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  1. The Xbox's Temperature Sensors There is no GPU temperature sensor. The CPU has a diode temp sensor tied to the ADM1032 near the MCPX which also has an internal sensor to measure its ambient air temperature. The temperature sensor chip is located at U6F1 nearer to the MCPX chip than the GPU. Not sure why it ever got labeled as the GPU temp - most likely an expectation of the dev teams working on the Xbox during the original modding scene days as the CPU has one - but after further investigation knowing it was not the GPU's temp but never changed in some software stating what the temp actually was. It measures the ambient air temp inside the case near the nVidia MCPX. X3 HDD Partition Use Settings The item to Enable for HUGE HDD support in the X3 Config Live is found here: Settings -> New Hard Drive Upgrade -> Use Saved Partition Table It toggles between the values: Disabled and Enabled by pressing the (A) button. Reboot to use the new setting. To use a HUGE drive it has to be formatted and a partition table written with XBPartitioner v1.3. F and G partitions, 6 and 7 respectively, up to 1TB each with 64KB cluster allocation in use. Up to 512GB extended partitions using 32KB cluster allocation, or up to 256GB partitions using 16KB clusters. XBPartitioner v1.3 writes a partition table to the Xbox's HDD (1st sector) to allow for HDDs that do not fit into the standard LBA48 setups. Without enabling the Use Saved Partition Table, the X3 BIOS will use the LBA48 configuration set in the BIOS's configuration in X3CL found at Settings -> New Hard Drive Upgrade -> Click Here To Set LBA48 Option of either: Standard Partitions (Xbox Stock Drive) F Drive gets everything - No G Drive, or F Drive upto 137Gb - G Drive gets the rest These won't work correctly for HDDs >1TB as the size of each extended partition maxes out at 1TB with the proper cluster size in use.
  2. What CPU and system temps are you seeing? The Xbox's front panel eject ring should start flashing orange and the fan speed increase if the temps are getting too high. Which dashboard are you using? some have automatic fan speed control. What version is your Xbox? 1.0's GPU fan may not be spinning.
  3. Oops. Thought they were just about the Xbox Softmodding System which uses UnleashX dashboard. Didn't check which of his forums this Q&A thread was underneath. I see now XBMC4Gamers not Xbox Softmodding Tool or XBMC-Emustation.
  4. Looks like Grammarly is messing with quoted text in posts. adding the number of grammatical errors it sees in them and then I cannot click on the Quote, Edit, Options items at the bottom of my own post to go back and Edit the post to try and remove them. Update: Cleaned up the previous post after using Chrome's Inspect options to find the link to edit the post. Grammarly doesn't work very well with whatever CMS system OGXbox.com uses.
  5. Sorry most of my answers don't apply here. @Voljega is not using UnleashX but XBMC4Gamers. I didn't look at the complete breadcrumb of the post to see that his Questions were for Rocky5's Projects -> XBMC4Gamers, not the Xbox Softmodding Tool. You will have to edit UnleashX's config.xml file to add a menu item that is used to scan the F:\games\platform and G:\games\platform subfolders. UnleashX doesn't scan more than 1 level below each path to locate folders that contain default.xbe files. Both folders set by the <Path></Path> tag will be listed and Sorted alphabetically is Sort is set to "On". (See the attached UnleashX Tutorial Guide for more info.) <List Text="Platform Games" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="F:\Icons\Platform_Games.png"> <Path>F:\Games\Platform</Path> <Path>F:\Games\Platform</Path> </List> You have to add it to the menu item manually for each list as set above in the <List> tag attributes. I don't think UnleashX will add them automagically 4 u. XBMC-Emustation's downloader. However, I think it installs the content for XBMC-Emustation not leaving an archive to use elsewhere. But, not sure. I think it's HUGE 10's of GB's with artwork and XMV preview videos. Reasons they'd not show up: There's no default.xbe file (none should not have this file as that's how the Xbox runs a game - executing default.xbe). The game is in a sub sub folder of a scanned path. UnleashX only looks for default.xbe files in a folder one level below a directory set by a <Path></Path> entry for a menu <List></List> - a subfolder of those path entries.
  6. You will have to use the X-bit PC software to flash the chip. From what I understand about this modchip, it cannot be flashed using Evoxdash or other Xbox flashing apps. Access to write to the flash memory chip is only available through the USB port via the X-Bit's PC software.
  7. Hynix can be flashed using many different apps: Evoxdash, Gentoox Resctoox Loader, XBlastOS XBE edition, or raincoat from Linux.
  8. https://mega.nz/#!WLQHgSLI!EWQpbRhKOJOvSFLynwyM9sXRgwTFrBM6PB42xGGsx_E This is the latest with 212 games supported instead of the original 156 then 188 and 201 he's released. See EarthwormJames' post at emuxtras.net for the list of additional games added from 201 to 212 release. The latest update info will be posted in that thread.
  9. Yes. LPC Debug Header Pinout Name Pin Pin Name SERIRQ (v1.0) 16 15 3.3V SDA 14 13 SCL GND 12 11 LAD0 LAD1 10 9 3.3V LAD2 8 7 LAD3 5V 6 5 LRESET# PWR (v1.6) 4 3 LFRAME# GND 2 1 LCLK Source: http://xboxdevwiki.net/LPC_Debug_Port
  10. There's no LED lit for the 3.3 supply voltage. As well, there should be a couple more LEDs lit. One to indicate flash protection on or off and when the modchip is enabled/disabled (this one's on the front panel switchboard though which is not getting power). x3ce.pdf X3CE Installation tutorial v1.0-1.6 See page 13 of 18 Update: I thought there were more LEDs opposite the 3.3 and 5V supply indicators. But, that's the Xapter solderless adapter's blue LEDs in the picture on page 13.
  11. Yes, there are many different replacement dashboards. One of them configured to run when the modded console boots. Others can be started as applications from it. UnleashX AvaLaunch XBMC4Xbox Evoxdash XBMC-Emustation XBMC4Gamers to name the most popular but there are more.
  12. Psychonauts! Halo and Halo 2 Update: I see I already posted I mentioned Beyond Good and Evil last time.
  13. UnleashX is installed in addition to or instead of the MS Dashboard on a modded Xbox console. It is executed on bootup instead of the stock MS Dashboard.
  14. Check which brand of TSOP is installed on your Xbox's motherboard. Some require an additional wire connection - Sharp and/or software app ResctooX (used by HeXEn 2018) or XBlastOS XBE version (v0.56 is the latest release) to flash - Winbond and Sharp. Flashing of all the different brands of TSOP chips is preconfigured and available by selection of the proper menu item in Forlorn Penguin's HeXEn 2018 release.
  15. Welcome to ogXbox.com. Mod it or lose it, KaosEngineer

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