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  1. Damn. I wrote the image to a 2 TB drive and deleted the fucking image because it took so much space. I haven't tested the drive. I hope I don't have problems RAW copying to larger drives!
  2. 5 MINUTES? Jesus! Done this a few times, have you? Lol. That would take me all fucking day. I think the real struggle for me would be resoldering to the board, because I'm not used to doing soldering that precise. Although, once I was done, i would indeed feel a great deal of satisfaction accomplishing something that a lot of people just shit their pants even thinking about doing. I don't know how I will ever realistically do a RAM upgrade, other than making sure I have the right tools... and a lifetime supply of flux.
  3. Interesting. So the emulator could run an XDK built .exe but not modify it in a way that could be run on the xbox?
  4. I know this isn't helpful... but is it ever really worth it to desolder the TSOP, solder the legs to a programmer and then solder it back to the motherboard? I mean I would rather just pay 40 bucks for an openxenium and be done with it. Of course, maybe somebody would want to get experience with soldering ICs, which isn't the worst thing in the world, I suppose. Edit: Maybe I'm missing the point. Something like this is supposed to be a fun project, while learning something at the same time. I don't think anybody mods Xboxes anymore because it's relevant or practical.
  5. I coulda' sworn that in the old version of CXBX (Caustik's version, not CXBX-R) There were both options; EXE to XBE and XBE to EXE in the "File" dropdown menu. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly? I know that it would automatically convert an XBE to EXE when trying to run an game. So this guy's just missing the last step in the process of compiling that involves the XDK creating an XBE out of the executable tht's created in VS 2003. Got it.
  6. I am so fucking perplexed by this thread... What the HELL are we talking about?
  7. Didn't CXBX have this kind of functionality? I don't know what it's purpose was. Although, I suspect he wants to run games on his PC, in which case, he needs an emulator.
  8. Did you have to modify any voltages or were you able to just solder it in and run it? Also, if you wanna underclock the 1.4GHZ to 733MHZ, would you have to technically half the FSB speed down to 66.6MHZ or so?... Rougly half?
  9. Found it with the wayback machine. Will post photos of my install when I get some time.
  10. The HD Pack cable had optical, so I know there are traces I can hook up a port to on the motherboard, logically. I swear I saw a guide on this on xbox-scene like, 15 years ago, but no tutorials exist anymore. I will keep looking, but if anybody has the answer, I would appreciate some insight.
  11. Don't stop ZZ! You're achieving a literal dream of mine. I hope to be doing this myself once I accumulate the parts and tools. I would love to be building these for the community for a very long time... until the parts can no longer be found. Although I've been saying that for 9 months now and people are probably sick of hearing it. Anyway, nice work, buddy. Hopefully I can pick your brain in the near future and ask ya a bunch of questions, if you have both the time and patience for it.
  12. Thank you very much for doing this for us. This tool makes things a LOT easier. I appreciate you keeping the bioses updated on a regular basis as well.

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