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  1. My first xbox is still running an IDE drive and the original mod chip. Left it that way for nostalgia. Still spongy. So who knows with that. You can still screw it together though.
  2. Make sure you put a disclaimer on it to stop people printing it on mass and selling it commercially or on eVilbay seen way to much of that, and its not fair on the author or designer. I can see me printing one or two, I owe a friend big time who just gave me his executer 3 faced XBox and LCD. He’s into retro, and minimal, so may well do one for him with a full on arcade set up on it, as payback.
  3. This looks sooooo good. Can’t wait to see the finished one.
  4. My first Xbox has the same issue no matter how i put it back together it still does the spongy not quite right feel to it.
  5. Thanks Ryzee19 that has sorted things. What’s the main difference other than a few less components.
  6. Just got back this project as its been put on the back burner for a while now (nearly two years) I am missing some components from my stash so just thought bring up then BOM and reorder......... Easy. Slight issue I had the original version board Printed and it seems my Folder on the Computer for the job is missing and has been long enough to not be on any of my backups on my backup server The new version is slightly different and so is its BOM. Does any one have the BOM for the original, I'd rather not screw up the board and waste component and an Xbox get
  7. Agreed, one has simply to google regarding this, which affects vintage computers, by vintage I mean late 80’s and early 90’s. I have Amigas and they do have this issue badly in both computers and psu.
  8. Very interesting
  9. That works, I’d go for a clear ring round the button if it were mine just to allow the standard LED function and look. Would be easy enough to make with some clear lexan and a stepper drill and hole saw.
  10. Thats them, no way Im going to pay that postage though. the evercool ones though...........
  11. Kannalo Not sure about the DreamPSU certainly has the correct voltages. Would still need to set up a transistor bridge to change the power on method though I think. spototopolis where did you get those VGA coolers, been trying to get something like that for ages. Evercoolers are the one option I know work but the scene tax on them nowadays is a turn off.
  12. From a point of newer components are going to be better age wise a 1.6 is best but for the ability to do things with the 1.0 has got to be the best. I have several of each except the fabled unicorn 1.5 and love the 1.0 to work on the best.
  13. Its no coincidence there used to be a book called the bomb makers cook book which had s whole chapter on what you could do with the stuff you’ll find in the average kitchen. FYI the book is banned basically everywhere, and I only ever saw one copy of it back in the early 80’s owned by a friends whos father was high ranking in the Army. Back on topic the metal shield isn't really needed. I have several Xboxes that don't have one, with no ill effects.
  14. A can of label remover does a nice job, just spray it onto the badge and wait. The lemon smelling spray, breaks the glue on the badge and you can just pull it out, spray a bit more on the badge and wipe off the rest of the sticky. Then you are ready to polish the badge and paint or leave clear etc. polishing is easy, I just use wet and dry and a sheet of glass to put it on, some water to lube it and off you go. Final polish can be achieved with car polish, toothpaste or similar. Job done.

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