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  3. @ttenor12 Can I jump here and say that you don't actually need the full EEPROM backup to lock and unlock a drive in FatXplorer, just the HDD key itself will work. If you don't know the HDD key but you can boot a burnt disc then you should be able to run the OGXbox installer 2021 disc that has live apps on it. I have just checked and the OGXbox 2021 installer disc will work. Boot the disc and select "Live Applications", then select "EEPROM and HDD", Then choose "Launch Config Magic v1.6.1". The program will boot up to a warning screen, press start and then your console info will display on the screen. Take down a copy of the HDD key. Then power down the console, do NOT change anything while in Config Magic. You can very easily fuxor your xbox from within that program This is the screen that Config Magic will show you. The unique HDD Key is the one you need. Once you have that connect your HDD to your PC and run FatXplorer and you will be able to unlock it. OR connect a new HDD to your PC, format it and set it up with C&E and a dash that your mod can boot and then LOCK it using your HDD Key All the info about using Fatxplorer to Lock/Unlock HDD's is here .. https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/2022/06/21/fatxplorer-3-0-beta-21-new-og-xbox-hdd-lock-unlock-tool-other-enhancements/
  4. I am about to do this very mod myself for the first time, my new chips arrived yesterday. Not a novice at soldering by a long way but I am buying a digital microscope before I go anywhere near that board with the new chips. I am alos going to be using hot air to do the bulk of the work and only using an iron to tack in a couple of corners on each chip first. ModzvilleUSA on Youtube has a nice video showing how it "Should" be done lol.
  5. @ariesThis will help a lot to get you diagnosed. I'm in the EU and have lots of experience with Scart. I have been using it with consoles since the 90's and still use it today on all my retro consoles prior to the Xbox/PS2/GC era. Your cable should be good for an RGB signal (unless it is faulty) but we need to see the rear of your tv and a shot of the remote might be handy too. Also does anything come up on the screen to show which channel/av port you are using (such as AV1 etc). All of this is good info for us to try and help you out. One more thing, If you are using a PAL crt then it might be best to switch the console back to PAL for testing purposes, just to rule out any issues with the TV not being properly compatible with an NTSC signal. The only real reason to switch to NTSC is for the HD modes anyway and your CRT very likely wont support them. (By the way don't ever use NTSC-J, that is an altogether different beast. It was a nightmare back in the 90's trying to get my Super Famicom to display on a PAL TV, black and white and/or jumpy picture on every set I tried. I swapped the console for a US SNES and that worked first go on the very first TV I tried.)
  6. Not seen an xbox scart lead with a digital out before. Scart is directly supported by the xbox as its essentially RGB just packaged differently. covering all bases, do you have anything else that uses scart and if so can you test the screen to rule it out as being faulty That said if its the lead, xbox to scart is easy to find, and mot expensive.
  7. Appreciate the shoutout :)... May be a bit much for him if he's only doing one box That being said... @ttenor12... If you do want one... I only have one left and no others will be made by me... In the next few months (was hoping sooner... but new son is very time consuming :)), I will be open sourcing the project... and other may make some.
  8. There's always a workaround but it likely requires additional hardware you may not already own too. A compatible USB 2.0-to-SATA/IDE adapter, IDE-to-SATA adapter, SATA hard drive and FATXplorer 3.0 beta software. Softmod the console which needs an Xbox game controller to female USB adapter cable, compatible USB flash drive <= 4GBs in size.
  9. So I hadn’t done this mod before and figured Id send it. Unfortunately I set a chip kinda off center and when I tried to fix it just created more issues for myself. I sadly damaged one of the legs pads on the chip next to the power by the CPU caps. The system kinda try’s to power on but it is only by slight fan movement over the heatsink (it’s a v1.1) then it turns off. It was doing this prior so it’s not acting worse. I plan to go back and look for solder splashes/bridging. Im worried though that the damaged caused will prevent it from ever working even if I do fix and potential bridges. I stepped away for the night to get fresh eyes later. However I’m concerned I might require professional help haha
  10. This happened to me as well, found a suggestion on Discord that enabled safe mode to work in case it helps anyone else - change the DVD drive option in Cerbios ini file to no DVD drive/modern
  11. I do belive it should, as it's rewriting your eeprom. Only one way to find out though Edit: Most importantly, I recommend not doing anything to the HDD right now aside from either backing up the eeprom or nulling it. In my previous experiences with drives that are on the verge of death, they could go at any time.
  12. Just to clarify about the sata hdd upgrade you’ll need the following: -sata to usb adapter -sata drive -sata to ide adapter that goes in the Xbox (startech is the preferred but you can try other brands. Just make sure they have a master/slave pin designation so you can set it to master) -80 wire 40 pin ide cable (24” is the easiest to work with) As to liveinfo that should be fine. Just pick out the one from the drop down menu that matches your Xbox rev (I’m not positive this really matters but I always do it anyway).
  13. Yesterday
  14. Oh, the information on LiveInfo is auto populated by default the first time you open the program, it is not reading any info from my Xbox. I just opened the program without loading anything to it and it was all zeroes, I just entered the HDD Key manually. Do you think that nulling the EEPROM can work with the HDD being non-writeable? The console does read discs (At least some of them), but the moment that I need to write anything to the HDD, it all just falls apart.
  15. I was going to suggest nulling your eeprom. Can easily be done with an installer disc such as OGXBOXInstaller. This will also render your key to all 1s, but it appears the old owner has already nulled to 0. First thing you should try is build a new HDD with all 0s as the key. Pop it in and see if it gets you going again. If it doesn't, you can still try pulling the key with the disc I suggested.
  16. Hey, I am glad that there are options. I might go the adapter route, honestly. I have a lockable and compatible 500GB SATA HDD, so I only have to worry about the IDE to SATA adapter and the ribbon cable adapter. Whenever I open LiveInfo, everything auto populates to 0. Is that not an issue? The HDD key in there is my HDD key. If I am unable to do this, I will look into either getting the EEPROM reader you linked or bulding one on my own like this one. Edit: grammar
  17. Well that sucks. I was hoping it might be tucked away there. As for liveinfo it will auto populate the fields. The only one you’ll need to change is the one labeled Unique HDD Key. This is where you’ll erase what’s there and copy in the hdd key you have. Then just save it. That should allow you to lock the newly created hdd and let it work in your Xbox. One thought is you may have to purchase a different ide to usb adapter as they don’t all support ata security features and can be quite finicky. In all honestly if I was going to put a new hdd in it I’d just spend a little extra and upgrade to a sata drive, startech adapter for the internal drive, and 80 wire 40 pin ide cable to replace the stock cable. Sata to usb adapters seem to have zero compatibility issues when it comes to locking/unlocking compared to the ide to usb adapters. Just thought I’d throw it out there as an option. Worse comes to worse you can buy a device or make one to read the eeprom directly from the motherboard and use that. Here is one that I own from one of our members should you be interested in that route or end up needing to pursue that route.
  18. Unfortunately, I have looked into the HDD thoroughly but found nothing. So I have no other option but to build a new HDD. I imagine all the information that this app asks for, I have to get it from the console itself. Do you know where I might find them? The label at the bottom is scratched (Yeah, bunch of bad things in this situation), so I can't get the serial number from there. I have UnleashX and I can navigate through it. Would that work? Edit: grammar Yes, I have an IDE adapter that powers through direct power, not only USB, which I have used for PS2 IDE HDDs. I will try to do so.
  19. If you have means to connect old HDD to pc, then use FATxplorer. I make zip files for each partition so it would retain timestamps and easier to store in HDD in case if backup needed. Left clicking mounted partition's icon and selecting add to archive. Neat and lazy instead of using robocopy - the only program that retains timestamps, but its command line, very noob unfriendly. So you archive c and e partitions, those are main, other partition if needed. After that you format new HDD with fatxplorer, mount partitions and extract file from C.zip to C partition, etc. And dont forget to lock new HDD after job is done.
  20. Yes but you’ll have to make an eeprom.bin with LiveInfo beta 3 and substitute the hdd key with your own. Save that and lock your newly created hdd with it using Fatxplorer or Xboxhdm. LiveInfo Beta 3: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rwehm5eylpfxgu2/LiveInfo_Beta_3-Xbox_v1.6-Yoshihiro.rar/file Since you can ftp to the xbox look on the E drive and see if there is a folder called Backup (depending on the mod and age it could say Linux backup). If you find one it should contain a backup of your eeprom.bin file if so just save a copy on your pc and you’ll be good to go without having to make one for the hdd replacement Edit: typo
  21. Hey everyone, I got an Xbox last week (Softmodded, seller did not provide information about how he softmodded it). The HDD is dying. I can read from it but can't write to it, therefore, I can't back up the EEPROM, but I got the HDD key. I was thinking of swapping the HDD but wanted to know if this is possible just with the HDD key using FATXplorer and using FTP to just transfer all the information from the old HDD to the new HDD. The seller is unresponsive, so I can't contact him.
  22. None just green for a sec and off, but now only light on the Aladdin.
  23. Hi what kind of cpublocks are these? Amazing work
  24. That's a VERY good point. You should post the link to that thread in your post!
  25. I put in a 2TB Seagate desktop SSHD in a few weeks back. These drives are much faster than a regular HDD and they are becoming quite low price. It is super quiet. I have to be next to the machine to hear its seek noise. I've run a few SSDs as well. I used an old OCZ Trion 150 960GB for about a year. Like another person said, it's hard to come up with good reasons to need more than about 1TB storage anyway. Any SSD will have more read performance than the XBox can take advantage of. I think the main concern is that very cheap SSDs might have data longevity problems if powered off for extended periods, because of the ultra low end flash memory manufacturers have access to now. Aside from data loss, it could also suffer much reduced read performance. This makes me prefer hard drives or SSHD for consoles.
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