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  1. Flicker Fucker.exe attached. It's build 007 the latest ever released. I found the pre-built executable for it but not the source code that used to be available online as well. There's a compatibility list on the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20070527003321/http://www.seedwiki.com/wiki/ff_compatibility_list More info on Flicker Fucker at it's old web site archived by the Wayback Machine too but not the executable or source http://web.archive.org/web/20070524122228/http://xbox.nugnugnug.com/FlickerFucker/ Flicker Fucker.exe MD5 Hash: 891093DDEE06ED9DC22EAC8EF21AE0A9
  2. The Xbox is very finicky about which USB thumb drives it works with. Not exactly what it doesn't like. I have no problems using old generic 64MB keys but even some older 1GB keys don't work. I've heard that using an SD-to-USB adapter with a <=4GB SD card works well. (I have not tried it as my old 64MB USB Key works well 4 me.) There are specific settings you have to use with drivedroid to get it to work. Read the tutorial at https://www.reddit.com/r/originalXbox/wiki/drivedroid
  3. Read Grimdoomer's blog on using a Raspberry Pi and PiPROM software to read the Xbox's serial configuration EEPROM data: Read/Write an Xbox EEPROM with a Raspberry Pi You use SDA, SCL and GND pins of the Raspberry PI's GPIO connector.
  4. The newest XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 starts in Windows and runs Linux under QEMU. The Linux build does format and writes to the FATX partitions. (Xbox HDD connected to the PC via a USB-to-HDD interface adapter as delivered. For SATA HDDs, the scripts can be modded to use a PC's SATA ports instead. However, the user has to make sure they work with the correct HDD else they format their PC's OS drive.) The older versions, XboxHDM v1.9 or v2.2a boot from CD or USB key and they too, I think, start QEMU to boot Linux to prep the Xbox HDD. Xbox HDD connected to a native IDE interface on the PC's motherboard. You need the Clean_C_and_E_files_for_Xbox.7z archive that was hosted at theisozone to add the files from it to XboxHDM's folders hdm/C and hdm/E (well E's not really important a couple of empty folders that the Xbox will create on bootup if not found.)
  5. Ok. I think that ISO was just patched to allow playing the offline missions without requiring an Xbox Live account on the console. It didn't also have the online missions patches applied to play them offline as well. Here are a few more: [Mod] Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 ( Episode 4 Wilds area test) PSO1_PSO4_v0.01.7z The link was already removed as being dead. and [Mod] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [NTSC] (Uncut) [EP Hosted] Links Code: Theft Auto San Andreas (Uncut).7z.001 Theft Auto San Andreas (Uncut).7z.002 Theft Auto San Andreas (Uncut).7z.003 Theft Auto San Andreas (Uncut).7z.004 along with the patch file addon A v1.0.7z
  6. Had you also downloaded Zorlon's pre-patched ISO version. It was a three-part 7-zip archive: This is hacked so you do not require xbox live to play the offline mode Phantasy Star Online.iso - 1.73GB Code: Star Online.7z.001 Star Online.7z.002 Star Online.7z.003 Above links are offline. Source: https://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?61746-Phantasy-Star-Online-Episodes-1-amp-2-NTSC-U-(Cracked)-EP-Hosted&highlight=phantasy+star+online+iso
  7. Thanks @nikeymikey I see that it was recently added, 1 Aug 2019, to archive.org's XBHomebrew download section along with several other new additions.
  8. The file is actually a 7-Zip archive, not a standard zip file. Windows' built-in zip extraction doesn't know how to extract a 7-Zip archive. The file should really be named: Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball [NTSC-U] [HDD Fix].7z WinRAR and 7-Zip archive tools check the magic number in the file header to know which extraction routine to use, not just the file's extension.
  9. Been looking for these for a long time. All of the download links Zorlon posted are offline. You now need to find a copy of Mad Dog McCree for the Xbox ported by jago138.
  10. Flip the switch on the DuoX2 and boot the other bank. Not exactly sure which BIOS it may have on it. Generally, I always thought a v1.6 Xbox BIOS would boot on a 1.0-1.5 version, not recommended to leave it this way but reflash with a 1.0-1.5 BIOS. Booting to the MS dashboard indicates that your replacement dashboard is stored in a different location than the BIOS is attempting to load. The MS dashboard is the final dashboard attempted if all others in the boot order list fail
  11. How is your Xbox modded? The hard drive will have to be UNLOCKED for the PC and HDD Raw Copy to read the content to create the backup. Select the type of backup file to be created: - .imgc - compressed backup - .img - uncompressed backup
  12. The dashboard is an Xbox executable file - xbe extension. Most modified BIOSes try first to load the file evoxdash.xbe from the root of the C drive. There are other dashboard files tried if that one is not found finally, the xboxdash.xbe file is tried if none of the replacement dashboards are found on the hard drive The path to these boot order dashboards can be modified from their default values a custom version made of the modified Xbox BIOSes
  13. Possibly reparable but not an easy fix. The second picture is a resistor pack that contains 4 - 33.0 ohm (corrected the value) resistors. What was connected to the IDE cable when the problem occurred? Did you have the cable inserted backwards? That should be near impossible to do with proper cable keying. However, some cables have no keying to prevent it.
  14. What version is the kernel? There are many different X2 BIOS / Kernel releases. Each has a different number assigned. I believe 4979, 4981, 4983 are the last three (256KB sized X2 BIOSes). There are many before these. And, the latest 512KB release is 5035. Depending which dashboard and skin setup yo may see if on the dashboard screen. If not, go into the replacement dashboards settings page(s) to find it. Kernel version: 1.0.KKKK.NN
  15. Try booting the recovery FlashBIOS 3.0.1 or 3.0.3 for a 1.6 Xbox (hold both power and eject to power on the console. the front switch panel’s X3 logo should look purple and the FlashBIOS screen should appear on the TV screen) to flash the X3 BIOS to the modchip.

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