heating them and prying the metal tab up to pull it out. When the metal tab is removed take a sidecutter and clip off all the pins from the video port as they are what keeps the Port in place. When they are clipped off you can take the port cover off by simply pulling it upwards. Next step is to remove the remaining plastic piece and desolder the rest of the pins and clean up the area a little. Position the first Adapter exactly as show in the photo. The red arrow marks the PTH that has to be alligned centered. Once Positioned solder all the marked points down and make sure they are properly connected before continuing with the second adapter! Next up is the second adapter. Just position it above the first adapter using the 2 big holes to allign them and solder down the marked points. Again check continuity before continuing with the next PCB! Last PCB is the HDMI mod itself. You need to position it slightly off centered on the second PCB. The HDMI ports pins will be position it correctly. Just solder down the points that are marked with the red arrows and the install is almos done! Last up is setting the Video mode. You need to add 2 small bridges on the bottom side of the PCB. Just solder in the 2 bridges and the video mode is set correctly! If you want to use the optical out you can easily add a toslink port to the HDMI mod by simply soldering a Transmitter to the 3 marked pins.
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    Thanks for the diagram. That would work nicely. I have the advantage of being able to completely disable the USB interface on the Arduino when a wireless controller is disconnected. The firmware already does this. (Triggers the 'please reconnect controller' menu if you turn the wireless controller off) So I believe a relay isnt required. Just tap into the usb bus data lines and ensure the wireless controller is turned off before plugging in an original controller. Ive done some basic testing with success.
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    hey folks, don't you forget about the games patched for 720p?
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    It doesnt render the port useless if you put a 5v relay on it. I build all of my boxes with built in dvd dongle pcb's on port 4 with a relay. It switches the data line away from the DVD pcb to the port only when you plug something into it and complete the ground circuit. The method works great, ask @TEK Nemesis, he's recently mastered this technique. This relay would easily work on a built in wireless controller receiver or even building the OGX360 board into the box, on all 4 channels. 4 individual relays would maintaining function of the 4 ports on the face of the box. PM me for the info, I dont wanna clutter Ryzee's thread with my Xerc install diagram but i would be happy to share and answer questions on relayed port switching
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    not my video just wanted to share he speaks spanish so any translation !! https://www.briconsola.com/potenciar-consolas/x-box/
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    Do you have any instructional material for this mod? I'm interested in attempting it. Thank you. (Maybe create a new thread about it so that this one stays cleaner for Ryzee119's topic.)
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    Hahaha dont go through my code too closely it started off reasonably neat but got out of hand with the controller additions. Lots of state machines and all non blocking code to keep input lag as low as possible
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    Just ordered mine, super stoked:) I already talked this up in a video last month and now I'm planning on doing a video of the mod. Here's the last video if anyone feels like having a look... Thanks Ryzee119!
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    Opened up for preorders so I can ensure I order enough for everyone and no one misses out! Probably the last one I'm going to do for a while. Open for 2 weeks if anyone is interested https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/682458413 These are all 4 player setups
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    I'm starting a slim xbox project in my spare time. Updates may be infrequent. The idea is hopefully to keep the entire box under 50mm thickness. I want to try and cram in a 2TB 2.5" HDD with SATA adaptor, a picoPSU, and Ryzee's wireless 360 controller board. The motherboard is a 1.0 that I've TSOP flashed and upgraded with 128MB RAM. It's going to be a very tight squeeze for sure. I've modeled a case for it that needs to be 3D printed--though the expense from Shapeways is a bit much for me right now, and it's too big for the local printers! The edge of the case will be sanded and wrapped with a brushed metallic vinyl. The top acrylic will be attached using press-in brass inserts and machine screws. The bottom of the case will be a frosted LED diffusing acrylic. Hopefully, I will have room to put some LEDs underneath for a nice soft glow. Today I started by attaching the cooling solution. I'm using a Dynatron A48G that I've drilled and tapped so I can attach it from the bottom. Two nylon washers were used to ensure proper mounting pressure without bending the motherboard PCB. I was planning on using a 120mm slim fan (only 15mm thick!) as my active cooling, but if I'm low on space and can't fit something I may have to use a 92mm instead. Right now with the 120mm fan it runs at 46c CPU, 40c M/B which is sufficient.
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    Alright guys, this might be the biggest noob update ever, and I am pretty ashamed to post this but - I think we solved the problem. After taking the board out to check for trace rot (thanks ShinGoutetsu) I noticed this chilling near some mosfets in the back near the AV out / back fan https://imgur.com/q6WJnlL This 'bullet' some might recognize is from one of those cheap solder suckers you get on Amazon. They work okay, every now and then you gotta declog the plastic tip of built up solder, and this is the form it takes... yeah... Needless to say I've been plugged back in and booted for close to 30mins or so, with no signs of artifacting... back fan seems to be emitting warmish air, so once I 'finally' get this thing truly softmodded I will see the temp readings (how accurate are those btw?) Thanks again guys, and maybe this will help someone down the road, or at least have ppl be more cautious on their workbench. Cheers
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    I want one pls!! With support for 4 controllers.
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    Hello, I have been playing OG Xbox since it was new, I recently sold my Xbox 1S as the newer games are too realistic and give me massive anxiety attacks, so I dug my old OG Xbox out of storage and dusted it off. I forgot how much I love the "Duke" controller it is one of the most comfortable controllers I have ever used. some of the Xbox games don't respond well to it, so I have two of the more modern smaller controllers for games like Rainbow Six, or Halo. Lately I have been playing Morrowind and Ninja Gaiden Black. my collection of Xbox games is only 34 right now, but I have a list of about a dozen more to reach what I had when I was a kid. Call me a collector I guess. Anyways, Hellllo, looking forward to being a member here.
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    I used the ISO method for the few games that dont work form HDD (there are a few) and also for games that had THOUSANDS of small files. The small files dont play well with a 2tb drive due to cluster size. The 3tb had 64k cluster size and any file smaller than that will always take 64k on the drive. This means that these games will take more space than expected on the hard drive. I believe this is the only way i got as many games as i did onto the xbox. I have probably approx 100 games as ISO. If you are using a 2tb hard drive then you will need to use XB Partitioner to make sure that your F & G partitions are both 927Gb. Take a look at this thread it should give you what you need to get the job done.
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    @Ewok0815 That's quite simple you have to choose 1512Mhz. The DreamX while called DreamX-1480 in reality has a clock speed of 1512mhz! The DreamX option in the patcher probably has the wrong clock frequency set for it. @wikati His console does report 1512Mhz in system info. Depending on tolerances it does sometimes show up as 1508-1516Mhz and the shown value does sometimes change a little on every restart. You can see the same behaviour on a stock xbox too.
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    nice, no voltage regulator changes.
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    here's the link for the 3d model in Tinkercad u can personalize it yourself quite easily thru your browser enjoy https://www.tinkercad.com/things/kJb02GCUetG
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    Thanks for the design @bluemeanie23
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    Oh yeah the default is blue not green. How about True MsDash 2 Green by Peter PL vs Athloni Green MSDash Both of these are in my Top 10 UnleashX Skins pack available here in the ogXbox downloads section
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    This is a all in one picture pack i made there is some extras but there is alot of consoles and controllers and lots of other pictures so enjoy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dXnh3BJf54a3AfQYTHE1BrA4LO0uKpel
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    yea sweet man i will add them in a bit
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    Or forego the option of using the new USB port with a relay and just add a switch (one side for front controller ports and the other for powering up the OGX360, which then disables the four controller ports).
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    Yes, you will also need a .cfg file telling the xbox where to find xbmc4gamers
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    Repaired the continuity From the R3G4 to the PIC16LC. Sorry for the late answer.
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    I just beat Blood wake and Dead man's hand. Both were really fun. I am now playing Brute Force.
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    Softmodded systems require leaving the main controller board of the DVD drive connected to the IDE bus and the Xbox's DVD power/control signal cable. They are still booting the stock BIOS that checks for the DVD drive during the bootup procedure. The softmod is enabled after the normal boot procedure completes and the MS dashboard starts. Somewhere in there. But, its after all the hardware checks have been completed. If no DVD drive is connected on a softmodded system, you will see an error screen - one indicating a DVD error - 10, 11 or 12 not exactly which. Hardmodded consoles, either TSOP mod/reflash or a modchip installed, when booting a BIOS with the DVD check disabled do not require the DVD drive's PCB to be connected to the console. The entire drive can be removed.
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    Thanks! I consider this a proof of concept really, but I am still working with a few experienced steel battalion players to get it as best as possible with the x360 controller+chat pad to make it a decent alternative. Already made alot of changes that I will push to github shortly. 90% of the ground work is done so shouldnt be much of a stretch to support any USB Hotus controller although they may have to be considered on a case by case basis. A few possibilities for sure
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    I couldn't overcome the double screen on Gta Vc, for anyone interested whats happening is the game is running at 720x720 not 1280x720 so you get the double screen, I found it in 3 but not vc. Gta sa would black screen no matter what and its outside my basic understanding of hexing an xbe. Im just about to start work so I'll get back to testing the stuff you want to know when I get home.Also for the cooling, I have whatever heatsink N64 Freak chucked on the cpu but I'm certain he kept the gpu cooler stock.
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    have you played around with this: https://github.com/WulfyStylez/XBOverclock
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    i attached xbepatcher to this post, use that.... use it on every xbe you plan to play on that box. what i would do is open your ftp program and open the coinops folder, sort by file type and select ALL OF THE XBE files in the coinops folder. drag them to a folder on your pc (make 2 folders to easily back them up, i literally name one "coinops xbe patched" "coinops xbe stock") run the xbe patcher and select "dir" as the first option, you want to select the folder labeled patched (obviously), set the patcher to 128mb ram and whichever cpu you have. drag the patched xbe's to the coinops folder on ftp and overwrite all, that will solve your problem. XBEPatcher.exe
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    Yes, Googlei is your friend. It's on Rocky5s GitHub. It's come a long way since you were looking at it I think. Download the prebuilt. Do not build yourself. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md Here's some instructions. (This is also valid for xbmc-emustation) So to set it all up FTP the pre built xbmc4gamers folder to the root of E. Don't build it yourself, that's only really for expert users that want to change source and recompile. Have all your xbox games in F/Games and/or G/Games. That's where the artwork install script looks for games. Press the black button and go to settings and downloader, you might need to update the downloader under the update tab. Run the cache formatter from the downloader first (good practice). Download the artwork installer. You'll need 500mb free on E for it to download and extract. Go to skin settings and run the artwork installer script. Let it overwrite existing artwork when asked. The first time the dash boots it could take about 5 minutes or more to scan your games in, this only happens the first time. It's not frozen so just leave it. If you want to make it your default dash (Hard mod/TSOP): Use John Conns dashloader. Take this default.xbe and name it evoxdash.xbe and replace your existing evoxdash.xbe on the root of C. I suggest naming your existing to something else to back it up just in case and then delete after you get xbmc4gamers to boot. https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/raw/master/C Partition/nkpatcher/dashloader/default.xbe Bear in mind that any game with the same default.xbe will get the same artwork. So go through your games and make sure they are all good. This happens with some games that are usually special editions and people just dump a load of games from a big download on. Need for speed underground and underground black edition, midnight club dub edition and dub edition remix are two examples. These are the same game so you would not need both anyway but they would take the same art. You can manually fix any of these by navigating to xbmc4gamers/system/ scripts/Xbox artwork installer via file explorer on the left side and on the right side of file explorer navigate to the game with incorrect artwork and copy the right one over. All artwork is downloaded to that path. Also check out the artwork link on the he GitHub. It has emulator artwork and some special edition Xbox game covers. Steel books etc. Jade empire alt cover is nice.
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    Yea no problem took me a while to put together
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    1.0-1.5 installation guide 1.6/1.6b installation guide. If your Xbox is a 1.0-1.5, remember to first remove the clock capacitor before it destroys the motherboard.

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