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  1. This looks so good.
  2. Somewhere for the OG360 to attach, internal or external as they are so popular now. Awesome 3d renders though.
  3. Good find on the EL panels. They look great and probably use less power than LEDs.
  4. It could act as a heat sink if it was thicker as it would allow more sinking of the heat, which would create wider difference from ambient to heated which will actively pull heat from the sink. 1mm tin plated steel is not enough. It will pull some heat but nothing really notable. To make effective it would need to be actively chilled. If you went there you’d be better to just chill the Cooler directly. You then get into the realms of Peltier and phase change cooling. I would love to see an Xbox running phase change with a cpu temp struggling to get to 20c under load. mmm may be I should raid my spares and build one for giggles.
  5. Yeah I think thats how one of the recent ones I bought off eBay was killed. Found it was 1.6 case with a 1.2 board in it. Didn't think much at the time just put it on the pile of to be fixed. Thinking it through the seller probably just pieced a load of spares together to make a few. Xboxes and just chucked them on for sale. They were sold as non working, only one did not work.
  6. Just thought I would start this thread as a kinda fun thing. Given most of us have modded Xboxes, got me wondering what people are doing thats technically not modding, or using it in a way the thing supposed to be. To this end I bring you The OGXbox door stop This is a limited edition, they only made one in clear as far as I know. Seriously when we have the doors and windows open in the house in the summer the near constant breeze always finds the doors and slams them shut. Doorstops are not great in our house as between pets and children they just disappear. So what better than a heavy old OGXbox to stop the door open. Yes in the UK we have so many Clear boxes we are tripping over them.
  7. I just used several of the Wii2HDMI dongles bought one from eBay the rest from several sellers in china. Its all about the wiring short good quality wire and soldering works best.
  8. That would make sense since it’s the last revision. MS have shown in the 360 and One that they learn in each revision, making the last the best, until the jump ship for the next generation. My 1.6’s seem to run slightly cooler and HDMI modding one one I did seemed clearer. Deffo going to 128 one of mine. Hope someone can shed light on the cpu mod area.
  9. I got a few parts from Farnells but even they didnt have everything.
  10. Current parts prices suck, I have so many projects benched because I just dont want to pay sometimes 100x what the chip or discrete part normally costs. For example normally common Voltage regulators, some literally cost pence each when bough in lots of 50 or more, suddenly are several £s each. Even when bought in bulk, that if you can find a supplier who has them. Dont get me started on the fakers who take a similar chip remove the tampo print and replace it with something else. You buy the chip at a good price only to find you have been sold something not fit for the task and that kills your board if you did use it. Yeah talking to you eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress.
  11. I wonder if the 1.6 hardware will actually benefit the Devbox/Debug set up.
  12. That's pretty much how I used to do it in the old days. just didn't have vac pens then so used a pencil with blue tac on it. will be visiting this adventure again soon with the 1.6's and my un modded batch. in this day and age might as well mod them all, except the still sealed in box ones and my original unit from Launch week. They are staying as is.
  13. Its interesting to see what benefits are acheived. I always thought the original set up could do with improvement. Its not as bad as the Phat 360 cooling which is just shite, but push the OG on a hot day and it still gets warm.
  14. Next time I pull apart a 1.6 I will check all the ground points and post here the findings. If there are any unlinked without the shield then a simple ground tag will fix it.
  15. Come to think of it I remember something like that. I have a 1.2 and 1.6 running like that though so maybe its just certain connection types or Boards. That said a strap link would be simple enough to tack on.
  16. Yup the tinware is purely to do with RF regs and more over that the USA regs are a little tighter, than the EU and Asia. Be thank full you don't have an external “extra” ground like they used to insist back in the dark ages (1980’s). You were supposed to ground it as well as the ground in the mains plug. Been running boxes for years with out the tinware no issues on cooling and nothing noticeable regarding RF TX and RX.
  17. Was thinking the same, lazy me was just wondering if I could get away with flashing all my boxes the same regardless of memory installed. That way if/when I update them its no bother. I have a couple HDMI modded and a couple more waiting to be done, normally I try anything substantially different on a mod chip first, that way if it goes pear-shaped you can switch banks and recover.
  18. They do look nice painted, I have plans for at least one of mine going that way. I am surprised M$ never thought of it in the clears. They coulda made so many extra SE versions
  19. Ditto on that. Just wondering what happens if you use one of these Bios's on a not yet updated to 128 board. I am guessing they wont go bang!!
  20. Considering its so easy. I am surprised nobody saw it when the chip companies were desperately trying to work out where the TSOP points were on the 1.6 when it came out.
  21. Those Weller stations are great, they were and still are quite pricey. Mine is one of the MOD ones that were made for the MOD and certain Defence contractors. It came with a ceramic PCB Yup your eye did not miss read that. Ceramic. Think baked thin pcb thick bone china with a coating and carbon pcb tracks and bonded on components. Great no RF signature and really efficient, until it dies. I now only have one setting no matter where you put the dial, red glowing hot. Weller dont make the boards anymore and several of the parts have no markings so I cant even replace the board with a cloned standard printed at PCBway etc. Shame as the PCB is not too hard to trace out. Seen the replacement boards go on line for silly money, my whole rework station cost less. So sadly it just sits there until one day I find another or have time to try and reverse engineer it.
  22. Guessing recent news has changed this to a can do.
  23. That might skupper things…. Never got into bios modding or building on the Xbox. On a PC it was often just a case of loading up a hex editor and changing text and values. Just had a quick google on it and theres lots of pages telling you how to modify an X2 bios etc, butt thats just size and splash screen stuff. I could only find stuff regarding Qemu and obscure mention to repositories on M$ sites probably long gone. Also most mentioned needing a full on Dev box. I only have a debug, so guessing that will not help. Theres gotta be a member her who is better placed to answer etc.
  24. That is the dash, the reason I asked is some years ago I had similar with one of mine, cant remember what bios it had at the time, but when you inserted a game that came packaged with a dash updater, it didnt run that, like it always does on a non modded box.

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