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    It seems recently that the LCD screen mod has gained some renewed interest. The x3 (John7272 posted the pinout for connecting an x3 to the crystalfontz LCD) and xenium ones (with Ryzee119's spi2par2019 board) specifically. The xenium is all good, I already use/build and sell the Spi2Par2019 boards on my site (https://www.chimericsystems.com) but I wasnt willing to solder onto my x3 chip to add the LCD. The problems was that no one had any idea what connector the x3 used, so I set out to find it. Well, after months of ordering all the connectors that looked right (and being wrong lol) I have finally found it: The connector is a standard JST connector (SHDR-20V-S-B, which you can get from digikey for likw 20 cents https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=shdr-20v-s-b) and the pre crimped wires you can get from digikey for 54 cents each (https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/jst-sales-america-inc/ASSHSSH28K305/455-3077-ND/6009453) I have 25 of them I will have for sale on my site (https://www.chimericsystems.com) in the next few days for $6 plus shipping.
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    hey guys i got something you guys will like im uploading my og xbox archive to xbox-hq so if you guys want to see some cool and rare files come and check it out make an account and come check out what i got https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/forum87.html
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    So a member of the group was asking for a Dport to dport wire he was asking other members if they had one available because he had one of those LCD screens that go on top of the Xbox and use a proprietary wire that connects from the Xbox to the intec inc screen.. I told him it was easy enough to make that it was just a few wires he could not be bothered. This got me thinking maybe I should make an easy-to-follow schematic for this. I did not do any YouTube searches or Google searches. I clearly went off my HDMI schematic and figured out the rest for myself. There was an image going around that shows the dport but it is backwards it shows the front view so in this image you will see that it's been deciphered so it's easier to follow well soldering. I did make one of these wires and had great success I used all brand new hardware that I purchased a little while ago. It is working great very basic wiring. I'm pretty sure this LCD does not provide video over 480i I think that's pretty much the max resolution I could be wrong on that this wire is designed to Output in 480i or your typical composite video signal. This pinout / schematic can potentially save a lot of money. I have not seen one of those wires alone on eBay it always comes with the screen so if somebody is looking for that wire it could be very costly pretty much what they want to pay for it. Not only that the same schematic can apply to somebody who has an RCA entertainment series Xbox Ready TV which has the proprietary dport input. In order to make this wire you can follow the diagrams exactly. Just make sure you add a few extra feet to the length in between. I know I bought one off Amazon and I think it cost me around 35 with shipping. This wire can be easily made from 2 $5 RCA wires. The schematic itself was made and designed by me maybe that's why it does not look the absolute greatest. I'm more of a Hands-On guy than the computer guy so I apologize but it looks pretty self-explanatory easy-to-follow what you do on one end you want to do on the other end. You should be fine the only concern is the jump wire pin 8 to pin 20... I have found if you only do one of the Xbox connections with this jump that connection has to be the one that's plugged into the Xbox itself. If you hook it up the other way around it will not display. So you can either remember to always plug that one in your Xbox or just make sure you jump both sides on both connectors. In order to not have to worry about that. In any event I hope somebody somewhere can benefit from this schematic took me a couple hours to wire up in a couple hours to make the schematic itself. But if it helps at least one person in the community save money than it was totally worth it 4 wire I just used regular RCA's. I'm guessing if you wanted the best kind of quality on this you can always use Xbox 360 shielded component cable wire since that is a high build grade for sure..for 5.1 audio out just tap into pin #3 ...thank you very much Frank
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    The XBMC4Gamers artwork is coming soon, I collaborated with the guy who's making it to make mine. He's got a couple more things to go, like a Disc Art and maybe a Fan Art still. He's waiting to release it for MVG's approval. MVG is the one who provided the original high def cover scan that we used for this. There aren't any good scans online. I will update this feed if i hear anything.
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    We did it. The problem was our hardware, after looking at the datasheet of the ATmega 328P we noticed that the HIGH voltage for the I2C is Vcc*0.7 and the Arduino was powered with 5V over USB. After that we tried an ESP8266, which also was a fail since it doesn't have hardware I2C and the software implementation is too slow. Hence we bought an ESP32 devkit and we finally got it working! We are now able to change between LED modes solid and cycle and we can control the colors for solid. Next step would be designing a new PCB to replace the front panel completely and to easier integrate the ESP. Last thing would be adding a separate web interface so it can be controlled via smartphone.
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    Heya! The download for mimesis has been removed from the site itself and is now on xbins instead: https://www.xbins.org/nfo.php?file=xboxnfo2380.nfo
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    I bought one of these from @Kekule and it's one of my favorite xbox accessories. Anyone who is on the fence about it should definitely get one!
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    Awesome! Im already getting everything lined up to get this batch out as soon as possible! I make enough to cover expenses and a little bit for the time and to help fund future projects! Not retiring from my day job anytime soon
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    Yes it is, and like I said before it was hard because the OG Xbox plug/case doesn't let you work because of how close it is to your iron and cables. But i did it! I checked each and every cable before finishing, found 2 that were making contact (that is 4) fixed that then 2 more that came loose (weak soldering job), fix it. Then check again with my multimeter and everything was perfect. So at the end after checking and rechecking (not on the Xbox, why take the excitement away) I added a little of hot glue on each side to make it all a bit more resistant. Rebuild the metal case/plug was also very hard, because the xbox original composite metal case where the pins go, is very sturdy! To summarize I finished at 1AM. But then I plugged in, and it worked!! Hahahha I was so happy. It looks amazing on my CRT Cheers Dave.
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    Yea I can boot from disc still, I’ll try slayers disc and I didn’t think to install in the same drive as Xbmc. I’ll do that and report back shortly! I’ve been using FileZilla but I’ll switch, also how would I go about hopping between dashboards? You said you have a specific dash just used for ftp, how does that work? Thanks!
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    Just picked up the above this morning, 10 xbox's. And yes that top one still has the original MS polythene on it so im gonna say thats brand new and unused!!! Gonna go through them all and clean them up before getting them modded and re-sold. Will open each one up and read the eeprom and null the key as I have a bunch of hdds (ripped from Sky boxes) with nulled keys and Rockys softmod installer on them ready to go. It looks as though none of them have ever been hardmodded as all but one have never been opened, I may come across some existing softmods tho i guess. I have a good supplier for power cables, but will need to source some AV/Component cables along with some 80 wire ide cables. I already have a few sata2ide adapters sitting here but will probably need a couple more. If anyone has any links to 80 wire ide cables that are long enough to do the job (i had some before that barely reached) then please let me know and also a good supplier of reliable av/component cables too
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    If no one had seen this yet, just yesterday Modern Vintage Gamer released a game called FreeFall 3050AD for the OG Xbox, which he helped finishing after 15 years being lost! The links to the game are in the Youtube video below! This is really wonderful
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    I spent months collecting video's for every game. I dont have it all extracted and packaged yet. You can dig through the files of some games and get lucky. Freefall is one of them. COPY F:\Games\Freefall\media\presdata\Intro.xmv --TO-- F:\Games\Freefall\ And then rename it to Preview.xmv. After that you should have an icon and preview video on unleashx I would definitely be happy to share some files with you but we would have to connect on facebook. i dont want to blow a forum up. Until i get it all extracted and packaged up, its not something i want to publicly release. There are some main pieces of it i can give you to get you started though.
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    Converting an XBOX 360 Component Cable to work with an Original XBOX is a pretty good project depending on your soldering skills. If you go that route I have some tips since I have done about a dozen of these with working optical ports and SD<-->HD Switch. Unlike some of the videos; I recommend unsoldering the wires from the 360 connector instead of cutting them to keep the length long enough so you can reuse the 360 housing (with a bit of filing).
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    Sounds strange but as a ver 1.6 wont boot with out a Clock cap have you checked to see if there is voltage at the cap.? There are plenty of MOD chips cheap on flebay that will work, you will need to do a LCP conector rebuild which I dont think sould not be an issue for you.
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    I don’t have my Xbox handy right now but I definitely remember Furious Karting not being extracted and having to transfer it across as an iso file. I’m away from my house right now for another week but when I get home I will get the xbox out again and try to knock up a list of all the games I transferred as iso. @Uraeus @Methanoid
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    Managed to pull 845mhz on my stock xbox, and 280mhz on the GPU, btw im running a 1.6b.
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    Hello all !!! This is a new version of my resources pack for XBMC4Gamers (https://mega.nz/#F!5wUBQZSa!44MF7TL02pTjOsHEdTCrtg 12Gb on Mega). It was based on Wikipedia for list of XBox titles, completed with Modded / Unreleased / Ripped games (1106 games !!!) It's easy-to-use : download "Resources4XBMC v1.0", extract it and view the full list of HDD ready files then transfer as needed ! This pack contains few covers, banners, icons, cd, fanarts, previews and synopsis (thanks Cian Cunningham for his work) . I think it the most complete pack you can find and it works with all XBMC 3.5.3 or above once Rocky5's custom version (XBMC4Gamers and XBMC4Kids). What's new in this version : - Added more covers, fanarts, previews... - Better quality for covers, fanarts and preview ; - Add synopsis by Cian Cunninghan ; - Separates folders for modded, ripped, retail and unreleased games ; - And many some little things :) Many thanks to Rocky5 for his programs and Cian Cunningham for his work. Any issues anyone finds I can fix and update accordingly when I have time. I hope this enhances your XBMC4Gamers setup.
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    Hello I know some of this stuff may already out and about but hey you never know. Some interesting things I have: gene_db_init.sql (Genealogy Database Init File which includes an online key for dev kits) webdb_partner_config.sql webdb_populate.sql npdb_config_environment.sql npdb_stringsvr_populate.sql public/private keys for all sorts of domains. (ActiveAuth, int-net, int-rps) xbcert, xpatch and xcontent (All with debug symbols) Some UODB stuff Other less interesting stuff: XDK Tools Installer (5849 and 5933) XDK Recovery ISO (5849) XDK Remote Recovery (5849 and 5933) KDCCore Source Code Kernel Source Code Debug symbols for XDK Recovery xbdm.dll/xboxkrnl.exe (5455, 4039 and 3944) If any of these interest you let me know
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    Totally agree to that. I got added to the order on E*T*S*Y just 2 days ago and looking forward for beeing cordless on an 16 years old XBOX OG. Just some offtopic, the OG Xbox was only used during my study between 2006 and 2012, we had a lot of fun, especially with Mario Kart 64 and Fifa07. My roommates loved this box. In 2006 I softmodded with ltools procedure and placed a 200GB IDE HDD locked to it. Since I got more and more *.mkv files even XBMC was not used anymore by me or my wife. My twins are currently getting older and I bought an Xbox360 RGH with 2TB, of course only for Backups But I realized early, for some stuff (a lot actually) my OG XBox is better, so I decided to do some rework. The box is now completely reworked: TSOP with IND 5004.76 2TB SATA incl. SATA Adapter and better IDE cable Flashed and Modified LG8163b DVD (AllesFresser) Removed Capacitor Placed a quiet 70mm fan (80mm seems also to work but the thermal tunnel is broken, so temp is getting higher than before) New Themal Paste Ghostware Collections (SNES / N64/ SegaGenesisiMegaDrive) XBox HDD Ready Collection OpCoins Premium Elite In Progress: Xbox360 Controller for OGBox Todo: 128MB RAM Upgrade 720p xbe adjustement for "tested" games Truely, I think I spend many many hours to get back into especially to have lovely hours playing with my kids, but from an financial perspective it was non-sense (but fun) BR Mopped
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    Hi Hector, Rumble does work on the 8bitdo perfectly! It supports variable strength and also each motor is controlled individually, so as close as it's gonna get. Input lag is minimal. It is polled every 4ms (same rate as the Original Xbox controller). Reports from users who have used to 8bitdo adaptor say that they don't notice any input lag. I made a video demonstrating the input lag (This is for wireless xbox 360 controllers, but there would be minimal difference to an 8bitdo adaptor). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Pnba7Y12Y
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    Have a look at component R7C8 to the left of the missing resistor it the same size not the same value.
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    just so you are aware that soldering a 1mm X .5mm component is not easy for learners. It may be easyer to get a resistor that's got leads and use that. I can post some pics on that later.
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    That will work. Shops around here won't sell 1 the smallest pack is 8 and sells for whopping 0.55c You only need the small wattage 1/8 watt or less type but what ever you can get will work. What country are you in? SS Dave
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    Yes you can use any 10k ohm resistor I would get the smallest size and lowest tolerance 1% or less.
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    yes it is i used to help this team alot with making that xbox live project come to life
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    Hi Hector So you want some thing like this. As I don't use it I may be persuaded to sell it. I have no idea what it's worth. Whats the ZIP code of where you live and I will lookup post then we can talk money. Unless you want to wait a bit longer as I am working on a plug in Ryzee119's OG360 interface to work with a Xbox 360 wireless controler. Cheers Dave
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    wanted to make an invite to discord chat, but I see you are already there, in the Xbox Live Revival channel.
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    Yes it has 3/4 size Pool table, Pinball machine ,Xbox on small tv in the corner and a poker machine that needs a lot of work to get going that will be a one day job. and toasty warm with a wood fire. Today it's what locals call cold currently 9 degrees celsius with tonight set for -3 degrees. Cheers Dave
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    AFAIK, the dead zone is automagically adjusted by a particular game if it supports doing so. You can't save it. It's to be done each time a different app is executed.
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    Hi, A little bit about me, I'm what id describe as a mid 40s tinkerer, I like to understand and fix broken things, I've had an infinity with the xbox for many years, was a mod/ product tester on xecuter forums for many years, until my twins were born and my priorities changed. I have slowly gotten back into retro consoles and computers again and have gotten stuck on a 1.6 board that seems completely dead. I'm hoping with your advice i can get it going again. I struggle with my dyslexia, so please don't be the grammar or word police Thanks Ted
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    That is a bit strange between the two differant games I just had a quick try on Splinter Cell and I found the controler slow to respond. I also tried with Splinter Cell - Double Agent and I had to remove the extention lead from the controler and use a differant controller to unlock the handcuffs at the beginning. They are both OEM contrers the had to use the S type to unlock it as it keeped saying plug in controler and press start with the full size one. I also tried Metal Gear Solid 2: -Substance with both controlers with the extension lead inline with no probs. I suspect it's a timing problem. I also have played plenty of MAME games with the same controler config without any problems. It should not make any differance this box Ver 1.6 X3 with LCD and 2tb hard disk proberly 85% full using Component video and coax audio out . If i get a chance I will try on a ver1.0 box with a smaller IDE drive. SS Dave
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    Thank you my friend and i wish you good luck too!!!
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    i hear you but my offer still is up in case you don't find a 220 psu. i would part with my psu but it won't be of any help since it's not suitable for a v1.6. on the other hand who said that you need to send your board and psu the day i send mine? buying one on AE or ebay and shipping it to you will take as long as sending my stuff to you. up to you it's a 1.1 tsopped board with 220v psu
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    Thank you Kaos! Still waiting for my Xbox controller, until then I cannot do nothing on my Xbox, but I am preparing! Cheers.
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    Love the old veroboard modding. This is awesome and definitely a very unique xbox now! great job.
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    That maybe the case but he needs to repair the damage to the PCB 1st. Lets get it working then look at modding it.
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    I hope my pictures work. It's nothing special, just a slim with a couple personal touches. (btw re-organizing my room)
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    Good idea. If bandwidth isn't an issue, you should consider just downloading HDD ready copies of your games and using FTP to upload. Saving the DVD drive. Once you've modded of course. Archive.org is your friend!
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    Awesome you're da man! Just preordered one. But do you make any profit out of this? I'd gladly donate a little more.
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    just so you know the connector on the xlcd itself has the row switched.... what I showed is the x3 chip side, for the lcd the top and bottom rows are swapped, so pin 2 would be VSS and pin pin would be Vdd for example
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    Yeah, but the LCD mod for the Aladdin only reads data from existing devices. My goal is to register a new slave on the SMBus so we can send data to it. Which in theory should work, but in reality it doesn't, at least not like we expected. We ordered a proper logic analyzer now and we'll debug again this weekend, maybe we can find out more. I guess the problem is that the hardware address we set on our Arduino is wrong and that the real address is shifted further than one bit like the xboxdev wiki says.
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    My start at Collecting the info on LCD installation utilizing different modchips and other means. These take me hours to create so I hope they help a few people.
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    I cleaned the board up, and found two other via's on the bottom side of the board, I soldered them in, and still the same. To be honest I don't have the best of luck with the adapters, I my last board (1.6) and used a pound cable I bought some months ago. Everything is working now, maybe I will me making some adapters like the pound, with the WII2HDMI. thanks @TEK Nemesis
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    To me, it looks like there is solder splatter all over the Xbox board. Some of the insulation on those wires look all melted. I would recommend desoldering the Xbox side, clean it up. Inspect the board. Trim the wires and strip the required insulation. Re-solder.
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    its a 1.2-1.3 from the conexant encoder and the atx style power connector. you can always try and tweak the pot on the dvd drive and see if that fixes it (at least until the extra voltage kills the diode)
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    I got 3.3v from a bench supply but you can get it from the xbox if needed. Up to the hobbyist. 28awg wire will do. What is a CPLD? Did you try google? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complex_programmable_logic_device See this too. It tells you the required operating system, supported cables etc. http://urjtag.org/book/index.html
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    XLink Kai: XLink Kai is a system link tunneling application for consoles that can trick a Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP or Gamecube into thinking it's connected to a local area network, when actually it is connected to an international orbital server. Any System Link enabled game can then be played in this state with users all around the world. In other words, it is a global LAN network. There are 2 servers currently operating, located in Chicago & Ottawa. You can download the program from https://www.teamxlink.co.uk. Setting up your console: The best method of connecting your console to XLink is hardwiring both to your router via an ethernet cable. Another popular method is connecting your Xbox to your PC with a crossover cable, & having your PC contact your router wirelessly. View the XLink quick start guide for a full list of ways to connect your console & PC together, complete with diagrams. Using XLink Kai: Firstly, you need a Xtag, it's pretty much XLink's version of a Xbox Live "Gamertag", you can make one on the XLink Kai website. Using XLink is easy enough, there are rooms called "game arenas" for every System Link compatible game, every player in the same arena will be connected to each other & can play with each other. Simply host & join system link matches as normal when you're inside them, & you should be able to get a game started. XLink also has a private arena feature, which lets a set arena admin control who they want in the game, & can also help with bypassing orbital de-sync glitches. You can create your very own private arena by clicking the pencil icon in the Web UI. XLink also has something called "Status". This is useless now unless you want to tell other people whether your hosting a match, dedicating one, or just joining one. If you have the game "Halo 2" on Xbox, then I strongly recommend you test your XLink set up by going into the "Latin America" arena & checking if you can see & join any matches. Port Forwarding: Before you use XLink however, YOU MUST PORT FORWARD. Even if the program doesn't crash on you when you try to start it, it will be unstable as hell if you don't. There are 2 ways to port forward for XLink. The first & most easiest is called UPNP port forwarding, automatic port forwarding or dynamic port forwarding. Simply enable UPNP on your router configuration page (if it supports it), then go into the XLink Configuration menu & switch port 30000 to 0. If everything goes right, XLink should start up & in the metrics section, under port, it should have a number that is not 30000 or 0. The Newer versions of XLink have this enabled by default. If UPNP doesn't work for you, then you'll have to port forward manually. You have to set up a static IP address first http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19249/. Next, go to your router configuration page & go to a section known as "Port Forwarding" or "Virtual Server", you can usually find it in Advanced settings. Port Forwarding is different for every router, you can find out how to port forward for yours here http://portforward.com/. There is even a step by step port forwarding guide for XLink on that site. Port Forward "30000" on "UDP" protocol. Changing Your Orbital Server: The latest version of XLink Kai (7.4.29) has a built in orb changer from the system tray, the following is for people running legacy versions or who would like to change their orbital servers manually Sometimes, the orbital servers are out of sync with each other, so you will not be able to connect to players on the orbital that the orbital you're on is out of sync to. You can fix this by switching to a different orbital server. First, close XLink Kai completely, not just the Web UI. Then, go to "Run" for Windows or "Terminal" for Mac & Linux & insert one of these commands (assuming you are on Windows 32 bit): "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" --orb ADVANCED_LA "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" --orb ADVANCED_QUEBEC "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" --orb ADVANCED_SIXTHGENGAMING ADVANCED_LA ADVANCED_QUEBEC ADVACED_SIXTHGENGAMING Make sure you copy the whole line, not just what's in the quotation marks. If you have XLink Kai installed somewhere else, then just change the path accordingly, Windows 64 bit users will have the default installation location as: "C:\Program Files (x86)\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe", not "C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe". Mac users will have XLink installed at "/Applications/kaiengine.app/Contents/MacOS/kaiengine" by default on older versions of XLink & /Applications/XLink\ Kai.app/Contents/MacOS/kaiengine from version 7.4.28 upwards. Brief Firewall Info: Certain software firewalls will block XLink Kai from running properly, these include Avast! & Zone Alarm. You can get around this by setting XLink as an exception in your software firewall's configuration menu, or disabling them while you're playing. Compatibility: The latest version of XLink fixes compatibility issues. The following only applies to version 7.4.26 & older. If you are using Windows 7, right click on Start Kai, go to properties, & make sure under compatibility, it says Windows XP Service Pack 2 (although SP3 also works for some people), for Windows 8, it must be SP3. You have to also run the program in administrator mode. Troubleshooting: First of all, make sure your console & computer are connected to each other correctly. Hardwiring both to your router is recommended. Note that most issues can often be fixed by simply cycling orbitals, restarting XLink, restarting your router & as a last resort restarting your computer. If your issue still isn't resolved after that, try the suggestions in this section of the guide Try get as many people on the same orbital as possible while playing to minimize orbital de-sync issues. : 7.4.26 & older: (If you are using Windows 7/8, make sure you have set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 for 7 & SP3 for 8, & are also running XLink in administrator mode.) If everything is good with compatibility, check your port forwarding & firewalls. If everything looks okay, I recommend just doing a clean reinstall of Kai https://teamxlink.co.uk/forum/viewto...77884db6ed8a97. If the problem still occurs, it will probably be something to do with the packet capture component, switch between pdssk & winpcap in the XLink configuration menu to see if it helps. : This will usually happen if you have not port forwarded properly. It could also happen when you're using particular orbitals, in which case switching will help. If your internet "hiccups", then you will be dropped from Kai as well. : Make sure both your computer & Xbox is connected to your router via an ethernet cable (unless you are using a bridge set up with a promiscous mode network card). It could also be an issue with a firewall, or your port forwarding. Also make sure PAT is switched off in Kai's configuration menu. : Restart XLink. This is a glitch that seems to occur less in the newest version. You'll need to restart or else you won't be able to play with the person whose console you detected. : It's a firewall issue or your PC is on wireless. : The person who is not being detected by the other person leave & rejoin the room. If that doesn't work, switch orbitals. Private arenas can also help with this. : Port Forwarding or Firewall issue usually. It could also be an orbital de-sync. Both players try switching to the same orbital, if that doesn't work, restart your router & tell the player who's ping you can't see to restart his too. : Port Forwarding or Firewall issue. : This would be incredibly odd if you are using a wired connection from your Xbox to your router & your router to your PC. If you still can't see your Xbox, try entering your Xbox's MAC address into XLink's properties. Also, remember that you have to search for games to detect your console. If you're using another method, try restarting your router & if it still doesn't work, then switch into method the dual hardwire method of connection. : If everything from the above checks out, it's more than likely going to be something to do with the Mac address. On the 360 Dashboard navigate to - System Settings>Network Settings>Configure Network>Additional Settings Tab>Advanced Settings>Alternative MAC Address Use: 00125A as the first 6 digits & randomly fill in the last 6 unique digits in any combination of 0-9 or A-E with the second digit in each number pair being an even number, A,C,or, E. Example: Paired: 00 12 5A 34 78 12 As Entered On 360: 00125A347812 : Try a different orbital. What is XBSlink?: XBSlink is a program for playing system link/LAN enabled games online on various platforms, including Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 & PS3 (It can also theoretically be used for PC games). When it comes to Original Xbox online gaming, it’s a good alternative to XLink Kai as it’s completely P2P. The program is best on Windows. Mac OSX & Linux versions exist but they require you to use MonoDevelop (see below). For more info, visit XBSlink’s website http://www.seuffert.biz/xbslink/ Download Link: The latest version of XBSlink ( has a few issues establishing a connection between multiple users at a time. Version works perfectly however, & I’ve personally never had a single issue with it. I’ve uploaded it here http://theisozone.com/downloads/misc...-version-0953/ Console Set Up: The best method of connecting your console to XBSlink is hardwiring both to your router via an ethernet cable. Another popular method is connecting your Xbox to your PC with a ethernet cable capable of doing crossover, & having your PC contact your router wirelessly. Using XBSlink: There are 2 ways to use XBSlink, direct IP address connection & ‘clouds’. Either way you need to start your engine first. Go into settings & under the ‘network’ tab, select your capture device. This is the network adapter your Xbox is connected to & in most cases should be your local area network adapter. Next, under ‘Bind to IP’, select your computer’s internal IP address. Check ‘use UPnP NAT (automatic port forwarding)’ if your router supports it, otherwise, you’ll need to manually forward port 31415 on TCP & UDP protocols. You have to set up a static IP address first http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19249/. Next, go to the Clouds tab & change the Cloud list to ‘xbslink.baseq.fr', then hit Start Engine. Clouds: XBSlink clouds are the easiest way to play games online. Click ‘load’ (right of the cloud list url) to retrieve a list of active clouds, double click on them to join. If they require passwords, you can enter them at the bottom of the GUI. You also can create clouds this way, just enter the name of your cloud, as well as the maximum number for people you want to be able to join it & a password for it if you wish. You can also connect to other players directly via their IP address. Just enter their IP in the ‘Remote Host’ box & click ‘directly connect to remote host’. Once other users are connected to you, you should be able to see them under the ‘info’ tab. Search for system games on your console. If everything is working, you will be able to see your console’s MAC Address under ‘found devices’ at the bottom of the GUI. When other users do the same, their names will become highlighted green. Everyone you play with must have a green name AND VICE VERSA for you to be able to connect to them. Brief Firewall Info: Certain software firewalls will block XBSlink from running properly, these include Avast! & Zone Alarm. You can get around this by setting XBSlink as an exception in your software firewall's configuration menu, or disabling them while you're playing. XBSlink on OSX & Linux: XBSlink runs on Mac OSX & Linux too but you need to use MonoDevelop to use it. You can download XBSlink for your respective OS here: Now you can either install libpcap v1.1.1 http://www.tcpdump.org/ (if you don’t already have it) or edit SharpPcap.dll.config in your XBSlink directory, changing every instance of “libpcap.so.1.1.1” to your version of libpcap. You also need to download Mono Runtime & Mono Develop from here http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html Get the latest stable versions. To start XBSlink, you first have to open terminal & cd to the directory containing XBSlink, this is where xbslink.exe is located (type “cd [path]” e.g. “cd Users/[yourname]/Downloads/Release”). Next, type "sudo mono XBSlink.exe" into terminal & enter your admin password when it prompts you to. If everything went right, the GUI should start up & you should be able to start using XBSlink as normal now.
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