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  1. Did you Did you have a replacement dashboard installed at one of the locations that CerBIOS looks for one? CertBIOS boot order list from cerbios.ini: DashPath1 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe (aka C:\evoxdash.xbe) DashPath2 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\avalaunch.xbe (aka C:\avalaunch.xbe) DashPath3 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\nexgen.xbe (aka C:\nexgen.xbe) FYI: Gentoox Loader 6.07 can be downloaded from sourceforge.net: Linux on the Microsoft Xbox - Browse /Gentoox/Loader at SourceForge.net Loader.xbe in the tbz2 archive there.
  2. Use Evoxdash +3935 to flash the TSOP. Create a BIOS subfolder where it's default.xbe file is installed (e.g., E:\Apps\Evoxdash\BIOS fi Evoxdash is installed at E:\Apps\Evoxdash\default.xbe). Use its System Utils > Flash BIOS menu option to select CerBIOS's dot bin file in that folder. If you use Gentoox Loader to flash the TSOP on your v1.1 Xbox, make sure you use a 1MB (file created with 4x copies of the CerBIOS's 256KB dot bin) file. Gentoox does NOT resize the BIOS to fit the flash memory chip as does Evoxdash or XBlastOS.
  3. At the end of the startup animation once Microsoft appears under the big X logo, the hard drive is unlocked. You could also disconnect the DVD drive from IDE cable and once the error screen appears the hard drive should be unlocked too.
  4. Forget that the buggy xplorer360 ever existed. Try FATXplorer 3.0 Beta. When you hotswap connect the Xbox drive to your PC before powering on the Xbox, connect a wire from the PC's power supply ground to the Xbox's shield (aka ground). Then, do the hotswap connect again. Start FATXplorer 3.0 Beta can it access/mount partition 4. Report back if it is or not.
  5. Here's the Titan patch developer's response: gaasedelen commented yesterday There's nothing special about Titan's disk format, but the BIOS computes the length of the F partition based on the physical size of the disk. Scene tools and BIOS' do the same, but would clamp at 0xFFFFFFFF sectors in the event of a larger disk. So technically Titan should be compatible with drives formatted using old scene tools under the following conditions: The HDD must use standard retail partition sizes & clusters for the first 5 partitions The HDD must be formatted with 'F takes all' / 'F takes the rest of the HDD' for the 6th partition This means that Titan does NOT support F & G schemes or drives The HDD must report its drive size as less than 2199023255040 bytes (2.2tb, or 0xFFFFFFFF sectors) I assume most/all 2TB drives should be well under this? If you're using a 1TB drive you should certainly be fine. Using a 3TB drive formatted with 'F takes all' will not work under Titan. It might boot, but files will be missing or start getting corrupted on the F partition. A 1-2TB drive should be fine though. --------------------------------------------
  6. I just posted the question asking the developer of the Titan patches for M8plus if a currently formatted hard drive will need to be reformatted or is Titan able to work with extended partitions already present on the hard drive. Awaiting their answer.
  7. Do you have an installer disc (e.g. OGXbox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4)? Load it into the DVD drive then power cycle the console. Does it boot? The BIOS is to load the default.xbe file from the disc in the DVD drive before it attempts to load a replacement dashboard in the boot order list of the BIOS from the hard drive.
  8. Did you copy over any other files from the patched ind-bios archive to the Xbox hard drive than the BIOS's dot bin and ind-bios.cfg files ?
  9. On my console when booting the patched ind-bios 5003.67.bin BIOS, at first, the eject light flashes green with the screen displaying the text "loading ind-bios" in white on a black background. After a few seconds, the eject ring turns solid green and the screen changes to a white background with a big green X logo and the text ind-bios printed below it. After a couple of seconds of this screen, my default dashboard's - UnleashX's - splash screen appears followed by the dashboard's menu.
  10. Not so, there's this nice, currently FREE, application that allows you to mount and read/write content from/to an original XBOX's unlocked FATX formatted hard drive: FATXplorer 3.0 Beta It is a .NET 6.0 Desktop application that requires installation of the .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime to run it on a Windows PC. Edit: There's also XboxHDM with several releases available to be able to read the content. The latest XboxHDM-2.3-Beta 4 release can be used to read the content of an Xbox SATA hard drive connected to a computer's SATA port. No need for native IDE port on the computer. Other XboxHDM23USB releases, Beta 2 and Beta 3, are configured to access the Xbox hard drive - SATA or IDE - with a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. USB 2.0 adapters have a better chance of being supported than USB 3.0 adapters. Earliler releases of xboxhdm, 1.9 and 2.2a, require a native IDE port to access the Xbox hard drive.
  11. Not planning to replace it, just need to connect the hard drive to your PC and check the ind-bios.cfg file's content. Is it a SATA or IDE hard drive? Weird, I've not seen the ind-bios do that before. At least, I don't recall ever seeing it flash that pattern.
  12. Do you know if the hard drive was locked or unlocked? What color(s) is/are the Eject ring flashing?
  13. Thanks. evoxdash.xbe and evoxdash.gam contain the same content. The x2 5035 BIOS's configuration file is set to load C:\evoxdash.xbe first which then loads E:\apps\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe to start XBMC4Gamers as the default replacement dashboard. I suggest reflashing your TSOP for testing Blinx 2's blank screen problem with iND-BiOS.5003.67.bin from the following archive: IND-BIOS 5003 Shutdown+Ram Patched+XBL Enabled.zip - Google Drive If the Google Drive link doesn't allow you to download the file, let me know and I'll place it in another bitlocker site for you to download it. Create a BIOS subfolder on the C drive and upload it there. Run the XBlastOS.xbe file and use its HDD flash option to update the BIOS on your TSOP.
  14. hmm, this shortcut file is a made with a different tool than what I'm used to. The XBE Shortcut Maker v2.0 creates a 64KB file while this one is only 60KBs. Attach the other evoxdash.??? files that are in the root directory of the C drive. It does show that it's to load XBMC4Gamers; however, I don't see the full or device path to the default.xbe file inside this 60KB shortcut file. Edit: Oops, I found it: e:\apps\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe It would still be nice to have the other evoxdash.??? named files to see what they contain. Thanks. Edit 2: Ah ha, from what I've determined this shortcut file, 60 KBs in size, was created with XBE Shortcut Maker v1.0. v1.0 requires an old unsupported on Windows 10 version of .NET Framework to be installed for it to run. I don't use the v1.0 version on Windows 10 for that reason but I do use the v2.0 release. XBE Shortcut Maker v2.0 does not require .NET Framework to run. Shortcut files created with it are 64 KBs in size instead of 60 KBs.

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