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  1. The X3 bios is for the X3 chip. I think they made a stripped down version that you could run on a 1MB modchip but there isn't really any reason to do it. The Open Xenium is currently in production and it's similar. I don't believe it will run an X3 bios but they have their own alternative.
  2. The xbox functions just fine connected to a switch. System Link functions at Layer 2. Even though it will give and ip's to the devices, this doesn't really matter. Broadcasts go out through a switch just fine.
  3. If you just nulled the hdd key, I don't think that would cause this. There is much more in the eeprom than just the hdd key though. If you nulled the entire eeprom, yeah that's what caused this.
  4. This will happen when there is a version mismatch of the game itself. It will also happen when there is a version mismatch of retail / debug bios I've unexpectedly found. Your networking settings inside of your dashboard have no effect on your system link game. System link uses its own networking and ignores anything else. Did you happen to clone eeproms? If both devices have the same mac address it will cause problem such as this.
  5. That of course isn't what I was saying. Please try to pay attention from now on.
  6. unicorn is a good term because everything you search says it exists except NOBODY and I do mean NOBODY has ever seen one.
  7. Xenia is Xbox 360 and not OGXbox unless that has recently changed.
  8. with any ide to sata adapter, you HAVE to use the 80 wire cable. If it gives you problems, replace it with a new 80 wire cable. They don't work properly with the 40 wire. It will always do what yours is doing.
  9. You are 100% correct. The ide to sata adapters (even if they appear to) don't work correctly with the 40 wire ide cable. You MUST use the 80 wire.
  10. Most 1.6 bioses are not compatible with 1.2. That is most likely the case.
  11. It flashes orange for a few reasons. Usually overheating. It could also be (if orange and green) that you don't have an av cable plugged in. Others say it could be a solder splash. What has changed recently? Have you removed the clock cap?
  12. If these dashboards are trying to reach out to sites that don't exist anymore for things like RSS feeds, backgrounds, music... they will take FOREVER to load. The first load up of unleashx extracts a zip file contained within the xbe that has the default skin in it and caches several items. So that can cause slowdown. XBMC has been the most well maintained and as such is generally the fastest for me.
  13. Are you certain you got the polarity correct on them? I concur with providing pictures of both sides of the board.
  14. There is currently nothing out there that provides that option.
  15. USB physical connections don't mean much. Just because it fits doesn't mean it is going to work. There needs to be a driver that tells the Xbox how to use the device plugged into it. In the case of the Xbox, that will not exist. It's not like your pc where people submit their drivers to Windows Update and it just automatically pulls them down when you plug a new device in. That seems to happen so automatically and seamlessly that people have no idea that it is occurring. That's why people think if you just plug something into USB that it's automatically going to work when the physical connection means basically nothing.
  16. You could probably get the job done with that but 18.00 for all of that means it's got to be pretty low quality. Obviously you will get diminishing returns but jobs are always easier and have a higher chance of success when you have good tools. Just using really nice silver bearing solder will improve your work tremendously. The small things add up to make a big difference.
  17. That would be nice. Unfortunately the forum software has no such way to set that. If I modify the skin to put it there, it gets wiped out each time the forum/skin need updates which is every couple of weeks.
  18. nothing can be 100% protected from a careless owner. The good news is, the mistake will only cost you around $30.00 to replace and start over.
  19. Your dvd drive is failing. It's not reading the game partition and only reading it as though it's a dvd movie.
  20. Not going to look through all of those links. If it can be used as a wireless bridge then yes. If it can't, no.
  21. You almost certainly have too many workers. This is how many times it connects to the server. It will kick you if you have too many. Turn it down to 1 or 2 and you'll be fine.
  22. I don't believe such a tool exists. I'm nearly certain of it. It would need to be written.
  23. You can't measure the value while it's in circuit. With SMD caps it's a bit difficult. You need to lift a side of it off of the pad in order to measure it. The best way of going about this is to just get a bead of solder on your tip and heat one side of the cap and gently lift with some tweezers. That side will be molten and as soon as the other side gets soft it will lift a bit. Remove heat and keep holding the tweezers in place for a second or two. Assuming the side you lifted is now disconnected, you can remove the tweezers and measure the value. This is useful since the other memory sockets have the same caps.
  24. I'm thinking this was a partner net console or whatever the beta of Xbox Live was called for devs. (if the eeprom contains an online key that might confirm that?) After that service was taken down someone probably attempted to mod it to retail and failed miserably.

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