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  2. It seems that the UDMA5 results do vary massively from console to console. Some people are claiming to see huge speed gains where as others claim to notice little to no difference. I am going to finally flash it to my X3 box later and give it a try for myself.
  3. If this was in the uk Id buy it. Approx £376 in uk money. Got me thinking about how much mine is worth again?? 2tb hdd with XBMC4Gamers with full NTSC set plus PAL exclusives, full X3 setup inc remote power on/off, Custom LEDS and Jewel, Startech IDE2Sata, Noctua fan, N64 Freak 128mb board with HDMI mod. (Not HDMI+) 2 Crystal controllers and a dvd remote,.
  4. where can i download ( XMEN LEGENDS )?care to uploado n torrentserver?
  5. can you tell me how you downloaded the XMEN LEGENDS XBOX GAME ON INTERNET? been looking for that game for years in vain if you could send a link t hat would help thx been waiting to play it since it cam eout normally glitches are from hardware so yeah it is due to your modded hdd
  6. The only thing I had installed on the xbox was XBMC4Gamers dashboard.
  7. Did you Did you have a replacement dashboard installed at one of the locations that CerBIOS looks for one? CertBIOS boot order list from cerbios.ini: DashPath1 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe (aka C:\evoxdash.xbe) DashPath2 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\avalaunch.xbe (aka C:\avalaunch.xbe) DashPath3 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\nexgen.xbe (aka C:\nexgen.xbe) FYI: Gentoox Loader 6.07 can be downloaded from sourceforge.net: Linux on the Microsoft Xbox - Browse /Gentoox/Loader at SourceForge.net Loader.xbe in the tbz2 archive there.
  8. thanks for the replies, but do not think it matters now. turned out I had not done the point underneath, so I did that, the xbox started fine, I Loaded Xblast OS, chose net flash, choose the bios clicked upload. The xbox turned off, and now it just starts and turns off 3 times, and then just flashes red/green. I tried unplugging everything and removing the solder, there was no brideging. However now it will just not start so think it died.
  9. Use Evoxdash +3935 to flash the TSOP. Create a BIOS subfolder where it's default.xbe file is installed (e.g., E:\Apps\Evoxdash\BIOS fi Evoxdash is installed at E:\Apps\Evoxdash\default.xbe). Use its System Utils > Flash BIOS menu option to select CerBIOS's dot bin file in that folder. If you use Gentoox Loader to flash the TSOP on your v1.1 Xbox, make sure you use a 1MB (file created with 4x copies of the CerBIOS's 256KB dot bin) file. Gentoox does NOT resize the BIOS to fit the flash memory chip as does Evoxdash or XBlastOS.
  10. Have you checked the solder points on the motherboard?
  11. Hi I have been trying this for a few days and nothing. I used to have a softmod, but wish to install cerbios to my TSOP. I put in a new 3tb drive that i set up with fatxplorer. I installed the bootanimations folder to c drive, placed the cerbios.ini on the c drive also, and placed the bios in a folder named Bios on c. I loaded the hexen disc and bios checker they still work fine. I have an ST chip, and joined the connections fine, as I used to run the softmod and hexen still loads. If I use XblastOS (tried from hard drive and from some Xbox flash programs that run off disc) to flash, if I pick net flash I upload the bios and it does nothing on the xbox. I tried a 256k, 512 and 1mb version of cerbios. If i put the files on the drive and select HDD it finds the bios, I get a message about holding LT+RT+START+WHITE to start the process, is not easy but when it works it just goes back to the bios select screen. If I try gentoox from any loader disc, the program loads but then come up about invalid boot disc and shuts the xbox down. I have not found a gentoox to run from hdd yet. I have tried a few times now and nothing, was able to install some dashboards, but just having trouble flashing the tsop. I can not find an OpenXemium to buy that is not used or expensive, and all the aladin ones seem to be unflashable now. Anybody got any ideas of what I may be doing wriong, or suggest a dashboard I may be able to flash cerbios to the tsop, current cerbios is 2.0.2. Thanks for any assidtance you may be able to offer.
  12. Go ahead and send me an IM if you have any questions.
  13. Please message me interested thanks
  14. Yesterday
  15. At the end of the startup animation once Microsoft appears under the big X logo, the hard drive is unlocked. You could also disconnect the DVD drive from IDE cable and once the error screen appears the hard drive should be unlocked too.
  16. IGR is already there since some versions. ; IGR Master Port, 0 to 4, 0 = All Ports IGRMasterPort = 0 ; A = 0, B = 1, X = 2, Y = 3, BLACK = 4, WHITE = 5, LEFT_TRIGGER = 6, RIGHT_TRIGGER = 7 ; DPAD_UP = 8, DPAD_DOWN = 9, DPAD_LEFT = A, DPAD_RIGHT = B, START = C, BACK = D, LEFT_THUMB = E, RIGHT_THUMB = F ; IGR Dash Combo, Resets back to dashboard, If ISO is mounted then keep it mounted as D: IGRDash = 67CD ; IGR Game Combo, Resets the current loaded game IGRGame = 467C ; IGR Full Combo, Full system reset IGRFull = 467D ; IGS Shutdown Combo, Full system shutdown IGRShutdown = 678D
  17. You should ask on cerbios requests on xbox-scene's discord
  18. 20% improvement on loading time is always a plus in my book;) But I realized I did not do enough research. IGR is missing and I forgot I have 2 partitions. So 2 reasons to wait for a later release of bios.
  19. I’ll give that a try, the main trick is getting it to get unlocked again, it was easier with the dashboard booting up but now that doesn’t even happen, any tips for getting it unlocked?
  20. Forget that the buggy xplorer360 ever existed. Try FATXplorer 3.0 Beta. When you hotswap connect the Xbox drive to your PC before powering on the Xbox, connect a wire from the PC's power supply ground to the Xbox's shield (aka ground). Then, do the hotswap connect again. Start FATXplorer 3.0 Beta can it access/mount partition 4. Report back if it is or not.
  21. I don't know XBMC4Gamers but I do know about 'vanilla' XBMC on the Xbox. Where you'd normally have your Apps, Games, Emus, HomeBrew etc available is under the main menu's "Programs" umbrella. If you add another 'Source' to the Programs menu you're adding a parent source folder so when you click on it will show the contents of that folder ie. it won't launch the XBE. If you try to add the default.xbe as a source it'll report "path not found" but allow you to add it manually. However whilst it then appears as a direct source if you try to launch that you'll get an "invalid path..." message. Its obviously set up to look for and launch that XBE from within a sub-folder inside the parent directory. You can't change that behaviour as far as I know. What might be what you're looking for is to add an individual app or whatever to your Favourites list. I assume XBMC4Gamers also includes a Favourites main menu option. That effectively cuts outs one folder level ie. Favourites > App Name rather than Programs > Apps > App Name.
  22. I did a dumb thing and tried to hotswap softmod a second console I have, with a guide from consolemods.org everything was going great but Xplorer360 seemed to have deleted my Partition 4. I saved all the files I could (this is pre softmod so i wasn’t able to backup EEPROM) and now when I boot the Xbox it just goes straight to an error screen, no dashboard. I’m unsure how to unlock the HDD again and what to do from here. It’s a v. 1.0 console with 3944 kernel. Any help is appreciated! I realize what I did was dumb and my only other hope might just be to chip the console, but I have no idea to solder so it might just be out of my scope of knowledge and I’ll have to sell the console as parts or something.
  23. Hey I know you can add main menu options with custom folder paths but when I set it to an app and select it, it opens the folder instead of the app inside it. Is there any way to add a path to a specific file?
  24. So on OGXBox.com? https://1fichier.com/?xgqrt2hcjja48cd4mn7s https://mega.nz/file/8FVGzazJ#-JssV04G-7qzQeicz5k9DqAcS0QfVuCV2-BA8OhRVcI I want a BFM version of is so badly. Anyone could ask the coder if that will be possible and if they plan to release one?
  25. yay! off to grab that for testing
  26. There's been another update to fix the xmv player xbe. v2.02 repack in the usual places
  27. Here's the Titan patch developer's response: gaasedelen commented yesterday There's nothing special about Titan's disk format, but the BIOS computes the length of the F partition based on the physical size of the disk. Scene tools and BIOS' do the same, but would clamp at 0xFFFFFFFF sectors in the event of a larger disk. So technically Titan should be compatible with drives formatted using old scene tools under the following conditions: The HDD must use standard retail partition sizes & clusters for the first 5 partitions The HDD must be formatted with 'F takes all' / 'F takes the rest of the HDD' for the 6th partition This means that Titan does NOT support F & G schemes or drives The HDD must report its drive size as less than 2199023255040 bytes (2.2tb, or 0xFFFFFFFF sectors) I assume most/all 2TB drives should be well under this? If you're using a 1TB drive you should certainly be fine. Using a 3TB drive formatted with 'F takes all' will not work under Titan. It might boot, but files will be missing or start getting corrupted on the F partition. A 1-2TB drive should be fine though. --------------------------------------------
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