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  1. Absolutely! There are lots of videos that show you how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRkHq-P9TQE
  2. that's impressive! What is your fan RPM set to?
  3. You need to add a non-retail BIOS to the Xenium Launch Menu and set that one as the default BIOS. (I'm not sure why you'd want to add a retail BIOS there as it would serve no purpose in a hard-modded Xbox.) From there, if the 1TB HDD is blank, use something like TruHexen 2021 in your DVD drive. You'll be able to setup a new HDD that way. If you get an error message after bootup, please indicate what the error number and message are. Good luck!
  4. Rocky 5 is a softmod. It's not needed as you already have a hardmod (Super Aladdin). There's so many things that you can do and that's what makes this scene so exciting. A super simple upgrade is to download an Xbox HDD image (like a 500Gb Dragon build). After you download it, you would connect the HDD to your computer and use a program like "HDD Raw Copy Tool" to write the image to the HDD. When complete, it's as easy as plugging the HDD in and starting your Xbox. It works right away without any tinkering. Alternatively, you could download a program like TruHexen 2021 and burn it to a DVD. Once the DVD is written, put it in the Xbox DVD drive, connect the new HDD and power up the Xbox. If memory serves me correctly, TruHexen will detect the new HDD and ask you if you want to set it up. There are a bunch of things to do in the setup process but just remember that you have a hard mod so you won't need to install a softmod. The goal here would be to install something like XBMC4Gamers and then transfer your games/emulators to your HDD yourself. Take a look at YouTube as there are lots of wonderful videos for the Xbox. Mr. Mario has excellent ones. There are demos of Dragon and XBMC4Gamers setups. I look forward to seeing what you can do with your Xbox. If you want some cool gadgets (like an Xbox HDMI adapter, wireless controller adapter to use Xbox One / PS4 / and other modern controllers with your original Xbox) then send me a PM. Cheers!
  5. Man, you sure are taking one for the team. Great job. Much appreciated.
  6. I've been modding for a while and my the stuff I have on my Xbox HDD has improved over time. All I do is remove that HDD and clone it to a new HDD and then install that new HDD into the next Xbox. (StarTech SATDOCK2REU3)
  7. That's a great way to do it and I intend on doing it that way for sure. This photo shows a mobo that I'm currently working on (so it's a mess of cables right now) and I'll post photos (probably on Facebook) to show how I finished it off. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for taking the time to test and share this info, @Tosnic. I've been using the blue StarTech SATA to IDE adapter that plugs directly into the motherboard IDE header so it eliminates the need for an IDE cable altogether. (It is so hard to find the right IDE cable at the right price.) I don't use the DVD drive anymore so there's plenty of room for the SATA to IDE adapter on the DVD drive side of the Xbox.
  9. TEK Nemesis


    Send me a PM if you'd like. I ship internationally and can also make the small ogx360 versions for internal installations. I'm developing some really cool variants so keep your eyes peeled!
  10. Like N64 Freak say, you'll know once you try to place the PCB because it simply won't fit with that tall electrolytic capacitor there.
  11. TEK Nemesis


    I always have stock and I'm selling the newest version of the ogx360 with custom enclosures.

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