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  3. I basically had this problem yesterday. I solved it with raspberry pi 3 and piprom. soldered 4 wires between pi and EEPROM that was already desoldered from the xbox that hard drive came from. 150usd SSD drive so kind wanted it working. then I read out the EEPROM with piprom. Moved it over with ftp to an modded xbox and used chimp. connected ssd as slave drive instead of DVD. Launched chimp from master drive. Then selected option unlock from file. And now that ssd is inserted and working in another Xbox.
  4. I used the installer deluxe
  5. Grazie
  6. Thank you for sharing this info. I really appreciate the help. I’m happy I was able to find the right eeprom.bin file to unlock the drive. thanks for shedding some light on this topic. With regards Pascal
  7. From the factory, each Xbox has a unique HDDKey stored in the configuration EEPROM on the motherboard. This HDDKey along with each hard drive's Model number and serial number are used to generate a unique locking password for each hard drive locked for the Xbox it is installed in. Thus, if this hard drive was installed in a different Xbox, the password is different. A change in the HDDKey between the two Xboxes. And, the password generated for a different model and serial number hard drive will be different for a particular Xbox it is installed in. The Xbox's BIOS computes the correct password to unlock the hard drive each time the console boots. It reads the HDDKey from the configuration EEPROM and the hard drive's model and serial number to compute the correct password to send to the hard drive to unlock it to gain access to the files stored on it.
  8. So, where's the flashing a BIOS occur? You only mention installing, removing then reinstalling a softmod?
  9. How is your console modded? Soft or hard mod? Must be softmodded with a virtual EEPROM (copy in memory) enabled. If softmodded, which softmod package was used: Xbox Softmodding Tool or Softmod Installer Deluxe, etc.? If you used the Xbox Softmodding Tool, use the NKPatcher Settings app to change the region. It will modify the real EEPROM chip on the motherboard instead of the virtual EEPROM in memory that gets reset when you power cycle the console.
  10. Check @N64 freak's subforum PM him your query to check availability.
  11. I can't see the link as well.Seems like pictures are taken down
  12. Are these mods for the original xbox still available for the 1.5ghz CPU/128mb ram upgrade been searching for a while to no avail over here in Australia. Any info would be greatly appreciated - Razor
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Maybe I’ll need to fit a modchip, don’t you think ?
  15. Hello jimmysmalls And welcome to Ogxbox .com If you can get you money back on the pound cabe do it. I have one of the pound cables that resides in the JUNK box it's the biggest Piece Of Shite I have got for the Xbox the same goes for the one from Aliexpress. I really don't know how it got such a good review I can only assume that the unit sent to the reviewer was handmade and had better shielding maybe,and then the unit from aliexpress is a bigger POS that looks like it's a composite (yellow) signal to make HDMI where at least the pound unit uses component (R,G,B). I use in my own Xbox's a internal kit from Lukas(N64 freak) it's not a cheap kit but you get what you pay for and in some of the ones I do for other people I use the wii2hdmi internal kit. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
  16. ignore me, it's managed to update
  17. Hey guys, just getting back into the Xbox modding scene. Recently pulled out my original 1.0 with Xecuter modchip and upgraded the hard drive to a 1TB and did the clock capacitor removal. I bought the Pound HDMI cable since it seemed like a lot of people vouched for it and I'm not sure if I just got a bad one or what but there seems to be a very green tint to everything. It's very noticeable during the boot sequence. Anybody else have issues with this cable?
  18. Was looking for something like this too. Thanks!
  19. This is awesome. So tiny compared to the tank they originally are.
  20. I have a Xbox classic and I need to change its region from PATL to NTSC to enable the HD on xbox and yes, I am using Component Cable and I am sure the cable works fine. I have used the enigma program to change it. It says "press A for PAL or press B for NTSC". I do press B but when I reeboot the console with the key combination triggers + white /black button the region won't change. I enter again on enigma and the region remains "PAL". I enter on the original dashboard, I went to Settings and the option to set the 480p. 720p and 1080i won't appear. Someone told me about the Shadow C thingy but I don't know what is that and how can I do something to Shadow C.Please help me. I don't know what's wrong. Thanks.
  21. Thank you both for your great help. I ran all the eeproms again and was succesfull in unlocking the drive in Chimp. Take care, Pascal
  22. I've been adding a few things to PORTS but the wheel shows 0 available games even though there are games there when select that menu. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  23. I am sorry for the mistake but the light is flashing red and green, not orange and Green
  24. I once had a IDE cable that was so tightly fitted when I tried to pull it out of the HDD the actual pins in the cable extracted from the cable itself leaving the connector in the HDD and the cable ruined. Point is, it could just be the IDE cable, so if you're certain its all plugged in correctly, no pins are bent or, worse, broken then the obvious thing to try is a replacement IDE cable. Just make sure each connector is plugged in the correct way round because not all IDE cable orientate the connectors in the same way.
  25. If the old HDD is unlocked it should boot correctly on any other chipped (or TSOPed) Xbox. If the HDD was locked then you've a problem because you need the eeprom from the dead Xbox to unlock it. So unless you have a backup of that on PC the only solution as it is would be to use an eeprom reader on the dead Xbox. The MB will have to to be powered from an external source. If you know how the HDD was locked ie. you used ConfigMagic or Chimp there's a possibility it might have a master password which could be used to unlock it with XBHDM USB. But otherwise you'll need the actual eeprom and use that same program too.
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