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  1. Seems the threads original site is down.
  2. Winner, although I have the board for both my 2.6 and 3 this will come in handy as I know others dont. So maybe “we” can build a replacement board for people to have printed and then populate themselves.
  3. I did my apprenticeship 30+ years ago. I could already solder when I started as my grandfather taught me in his repair shop. But during my M.O.D apprenticeship performing the same soldering exercises week after week Karate Kid style it eventually becomes second nature. You just did it with out really thinking beyond don't burn your fingers or the job. Loon lacing and building was my zen thing, still love doing that. Gotta love an A4 sheet with a wiring schedule printed on it Now I don't work in a job that needs me soldering at all so I am starting to feel like my skills are getting rusty, it doesn't take long to set in. I currently don't do enough privately due to a busy life but …… Once my workshop is built I am planning to get back on that horse with a whole list of board builds and car, pc and Xbox mods. That should tighten my skills back up
  4. I think the only things to say are, even the expensive rework stuff, and by that I mean 100’s of $€£, even if you can afford them may not be 100% right for you. I have one of the relatively expensive Weller workstation, not the retail ones the ones sold only to the Defence industry and its contractors. Its a beautiful thing. But in all the years of owning it I have used my cheap Atten irons and the cheap one one on my Chinese rework station more. Just down to convenience. The other thing to say is dont look at a rework station and think, thats just a heatgun like in <insert your countries DIY chain> . Its not, that 5 dollarbucks thing they sell , has no heat regulation no actual adjustability out side just turning down the fan speed, so theres no knowing if its at 300c or 400c, unless you buy an IR temp probe. If you do that just spend the money on a cheap rework hot gun station instead, saves the hassle and guess work. Footnote, not all flux is the same, and not everyone is right, as its personal taste when it come to flux. What “ works” for me and my style of working, may not work for you.
  5. LOL only shite if not done correctly. Its the same as so many of the youtube videos that say the phat 360’s are all crap. Again only if reballed wrongly or xclamped or cooked in yo mammas oven at gas mark 5.
  6. Maybe a little further down the road share them on Thingiverse or similar, you can set a fee for downloading. Your models are far better than anything else on there.
  7. Why is this the default now on eBay, and not just for buying OG Xboxes. Buyers claiming fowl to eBay because you wouldn't hand deliver their noway ever going to be couriered item they bought for £20, at your expense halfway across the country. Deciding that next day delivery is not fast enough and claiming non delivery so eBay issue a refund at your expense leaving you out of pocket and minus an item. Sorry my tele-porter is waiting on a service engineer. Listing items as mint inbox and when it arrives its anything but. I have a friend who sculpts and sells on the internet. He saw that a seller was straight up selling casts of his work, which is fairly individual. He bought one to make sure and then filed to eBay that it was fraud. Each of his sculpts is numbered so the copy had the same number pressed into it. He knew who the purchaser was and that it matched the sellers details. eBay tried to claim he was the one copying, and would not entertain pulling the listings. He has now completely given up on eBay both buying and selling.
  8. Wouldn’t the higher rated chips be more cool/stable at a lower speed. Could be useful for emulated systems.
  9. True but if the mod chip is old or un-updateable, and its not a 1.6 then unless you need the extra features of say LCD or other stuff then TSOP is the only way needed. I stripped mod chips out of all mine except two that have Mod chips that run LCDs then dropped them into 1.6 boxes.
  10. Had some thing similar a while back. I ended up just soldering the links on the board, soft modding then TSOP flashing the thing. The mod chip was an early one that just didn't seem to want to flash to anything useful. The box has now got an HDMI compatible bios and a large drive, so everything one usually needs.
  11. This is what I do, I even have a 10gb drive just for this purpose. In this day and age what else can you really do with slow 10 and 8gb hard drives anyway.
  12. After busting my ankle I had to work from home so also was instructed to keep my leg raised to prevent swelling etc. Nothing to hand worked on my desk hight wise, I am quite tall so footstools and chairs are either too low or too high cushions and pillows are not stable….. until a delivery of broken Xbox360’s turned up (some turned out not to broken) and the box they are in is the perfect hight. So currently a box of 4 360’s have become a foot rest. Well I cant work on them at the mo so why not. Ten-ish years ago my younger self would have not endorsed this behaviour.
  13. This looks so good.
  14. Somewhere for the OG360 to attach, internal or external as they are so popular now. Awesome 3d renders though.
  15. Good find on the EL panels. They look great and probably use less power than LEDs.

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