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  2. Either upload it to a file sharing site such as mediafire.com, mega.nz, etc and share the link to download it. Or, upload it to this website's download section.
  3. The anime santa chick was actually in E:/TDATA/080299ff it was called xmasgreet or something. I didn't see a file extension and it showed 0 bytes on the disc so I just deleted it and Avalaunch booted normally. I can't seem to attach the archive folder here because I'm limited to 2mb. Is there another way I can share it?
  4. What was wrong with JSRF, PD, Voodoo Vince? I'm in the process of fixing bad dumps from the hdd ready set that is floating about using Extracted Redump images.
  5. I don't know if the Build 138 info I found in old posts in forums.xbox-scene.com is accurate or a typo. I don't find a 138 build just 137's The version on my Xbox may have bootimage.png embedded in the default.xbe file; however, I've not tracked down its location. There are mentions of w:\bootimage.png and bootimage.png in strings found inside the executable using a hex editor. Edit: Found a PNG file, not sure of its name. The data stored in the file doesn't actually contain the name of the image. I'll see if I can extract it from the file to see what it looks like. There does seem to be only one dot PNG file embedded in the XBE file. Edit2: I don't think it's an image just part of the PNG library - the magic number used to recognize image files as being stored in PNG format.
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  7. Do you have a USB adapter to plug the drive straight into your PC? If so, you can simply rebuild the HDD with xbhdm and reinstall the soft mod file super easily that way. This all needs to be done with the HDD still attached to the xbox on boot on a modded or unmodded system. This also only works of course with a backed up on your computer. Nulled works best, but stock will do as well as long as you know which one is backed up on the computer. Kind of like hot swapping, but without all the stress.
  8. I'm getting nothing off the blue wire, and getting 3.31 volts off the brown wire from the PSU plugwires. And have continuity on both cyan and violet fuse to PIC traces.
  9. mine it's 1.6 i guess from the date of its produce tell now the thermal paste never change but i just want to know to add emu and music and add cheat cods to use it with xbox games
  10. I was told a long time ago, may even have been on the Xbox-Scene forum, that the anime 'Santa' boot image is embedded in the Avalaunch default XBE. No mention was made that I remember there was a way of overriding it or that it was in the skin. However later I did get hold of an archive of Avalaunch skins and indeed some do include a "bootimage.png" in the skin's own folder. I'd assume JPG, BMP and PNG are all supported image file types. What I do not remember is if the anime 'Santa' had a bootimage added to its Default skin or whether, as I was told, it was an embedded icon. Somewhere I must have the Xmas Build 138 or the Default Xmas skin (if that was how it was done) itself but in my Avalaunch archive I've just checked and can't find it. There's a possibility it was on the HDD I forgot to format correctly and lost all of F:\ a couple of years ago and it wasn't backed up to the archive I used to repopulated the HDD after I'd reformatted it properly. Maybe I have it on one of my stored stock softmodded Xboxes HDD but I'd rather not have to hook all those up again to their respective Xboxes just to see if its there. So I too would appreciate it if someone could point to a download location or share it here.
  11. If you want to chip it a v1.6 is more complicated because you have to rebuild the LPC and if you were thinking of TSOPing instead then that is out with a v1.6 because it doesn't have a TSOP chip. Rebuilding the LPC is 'just' a rewiring job and there are plenty of guides and advice available but it'll come down to your solder skills and equipment just how easy or not that is. If you're looking to softmod then the v1.6 is as good as any and, as said, being the final version will be the youngest and, in theory best condition. Otherwise a good condition v1.2/1.3 or v1.4 are my recommendation but mainly that's just due to them being younger than the v1.0 and v1.1. If you do want to keep it stock then those would also be my preference for the same reason too. You can be pretty sure that either a v1.0 or v1.1 Xbox is going to need the clock cap replacement if not already done but other caps will likely be close to their end date too. That can also affect the v1.2 and v1.3 as I found out a few months ago when my least used/least modded virgin Xbox suddenly started misbehaving. All three caps adjacent to the CPU heat sink had started to leak. The use of poor quality caps was apparently not limited to just the clock cap. The Hitachi DVD game disc 'problem' I described is very, very, very, niche. As said I've not had any other games behave like that and otherwise it is without question the most reliable of all the DVD drive types I've used. The Samsung 605B or 605F are good too but you will have tray eject/close issues. It is usually fixable but it is a negative. PQ using RGB SCART which of course is just 576i/480i SD is up for debate whether Xbox version is of any significance. My own observation is that it is not but that maybe specific to my CRT TV and the settings I use. If you adjust the TV picture settings to match, 576i/480i SD via Component is, on my set up, as good as RGB SCART. In short it doesn't matter which you use the PQ is very similar. Whether that will apply to your set up I can't say but good Xbox RGB SCART cables are relatively cheap so you can test that yourself, But I reiterate: your TV picture settings will have to be adjusted significantly to get the two to match. In my experience RGB SCART cables always exaggerate colour and contrast and the Component cable PQ will look wishy-washy in comparison at the same settings.
  12. What version is your Xbox? If it's a v1.0, replace the fan on the GPU heatsink or the entire heatsink from a later release of the console that has no fan since it has taller fins for a larger surface area to transfer the heat away from the GPU without needing a fan. That's your one question answered. Or, did you want the other one answered instead.
  13. yeah thanks i'll give it a try one more question how i can make my xbox unNoisy because it has laud noisy sound and how i can add emu music and cheat codes for my xbox games
  14. Do you have the Avalaunch 0.49.3 Xmas Build 138 archive? If so, will you share it?
  15. Upgrade to the latest release 0.49.3 (Edit: From the info I've found - 0.49.3 is Build 137 while the XMas Build is 138.) I also found this info posted in an old forums.xbox-scene.com entry (rebuilt site from archived data now at forums.xboxscene.org) https://forums.xboxscene.org/index.php/topic,85620.msg711064.html#msg711064 Help With Avalaunch by Hazanko « on: August 25, 2005, 02:55:00 PM » is there anyway to change the startup screen on avaluanch? what i have right now, is that Happy Xmas startup screen with that anime chick in a santa suit. maybe it isn't possible to change it, because i looked all over in the avalaunch folder on my Xbox, and didn't find anything. thx for any help ... Help With Avalaunch by wolf202 « Reply #1 on: August 25, 2005, 03:10:00 PM » in the main ava folder there is like a bootimage.bmp or similar thats the picture replace that and ur good alot of skins have there own boot images -wolf
  16. No. You are to measure continuity from the violet and cyan colored via on the front edge of the motherboard to the same color-coded pin on the PIC processor. The top 3/4 of the picture is the PIC processor and the bottom 1/4 of the picture shows the location of the vias by the front panel connector.
  17. The "Remove Softmod" option does only what is say. It removes folders and shortcuts of the softmod, nothing more. The "Fix Bootproblems" option replaces shortcuts and configs made for chip modded systems. So even you would not have used the remove softmod option the option, fix boot problems would have fixed the HDD to boot in a hard modded system but you would still have the softmod folders on your HDD. The best option how ever is to set up the entire HDD again or just set up C+E only to keep your files on F/G.
  18. A hard modded and soft modded system do not play nice with each other and when you use the fix boot problems option on the OGXbox installer disk on the soft modded drive it would have removed the soft mod and that's fixed it for the hard-modded Xbox but it's upset the drive for the soft modded Xbox. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
  19. Sounds like you have trace damage from a leaking clock cap. The 4 thin traces along the front in the red rectangle are the power and LED control lines and and the thin traces in the yellow are for control port's 1 and 2 And just on the top right corner of the yellow box is the clock cap. Can you post a pic of the bottom of your main board. Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
  20. Now test for power at the 12 pin plug with the mains connected The blue wire marked PowOK should have around 3.3 volt and the brown should also have 3.3 volt + or - 10%. This is looking at the connector with the front panel towards you Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
  21. Thank you for getting back to me I have tried your suggestion and have found that the other controller ports work but the first one is dead
  22. There is a skins menu in your dash. Have you tried changing if from there?
  23. Possibly. The hard drive has to be unlocked for it to have any chance of working. Does it have a standalone cloning function? Next, it depends how its cloning function is implemented - some devices do known file system copying while others do sector-by-sector. It needs to do the later, sector-by-sector cloning, to work. Oops, I was thinking of the wrong question. Yes, you can connect that to your PC and use FATXplorer Beta 3.0 to copy files to the Xbox hard drive. Again, the hard drive has to be unlocked. With a hard modded console, the hard drive can be left unlocked. For a softmodded console, the hard drive has to be re-LOCKED with the correct password.
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  25. Im getting 0.70 volts off both sides of the PIC.... I moved my ground probe to different screws to see if it would change and it did not. Something tells me not good....
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