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  2. This is how I switch from the stock and HDMI You grab any NPN transistor and a 10k resistor Pin 9 of the AV port to the 10k resistor he other side of the resistor to the Base of the transistor Pin 13 of the AV port to the collector of the transistor Ground the base of the transistor Add a link to pin 11 and 12 on the AV port To use it Without the composite cable(stock video lead) connected it outputs component to the HDMI adapter(wii2hdmi). When you plug a lead into the AV port it switches to composite/Svideo output. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
  3. Did you place the bin file in .emustation\roms\psx and did you let XBMC Emustation scan for it? Anyways I recommend you watch rocky5's tut :
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  5. Things like these are latin for me when it comes to hardware I usually know what I am doing, but these software things,, I am totally lost. I just took some Ram's from a precious V1.1 i messed up many many years ago trying to do a Ram upgrade on, when I did not have any worthy equipment or knowledge, only a flattip 60w soldering iron, now I just used the BGA machine and they came of nice and tidy amd moved them to the 1.4.
  6. Look at the pictures at thingyverse. The wii2hdmi pcb fits in the part that is visible there. The other shared part is a helping piece to make the holes for the audio out and hdmi connector on the right position, with minimal margins. Good luck, still need to order some chips to make a 128mb machine.
  7. Well, I downloaded the files from Thingy, but have no idea what so ever how they work but I'll keep them incase I come across someone who have a 3D printer and knows about these things I made my first monstrous 128MB beast yesterday, and a built in HDMI adapter would be perfect in that console for a emu/arcade station.
  8. Whats the difference between the pic I posted and yours?
  9. I actually figured it out it was still missing part of the .imgc so i reopened BitTorrent and reloaded the torrent file to make it do a check and sure enough it was missing 34mb of file. once it finished downloading i opened hdd Guru raw copy and bam it copied with no isseus
  10. Here's a Tutorial/Guide for Testing the Power and Eject signals to the Xbox's System Management Controller (SMC) a PIC processor or the MS custom Xyclops chip from the now defunct diy.sickmods.net web site. SICKmods _ Xbox1 _ Power Eject Pinouts.pdf Edit: Changed PDF to one with clickable links to WayBack Machine captured content.
  11. That's a good question. The links I've seen for them no longer work.
  12. Here's the 1.2-1.5 version of the Power/Eject signals to/from the PIC and front panel connector: The front panel and PIC connections are the same for v1.0-1.1 and 1.2-1.5; however, the layouts are slightly different with a few of the other parts around those items having different part numbers.
  13. Yesterday
  14. That's the same as my version 1.4 and the points on the PIC IC would be the same on 1.0-1.4. If you have a version 1.5 then it's probably worth a $10,000 as yet no one involved in the OG Xbox scene has seen one. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
  15. I'm sorry but I don't think that's gonna help since I have either the 1.4 revision or the 1.5 revision. I can tell because I have the "Focus" video encoder. Also the country of manufacture is China.
  16. I didn't understand that last paragraph. What do you mean by multimeter. Also I'm an Aussie so I do use metric.
  17. Sounds cool. Where would I find those particular Sega Chihiro games?
  18. Ya i already have my own setup bit wanted this for my Friends as it looks vert clean
  19. First check the traces for corrosion. Every Xbox I have seen with power button issues and random booting/shutting down had trace issues, some where not even visible. If your trace is broken, the input for the Pic chip is floating around and chooses to boot/shutdown completely ramdom. Easiest way to check is to use the beeper on a fast multimeter, one point on the switch and just slide across the feet of the Pic chip and you should get a beep at one feet, if not then there is a trace broken.
  20. it's seriously easier to just download the games individually and make your disk
  21. Yes it is but only the torrent and not nzb which is where I've seen all the issues come from and not so much on the torrent
  22. I did watch the video and it has me not sure of the problem I an still leaning towards the power filter cap or the power supply board. Cheers SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
  23. Last week
  24. I will when I can. Have you seen the video yet. It was in the link that I included. Also yes it does very, sometimes it won't even send a signal before it happens.
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