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  2. Not sure you replied to the right topic lol but yes I would do exactly that but my Pi has just crapped out on me and will not switch on....
  3. I've not tried it myself, but according to folks in this assemblergames thread it's possible, I think with ogxhd. I've seen footage of GTA III on Xbox running in 720p at least, but performance took a noticeable hit. https://assemblergames.com/threads/ogxhd-720p-16-9-success-stories.65365/
  4. Thanks for the newly update, gonna overwrite over the first edition.
  5. never heard of that, also google does not hint me anything. Can you provide more details please?
  6. thats the way it goes sometimes, as for my 1.1 i'm waiting for a couple of raspberry pi's and some other bits, when they come i'm going to dump the eeprom and check it with live info, its the only straw left to grasp.
  7. Tbh the 2tb are not common as it’s the only box Sky would not supply as standard. You had to buy one if you wanted one. The 500gb are by far the most common Sky box out there. The 1tb were also “paid for upgrade” boxes for a while before they released the 2tb ones.... Sky Q has put an end to all those boxes tho.. Yes I used to work for sky had a garage full of the things at one point!!
  8. its going to be a tough sell to some users here but i'm convinced that for what ever reason this software has a bug that effects certain boxes. what version was yours mine is 1.1 1mb tsop, something else i found was check your eeprom chip apparently a corrupted eeprom can cause the behaviour we have seen.
  9. ahh then iv'e been duped too, shady bugger never mentioned 2tb drives lol.
  10. Right I stripped this box down completely. Checked everything, Even redid the thermal paste for a second time but still it drags. It will not boot from the tsop or any installed chip!! I am well and truly stuck for ideas now!! I actually have 2 boxes in this state now.
  11. Shhhh don’t give away all the secrets..... I’ve been using sky boxes as a source of hdd’s for a while now... if your clever you can score the 2tb boxes for cheap... a lot of people don’t realise what box they have and just let them go for a few quid! i paid £7 for my last 2tb sky box!!
  12. UnleashX does not automagically add a new game to the menu list once you have added its content to the hard drive. It only builds the menu when it starts up. You have to restart UnleashX (reboot) or run the game and exit which restarts UnleashX. Or, manually refresh the Game Menu. Highlight it in the menu list (it is the selected menu item) then press the Start button and select Refresh List... in the pop-up menu that appears.
  13. What hard drive model do you have installed? If it is a SATA hard drive and IDE-to-SATA adapter combo, are you using the stock 40-wire 40-pin IDE cable or an 80-wire 40-pin high-speed IDE/Ultra ATA cable?
  14. @sinclairuser, what version of FileZilla do you currently have installed? and, which version did you have installed that had problems? I have updated many times since I last knew that large file uploads were working. My current version on Windows 10 is 3.45.1. My Xbox's hard drive does not have much space left to try uploading a huge file at this time to test this version of the FTP client.
  15. Yesterday
  16. hi all, visited a mate today who recycles set top boxes, and discovered some interesting info, sky boxes contain seagate 500gb and 1tb(depending on model) he gave me some drives to test and they lock fine, i have tried 5 drives so far hdm built the drive fine and they lock fine. so considering you can get sky boxes free in the uk they may be a source of good drives, they are sata but the adapters seem to work fine, he did say some early boxes used ide drives 250gb and 500gb but any around in 2019 that are still running will be worn out,i know from my own experience that sata drives dont seem to wear as quickly as ide with constant write read rewrite cycles. so i would go for the sata option, and for normal xbox use 500gb or 1tb are big enough, not for a full library granted but then again who likes all games?. we tend to have favourites.
  17. i have been noticing problems with filezilla lately, when i first started playing with xbox again i installed filezilla and used it to load stuff to the xbox, every time i used it it would bug me about updating it though it worked perfect, the other day i gave in and let it update and ever since iv'e had problems with large uploads. now on large uploads it gives up half way through, it goes through the motions but ultimately fails to transfer any files, it did not do this before updating, if you try to re-upload the failed files it wont upload them, but if you disconnect and re-connect it then uploads the previously failed files fine. i have been hoping its a bug and have been checking for another update, but today i gave in and uninstalled filezilla and re-installed the first copy that worked fine and just dis-abled updates. but this could help someone.
  18. Yep, transfer type is set to auto, that's probably the issue then, it's likely selecting ASCII. Thanks very much.
  19. Sounds like the hard drive is not setup correctly the only time that's happened to me is doing the in game reset (left and right trigger, back and black) from a install/setup DVD.
  20. There are two different types of disc images available on the net. XISO and ReDump-style complete dual-layer disc images. The XISO disc images that are generally used on the Xbox contain only the files from the XDVDFS portion of the ReDump disc images. Those files are all that's needed to play. I've not had much luck burning a dual-layer ReDump disc image and having it work. You can use XDVDMulleter 10.2 Beta found in ogXbox.com's Download section to extract the XDVDFS portion from a ReDump disc image. ReDump image archives are usually very large - >5GBs. Most games file sets or XISO images are <4.7GBs but not all. There are a few games that are larger than a standard single layer DVD-R's 4.7GB max size. Updated size of ReDump-style archive's that hold the dot iso files. An XISO-format dot ISO disc image file's content can be extracted with Qwix v1.0.1 or C-Xbox Tool 2.0.6 or 2.0.7. These two Windows applications are also available in this web site's download section.
  21. There's a prebuilt Extras ISO available from Rocky5's google drive repository for the latest Xbox Softmodding Tool build. Xbox Softmod Kit Updates - Google Drive
  22. Some of the files may have been uploaded as text files which messes them up. All should be transferred in binary mode. Text (aka ASCII) transfer mode sets the most significant bit of every byte transferred to 0. For example, a byte of 10001101 would be transferred as 00001101.
  23. Hello everyone! Hoping to get a bit of help with two small issues. Using UnleashX with the green block theme, but having the same issues without regard to the skin selected. First is that if I use the two triggers and the far left / far right buttons (back and something else) to return from a game to the main menu, the XBOX crashes with error 07. Power off and power on cycle sets thing right, but strange that it crashes just because I try to go back to the menu from inside a game. Second is that loaded games don't automatically show up in the "XBOX Games" menu. For example, I've burned a disc over to the HDD and also copied one through FTP. In both instances, I had to go into the game through File Explorer, start the .xbe file, and then go back to the menu to see the game in the games list. Any ideas? Thanks everyone! Blaine
  24. thank you! I have all worked out, now the game has a mod and Russian language.
  25. Well it turns out my good Samsung is broken now too. The lens wouldn't read discs and I tried to clean it. That didn't work and I tried to adjust the pot, only to go to far and ruin the laser. I don't really mind because it was already broken, but now I need to find another laser or drive. Does anyone know where I could get a laser that will fit an SDG-605F, or else get an entire drive for a fair price that isn't a Thomson? I guess at worst, I could get an 80pin IDE cable and use a Thomson in my 1GHz since it can't play games from discs at the right speed anyway, only install them to the HDD. Right now I just reversed the cable, put the middle on the motherboard and put one end to the DVD drive and the other to the IDE to SATA converter. For some reason the Xbox errors with a Thomson using this method, yet it worked with a Samsung. I basically just need 2 working drives now.
  26. No, I didn't try 720p, it should run just the same as vanilla Vice City does in 720p though Is it just the text you're having problems with? Don't replace fonts.txd inside the Models folder. Keep your original fonts.txd from the unmodified game and that should display the Russian language.
  27. Seems I can't swap the PCBs. One is an SDG-605B and the other is an SDG-605F, the boards aren't interchangeable and either are the lasers as they use a different ribbon cable. I have checked the drive anyway and the laser can park properly, it even reads discs and they spin fast as of they're working, but it's like the drive isn't reporting the right status to the Xbox. I was thinking of trying to reflash the drive's firmware once I get an IDE converter to plug it into my PC.
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