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  1. I don't think you can play Brute Force on the CXBX-Reloaded emulator. It does not play all Xbox games. There is a very limited set of playable games on it.
  2. The Q drive is a drive mapped to the path where XBMC or its variants' (XBMC4Gamers, XBMC-Emustation) default.xbe file is stored on the hard drive (e.g., E:\XBMC\default.xbe; making Q:\ equivalent to E:\XBMC). The P drive is a drive mapped to the Profile directory.
  3. Yes, PBL loads a different kernel/BIOS into RAM. Replacing the one the Xbox booted from the modchip. You use a bootable from media (BFM) version of a BIOS with PBL.
  4. Electrolytic caps have a tolerance specification. Generally, +/- 20%. So, 3501uF is within spec for a 3300uF capacitor.
  5. I'm not sure what happened to the image. After I edited the post it was being displayed but when I looked this time it was not. I fixed it. Hopefully!
  6. ? If you see the Evox logo, it is booting. Do you see the stock MS dashboard? If so, you are ready to proceed to the next step of modding the Xbox. Installation of the modchip to boot a modified Xbox BIOS is only the first step in hard modding the Xbox. Next, you need to download, extract, burn to DVD-R media then boot an installer disc (e.g., OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.3) to install a replacement dashboard.
  7. The Boot Partitions and Executables settings of the Evox BIOS may not be set to load your replacement dashboard. The default settings for them in the stock as distributed by Team Evolution-X are: C:\evoXdash.xbe C:\AvaDash.xbe C:\neXgen.xbe Where is your replacement dashboard installed on the Xbox's hard drive? Do you even have one installed? Is it booting into the stock MS Dashboard or stuck at the big X logo at the end of the startup (flubber) animation? What do you mean by (see next post)
  8. Since you see the EvoX shield, the modchip is working as it should be. D0 and BT are correctly connected. However, ... (see next post)
  9. Download the distribution version of Evox M8plus and EVTool v1.0.9. Extract both archives then run EVTool. Click on Open... and browse to the location of the file, M8plus_16.bin, to load the BIOS into the app. Change the LBA48 settings drop down selection, DVD Drive Check, and EvoX Logo check boxes as shown below: Note: Depending where your default dashboard is installed, you may need to make changes to the Boot Partitions and Executables section. Click Save as... to create a new dot bin file with the changes. Give the updated BIOS a different name (e.g., m8plus_
  10. Aladdin modchip only has 1 256KB BIOS bank so they are limited to using the Evox M8 plus_16.bin of it since it is the only 256KB BIOS for a v1.6 console.
  11. PBL or without for the OGXbox Installer disc doesn't affect the operation of the application. From what I understand, the difference is the way it runs. It has nothing to do with how your Xbox is modded. The PBL version loads a BFM (boot from media) BIOS so there's a fixed known BIOS being used to run the application. Without PBL, the BIOS on your modchip/TSOP is used to run the app. Differences in BIOS LBA48 configurations can result in accessing the hard drive and it's extended partitions in different ways. Content visible with one BIOS will seem to disappear with a
  12. Thomson TGM600
  13. If the custom .cfg has a flaw in it's settings, it could prevent the console from booting. Hard to fix with only 1 bank on the TSOP. Modchips with 2 or more banks to switch between allow you to test a custom BIOS config and have a fall back if it doesn't work. Yes, upload the app well the complete archive of NMS TSOP Flasher and Auto Installer 3.0. I only find the 2.0 release on the xbins FTP server mirror web sites.
  14. Correct - do not have both installed at the same time. It is my understanding that one of the pads, R3 or R4, is at 3.3Vdc and the other at ground. If you have both bridges from the center pad to R3 and R4 installed at the same time, you are shorting out the 3.3Vdc power supply. And, the center pad I believe connects to one of the pins on the CPLD chip which changes the write and/or erase cycle logic of the CPLD to work with either an SST49LF020A (R3 to center bridged - yellow to black) or SST49LF002B (R4 to center pad bridged - yellow to green) flash memory chip. However, I do not have a
  15. That should not matter the resistor and LED simply tie to Vcc on one side and ground on the other in a series circuit with a current limiting resistor: Vcc ---LED---\/\/\/\--- Ground or Vcc---\/\/\/\---LED---Ground The direction the LED is installed in matters. If it does not light up, turn it around ( Anode end ---|>|--- cathode end ). The LED is a light emitting diode. It has an anode (+ positive) and a cathode (- negative) terminal. The anode needs to be connected to the more positive (higher) voltage level and the cathode to the more negative (lower) voltage level. E

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