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  1. Sega Chihiro Game Pack.rar (916MBs)
  2. I believe to make the change persistent across reboots, you need to use the NKPatcher Settings application to modify the softmod's settings. From Rocky5's github.com Xbox Softmodding Tool repository's README.md file: 7.1 Flicker Filter Used to change the blur amount when using 480i and 576i video signals. Disable Off Low Semi Medium Medium Semi High High
  3. The HDD ready version of Burnout 3 on archive.org is missing a few hundred megabytes of files. There is an additional file on there that contains the missing content that needs to be added to the original HDD ready game's content. Search for Burnout 3: Takedown (USA) hang fix.
  4. Which AV cable type are you using: Composite, High-Definition, HDMI, other?
  5. The 3300uF low/ultra-low ESR 6.3Vdc 105 degree C rated electrolytic caps may be causing voltage level anomalies and the DVD drive is not being powered properly which could be causing the error 12 problem.
  6. Strange, I had no problems with my purchase from him. Always responded to my emails. I didn't get in on the first round of pre-orders but bought a kit and fully constructed unit shortly after the initial release.
  7. After connecting the component cable, did you go into the MS dashboard to enable 480p in the Video Settings?
  8. You'll need to upgrade/update XBMC4Gamers to the latest test release. I believe you have to do the upgrade/update process twice to have the latest version installed. Next, download the Artwork Installer. It's a separate application now instead of a script. Run it.
  9. Which BIOS is it using? The BIOS you are booting doesn't support reading an XBPartitioner partition table from the hard drive. And possibly, the use of 32KB or 64KB cluster allocations.
  10. So, the game played properly with the component AV cable connected even though all the high-definition settings were turned off in the MS dashboard's video settings - 480i resolution?
  11. All those items not included in the menu of UnleashX can be added by editing its config.xml file. For more information read: However, UnleashX will not correctly format the extended partitions of a hard drive if they are larger than 256GBs. It only supports 16KB cluster allocations which is limited to an extended partition size of 256GBs. The extended partitions on an Xbox hard drive are 6 and 7. The F and G drives respectively.
  12. Give that a try. I know there's at least one game, can't remember the name of it right now, that has a problem showing a black screen with composite connected again after a component cable was used and had the high-definition settings enabled in the MS dashboard. A bug in the code, not exactly which code - XDK libraries or dev's game code, isn't checking the cable type in use and sees that high definition settings are enabled in the configuration EEPROM so setting up component output without checking the cable type in use - composite vs. component. I believe the game is sending out high definition video to the component pins of the AV connector while the composite cable is connected. The two video signal types, composite and component, are carried through different sets of pins on the AV connector.
  13. You copied both saves to the Xbox's hard drive. The exploit Linux profile folder for the game you will mod the console with, in your case for SC - 5553000c, and the softmod installer folder, 21585554, too.
  14. SID has a problem with a date after, I believe, June 6, 2019 - the maximum date value it checks for the date/time being out of range. Not exactly sure why they didn't set the year to something much larger 2099, 2999. With SID if the date is past the maximum check value, the softmod will reset the date time to its minimum set value of midnight 1/1/2007. Edit: Not to say that Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool doesn't use the same date/time out-of-bounds checks; however, its maxtimefields data is set to midnight 1/1/2099. from ernie.asm: maxtimefields dw 2099 ; Year dw 1 ; Month dw 1 ; Day dw 0 ; Hour dw 0 ; Minute dw 0 ; Second dw 0 ; Milliseconds dw 0 ; Weekday (ignored)

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