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  1. Yes I tried also xiso, and issues are gone.
  2. Top Spin I have that issue of dirty disc.
  3. for cci iso format, to boot on iso instead of extracted files
  4. My games are extracted in files, to use CCI I need to make ISOS and compress it?
  5. I've tried UDMA 4, is stable enough, the double of standard stock speed, is enough for me
  6. Finally all my concerns are gone, equivalence to Indbios 30 is actually 60% on the other bios settings, now my temps are normal, and full shutdown also works, everything is perfect now, thanks for all the support.
  7. Actually Dave you're quite correct, on indbios, the fan setting goes from 10-50 which divides the fan setting on increments of 20% or in simple terminology 5 settings, for default 10 is actually 20%, on 30 is 3 *20% = 60%, yes the fan ran half the speed than indbios hence the overheating, also thanks for the additions on keystrokes manual, according to it, it does shutdown in 678D, I guess cerbios is the best choice then.
  8. My fan is not stock, because is too noisy, but is a Nexus 70mm, on this fan the difference is night and day, also now I'n not using old IndBios but newer IndBios posted by KaosEngineer, the reboot system and shutdown works better now, but is weird Cerbios the fan runs slower, probably it needs higher value than Indbios, also Cerbios should also have a key stroke as Indbios to shutdown the console instead of going to the power button.
  9. SS_Dave, Yes i set to 30% and runs slower than IndBios, hence the reason og xbox overheats.
  10. On IndBios, og xbox 1.4 never gets pass 53 degrees on Cerbios, it reatches 60 degrees, also fans ran slower and quieter, with same fan setting than Indbios, 30%
  11. I have tried still doesn´t work, don´t know what's the problem, also I have one version which comes with demos of XBLA and it doesn't work at all, no problem only one game, who cares.
  12. I have already tried this new Cerbios, once thing I notice, fan runs slower than before, also owing to that, my CPU temps have raised considerably, even with both settings to 30% in fan speed, I notice a lot less noise on Cerbios, and higher cpu temps
  13. I forced XBMC4gamers to boot Sensible Soccer 2006 on PAL and it boot, Forza still black screen I guess my copy must be broken, somehow.
  14. Just silly I always booted the og through the eject button because is the biggest, didn´t know it enabled safe mode, so we can do a trial and error and flash a working UDMA bios? Regarding Fan, in safe mode, does it run in fewer rotations? Also is there a controller combination to shut down the console as Indbios?
  15. Dear all, Finally managed to flash Cerbios named ¨Cerbios Hybrid V2.3.1 BETA", however it displays safemode, does anyone here knows why? Also I changed my fan to 25, but it seems the fan is not running as fast as it did on Indbios, but the main concern is why it displays safe mode. Thanks all.

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