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  1. Post how you resolved the situation instead of simply saying that you did. Thanks.
  2. Install and run XBPartitioner v1.3. Is there ER displayed next to the size of the two extended partitions 6 and 7?
  3. You need to use the XeniumOS to flash a new BIOS to the OpenXenium (OX) modchip. I don't think the Evoxdash used in OGXbox Installer 2021 can write a BIOS to the OX modchip. Interesting that it says you are trying to flash a Winbond TSOP. Is the flash chip on your Xbox's motherboard a Winbond chip? See the various ogXbox TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) EEPROMs that hold the Xbox's BIOS (aka Kernel) on the motherboard: https://imgur.com/c4BBUWO
  4. Is it a PAL vs. NTSC save issue instead of a signing problem? The PAL and NTSC version's game saves are stored in different folders: /E/UDATA/49470018 - JSRF PAL /E/UDATA/5345000a - JSRF NTSC Note: Or, is this naming issue a mistake at the site I'm reading? More research to do! I'd not seen the jsrffix.exe file before. Thanks for posting it here.
  5. There is NO 1.5 version of the Xbox. (Ancient Xbox Scene myth) If it's a 1.4, it has a Focus video encoder. Edit: Or, a 1.0-1.3, a Conextant video encoder.
  6. Are you sure the bank select switches are set correctly? https://imgur.com/Qr9RdtM I suspect a flakey FFC cable connection or dirty, corroded or tarnished DIP switch contact.
  7. You run the Phoenix BIOS Loader (PBL) to switch BIOS/kernels that run from RAM. You use BFM BIOSes with PBL.
  8. I believe the one closest to the 73 marking on the flex pcb is the DVD laser pot. Edit: Is this a new laser assembly or the one originally installed in the drive? If a new assembly, did you remove the two (2) anti-static protection solder bridges on the side of the assembly? The two shiny dots to the right of the dark brown and tan colored flex cable connector in the picture below. Source: https://alltroniccomputer.com.sg/products/cd-dvd-xbox-optical-pickup-sohdr16s-soh-dr16-samsung
  9. I suggest trying an 80-wire 40-pin 24" long high-speed IDE cable.
  10. Joypad? A wired ogXbox controller, Xbox 360 or other ?
  11. Correct. BFM (Bootable From Media) BIOSes do not include the hardware initialization code that is included in non-BFM BIOSes. Loading a BIOS after intiailization - from media (the hard drive) - doesn't require that code section only the kernel (OS for the Xbox). Edit: The easy fix. Install a modchip that is always enabled.
  12. Check out this post archived by the Wayback Machine from the xbox-linux.org site if you haven't already: Connecting a PC-DVD drive to the Xbox and the PDF document linked on that page. Even though this PC DVD drive could be used to read burned discs (modded console required), it could not read original game discs: Toshiba SD-M1302
  13. Which ind-bios dot bin file did you flash to your TSOP?
  14. Which XeniumOS bin file did you write to the modchips that you have built?

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