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  2. I have a crystal xbox that has been running fine with a x3 chip, I believe its a 1.4 with a Focus video chip. I flashed the bios and set it up for a 2tb hard drive and all was fine. I have stripped the xbox down, cleaned everything, removed the heat sinks, cleaned and added new thermal paste. After rebuilding the xbox it fires up, 3x green blinks between power down then sits flashing red/green. It does the same if I have the x3 in or not. Have I damaged the board while handling? I have checked the chip soldering and D0, cleaned and re-flowed/re-soldered. But it still behaves the same. Any ideas/advice?
  3. Is there a way to recover, or should I just crack on and re-image the drive?
  4. This is the odd one....The drive size is different when I move the selection over it.
  5. This is the working drive, 3tb.
  6. Yesterday
  7. All wires are crimped for main harnesses
  8. I didn't do anything, I just stopped using it for 8 years and now I wanted to use it but it doesn't work
  9. Run XBPartitioner v1.3 on your Xbox. What does it show for the configuration of the two extended partitions 6 and 7 (F and G drives)?
  10. Memory Error - for some reason the memory on the motherboard is not functioning properly. It could be a broken trace, dead drive transistor, bad RAM chip, solder splash on the motherboard. So, many things can cause this problem to occur. Was it working before then after doing some work on the motherboard it started showing this error code on the eject ring?
  11. Damn. I wrote the image to a 2 TB drive and deleted the fucking image because it took so much space. I haven't tested the drive. I hope I don't have problems RAW copying to larger drives!
  12. XBox 1.6 (64MB) EvoX m8plus TITAN bios set : https://1fichier.com/?sqkezbo7xq2ibrjqi63q
  13. is there any recommended bios that supports EvoX Titan 64MB UDMA4 1.6
  14. You need to flash your TSOP to be able to use any homebrew e.g. XBMC in your case. So this is what I would do. Download this : Check the save games for a game you have a original game dvd. copy / ftp the save to your HDD to E:\UDATA and also copy the folder 21585554 to the same folder (E:\UDATA) Look the HDD using XblastOS or cofnig magic to be able to boot of your TSOP. Remove or maybe just disable the modchip. Boot up the game DVD and load the same game (instuctions for that are in the download). After that you can flash your TSOP with any of the provided bioses for a first flash (You can flash any other bios afterwards). When thats done you can unlock your HDD again and remove the mod chip. And the Hynix TSOP is 256kb.
  15. HI just wonder, I have 1.6 without 128mb ram upgraded version. can i still use EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA4 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) bios on my device?
  16. Hi everyone, I have a 1.3 with a Hynix TSOP. I've just recently tried installing Cerbios on my Aladdin XT. I think it might be a fake because when I use restoox or xblast to flash, it fails to erase the chip. This was a previously dead console that I brought back to life with the (fake) aladdin and installed XBMC4G to a 4TB HDD. Now that XBMC is installed, can I remove the mod chip? If I take off the aladdin, can I flash Cerbios to the TSOP? How big is the Hynix TSOP? Thanks in advance, Regards, Dave
  17. I have a 3tb drive I'd popped the image on a while back, waiting for a new Mobo for my crystal, plugged that in and bingo all works. I'll re-image the 2tb and test again.
  18. Thank you for the upload. I have tried both bios that you sent, combined with flashbios 3.0.3 on bank 1&2 and your bios on 3&4. Still the same result. F=0GB G=Unavailable. I have a startech adapter, 80pin cable. Really unsure what is happening. Kinda glad to repeat with your bios, something must be off with my setup.......
  19. As the tittle states I'm looking for some advice on removing the internal molding marks on a crystal case, the rf shield was rusted tf so it was removed (and might try removing the posts that held it in too) Trying to do a dvt-3 devkit inspired build and wanting it looking primo. Cheers folks, Kalps
  20. Try one of these : https://1fichier.com/?dze5ubh0743c9squizdm Both strait boot E:\XBMC\default.xbe C:\evoxdash.xbe E:\evoxdash.xbe One is a yes DVD and the other a no DVD one. Both are FG lba48 patched and verifed working.
  21. I have been trying many combintations based on info found here, but still cannot get the dash to see G: Drive. I have a 1.6 with an original X2.6 Install, and a 2tb drive with the Origin Image (Only becuase I wanted to get things setup and back into OG Xbox) I have been using bios' downloaded from the right sources, and uploading them via ethernet with flashbios always on bank 1&2. I have tried the following either modified with EVTool (for 256k) or X2ool for the Xecuter bios (5035 512k) I try to mod the bios for LBA support, but its not happening. I think there maybe an issue with the programs above and compatability/admin rights?? So far I have tried: x2_5035_v16plus_512k modified with X2ool M8plus_16 modified with EVTool (1.0.8) M8_16_LBA48_IGR_C-06 modified with EVTool (1.0.8) The last one I really expected to work......I've not played with any partition tools as I was concerned that I might loose data. Finally, I've not tried any of the installation DVD's as the drives dont seem to be working.....
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