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  1. From the factory, each Xbox has a unique HDDKey stored in the configuration EEPROM on the motherboard. This HDDKey along with each hard drive's Model number and serial number are used to generate a unique locking password for each hard drive locked for the Xbox it is installed in. Thus, if this hard drive was installed in a different Xbox, the password is different. A change in the HDDKey between the two Xboxes. And, the password generated for a different model and serial number hard drive will be different for a particular Xbox it is installed in. The Xbox's BIOS computes the correct password to unlock the hard drive each time the console boots. It reads the HDDKey from the configuration EEPROM and the hard drive's model and serial number to compute the correct password to send to the hard drive to unlock it to gain access to the files stored on it.
  2. So, where's the flashing a BIOS occur? You only mention installing, removing then reinstalling a softmod?
  3. How is your console modded? Soft or hard mod? Must be softmodded with a virtual EEPROM (copy in memory) enabled. If softmodded, which softmod package was used: Xbox Softmodding Tool or Softmod Installer Deluxe, etc.? If you used the Xbox Softmodding Tool, use the NKPatcher Settings app to change the region. It will modify the real EEPROM chip on the motherboard instead of the virtual EEPROM in memory that gets reset when you power cycle the console.
  4. Check @N64 freak's subforum PM him your query to check availability.
  5. Try https://reddit.com/r/xboxmodding/
  6. This forum is for the original Xbox, not later Xbox 360 or Xbox One models.
  7. The configuration EEPROM has no information about the hard drive installed in the Xbox it came from. Where are you seeing such information? LiveInfo shows the hard drive information for the hard drive attached to your old PC's IDE ports.
  8. I'm not sure how you flashed the X2 4983.67 BIOS using HeXEn 2018. It is not on the disc.
  9. There does seem to be a problem with the X3 4981 and 4983 BIOSes and support for LBA48 v3. It's not supported! Do not use either of these BIOS versions for huge hard drives that would use a partition of > 512GBs. With the .06 version F limited to <512GBs. Or with the .67 version F will be limited to ~130GBs and G takes the rest up to 512GBs (32KB cluster size). [NOTE: These are my current understandings. More research needs to be done on the particulars of using the X2 4981 or 4983 BIOSes. They definitely DO NOT read a partition table from the hard drive. LBA48 v0 support only.] The minimum version release of an X2 BIOS that supports LBA48 v3 is X2 5035. From my current research, the following BIOSes: 4981.06_256k.bin 4981.06_256k.bin x2_4983.06_256k.bin x2_4983.67_256k.bin cannot [edit: easily] be patched to add the latest LBA48 v3 support. Edit: There is no a patch for them. Note: Team Xecuter's X2 4981 and 4983 BIOSes only support v1.0-1.5 Xbox consoles. Do NOT flash them to a modchip installed in a v1.6 console. FIX Use a different BIOS! M8plus from HeXEn 2018 that's patched with LBA48 v3 support. Or, X2 5035_vOld_512KB.bin which however is not on the HeXEn 2018 disc Or, iND-BiOS 5003.67 which is on the HeXEn 2018 disc. Note: Team Xecuter's distribution archive contains both a v1.0-1.5 - X2 5035_vOld_512KB.bin and a v1.6 - x2_5035_v16plus_512k.bin BIOS. The default LBA48 configuration of these BIOSes is set to .06 - F gets all. However, the LBA48 patch in these BIOSes is v3. From the X2.5035.rar archive's lba48.txt file: lba48 partition modes: 0 = standard partitions 1 = F: gets all (Default) 2 = F: up to 137gb, G: gets rest 3 = F: up to 137gb, no G: You have to patch 0,1,2 or 3 value at offset 0x1b04 (if you wanna hex dit manually) However there are tools for lba48 patching and ini file creation - they can be found here: http://home.alltel.net/nghtshd/x2ool.html http://x-projects.xbox-scene.com/ //end lba48.txt However, if you write an Xbox partition table to the hard drive with XBPartitioner v1.3, the table's configuration overrides the BIOS's default 06 configuration.
  10. If it complains, it must not be. I do know that the EvoX M8plus BIOSes have been patched with the latest LBA48 patch. However, I thought the X2 BIOSes already had the latest LBA48 patch from the previous 2017 release that were used in the 2018 HeXEn update. I'll do a bit of testing and post my results.
  11. KaosEngineer

    Error 16

    What other CD did you use? Nothing from your description of the steps performed should now be giving you error 16. Unless that OTHER CD removed the MS dashboard files from the C drive.
  12. Yes, a standard PC cable doesn't fit with cable connectors as the locations they are meant to be installed at. Blue is to be the host (motherboard), Grey - IDE SLAVE device (DVD) and Black - IDE MASTER device (Hard drive). However, in the Xbox, the cable is flipped end-over-end so black connects to the motherboard and blue to the hard drive/IDE-to-SATA adapter. Doing so defeats the cable's built-in CABLE SELECT function; therefore, you have to set the hard drive to MASTER instead of Cable Select.
  13. Which color ends did you connect to the motherboard and hard drive? If you have the ends wrong, Cable Select will no longer work and you have to set the hard drive or IDE-to-SATA adapter as MASTER.
  14. The Advanced AV pack is not the same thing as the High Definition AV pack. There's not an Advanced High Definition AV Pack. The Advanced AV Pack is still composite video but also includes an S-video output. It does not provide high definition component video out. So, which one did you find: High Definition AV Pack, or Advanced AV Pack?
  15. KaosEngineer

    Error 16

    Which softmod package did you use?

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