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  1. From the information givent, the original hard drive is still locked with the password generated with the original HDKey that was on the motherboard, not the password generated with an all 1's HDKey. Error 06 means the Xbox cannot unlock the hard drive. Error 07 the hard drive cannot be accessed or has died. Is the new hard drive SATA or IDE? If SATA, Which IDE-to-SATA adapter are you using? Did you swap out the stock IDE cable for a new 80-wire 40-pin one? With the new SATA drive installed as the boot drive, did you set the IDE device selection jumper on the adapter to MASTER?
  2. Have you tried swapping the DVD drive control/power cable (the 12 pin all yellow-insulated wire cable - brown insulation on some Xboxs) from a different console?
  3. Does the OSSC show the type of signal that it is receiving - NTSC/PAL 480i, 480p etc.?
  4. You don't get High-Definition video output from a PAL Xbox. You must change it to NTSC output mode.
  5. Thanks for pointing them out to me. I had entirely missed them. I only saw the patch files in the xbox-hd-plus repository.
  6. I've hidden the bickering in the last few pages and requests by those to clean this thread. If I've left posts in that you think need to be hidden, let me know. Thanks. Carry on civilly.
  7. I did not see source for the patches. They were provided as binary data without any code to read through to understand how the patches worked.
  8. Try Evoxdash's BIOS flashing operation. When you attempt the flashing operation, what does it say the Manufacturer and Device ID are?
  9. Bad caps on the motherboard. All 5 of those 3300 microFarad 6.3Vdc low-ESR electrolytics need to be replaced.
  10. XBMC-Emustation ??? Upload the XISO file to the E, F or G:\Game folder. Run the XISO to HDD Installer script to move the dot iso into subfolder of the Games directory and to create the attach app for the disc image. Reboot. The game should now be added to the Games menu to play it.
  11. If it is a Samsung DVD drrive, take a look at this old tear down tutorial from llamma.com - Samsung Xbox DVD Dissassembly (archive.org) In particular, make sure the plastic nub shown in picture 5 is in the slot on the bottom of the DVD tray. IIRC, this is part of the spindle raising / lowering mechanism.
  12. Over the production life of the Xbox, Microsoft installed many different DVD drive brands and models. Which one do you have? Edit I think I recognize it a Samsung drive but which model in particular is it?
  13. Some Team Xecuter X2 BIOSes (4981 and 4983 - KernelBasher v1.1. The v1.0 release supported a few more older X2 BIOS releases.) and Evox BIOSes (M7 and M8, not sure about M8plus). Addresses to the image must be built into the program. Each BIOS's size is a bit different so the addresses between different versions most likely change. From KernelBasher v1.1's README.TXT file: Instructions Launch kernelbasher and open the bios you wish to edit. ,M7 & M8 are supported in this release, Make Changes and then select SaveAs, choose and name and click save. Unless you open a recognised bios you wont be able to use any of the options. As always dont run the same bios through the program twice else you'll get unexpected results. IIRC, ind-bios has its own method in load a different image from the hard drive - no injection needed.
  14. Take a look at the following PDF file included with the homebrew xbox-scene bios tool application KernelBasher v1.0: XBOX TEXT TUTORIAL.pdf https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/mnt/downloads_ams3_01/old_downloadshomebrew/xbins/PC Based Applications/bios tools/KernelBasher/_old/KernelBasher_1.0.rar Release 1.1 includes a Setup.exe file to install the application and its additional content: https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/mnt/downloads_ams3_01/old_downloadshomebrew/xbins/PC Based Applications/bios tools/KernelBasher/KernelBasherV1.1.zip On my WIndows 10 PC, running the application complains about a missing DLL file: MFC71.dll. It can be downloaded from DLL‑files.com. Extract the content from the downloaded ZIP file then copy MFC71.DLL to KernelBasher v1.1's installation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\KernelBasher\ This application only works for a limited set of modified Xbox BIOSes.

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