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    Hey everyone, this thread will be a list of the OXM Demos I've uploaded to my YouTube channel. I will also be eventually ripping the files from each demo disc and dumping them online for those who want them. OXM Demo Disc #01 Premiere Issue Video Dump OXM Demo Disc #02 January 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #03 February 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #04 March 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #05 April 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #06 May 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #07 June 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #08 July 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #09 August 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #10 September 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #11 October 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #12 November 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #13 December 2002 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #14 January 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #15 February 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #16 March 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #17 April 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #18 May 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #19 June 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #20 July 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #21 August 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #22 September 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #23 October 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #24 November 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #25 December 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #26 Holiday 2003 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #27 January 2004 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #28 February 2004 Video Dump: COMING SOON OXM Demo Disc #38 December 2004 Video: COMING SOON Dump (Courtesy of Tony Kuberka More to come soon!
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    Got a few up on etsy now https://www.etsy.com/au/Ryzee119/listing/672315615/ogx360-add-wireless-xbox-360-controller
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    Well here are my boards patiently waiting the delivery of the components. May well start the mock up process without them though since I can calculate the size with everything soldered on. Plus no worries for static on an empty board. They are white as the rest of my order is also white. It should look great in my clear Xbox
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    https://mega.nz/#!79lkRCDZ!WcDRWjnYFfR8U2j5I8tN8G3IIa-aKAbxvVsmtPItriw 3d printed case and lid for ryzee119's OGX360 print details layer height 1-2mm infil 20%-100% any where in between still prints fine but 100% is more sturdy 4-6 solid bottem layers 4-6 perimeter shells 4-6 solid top layers 215c extruder temp 65c bed temp #the Case does need to print with supports# A big shout out to ryzee119 for all his hard work
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    https://mega.nz/#F!S5kSESpA!gfsYmHBNwBoRtgdwxu4WeQ xerc2 gerbers
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    As always, the finished product goes first. The system is a XChip modded xbox running XBMC. Has 4,000 games backedup on it (Coinops-NES, Atari 2600, N64, PS1, Arcade games and everything inbetween. Including some PC game ports as well as backed up Xbox games with custom maps and features). But, there's a twist. It can use original, unmodified NES controllers. And full SNES controllers with a simple SNES>NES adapter (Fun fact, they have the same contacts, just different plugs). This is designed to be a very long lasting Xbox. It runs under 100 degrees Fahrenheit and everything is plug n play so if I need to change the motherboard or PSU out its as easy as Legos. And as always, the unit is designed to be used by strangers at large events when its not sitting in front of my own TV, so its built quite rugged. For the case I went to eBay and simply searched "aluminum enclosure" until I found something I liked. When it arrived, it looked something like below. Then I used a drill press to slowly and methodically drill out the holes I wanted, then I filed them down. Luckily I no longer have to do this method for my consoles as I found someone who can reliably mill my holes out for me. While this method worked, its missing that final 5% that really makes you go "wow". For the NES ports, I used a microcontroller to imitate the OG xbox controller and let me use unmodified NES controllers instead. To switch between the NES and Xbox controllers, you just have to push the button next to the controller port, its that simple. I have adapters to allow me to use SNES controllers as well. Luckily its just a physical difference for the plug, like having a USB-mini to USB micro adapter. While I like the duke controller, I can now use more simple controllers for games that dont required joysticks. While its tempting to have my new contact professionally remake a front bezel for me to really polish it off, I would rather that money go toward a new project.
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    Here's my tower of power My pure White #0108/1000 "Dreamcast" Here's my Hulk (came before the Dew's no matter what people say) Most of my controllers Orange Xbox Live Controller https://thepiratepimp.weebly.com https://www.instagram.com/thepiratepimp/ https://www.youtube.com/user/thePiratePimp
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    Hi, I have just finished transferring the complete (or as close as possible, all NTSC and most PAL games) Xbox game collection to my 2TB X3 Xbox. I say complete but i am missing the "Club Football" games as there is about 20 of them and they are petty much all identical..... I will pick one club and put both of their games on but i haven't decided yet. I have about 26Gb of space left on my G drive which i am planning to use to go through the few Jap exclusives and add any that are actually playable without knowing Japanese Its taken me the best part of a week to FTP it all across doing as much as possible each evening, had a few issues along the way, such as overheating a couple of times and even had a catastrophic hardware failure which resulted in me having to butcher another xbox for its motherboard to get my beloved x3cp xbox back up and running!! I managed to fit all these games in to 2TB by using a combination of extracted folder games and ISO's. I used ISO for those games that have 1000's of files as all those small files dont play well with a 64k cluster size. The ISO's do actually take less space on the hard drive!! Im running the excellent XBMC4Gamers as my dash (Thanks Rocky5) This is a fantastic dash and has provided everything from full artwork for EVERY game, to being able to patch a BFM bios to play the ISO file games. This has bought my xbox back from being unused and stuffed away in the loft to sitting under the TV in the front room where it deserves to be.
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    a few more unfinished projects are in the works with some well known scene devs who are also trying to help out the scene and give the best possible expierence this little box can offer
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    that is the best collection i have ever seen
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    Looks like Xored Trainer Launcher v2.1 by acidflash supports an LCD. From its configuration file there are lines to enable and set the type of LCD in use: # LCD Support "X3","SMARTXX","ALADIN4" are validLCD_Enable = "FALSE"LCD_TYPE = "X3" Maybe it's the trainer that shows the ammo, shield and health that @abazz009 mentioned before in Halo. Continues on into the Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 too.
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    If you're working on cooling, I have a recommendation for you. This is a tool that has helped me monitor my cooling so i can get it down to a science. I am sure you've probably seen this mod before, but if not, i can link the youtube video and send a couple pics of how i do thing differently so you dont have to get out the hot glue gun.
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    This is a simple case that I put together which I just got laser cut. 3mm acrylic sheets laser cut using cap head screws and hex standoffs. Ogx360 is supported with thick double sided foam adhesive tape. I probably won't sell them as the logistics are too hard for me at the moment, but I will upload the DWG files to my github soon for laser cutting from your local hackerspace or online ogx360caseRyzee119.pdf
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    @bluemeanie23 Mate, that case is awesome and thank you for creating something! Would you be happy for me to add to my github page?
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    Nicely done. Once I get my workshop straight Im planning to start the internal solution, with 3D printed bits where needed. The boards came back from the fabricators bundled up with my boards for my Amiga project days ago..... Still waiting on some components for the build. The pain is, some for the board are here but nothing I can install with out causing problems later, same goes for the Amiga boards.
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    Sure why not. Still need to plug the receiver into the USB port or solder the wires from the receiver to behind the usb port for a smaller finish. Add a hole to access the sync button and it should work fine.
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    I'm starting a slim xbox project in my spare time. Updates may be infrequent. The idea is hopefully to keep the entire box under 50mm thickness. I want to try and cram in a 2TB 2.5" HDD with SATA adaptor, a picoPSU, and Ryzee's wireless 360 controller board. The motherboard is a 1.0 that I've TSOP flashed and upgraded with 128MB RAM. It's going to be a very tight squeeze for sure. I've modeled a case for it that needs to be 3D printed--though the expense from Shapeways is a bit much for me right now, and it's too big for the local printers! The edge of the case will be sanded and wrapped with a brushed metallic vinyl. The top acrylic will be attached using press-in brass inserts and machine screws. The bottom of the case will be a frosted LED diffusing acrylic. Hopefully, I will have room to put some LEDs underneath for a nice soft glow. Today I started by attaching the cooling solution. I'm using a Dynatron A48G that I've drilled and tapped so I can attach it from the bottom. Two nylon washers were used to ensure proper mounting pressure without bending the motherboard PCB. I was planning on using a 120mm slim fan (only 15mm thick!) as my active cooling, but if I'm low on space and can't fit something I may have to use a 92mm instead. Right now with the 120mm fan it runs at 46c CPU, 40c M/B which is sufficient.
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Years ago, I had a NAS with four 4TB HDDs. Everything was working fine until I had to disconnect it and move across the country. When I hooked everything back up, the NAS software reported that one of the 4TB HDDs was starting to fail. As I had already been accustomed to spending all of my hard earned money on technology, I decided to upgrade to a 6TB HDD to replace the failing 4TB HDD. The NAS was working well again which left me with that failing 4TB to deal with. After looking into the warranty, I found out that it was still within the warranty period so I sent it off to the repair line. After a couple weeks wait, a brand new 4TB HDD was sent to me. A few years had past and I just caught the bug to upgrade my OG Xbox so I dusted the 4TB off and gave it a try in my old Xbox. I had nothing to lose and guess what? It works great and I am so excited to learn about the other things that incredibly smart people have been doing with their systems. So, I don't recommend buying a HDD larger than 2TB because you would just be wasting your money. But, if you have one lying around the house then by all means, try it out. Regards, my friends.
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    Absolutely, I've added it to the list.
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    Hi everyone! I am absolutely thrilled that the original XBOX scene is still alive! I modded a bunch of XBOXs back in the day and I kept one of them. It's a nice crystal XBOX with an X3 (with a 1MB 3294 BIOS) and the nice LED control panel. I don't know why but back then I put a version 1.1 mobo in the crystal case. Back then a popular addition was a little fan underneath the HDD when you did an IDE HDD upgrade so it still has one of those still. (Nobody does that these days?) The other day I started it up and it was okay but it froze on a half a dozen or so games. At a closer glance, some of the file or folder names had some funky symbols so I thought to myself that I better replace the aging HDD. I'm so happy to see the new hardware available. I ordered a nice 80-wire cable and the SATA to IDE adapter and that arrived today. I didn't have a single DVD-R in the house so I couldn't do the HDD installation easily. Sure, hooking everything up was a charm. I did a quick cleaning of the interior of the case and removed the clock cap. Started it back up and I could only use the X3 BIOS to handle the HDD prep. I had to use the X3 BIOS to FTP the new dash. That was terrible but it worked in the end. Huge problem trying to get the partition correct. I recently flashed a bunch of different (and recommended) BIOSes and when I switched from one to another, it deleted what I had on the HDD and the partition size was different. All BIOSes that I selected, to my knowledge, supported LBA48. I used XBpartitioner 1.3 and also tried XBPTableWriter to write the table for those BIOSes that needed it. It looks good right now but I'm hesitant to change to a different bank to try a different BIOS. Anyways, in the near future, I'm doing that Noctua 80mm silent fan installation and I'll replace the thermal compound on the CPU and GPU. Glad to be here! Cheers!
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    pcbs xerc gerbers and source files https://mega.nz/#F!S5kSESpA!gfsYmHBNwBoRtgdwxu4WeQ hope it helps
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    Youre right Neighbor. These discs are formatted in dvd and in xbox, i have a physical copy of oxm disc 38 and have been experimenting with it since this thread was posted. it comes through way different on a pc then on an xbox. Take a look. OXM Disc 38 (Xbox ftp rip) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lXOQd6M-9x80V9genKA6plVcpFYTIAFU/view?usp=sharing OXM Disc 38 scan: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EIVnh7VLmirBH5OBbr6MscFdbeMcEV-R/view?usp=sharing OXM Disc 38 (PC Rip) : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_X2QdTYAY1xJ4QiDn2echAqumvBm9JuH?usp=sharing
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    I thought that all of the original Xbox forums online were all gone/dead. It's great to see that there are still active ones to be found! For my first post I wanted to share one of my first Xbox consoles I modded. Its nothing special, just something designed to be used at events where hundreds gather where I wont be afraid to have any number of random visitors using it. The Xbox itself is simply softmodded and it has been reworked to use a 2.5" SATA HDD. From the 120gb it now houses coinops and a number of modded Halo, Timesplitter and Battlefront games. The idea is a very multiplayer friendly console that is intuitive to use. While it has an XBMC dash, it boots directly into coinops so any number of people can use it without having to ask what to do. Before I upgraded the HDD I took a snap of the original guts while I was working on the console. The HDD is sitting on a spacer above the motherboard to allow for increased airflow, done after the capacitors were rewired and replaced. For fans I am using a Sunon for exhaust and the famous Iceberq 4 for the chipset. The PSU has been wired externally similar to a laptop. While I could have used a picopsu, this defeats the purpose of the console being cheap, easy and worry free with strangers using it. It's nothing fancy. But it looks great, its robust, it doesn't overheat after 12+ hour sessions, I have very little money invested in it and I built it so I wouldn't be afraid of strangers mashing on it.
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    Yes, data will be overwritten once you hit the 1TB point corrupting files already on the drive. Actually, the corruption point will be determined by the cluster size used on the partition - 64KB max partition size is 1TB, 32KB max partition size is 512GB, 16KB cluster 256GB. Even though the HDD access patch is called LBA48, the cluster counter remained 32-bits thus cluster size * 0x100000000 is the max size accessible. The cluster counter range is from 0x000000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF. When you go past the max value, the counter wraps back to the beginning writing data over already present data.
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    Oh yeah the default is blue not green. How about True MsDash 2 Green by Peter PL vs Athloni Green MSDash Both of these are in my Top 10 UnleashX Skins pack available here in the ogXbox downloads section
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    @KekuleThanks for the logic analyser and descriptor dump! I have update the code on github with some new stuff based on this info. https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360 The Xbox controller will now rumble to alert to user to eject, chaff, on fire and need to reload. Added some smarts to the button mapping to make it a bit easier, and I've been playing on Kai with some people alot more experienced at the game than me and received some good feedback on button mapping so have slightly tweaked that. I'm about half-way through the single player campaign and it plays pretty well after some getting used to. Based on all this info it would be possible to recreate a full SB controller, but maybe a project in the distant future for me. Chatpad for now. I've added the Steel Battalion controller protocol notes here: https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/blob/master/Firmware/PROTOCOL - Steel Battalion.md for anyone who comes across this post.
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    A decent amount of research, recording, money, and fun went into making this video! Haven't done one in this style before, but it seems to be getting an overwhelmingly positive reception. It might not be perfect, but I figured it would be fitting to post here. Enjoy~
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    lol, Hello, bud. What's up, are you able to upload that #1 OXM somewhere?
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    xenomodchip/ aladdin modchip gerbers 1.0.0 About This File please note some renaming/modification of files may be needed to be viewed as they be old as fudge Aladdin Aladdin + Aladdin++ enjoy xenopcbs1of3.zip
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    what about the files 2 and 3 of 3?
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    These are the four (4) traces running along the front edge on the bottom side of the motherboard. IIRC, the outer two carry the power and eject button signals respectively from the front panel to the always-on System Management Controller (v1.0-1.5 - PIC processor or v1.6 - custom Xyclops chip) and the next two are the green and red front panel LED control signals to drive transistors that turn on/off the eject ring LEDs. For information on troubleshooting, see http://diy.sickmods.net/Tutorials/Xbox1/Power-Eject_Pinouts/
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    Hi again, just wanted to post a link to a video I just uploaded to YouTube, I have a little gaming channel there and thought this mod was so cool and unique I just needed to mention it in a video. Hope you enjoy:)
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    Hey everyone anyone got an og xbox collection to show off post it here this is mine so far
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    Here's a video of it in action! https://youtu.be/g_eQlOcccg8
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    yea here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bYSO8snXzM0wvWE8ZR_EtAW0A0Qzo6nM
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    I think, the XISO's will take less space in the long run than extracting the files/folders from them. Any file less than the cluster size will take a full cluster to store on the HDD - 32KB or 64KB for large extended partitions. (Update: Long filenames are not problem as a DVD disc image is mounted that doesn't have the FATX filename length limitation. The mounted image looks like a DVD disc is loaded. Also for games larger than 4GB's in size, the max size of a single file allowed in FATX, the ripper splits the image into multiple files <4GB each that are mounted as one larger than 4GB disc for those games that require it.) You'll need the NKPatcher driveimageutils-v1.0.1 archive which contains an attach and detach XBE as well as an Xbox XISORipper app to create the XISO images from original discs. It rips the disc image and includes the default.xbe (attach app with the game's name set as it's XBE Title). And, the CDROM modchip archive. (Update: Not really needed as I've attached a pre-compiled patcher below named evoxdash.xbe.) As most modchip BIOS's are set to boot evoxdash.xbe as the first xbe in the boot order, name the XISO patcher - evoxdash.xbe - and rename your current default dashboard that's already named evoxdash.xbe to evox.xbe. Here's my precompiled XISO patcher XBE named evoxdash.xbe (Size: 10,232 bytes, SHA-1: 7E486314DE185FB68B274FC52843E751C03C52B9) It chain loads evox.xbe after patching the in-memory BIOS routines to be able to mount/run the XISO images with the NKPatcher driveimageutils' attach app - default.xbe. You either use the ripper to create the XISO image and it adds the attach app into the game's name rip subfolder in your Games folder on F (or G if you edit the ripper's config file) for the game's XISO (dot iso file) or add the default.xbe attach app if you already have the ISO in a subfolder. However, if you do it this way, you'll need to edit the attacher's, default.xbe, XBE Title to see the game name in the menu. (Use XBMC or UnleashX's File manager to change the XBE Title.) Works with the following BIOS/Kernel versions: 3944, 4034, 4817, 5101, 5530, 5713, 5838 and Evox M8plus (it's kernel version is 5838 so duh). Update - sorry the above list is not quite right (the source file's comments had not been updated to match the actual code): 3944, 4034, 4817, 4981, 5003, 5035, 5101, 5530, 5713, and 5838. Modchip BIOSes: X2 4981, iND-BiOS 5003, X2 5035 and M8plus are supported. P.S. If you don't boot a bank flashed with a supported BIOS, the patcher will still load your default dashboard (C:\evox.xbe) without applying the patches to an unsupported kernel version.
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    Hey everyone does anyone know how to hookup a nes or snes controller to a og xbox
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    Hey everyone i was lucky enough to get this console its 1 of 5 in the world what do you guys think i would get for it if i were to post it online. Here is a video of the console i got
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    Here you go, I'm gonna be trying to update this frequently.
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    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/13valuesx10pcs-130pcs-Caps-for-7-7-8-8mm-7x7-8x8mm-Selflock-Tactile-Push-Button-Switch/32760039827.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.14.b4be7552E8LKGE&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreOtherSeller&scm=1007.13338.125185.0&scm_id=1007.13338.125185.0&scm-url=1007.13338.125185.0&pvid=ee25a3f6-80ee-4a92-a417-b1895cc99c50 enjoy
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    I am currently waiting on delivery of my boards got most of the components ready. I only got enough fabbed so my boxes and a friends can have this mod. my plan is to see if i can make a solution to add it internally, hoping to be able to provide a 3d printable bracket type thing. Hopefully i wont need to use dollops of hot glue instead.
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    The top needs refitting as its not closed properly on the right hand side I had this problem with mine when i first fitted it, it just takes a bit of wiggling everything around until it clicks into place
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    How do you get this torrent to download? I always get an error telling me that I'm not authorized to download using their tracker. Guess I need to use a newer client.
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    Yeah, I checked the repository before creating this thread, sadly no way to get an XBlast atm, Benny not wanting to sell anymore, nor release the CPLD and Schematic sources. I just wanted LCD on my HaloBox. damn..

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