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  1. A 128 only list would get my vote. Emulation is the only real reason to mem upgrade these days. How many of us use them seriously for media playback now with HD and TVs that support network payback.
  2. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Some of the convertor cards will only run with an 80 wire cable.
  4. Given up waiting for one of my suppliers to get stock of my missing components from the order I placed so gonna reorder elsewhere. To cap it all my delivery of wireless connectors has disappeared, tracking stops at Heathrow airport mail sorting. That was 3 weeks ago. Gotta wait another week till I can claim on my insurer for the loss. Then I have to reorder.
  5. Thats the ticket, agreed giving it a load rather than a direct short was the one bit I remembered.
  6. I have a Xenium Ice without all the LCD bits and bobs. Ive been looking at some SPI capable LCDs. Back in the day SPI was expensive, but now with the likes of Aliexpress etc there are now cheaper options. Might get one or two of the smaller ones that are cheaper than the full size, needed/desired to test out things.
  7. I had the pin out details with what to do to properly eliminate the DVD and not get the boot stutter. cant find the details
  8. The cooler the better from the chips point of view. But yes 60c is not that much. I fancied doing an LC OGXbox just because, that should run nicely cool.
  9. This is a great idea and I would love to make one / win one. I have several screens just begging for this treatment. pyjama pants are a must when modding
  10. Epic work there. Always wanted to play that game after a friend bought it when it came out. Now making a modern controller system for it is in our grasp. A pc hotas setup would be a great starting point imo.
  11. Yeah that would be awesome. I’m unsure why this has never been an option already. For the price that you can buy them at the likes of AliExpress. They mint them out on panels dozens at a time. It wouldn’t cost anymore. The couple of companies I use for board fabbing don’t really care what colour you want the board finished in, they are more interested in Gold finishing or assembling it for you. There is IMO a whole market there for coloured boards, it’s only laminate lacquer after all. I can go to the local DIY store with a piece of cloth, soil or what ever and they can match it and make me some paint, so why not with pcbs etc.
  12. Well here are my boards patiently waiting the delivery of the components. May well start the mock up process without them though since I can calculate the size with everything soldered on. Plus no worries for static on an empty board. They are white as the rest of my order is also white. It should look great in my clear Xbox
  13. Nicely done. Once I get my workshop straight Im planning to start the internal solution, with 3D printed bits where needed. The boards came back from the fabricators bundled up with my boards for my Amiga project days ago..... Still waiting on some components for the build. The pain is, some for the board are here but nothing I can install with out causing problems later, same goes for the Amiga boards.
  14. I am currently waiting on delivery of my boards got most of the components ready. I only got enough fabbed so my boxes and a friends can have this mod. my plan is to see if i can make a solution to add it internally, hoping to be able to provide a 3d printable bracket type thing. Hopefully i wont need to use dollops of hot glue instead.
  15. So totally depends on what you do with your XBox. I have several, all with different tasks and with that different sized drives. One has every one of my games saved to the drive, no neec to bother getting the disks out. It also has my emulators and all the roms and disks for them. Its drive is full and I could add more to it. I have one that plays media and had loads of dvds on it, it has two 320gb drives. I have several with rather small drives just bigger than the factory 10gb and a couple with 10gb drives. With most people here it really boils down to something like above or just that because you can. Its the same reason I mess with 30 year old Amigas, getting them to do stuff that was eaither physically imposible or astronomically expensive back in 1989.

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