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  1. @sweetdarkdestiny I guess the HDD is usually CS, which is basically Master if only given a choice between slave and master. Hopefully I won't forget in 2 weeks. How hard did I hit my head, anyway?
  2. That is one of the funniest fucking errors messages I've ever seen. Without knowing exactly what the reason is, I would say that your IP settings are wrong for connecting to the internet. I think that error message was designed to indicate that DNS settings were probably incorrect. If you're using the Insignia DNS then I think it might not enable people to connect to servers other than insignia's.
  3. Well that's interesting... I think he's trying to actually move the XBMC4XBOX software files, is how he's saying it. Unclear on how the ftp is being hosted, however.
  4. ? I thought the DVD ROM drive was the Master? I have used both positions and both have worked, but I was following what I thought @SS_Dave Told me when it comes to the master jumper when no DVD drive is connected... Or was it @KaosEngineer? One of the two. Maybe I'm remembering wrong? Anyway, preformatting with FATXplorer with Cerbios setup is what got the installer to boot for me:)
  5. Format the drive with FATXplorer first, Cerbios formatting. THEN put it in and run the installer. Don't get another StarTech. It'll do the same shit. I had the same dumbass problem with the DVD drive flipping out after the LED turns red and the box loads the BFM. That solved it for me. Set the jumper to slave. Jumper only needs to be Master if the HDD is the sole device on the the IDE bus and there is no DVD ROM drive present. On a separate note, Cerbios UDMA 6 should work just fine
  6. Try to ftp using regular XBMC. It has a setting in it that automatically truncates the filenames, if that's the issue. Although I would be surprised if piece of Xbox software had file names that weren't compatible with the file system.
  7. AliExpress, which takes 2 weeks to ship and may not end up going very well, since you get what you pay for. Do you want me to just ship you an Ali Aladdin flashed with the newest version of Cerbios and a UDMA speed of your choice? I got the chip for 7 bucks. I would sell it for 15, with shipping included. I'm working on making a cable so I can turn them into XBlasts. I have the 1MB SST flash chips already. An aladdin will allow you to fix your HDD/Dash and will enable you to do a TSOP flash afterward, yes.
  8. Well, YES, but Maybe let me send you a 10 dollar Aladdin with Cerbios flashed on it, instead of the janky version of Evox that MAY come with it and that you can't upgrade, in many cases, depending on who the seller is. @fox
  9. This is one of the main reasons I recommend against Softmodding, among others. Certain actions can render the damn thing unusable. And yes, If you boot from the LPC, the TSOP is unavailable. Your Xbox wants to flash with the bus it booted from, and that's all it will see. So if you want to update a TSOP, you need to do it in a way that follows you booting from the TSOP, meaning, by using the softmod/Savegame exploit.
  10. You're saying that your FTP client is giving you an error? If so, which client is it? Or are you using the FTP part of File Explorer in windows? When you "try to transfer." Does that mean when you try to connect to the xbox, or when you try to transfer the files to the intended directory?
  11. If you modify the cpld to be an XBlast, you need to upgrade the sst chip to 1mb. Then you can have both bios on there, yes.

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