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  3. After some trial end error trying to get this pack to run, I did have a limited amount of success. The only time I was able to get Rocky5's emustation to recognize and list the games is when I put the roms directly I to the roms folder for n64 in the f drive. Now, they still wouldn't run, I'm assuming that I will have to move each main folder in the pack into its corresponding location in the f drive. There are a couple that dont have corresponding spots already, skins and saves. I'm guessing the saves should be put I to the n64 roms folder, but what about the skins? Does this line of reasoning sound correct? Maybe someone on here has some experience with getting this pack successfully installed and can pass along that knowlege.
  4. Here Is the one i worked on today. I think this is the best one yet and probably the best way to execute this plan. This one takes the isolation of any port out of the equation and puts all control on the spdt rocker switch. I like that this one can be done without isolating ports. Thats a real pain in the "you know what". I will keep the folder updated if i build more in the future but i dont see it getting better than this one Here is a link to the folder where all the the data on this diagramming can be found: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RyqyB42XzIUHupb7ZMqJmVH6tJKyBwMU?usp=sharing Ver 1.2 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y78bsHmv4kXRY3K8yHJFUnYD03L8Cjgu/view?usp=sharing
  5. yea sweet man i will add them in a bit
  6. Working my way through Conflict Vietnam. My last game save was 2007. Oh how time flys.
  7. Yeah I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all. There's quite a few there you could add to the drive!
  8. thanks for reposting lots of time and work went into those
  9. Yesterday
  10. Yes it was, and yes I did. But, it says to copy the whole surreal6.0 folder to my xbox, but I dont know where to put it, I know if I put it along the wrong file pathway, it probably won't work. I already have surreal5.3 (I believe), wouldn't surreal6.0 interfere with that? I'm very new to the whole file management and computer thing, the instructions are probably very easy to understand if someone is used to this kind of thing, but I am not. I'm picking things up as I go, but still far from where a lot of people are in the modding community.
  11. Did you read the "COMPILATION README.txt" that was included in that archive?
  12. I'm new to modding and basically have near zero computer knowledge. I downloaded and unpacked Eartwormjames's 212 pack and I'm a little lost on where to put everything. I'm running the Rocky5 emustation and have a few roms sets running, but the 212 pack is giving me a headache. I'm using filezilla and have moved the roms from the roms folder to the n64 roms folder on my xbox, they are recognized but I get black screen when trying to launch a game. I'm assuming the surreal6.0 needs placed somewhere, or that maybe the 212 pack needs placed somewhere as a whole? Any help, as always, would be greatly appreciated. Going from no computer experience to the xbox mod has been a pretty steep learning curve.
  13. From my understanding of the jumper on HDD Sata drives, all they do is limit certain functions of the drive itself. SATA drives dont require a jumper, I dont have one in mine and everything works as intended. If it were me, I would just remove it completely since the adapter has one for master/slave.
  14. I just use a StarTech 18" 80-wire with a StarTech IDE to SATA adapter.
  15. eh? Original cable is IDE on Mobo --- short length to DVD --- long length to HDD If I reverse the positioning of the 80 pin cable it wont fit? What size 80 pin cables are you guys all using then??
  16. Hi, Just picked up a Xbox, softmodded it and nulled the HDD etc. I then went to change the drive over to my cloned 1TB drive (which worked when switching it out from the mother Xbox for testing) and when I now boot the new softmodded Xbox with the confirmed working, nulled cloned HDD from the mother, I boot into error code 13. Cloned 1TB in question works when swapping out with mother Xbox's 1TB drive (which it was cloned from) Replacing the HDD with the original HDD lets the console boot and work. What am I doing wrong to get error 13 from the 1TB cloned, nulled, HDD from the other softmodded Xbox that works. p.s Using Rocky5 and 1TB HDD shows up under chimp loader as slave and have locked the HDD via this with the console (even though both consoles have nulled HDD's) Pulling my hair out with this one now, any help would be appreciated (Both consoles are of the same motherboard version and are all but identical)
  17. Alright, cool thank you!
  18. Satdock2reu3 It can clone HDD standalone (does not need to be connected to a OS) and does sector by sector cloning. Which makes it do a 1:1 copy.
  19. Alternate Method with an SPDT switch for more control. Polished clean and final.
  20. There should be no jumper on a sata hdd. If there is... just leave it. Who the hell knows what it's for. It's damn sure not for master/slave.
  21. I can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere. Do I remove the jumper pin from the sata HDD since the sata/ide adaptor has its own jumper pin selections? I just need to know the configuration so I can clone it using chimp. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  22. Is it easy to remove just in case you didn't want to accidentally reflash the TSOP?
  23. So I've been searching around for good emulator/folder icons for my Xboxes. I ran into a thread on this site with a google drive by xbmcmodsforxbox loaded with great artwork. It didn't quite have all the systems I needed so I thought I'd share with the community what I found and made for it. It's a really nice looking icon pack. Hopefully someone else here will enjoy it as well. I added a couple ones I edited for CoinOps, Ninja, and separating Xbox games alphabetically. All credit goes to xbmcmodsforxbox for the google drive, Dom DXecutioner, and the community that made all these great icons. Link to google drive:
  24. i have soldered the d0 to the chip and have yet had an issue but now i am using a members LPC rebuild board so no more wires!
  25. Worked great on my V1.2. Flashed on the first try and was very easy to put on with toothpick. It beats the "Printed Circuit Pen" by far.
  26. Design Validate Test controllers, with the common July 2001 dates. Same controllers different ABS plastics, nice find.
  27. The Xbox's Temperature Sensors There is no GPU temperature sensor. The CPU has a diode temp sensor tied to the ADM1032 near the MCPX which also has an internal sensor to measure its ambient air temperature. The temperature sensor chip is located at U6F1 nearer to the MCPX chip than the GPU. Not sure why it ever got labeled as the GPU temp - most likely an expectation of the dev teams working on the Xbox during the original modding scene days as the CPU has one - but after further investigation knowing it was not the GPU's temp but never changed in some software stating what the temp actually was. It measures the ambient air temp inside the case near the nVidia MCPX. X3 HDD Partition Use Settings The item to Enable for HUGE HDD support in the X3 Config Live is found here: Settings -> New Hard Drive Upgrade -> Use Saved Partition Table It toggles between the values: Disabled and Enabled by pressing the (A) button. Reboot to use the new setting. To use a HUGE drive it has to be formatted and a partition table written with XBPartitioner v1.3. F and G partitions, 6 and 7 respectively, up to 1TB each with 64KB cluster allocation in use. Up to 512GB extended partitions using 32KB cluster allocation, or up to 256GB partitions using 16KB clusters. XBPartitioner v1.3 writes a partition table to the Xbox's HDD (1st sector) to allow for HDDs that do not fit into the standard LBA48 setups. Without enabling the Use Saved Partition Table, the X3 BIOS will use the LBA48 configuration set in the BIOS's configuration in X3CL found at Settings -> New Hard Drive Upgrade -> Click Here To Set LBA48 Option of either: Standard Partitions (Xbox Stock Drive) F Drive gets everything - No G Drive, or F Drive upto 137Gb - G Drive gets the rest These won't work correctly for HDDs >1TB as the size of each extended partition maxes out at 1TB with the proper cluster size in use.
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