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  1. Oh well, not as extensive as @abazz009 mentioned. I'd not heard of such being displayed during gameplay but I won't say it's not possible.
  2. Looks like Xored Trainer Launcher v2.1 by acidflash supports an LCD. From its configuration file there are lines to enable and set the type of LCD in use: # LCD Support "X3","SMARTXX","ALADIN4" are validLCD_Enable = "FALSE"LCD_TYPE = "X3" Maybe it's the trainer that shows the ammo, shield and health that @abazz009 mentioned before in Halo. Continues on into the Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 too.
  3. XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 does exactly what you want. No original game disk is required. Boot the console after building the drive with it on a PC and the softmod installer starts up to finish the installation. There will be no MS dashboard installed to the C drive when completed. If you need/want to run the MS dashboard, you will have to install it by either FTPing the files for it to the C drive (Clean_C_and_E_Files_for_Xbox.7z) or download the Xbox Softmodding Tools Extras Disc and boot it. Find the menu option to install the MS dashboard to the HDD. Note: XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 requires the HDD to be connected to the PC with a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. Place the eeprom.bin backup file in the root folder where you extract XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 to lock the HDD before exiting the app. A softmodded console requires the HDD to be locked.
  4. Hmm, another thought. Are you running UnleashX? If so, check under System -> Settings -> System then scroll down to the LED Color section. Are any of these items set to Flashing RED?
  5. The infamous Red Flashing LED Xbox virus. LOL The X3 BIOS settings: X3 Config Live -> Other Startup Tweaks -> LED Color = ??? Well no, I see it only has a very limited set of options: Green (Default) Orange Off Cycle Red The BIOS, dashboard or stock BIOS error code are the only things I know of that would change the LED ring color. As for an error, the little blurb about it being an error code states this cryptic fault description: OS defective in the EEPROM I'm assuming that meant the configuration EEPROM as IIRC I'd read that others who found their config EEPROM's data being corrupted saw their eject ring flashing RED. P.S. The console doesn't happen to also have a softmod installed? Although more often than not, the screen will only be blank when both a modified BIOS and softmod are installed when you expect the dashboard to appear.
  6. I've never seen such a list. However, XBMC, XBMC4Xbox, and Avalaunch dashboards, along with DVD2Xbox are the few I know that have LCD support. Not sure if all versions of DVD2Xbox had support but the last two versions do - 0.7.7 and 0.7.8. Avalaunch supports SmartXX LCD not sure of X3 or others if there was such a thing. Update: XBlast OS XBE edition.
  7. Ok, is the dashboard configured to flash the ring red? Or, the BIOS?
  8. Did you try opening the eeprom.bin file with LiveInfo Beta 3? Reading/writing can be okay but the checksums could be wrong thus the red flashing eject ring.
  9. The chip may have died. Read the data from it - Raspberry Pi and PiPROM software or PC with Xbox EEPROM reader and PonyProg software. Store it on your PC in the file eeprom.bin and open it with LiveInfo Beta 3 Xbox v1.6 by Yoshihiro. If it cannot decode it, it's corrupted. Or, you can save the EEPROM's content with evoxdash's backup menu option. Evoxdash stores it to the eeprom.bin file in the backup folder. The backup folder is created in the path where you run evoxdash from (e.g. evoxdash in C:\ then you'll find eeprom.bin in the C:\backup folder along with several other files it created). You could run the Xbox app ConfigMagic-Xbox v1.6-Final and see if it gets an error when it reads the EEPROM's content. Anyway, a RED flashing eject ring is either an EEPROM error or the dashboard has been configured to display it. The EEPROM being the 8-pin 2048 bit serial configuration EEPROM on the Xbox motherboard.
  10. Not sure if a keyboard and mouse will work with ScummVM but a wireless setup generally requires drivers to be installed for them to work. The Xbox won't do that. Try a wired simple USB keyboard and mouse.
  11. KaosEngineer

    XEcuter 3 Ce

    Total of 99.49GiBs per extended partition - 198.98GiB's in total more than with a 2TB drive. Not worth it unless a 3 or 4TB drive is cheaper than a 2TB drive or you already have one you aren't using. Too bad the sector counter size was never increased from 32-bits to 48-bits to access more data on larger HDDs.
  12. I use Verbatim AZO dye DVD-R's and ImgBurn or Nero Buring ROM software. I've also used less expensive Philips DVD-Rs without any problem.
  13. No, haven't tried any other OXM ISOs.
  14. Those images at archive.org at least the one I checked, OXM #2, seemed to be a ReDump certified image - the hash matches - but I can't get the app, XDVDMulleter Beta 10.2, I normally use to extract the XDVDFS content to work. I just get an error when attempting to load the ISO. Other ISO's I've downloaded elsewhere that have a matching ReDump hash have had their XDVDFS content, files, extracted without a problem.
  15. Ok, can you take a picture showing the entire screen of the XBPartitioner v1.3 and post it. Just want to take a look at it. Never seen one with larger than 927.78GBs each for partitions 6 and 7.

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