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  1. Run XBPartitioner v1.3 on your Xbox. What does it show for the configuration of the two extended partitions 6 and 7 (F and G drives)?
  2. Memory Error - for some reason the memory on the motherboard is not functioning properly. It could be a broken trace, dead drive transistor, bad RAM chip, solder splash on the motherboard. So, many things can cause this problem to occur. Was it working before then after doing some work on the motherboard it started showing this error code on the eject ring?
  3. Unless you do split the TSOP, it may not work. Some of the data structures of the BIOS are read from the start of the flash address space while some are read from the end of the address space. Thus, some of the information read from the first 256KBs of the flash while others read from the last 256KBS of the flash. Splitting the TSOP in half by forcing A19 high or low has been used by many people and worked. However, I prefer to use a modchip if multiple BIOSes are to be booted. The Xbox Linux team's main discussion in that article describes the process of only forcing A18 and/or A19 low, not both logic levels low or high.
  4. It has also been recommended by the Xbox-Linux group to NOT split the TSOP by forcing address lines high or low. It may work correctly for some BIOSes flashed to the various 256KB sections of the 1MB flash memory chip but not others. And, you may destroy the MCPX in the process. Why you shouldn't do TSOP Splitting - Xbox-Linux (archive.org)
  5. I see this is the actually the second time I've seen an Atmel chip in an Xbox. The first time was a couple years ago in a different thread on this website: I only remembered these TSOP flash memory chips:
  6. Maybe so. It has been a long time since I looked at Cxbx. Let me take a look at the latest release available on the xbins mirroring website. There are Import Exe and Save Xbe menu options. However, I don't believe its as simple as this makes it seem to convert a PC Exe file to a working Xbox Xbe. Without linking the library code for various Xbox operations/functions, a PC Exe file is not going to magically run on an Xbox.
  7. Hmm, you may be able to boot one of the Linux-based flashing discs to reflash the Atmel TSOP. It runs the Linux application raincoat to flash the TSOP. https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/mnt/downloads_ams3_01/old_downloadshomebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications/bios/bios tools/Eurasia Flash Disc/eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_3.zip You'll have to replace the bios.bin file with the BIOS you want to flash to the TSOP. Or, create a second BIOS disc and swap disc when it ejects the DVD tray.
  8. Oh, right. You flashed your TSOP with XBlastOS. With it booting the console, you can't do normal Xbox things like play a game or run the stock or replacement dashboard from the hard drive. Edit: Unsolder it from the motherboard, flash a modified Xbox BIOS to it using an external programmer, then resolder it to the motherboard. XBlastOS's flashing software most likely has the ability to flash an Atmel 49F002A; however, it doesn't know that it can. The chip's ID is not included in the known flashtypes data structure.
  9. The compilation process of a program for the Xbox, XBMC4Xbox in this case, is set in the project file for Visual Studio as seen in this dot vcproj file: https://redmine.exotica.org.uk/projects/xbmc4xbox/repository/xbmc4xbox/revisions/33032/entry/trunk/xbmc.vcproj and the Build.bat file: https://redmine.exotica.org.uk/projects/xbmc4xbox/repository/xbmc4xbox/revisions/33032/entry/trunk/Build.bat
  10. When the XDK compiles a program for the Xbox on a PC, it firsts creates an EXE file that then gets converted to an XBE file for the Xbox. There must be an application in the XDK to do this conversion. It has been too long since I worked with the XDK on a PC to compile XBMC that I don't recall exactly how the conversion was done. I currently do not have a PC with the XDK and Visual Studio 2003 installed to compile XBMC to see what happens.
  11. CXBX does just the opposite. It attempts to convert an XBE file to an EXE to run it on a PC.
  12. That is the first Atmel TSOP I've seen on an Xbox motherboard. Thanks for sharing the photo. Try using Evoxdash to flash a BIOS to the Atmel TSOP instead of XBlastOS. I do not see the Atmel flash listed in the supported flash chips of XBlastOS. When using Evoxdash's Flash BIOS menu option, what does it display for the Manufacturer and Device IDs?
  13. Please post a picture showing the motherboard's Atmel AT49F002A TSOP flash memory chip.
  14. It was previously softmodded though since it has the Do not touch anything in here folder. Thus, the file that holds the shadowC drive's content, shadowC.img, is still present in the C:\nkpatcher\shadowc folder. Actually, the entire nkpatcher folder is not needed for a hard modded console. Edit: And, the stock Xbox dashboard files are not present on the C drive.
  15. Some TV sets share the green RCA Y component video input jack for composite video in as well. You connect the standard definition (480i) cable's yellow RCA jack to it. Many sets autodetect the input signal type but some require the user to select the video signal type connected to the video input. Which brand/model is the TV set?

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