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  1. Here's a Tutorial/Guide for Testing the Power and Eject signals to the Xbox's System Management Controller (SMC) a PIC processor or the MS custom Xyclops chip from the now defunct diy.sickmods.net web site. SICKmods _ Xbox1 _ Power Eject Pinouts.pdf Edit: Changed PDF to one with clickable links to WayBack Machine captured content.
  2. That's a good question. The links I've seen for them no longer work.
  3. Here's the 1.2-1.5 version of the Power/Eject signals to/from the PIC and front panel connector: The front panel and PIC connections are the same for v1.0-1.1 and 1.2-1.5; however, the layouts are slightly different with a few of the other parts around those items having different part numbers.
  4. Advantages: Some if not all emulators can use the additional RAM which allows some games to run properly that would not without it. There are a few Sega Chihiro arcade games that will run on the Xbox once the additional RAM is added. XBMC can use the additional RAM to improve video playback. The Xbox runs the Linux distributions ported to it better with 128MBs of RAM than with only 64MBs. You can use the retail Xbox as a debug kit when properly configured. (Not to say that you can't with only 64MB; however, debug kits all have 128MBs of RAM.) Disadvantages: None
  5. The electrolyte leaking clock cap damages traces on the under side of the motherboard on the front edge of the printed circuit board. There are 4 very thin traces that carry the power, eject and front panel Red and Green LED control signals to and from the Xbox's System Management Controller (SMC) - a PIC processor on v1.0-1.5 consoles and the Xyclops chip on v1.6 models. The damage can cause phantom power on and off operation of the console and DVD tray load/unload problem if really bad. Remove the clock cap and clean the residue off both the top and bottom of the motherboard. Look for damage on the bottom side of the motherboard such as shown in the following picture: Repair the damage. There are several ways to go about doing so. Fix each trace by cleaning off the solder mask and solder a wire on each end to bridge over every small damaged section of the trace. Or, find the starting and ending points for all 4 of these traces and solder a new wire to connect the front panel signal to the SMC bypassing all 4 traces. Use 26 - 30 Average Wire Gauge (AWG) insulated wire-wrap wire.
  6. A1: HeXEn copies the ind-bios.cfg file to the hard drive when you use the menu option to flash a Modchip or the TSOP. A2: Yes A3: Yes, the ind-bios.cfg configuration file has an option to set if you have installed the additional 64MB of RAM: USEUSEALLMEMORY=0 ;Use 128mb of Ram if Available Default=0 I believe it is set to 0 when 64MB or 1 when 128MB of RAM is installed. It's a binary flag to disable (0) / enable (1) the named operation. I'm not sure if there's a typo in the 5003 and Beta Feb-11-05 (aka 5004) BIOS archives as the ind-bios.cfg file reads USEUSEALLMEMORY. Most other options just say USE<option> = 0 or 1, not USEUSE<option> = <flag value: 0 = disable, 1 = enable>. A4: RAM UPGRADE DISADVANTAGES If you don't know how to solder 100 pin fine pitch surface mount chips and have the proper equipment, you could destroy the motherboard making it no longer work. Do NOT attempt it if you have not soldered other similar chips onto a printed circuit board. Practice, practice, practice! Expensive of obtaining the parts and tools to do the installation.
  7. No, it is not. The XOSVP is an Xbox to component video with optical audio output adapter. The short cable connecting the Xbox to the external adapter uses a VGA connector but it is not VGA out. The VGA cable/connector provided an inexpensive way to provide shielded impedance matched 75 Ohm coax cables needed to carry and connect the high frequency component video, and other wires for digital audio and other signals from the Xbox to the external adapter box.
  8. Do you have the game: Steel Batallion (2002 release) or the sequel: Steel Batallion: Line of Contact (2004 release). The first doesn't support Custom Soundtracks or online System Link multiplayer action. The sequel supports both of those features.
  9. Yes, you can do an ATA Secure Erase to wipe the current contents and delete the locking password. Then, reuse it in a PC or other device that you want that can use an unformatted hard drive. I'm not sure which application(s) support sending the ATA command to perform the secure erase function of a locked hard drive.
  10. Information about the various values stored inside the configuration EEPROM can be found at https://xboxdevwiki.net/EEPROM (https://xboxdevwiki.net/EEPROM).
  11. No. I believe that's the reason there are three Xbox versions in the top drop down box - Xbox Version 1.0, Xbox Version 1.1 and Xbox Version 1.6. Three different RC4 keys used to encrypt the various sections of the EEPROM. I've not researched it enough to verify that there are 3 different RC4 keys used though. Update: The source code is available for the LiveInfo Beta 3 v1.6 application too.
  12. The BIOS banks and the configuration EEPROM are two different things. On most Xbox motherboards, the BIOS is stored in a TSOP flash memory chip. On a 1.6 motherboard, the BIOS is stored in the custom Xyclops chip that replaces several chips on previous motherboards. For a v1.6 Xbox, the configuration data is stored in an 8-pin serial 2048-bit (256 byte) EEPROM at location U7D1 by the LPC Debug port.
  13. You sort of create an eeprom.bin file for your v1.6 console with the LiveInfo_Beta_3-Xbox_v1.6-Yoshihiro Windows application. ( Since I'm not sure you can click on links to download files, here it is in plain text - https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/xbins/PC Based Applications/eeprom tools/liveinfo/LiveInfo_Beta_3-Xbox_v1.6-Yoshihiro.rar - copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.) You can enter your serial number from the serial number sticker on the bottom of the case and the HDDKey; however, you no longer know this value as it's been deleted, into the program's entry fields. You don't know the Ethernet MAC address to fill in that box either. Change the top download box to Xbox Version 1.6 before clicking on the Save as .BIN button. I wish someone would redo or make an app to load in an eeprom.bin file, decode all of the data and display the current settings and allow changes to be made then save an updated eeprom.bin file. Looking at it maybe this app already does enough of those items. Screenshot:
  14. Was the console it was installed in GONE? How was that console modded?
  15. Takes time but you'll get the meaning. Mod it or lose it, KaosEngineer

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