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  1. Did you butched the plastics of the HDD or only the fan? Which model of 80 mm you used? Always opened to suggestions
  2. What about the plastics of the HDD did you butched them or only the fan?
  3. On my 60 mm noctua fan I stayed on 50% which is the balance between noise and performance and until now never reached 55 I'm using ind and edited the file to increase speed, and the console runs cool and good bellow 55 is normal
  4. Can anyone here helps me, I'm trying to edit the menus from Unleashx, to install custom icons, already enabled editing of menus, well insert new icons etc, but when I'm saving it says "Unable to Save Settings. Error Code 18" Does anyone knows why and how to fix it? Thanks
  5. Yesterday I have formatted my HDD with my new 128 Ram 1.4 using Hexen 2018, really I find it a better choice than the previous 2017, also for the ind-bios.cfg from it is quite smaller than the previous Hexen 2017, don't know if it detects the bios and installs the correct bios cfg for the version. Really this mobo came from a very experienced soldering console repairer, and he has renewed all caps of the cpu, now the image is clear and so much sharper than before, it looks like a brand new console.
  6. Yes ambient temp also influence I like the silence of the console is not annoying
  7. Increase speed fan to 40 to 60 will be quiet the same on my maximum 55 56,
  8. Just a doubt on Ind Bios 5004.67 does it check for DVD drive, and if it does how to turn off?
  9. Thanks that was my doubt 32 cluster fists more things inside since most emulators have just small files, also on truhexen 2019 on stock UnleashX dash you're not allowed to change game artwork and I like seeing original game cover and previews. So gonna stick with hexen 2018
  10. Alright gonna stick loyal to Hexen 2018, for 1 TB hdd which is better to fill a single Partitation F with full size or slice in half between F and G?
  11. How do install manually the artwork? also can't ftp to xbmc4gamers for static ip with crossover cable
  12. So truehexen 2019 is not worthwhile to format HDD is basically the same as 2018
  13. I will get soon a 128 mb ram Xbox and want to format again the HDD, I would like to have the xbmc4gamers dashboard installed and to be as default I read somewhere you can make a new shortcut to make default dashboard, weird no hexen dvd has the option to install it
  14. This new TruHexen 2019 is worthwhile to update the dashboard I mean installing new HDD forget Bios?

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