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  1. Use Evolution-X dashboard, evoxdash (aka Remotex) don't use a hexen disc simply run it from the hard drive. EvolutionX dashboard +3935 download link: https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/apps/dashboards/evolution-x/_official/EvolutionX Build 3935.rar Upload the extracted content to e:\apps\evoxdash\ or f:\apps\evoxdash\. Rename the file evoxdash.xbe to default.xbe. If not already present, create a bios subfolder and upload your custom bios's dot bin file into it. Power cycle the console to rebuild the applications menu of the default replacement dashboard. Run RemoteX from the Applications menu. (RemoteX is the XBE Title in evolutionx's default.xbe file header). Use the D-pad to highlight the menu options below then press A to select / enter each submenu function: System Utils Flash BIOS Select the BIOS file you wish to flash from the list of available files Finally, press Y to verify that you are ready to flash this BIOS file to the modchip. Press B to go back a level in the menu.
  2. Or, is it this Aladdin XS chip for a 1.6 Xbox that solders directly to the bottom side of the motherboard? Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20060321182522/http://www.xenochip.com/xs.html
  3. Does it look something like this one? Can you post a picture of your modchip and LPC rebuild PCB? Does it have a rebuild PCB installed? From the Wayback Machine capture of xenochip.com: Merry X'Mas with Xenochip XT White VersionThe greatest season of the year are coming. We prepare the special things for celebrate. Special version of Xenochip XT are coming with the white PCB.Xenochip XT White PCB available in Lite and Pro Version for this special event only.
  4. Ok, next question: what's the part number of the flash memory chip on the white Aladdin modchip? SST 49LF020A or 49LF020 Edit: Oh, so you can't see the parts on the other side of the PCB, only the back of the modchip is visible?
  5. 20 milliOhm ESR will cause additional internal heating of the capacitor shortening it's longevity. The original Nichicon capacitors were rated at 11milliOhms instead of their UHW series rated at 18milliOhms ESR. How much shorter the longevity ??? I don't know. Rubycon is another good manufacturer of capacitors.
  6. 20 milliOhm ESR, not ripple current - that's another specification to consider when finding a suitable replacement electrolytic capacitor.
  7. I believe you can find the DVD drive model number on UnleashX's Settings > Storage page.
  8. What brand/model is the DVD drive? Do you have higher resolution pictures than those two thumbnails?
  9. Zedlabz or Zedlabs? I don't find the Philips laser on the first's web site. Edit: I see. They don't have all the items available on the US site that are listed on the UK site.
  10. X-Tender Case Mod installation images can be seen here: https://goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/xbox/xtinstall.htm The same link that @sweetdarkdestiny mentioned already.
  11. In English, they asked, "I need help installing the xtender. It should be built into a v1.1 unfortunately I can't find any instructions all the links down" Question: Xtender modchip or three hard drive expansion kit? Google Translate: Frage: Xtender-Modchip oder Erweiterungskit für drei Festplatten?
  12. It may be new but has been sitting for over a decade in a poor storage environment that caused damage to the pickup assembly.
  13. Instant power on when AC power is connected is a clear indication of a damaged power signal trace. (The outermost trace on the bottom of the motherboard.) With AC power disconnected, measure the continuity of the trace from the small via shown in the pictures at the diy.sickmods.net Wayback Machine capture previously linked to the PIC processor. Check continuity of the matching color coded signals in the image that matches your Xbox version for the power and eject control lines.
  14. Trace rot - power signal trace damaged that leads from the front panel connector to the System Management Controller. Phantom power on / off can occur. The 4 thin traces are on the front edge on the bottom side of the motherboard. Power/Eject Troubleshooting See: http://web.archive.org/web/20180621233929/http://diy.sickmods.net/Tutorials/Xbox1/Power-Eject_Pinouts/

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