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  1. UnleashX does not automagically add a new game to the menu list once you have added its content to the hard drive. It only builds the menu when it starts up. You have to restart UnleashX (reboot) or run the game and exit which restarts UnleashX. Or, manually refresh the Game Menu. Highlight it in the menu list (it is the selected menu item) then press the Start button and select Refresh List... in the pop-up menu that appears.
  2. What hard drive model do you have installed? If it is a SATA hard drive and IDE-to-SATA adapter combo, are you using the stock 40-wire 40-pin IDE cable or an 80-wire 40-pin high-speed IDE/Ultra ATA cable?
  3. @sinclairuser, what version of FileZilla do you currently have installed? and, which version did you have installed that had problems? I have updated many times since I last knew that large file uploads were working. My current version on Windows 10 is 3.45.1. My Xbox's hard drive does not have much space left to try uploading a huge file at this time to test this version of the FTP client.
  4. There are two different types of disc images available on the net. XISO and ReDump-style complete dual-layer disc images. The XISO disc images that are generally used on the Xbox contain only the files from the XDVDFS portion of the ReDump disc images. Those files are all that's needed to play. I've not had much luck burning a dual-layer ReDump disc image and having it work. You can use XDVDMulleter 10.2 Beta found in ogXbox.com's Download section to extract the XDVDFS portion from a ReDump disc image. ReDump image archives are usually very large - >5GBs. Most games file sets or XISO images are <4.7GBs but not all. There are a few games that are larger than a standard single layer DVD-R's 4.7GB max size. Updated size of ReDump-style archive's that hold the dot iso files. An XISO-format dot ISO disc image file's content can be extracted with Qwix v1.0.1 or C-Xbox Tool 2.0.6 or 2.0.7. These two Windows applications are also available in this web site's download section.
  5. There's a prebuilt Extras ISO available from Rocky5's google drive repository for the latest Xbox Softmodding Tool build. Xbox Softmod Kit Updates - Google Drive
  6. Some of the files may have been uploaded as text files which messes them up. All should be transferred in binary mode. Text (aka ASCII) transfer mode sets the most significant bit of every byte transferred to 0. For example, a byte of 10001101 would be transferred as 00001101.
  7. There are NTSC and PAL saves available for Rayman 3 from the old now defunct xbox-saves.com web site: NTSC - All levels unlocked - https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/files/55530002.zip PAL-UK level 17 by Granuz (Ita) - https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/files/55530002_004110AB133B_3C15P2937.zip The UDATA and TDATA folders for this game are named 55530002 - Rayman 3's assigned TitleID.
  8. Some game's save files are signed with the HDDKey of the Xbox they were generated on. I'm not sure if this Rayman game signs its save file. But, if it does, it should have never worked when transferred from the Xbox it was originally created on.
  9. Did you install it the wrong way around? That could possibly cause it to lose it's magic blue smoke.
  10. The XBlast OS can browse the hard drive to locate the BIOS dot bin file you want to flash to the chip. Be it to flash to the motheboard's TSOP or an LPC installed Aladdin-XBlast or XBlast Lite modchip. Flashing to the TSOP will have no bank switching to select a different BIOS or bank to flash. Best to obtain or upgrade an Aladdin XT plus 2 with the Aladdin-XBlast CPLD code (JTAG programmer required) and replace the 256KB flash memory chip (SST49LF020) with a 1MB (SST49LF080) chip then flash it with the XBlastOS BIOS.
  11. I know just wanted to have someone else tell them the same thing. Hopefully, they will believe you.
  12. What BIOS version are you booting? The Aladdin modchip's Long Power Button press to activate it is a function of how that chip works. You connect BT to the power button signal coming from the front panel to control if you boot the motherboard's BIOS (short tap) or modchip (>1second press) and on some versions disable write protection (>4 or 5 second power button press on startup). Instead, solder BT to ground for always on mode. Aladdin XT Always-ON Mod (Strap BT to GND) Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20160331200649/http://xbox.bula.nu/aladdin/xt/BTGround_resize.jpg
  13. First question answer: Ground the BT point on the Aladdin modchip. Second question, possible answer and more questions for you: Sounds like you have a bad rip. Are you running it from a download you obtained from the Internet or a rip from your own original game disc?
  14. The set of instructions to create a bootable thumbdrive for XboxHDM2.2a were available in forum posts at Xbox-scene.com. However, that site is no longer online, but a copy can be accessed on the WayBack Machine at: http://web.archive.org/web/20130125005924/http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=649031 but only page 1 of 16 is accessible . that starts with XboxHDM2.1 not 2.2's insturctions. There's a tutorial linked there by scullc in step 5. And another date's forum thread with more of the pages accessible (at least 1 page 11 of 16): http://web.archive.org/web/20141025053853/http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?/topic/649031-xboxhdm2-usb-edition-alpha-release/page-11#entry4499718 The information directing you there is in the files included in the XBOX_HDM_2.2a.7z archive a bit hidden in documentation inside the help folder - xboxhdm2FAQ.pdf and xboxhdm2_2 release notes.txt - to know that you should look there to find them. I'd thought I'd found a more complete tutorial for the 2.2a version but cannot find it. It must have been stored on my old DEAD hard drive that I had a lot of Xbox modding files downloaded to. Update: A different thread for Xbox HDM 2.2 http://web.archive.org/web/20141024153702/http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?/topic/690646-xboxhdm-22-usb-edition/
  15. To upgrade an older non-Xbox Softmodding Tool softmod, use the Quick Upgrade package that's available for Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool. Currently found in the Build v1.1.6/Installer Variants folder named Quick Upgrade.zip Extract and install it to the E drive as stated in the included instructions, Read Me.txt, and run it from your old softmodded console's replacement dashboard's file manager.

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