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  1. XC-3730C

    X3 Ce Frag

    How do you do that? Is there an image that can be written to SD card for use on a Raspberry Pi 3 to turnout into an EEPROM reader?
  2. For whatever reason, I cannot see the synopsis of Xbox games, nor can I activate the preview video. Please see the attached photo.
  3. I wonder if transfer speeds would make it even worth it
  4. Are you saying that another OS will recognize partition 6 (F) and 7 (G)?
  5. I am using Windows 10. I tried opening the program with compatibility mode for Vista and Windows 7, but it wouldn't recognize my drive. I doubt that this program will read partition 6 and 7
  6. For whatever reason, Xplorer360 doesn't see my F and G partitions. C (partition 3) and E (partition 4) are seen
  7. Yea, I have exhausted all other avenues for transfering through USB or IDE on a PC. I will just have to transfer the old fashioned way until FATXplorer supports OG Xbox HDD's. I have been looking forward to that for years, and I will gladly pay for FATXplorer once that happens.
  8. I tried connecting my Xbox HDD to my Windows 10 PC via dual SATA USB 3.0 dock, as well as an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter, but Xplorer360 would not see the HDD. I then connected my Xbox HDD (with SATA to IDE adapter) to an old IBM NetVista Windows XP to one of the IDE connectors, and while that PC can see the HDD in the BIOS and Windows XP, HD fatXbox Explorer v1.4 cannot access the drive. At this point, we can only wait for FATXplorer to add Original Xbox compatibility. Any thoughts?
  9. I am gonna try this tonight. I just got a blue Xbox with X3 chip installed, so I will be throwing in a 2TB HDD. I will report back when (I hope) I have good news to share. I have also commented on the FATXplorer page (and hopefully others can too) about OG Xbox support.
  10. XC-3730C


    It should work that way.
  11. XC-3730C


    1TB and 2TB drives use 64k clusters, and no Xmugen build I am aware of supports hard drives with 64k clusters...
  12. Hmmm, I will have to try that. I didn't know xplorer360 handled OG Xbox drives, but since 360 also uses FATX, I am not surprised.
  13. I would like to know this as well. I want to set up a 2TB drive on my Xbox, but most I get from an FTP transfer is 11mbps (only on larger files of course). Most of the space will be on the F and G partitions. I also have a dual SATA USB 3.0 dock, and I will use a 2TB SATA drive on my Xbox via SATA to IDE adapter + 80 wire IDE cable.
  14. Can this somehow be used to build a 2TB Xbox format hard drive? I know FTP would obviously work, but if I can avoid the slow FTP transfers (top transfer rate for me is about 11mbps) and transfer via my SATA USB 3.0 dock, that would be awesome
  15. I second that. I would like to have 2 or 3 premade adapters. One for each of my systems with XCM shells:)

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