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  1. However, the SST chip is mislabeled as an 49LF020A, not 49LF002B The flash chip's JEDEC ID reports the manufacturer ID of 0xbf (SST) and the device ID of 0x57 (49LF002B), not 0xbf (SST) 0x52 (49LF020A). Edit: I too am trying to help another user with their similar looking Aladdin modchip.
  2. codejunkies.com used to have a few saves for V-Rally 3 but they are long gone. I tried finding them at archive.org too. However, since the download was started by clicking on a graphic button on the web page, they do not seem to be archived.
  3. For reference, there's a link to download a Xenium ICE installation guide here.
  4. Where they go depends on how you configuration the dashboard. Do you want to have a separate menu item to access the various Emulators or is having them listed in the Games menu work for you? Most of the Emulators has a Settings menu where you can change the folder they look to find the ROMS for it. By default, most look in the D:\ROMS folder which is the ROMS subfolder where its default.xbe file is located. D:\ in this case does not mean the DVD drive.
  5. Pin 6 and 12 look like they could use a bit more solder to make a good connection to the LPC debug port pads. Edit: Add pin 2 to that list too.
  6. Which dashboard are you running? By default, XBMC4Xbox-based dashboards do not list the cache drives: X, Y and Z when you FTP to your console. If they are in fact missing/deleted, UnleashX can easily re-create the X, Y and Z drives . Your installation of UnleashX may have a Clear Cache menu option that will create them and clear UnleashX's cache file. If not, edit UnleashX's config.xml file to add the following lines where you want them in the menu: <List Text="Format cache drives: X, Y and Z" Sort="Off" Batch="True"> <Item Action="Format" Arg1="X"/> <Item Action="Format" Arg1="Y"/> <Item Action="Format" Arg1="Z"/> </List> Somewhere inside the <List Text="System" Sort="Off" Auto="On"> ... </List> section so it's not in the top-level menu.
  7. C:\evoxdash.xbe (2.91MBs) is actually UnleashX's XBE file renamed to evoxdash.xbe. Evox +3935's XBE file is 752KBs in size while UnleashX 0.39.0528A Build 584 is 2.91MBs.
  8. Is this table wrong? Standby 5Vdc is on the RED wire and not the ORANGE wires. At the moment, I don't have a 1.6 Xbox to measure them. As well, the BLUE wire doesn't have 3.3V when in STB mode?
  9. It's a problem with UnleashX when widescreen is enabled. The dashboard does not scale things properly. Edit: I thought it was only with widescreen enabled; however, it must be with any resolutions higher than 480. Without the source code for UnleashX, I don't believe it will ever be fixed.
  10. Is it a v1.6 Xbox? I believe the resign of the 1.6 motherboard with 5Vdc standby has power always applied to those capacitors all the time it is connected to AC power. The console itself does not have to be on just plugged in.
  11. Those bad/leaking capacitors by the CPU heatsink. They have a different case style than the originals but are the same series (HD) / specs as the metal can cased capacitors.
  12. Nichicon 1500uF 6.3Vdc ultra-low ESR 105 degree C rated electrolytic capacitor https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/293/e-hd-22785.pdf https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nichicon/UHD0J152MPD?qs=4rl4CYS9CJADWZ%2F01acxtg%3D%3D
  13. What? You can use an external programmer to reflash a BIOS to the flash memory chip.
  14. No, the TSOP is not connected to the LPC port.
  15. Do you have one of each of the eight (8) different models of DVD drives used in the Xbox?

    1. Thomson TGM600 manufactured Pre-2003
    2. Thomson manufactured 2003+
    3. Philips VAD6011/21
    4. Philips VAD6035/21
    5. Samsung Ver. A
    6. Samsung Ver. B
    7. Samsung Ver. F
    8. Hitachi GDR-8050L

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