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  2. Interesting they'd bother to run the traces out to the LCD pads, it does seem to be the same CPLD as the newer $2 Chinese.
  3. They do not support LCD. Only Lattice 4064. The 2 are 4032.
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  5. The 2 chips you have already support LCD and normal modchip function as they're likely real. @eustachy1973
  6. My code was designed with the cheap clones in mind you pick up from eBay nowadays I dont know if they will work with my code as the pins being used could be different. Id recommend sticking with the clones.
  7. dude probly should just use the cheap clones available everywhere those 2 chips u have are rare as chicken teeth i would give my left nut born to acquire those little gems u have mate
  8. Thanks! Now the matter of the chip? I have old chips from 2005. They're ok?
  9. Placing the svf file in the same directory as jtag.exe will be the easiest. Then you can use the command as shown in the github instructions
  10. My windows 7 is modified. Maybe it lacks some drivers.To which directory should I upload the ALADDINLCD.SVF file? In the console I have to indicate where the file is? For example c / ALADDINLCD.SVF etc?
  11. You can also use the script for XBMC4Xbox v3.5.3 - 480p Game Loaders XBMC3.5.3.zip - to get them to work.
  12. Which cable? The DVD drive's power/signal cable. I think of the AC power cord being a figure of 8 cable. The DVD power cable has 12 pins on the DVD drive end and 14 on the motherboard end, not 8. Poor graphic as the motherboard end has 14 pins, not 12 as shown. However,the last 2 pins - 13 and 14 - are N/C (not connected).
  13. The sound files for ambient audio in UnleashX are configured to use the MS Dashboard audio files. however, Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool doesn't install the MS dashboard to the C drive. There's only a Dashboard folder. You need to download either the Xbox Softmodding Tool extras disc and have it install only the audio files or the entire MS dashboard. Or you can download the 5960.zip file along with the audio.zip file from Rocky5's github repository: Core MS dashboard 5960 files/folders without audio files- 5960.zip MS dashboard 5960 audio files - Audio.zip You only need upload the files from the Audio.zip archive to get ambient sounds for UnleashX. Probably better to extract and FTP all the files from both to the Xbox's C drive.
  14. You can use Xboxhdm v1.9 or v2.2a on a PC with an IDE interface. Burn a disk image for v1.9 or create a bootable USB stick for 2.2a. The program to use once in Linux at a shell prompt is hdparm. I'm not exactly sure of the options to unlock the drive. Easier to use Chimp 261812 on your softmodded Xbox than XboxHDM on a PC. Another option is to use the newer USB version of XboxHDM - XboxHDM23USB beta 2 or beta 3. For the USB versions, you need a USB-to-HDD interface adapter and power supply connection for 3.5" hard drives since USB cannot provide enough power for the hard drive. Works with Windows 7 - 10 (64-bit) as provided. I've also worked a bit on getting it to work on 32-bit versions of Windows.
  15. I downloaded the file and checked what's inside. Folders for resources of many Xbox games and emulators. Too bad they aren't in <Game Name>/_resources/artwork/ folders. They are in: resources_emu/ <Emulator Name>/ (for 45 emulators) fanart.jpg poster.jpg resources_xbox/ <Game_Name>/ (for 752 games) cd.jpg fanart.jpg icon.jpg poster.jpg thumb.jpg And, a folder, -=Template=-/, with a few images: cdtemplate.png emu_template_poster.jpg Template_Case.png
  16. Well I thought I had everything working. When softmodding I didn't have the audio cables hooked up (just the video).I put everything back together and hooked up the audio cables and I get sound when the xbox first comes on during the flubber, but I have no ambient, navigation, etc.sound in unleashx. Installed xbmc to e:\apps and sound works no problem. What can I do to get sound working in unleashx? thanks
  17. I just finished the download, took about 9 days, and about 2 days to clone the image to a new 2tb HDD. I’ve heard some people report issues with the image so we shall see once I get the drive in my Xbox to see how well it works. Pretty straight forward so far.
  18. thanks got everything working. Cant beat an old school Xbox! thanks for all the help
  19. Yes - it turns out it was the figure of 8 cable - once I switched that out it all worked perfectly.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Okay, I don't have a ton of time but I just found a way to play games such as JSRF, Fable, and the others on a 1.6 console without disc swapping, requiring the original dash, anything. This, however requires a softmodded console with UnleashX (May work on other dashboards, I have not tested) The steps are as follows: Turn on your console and allow it to get to the dashboard. Select system, then settings. Go all the way to the bottom where Video Display is and select it. Turn off 480p and if not turned on, turn on 720p, and 1080i. Then, have fun and launch your game, I believe this actually forces it into 480i which is not accessible from unleashx. I found this out by playing with the settings, you sadly can't play in 480p, but hey, that's the price to pay, I'm just trying to give an option to you folks with UnleashX.
  22. Glad you solved it. I don't recall having to do any of that stuff just extracted and ran. I had to install Quartus II programmer for the USB blaster drivers though.
  23. So I got a STartech Sata to IDE adapter and successfully made and locked a new SATA 500 GG hard drive using HDM v1.9. i got an 80 pin cable and connected my SATA drive and sure enough it booted to the Xbox dashboard. I had my Rocky 5 softmod files and Splinter Cell diskready to go but I can’t load Splinter Cell - I get a message reading - “Your Xbox cannot recognize this disc. Make sure it’s an Xbox game, DVD movie, or audio CD. Also check to see if the disc is dirty or damaged.” I have tried a different dvd drive from another Xbox that I know loads the game and I get the same message. In fact I get the same message if I try to load any other Xbox game disk. Any ideas greatly appreciated
  24. Here's something I remember I downloaded over a year ago. XBMC Origins Artwork.7z I've not extracted it to see what's inside and it's not on my local machine right now to check.
  25. Thanks for that - I do have a PC with IDE - is there a way to use this PC to unlock it? Thanks
  26. Agreed on the Clear Crystal case. Not my favorite. But Halo green is good. $650 -700 seems reasonable for an interested buyer. When I want an 'alternate look' to an black Xbox, I just spray paint them now. Leaving some black accents. $20 used console + $8 can of spray paint makes a pretty slick looking machine
  27. Yup, all this exactly. Every time you add a new game, you need to create a thumb.jpg to show up in the 'Featured Games' window. /Game/_resources/artwork/thumb.jpg I usually resize pictures to approx 450x250 to get them to show up nicely. I took me awhile to figure it out, but there is a database file buried deep in XBMC that needs to be deleted if you want to delete a game from your drive and not have it still show up in the 'Featured Games' list.
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