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  1. Are you using an 80-wire 40-pin high-speed IDE cable? If not, doing so fixes many with an error 13 screen that still try to use the stock IDE cable. Also, green drives need to have their green / eco features (IDLE timeout/spindown) disabled. WD Blues are what I last used to upgrade the hard drive in an Xbox - 2TB CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) version of the drive with 64KB cache instead of SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) version with 256KB cache.
  2. No, not directly, the Xbox has an IDE interface that connects to the hard drive and DVD drive. You need an IDE-to-SATA adapter to connect a SATA drive to the Xbox's IDE interface. Suggested adapters include Startech's IDE2SAT2 or DeLock's 62510. You will also need a 24" long high-speed 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable to use instead of the stock 40-wire 40-pin IDE cable.
  3. Sounds right. In XBPartitioner v1.3, move the selection to highlight partition 7. The current cluster size for it will be displayed.
  4. Install and run XBPartitioner v1.3 to your Xbox's /E/Apps or /E/Applications folder. Does it show an error when you start the application that LBA48 support is not found in your BIOS. If so, your BIOS does not actually have the LBA48 v2 or later patch applied to it. If not, is ER displayed next to the size of each of the extended partitions. If so, they are not properly formatted and will have to be reformatted and all data uploaded/written to them again. The cluster size for an over 512GB to 1TB extended partition is 64KBs. Yours must be formatted with either 16KB (up to 256GB maximum properly supported extended partition size) or 32KB (up to 512GB properly supported extended partition size) clusters.
  5. Does the original hard drive work with it? Did you already mention if it did or not? What color is the insulation on the ribbon cable?
  6. Are you using the stock IDE cable with the new 2TB hard drive? If so, swap it out for a high-speed 80-wire 40-pin one.
  7. Q will only be present when XBMC4Xbox or one of its variants - XBMC4Gamers, XBMC-Emustation, etc. - is running. If you are running UnleashX or any other none XBMC-based replacement dashboard, it will not be there.
  8. I found another site with a lot of Xbox game saves. I haven't viewed the entire list to know what saves they have for racing games. The website detects AdBlock and it states there are 93 118 121 147 149 206+ ads on the linked web page below. The number keeps increasing the longer I stay on the page. Downloads - XBOX Game Saves - The Tech Game
  9. Those are the two places I remember. Edit: Let me look through my bookmarks. I may have a few more.
  10. Look in the Q:\System\UserData\thumbnails\ folder. Is there a Games subfolder? If so, delete its content then restart the app. Edit: If that doesn't work. I found an old reddit post by Rocky5 stating to: Enable the resources mode under the view options menu. How-to Enable Resources Mode Excerpt from Cian Cunningham's XBMC4Gamers User Manual v1.1 (pg. 28):
  11. There were a few such IR on/off mods. XIR was one. XERC2 and Team Xecuter made an add-on board to do so too.
  12. Your current dashboard - EvolutionX V+3935 is the latest ever released by Team Evolution-X ages ago. Nothing newer for it. There are many other replacement dashboards available for the ogXbox: UnleashX v0.39.0528 Build 584 is another replacement dashboard many people use. XBMC variants are listed in my other post.
  13. The reason it says XECUTER2 below the big X at the end of the startup animation is because you have an Xecuter2 BIOS installed - an very old one at that 4977.01. Which BIOS to use really depends on what you want to do with the Xbox. There are many newer BIOSes that will work and allow for you to install up to a 2.2TB or with the latest NEW BIOS updates Titan patch for Evolution-X's M8plus BIOS and a completely new BIOS, CerBIOS (2.2.0 Beta release is v1.0-1.6 compatible), in 2022-2023 up to a 16TB hard drive can be installed. Evolution-X M8plus - v1.0-1.4 and v1.6 versions are available. IND-BIOS 5003 Shutdown+RAM Patched+XBL Enabled.zip (v1.0-1.4 only) New software to prepare a hard drive with your Windows PC - FATXplorer 3.0 Beta - currently free. XBMC updates - XBMC4Xbox Build 33032 and two new variants by Rocky5: XBMC4Gamers and XBMC-Emustation.
  14. A better link to see @prtscn service their GPU fan: https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8926-you-can-service-gpu-fan/ First and third posts in this thread.

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