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  1. in emustation press start, scroll down to other settings, press x, scroll down to custom paths and make sure the paths are correct.EXAMPLE - E:/emustation/roms
  2. what else have you done? @Cian Cunningham put together a great quick tutorial on the FB group. I copied it. check it out Cian Cunningham: (Artwork installed via the installer will also be used on xbmc4gamers) Dont enable 1080i as it sucks too much ram and causes issues with the artwork installer. Prebuilt xbmc-emustation link from GitHub http://xbmc-emustation.com/.../_lates.../XBMC-Emustation.zip So to set it all up FTP the pre built xbmc-emustation folder to the root of E. Don't build it yourself, that's only really for expert users that want to change source and recompile. Have all your xbox games in F/Games and/or G/Games. That's where the artwork install script looks for games. Go to settings on the carousel and then downloader, you might need to update the downloader under the update tab. Run the cache formatter from the downloader first (good practice). Download the artwork installer. You'll need 500mb free on E for it to download and extract. Go to settings and run the artwork installer script. Let it overwrite existing artwork when asked and allow it to use resources folders. Press start and do an auto scan of games or just select xbox to scan. For emulator stuff, grab any emulators you can find on the downloader from the downloader as Rocky5 has set these up and has their saves in the emulator itself. For artwork/videos and ROMs grab the resurrection xtras sets from here. Roms/Artwork and videos all need to be named the same to scan in to emustation. These are already set up like this so are drag and drop. https://rappscallion.wixsite.com/ressurectionxtras/download The emulator, media and roms folders inside XBMC-Emustation/. emustation need to be moved to a larger partition or you will run oit of space very quickly. Make a folder on the root of F or G called whatever you like, i call it XBMC-E and move these folders into it. This is where you will drop your artwork, videos and roms from resurrection xtras. Press start in the emustation dash and map these locations for emulators, media and roms so emustation knows where to find them. Autoscan the games or scan per system when done FTPing. An auto scan can fix weird issues on the carousel so do one after yoi are fully set up. N64 seems to have some issues on emustation so I would recommend to use the standalone Earthworm James Pack for n64 and set it as a custom tile (again press start and its on this menu). Google N64 transparent logo for an image for the carousel and then grab a fanart that is suitable, resize it to 853x480 and add blur if you are using the theme with blurred background images. I use a program called Irfanview for these small inage editing tasks. its free and good. If you want to make it your default dash (Hard mod/TSOP): Use John Conns dashloader. Take this default.xbe and name it evoxdash.xbe and replace your existing evoxdash.xbe on the root of C. I suggest naming your existing to something else to back it up just in case and then delete after you get xbmc4gamers to boot. Dashloader xbe https://github.com/.../nkpatcher/dashloader/default.xbe If you are softmodded then use Rocky5's extras disc to update and old softmod or install his from scratch and the Dashloader is built into it already. Xbox games artwork tips after installing: Bear in mind that any xbox games with the same default.xbe will get the same artwork. So go through your games and make sure they are all good. This happens with some games that are usually special editions and people just dump a load of games from a big download on. Need for speed underground and underground black edition, midnight club dub edition and dub edition remix are two examples. These are the same game so you would not need both anyway but they would take the same art. You can manually fix any of these by navigating to XBMC-Emustation/system/ scripts/Xbox artwork installer via file explorer on the left side and on the right side of file explorer navigate to the game with incorrect artwork and copy the right one over. All artwork is downloaded to that path. Also check out the artwork link on the GitHub. It has emulator artwork and some special edition Xbox game covers. Steel books etc. Jade empire alt cover is nice. Drop the contents of each artwork folder into the respective game folder. Look at an installed Xbox game folder for an example if needed. Xbmc4gamers Emulator artwork and alternative xbox covers artwork from GitHub: https://drive.google.com/.../1a3ZaFTuuu5L7lDbnOjmA5tlHhrw... Intro videos: (readme included for setup) https://drive.google.com/folderview... On the game view screens for each system follow the onscreen button prompts for playing videos etc. Press white to see a context menu that allows you to enable xbox games fanart and change your view type. This context menu is self explanatory. Press start and go to homescreen customization to choose your theme. Themes are now available on the built in downloader in settings. You will need to grab them here first. Themes are self contained to make it easier for people to make their own themes. FTP in and take a theme and copy it, name it something different and then tinker away. If you make any themes remember Xbmc-emustation is an open source project of Rocky5's so please share any themes you do make. If they are good enough John might add them to the downloader. His standards are high though ?? That should be enough to get a basic setup going. Enjoy
  3. you need to add roms the the respective folders (ftp) and then scan all systems (in emustation menu)
  4. plus the price on that adapter is silly. order from china for less than half. but make sure you order 10 because half will be straight to garbage
  5. i think you're right. likely one of the bad adapters. those things are strange. its the weirdest thing when they die over time. i dont get it. i have a 2tb drive that shows no bad sectors but takes forever to load. none of the data is corrupt tho. i ftp from that drive to good drive and coinops loads fast. cant remember precisely which model it is, but it is hitachi. i'd bet the adapter first...
  6. assuming based on your name you are using a startech ide2sat? did you install a 80 wire cable? is the hdd brand new? which model is it? what was your previous configuration? what size of drive? how did you build the new drive? which version of coinops?
  7. http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=189&t=6561&p=87698&sid=891597591ca797903c33dcf67e804ebd#p87698 This guy just succesfully oc'd his 1000mhz to 1100mhz
  8. im confused about that cpu, (desperately want one) what does it report in system info on xbmc? ask the builder about patching, i dont think you can hurt anything experimenting with custom speed on an xbe. the videos in coinops should run smooth - i know exactly what you mean, i experience the same thing.. but it always smooths it out after patching. make sure you got the 'default.xbe' in the coinops folder, that would be the one to smooth video
  9. hey nighbor, just to confirm.... those samaung ram chips work??
  10. i attached xbepatcher to this post, use that.... use it on every xbe you plan to play on that box. what i would do is open your ftp program and open the coinops folder, sort by file type and select ALL OF THE XBE files in the coinops folder. drag them to a folder on your pc (make 2 folders to easily back them up, i literally name one "coinops xbe patched" "coinops xbe stock") run the xbe patcher and select "dir" as the first option, you want to select the folder labeled patched (obviously), set the patcher to 128mb ram and whichever cpu you have. drag the patched xbe's to the coinops folder on ftp and overwrite all, that will solve your problem. XBEPatcher.exe
  11. nice unit, the psu, i am also curious how you approached the integration of connecting it externally. It looks from one photo to be wired directly, can you disconnect the supply easily? Great work.
  12. what he said! I can 100% vouch for HDD Raw Copy, It is a great way to back up an image, we all know how long it can take to ftp everything and get everything correct, backing up the hdd is the new backing up the eprom!
  13. great work. im not familiar with kodi, so the repositories etc are elusive to me... this is a great project to keep working on.
  14. cool, i suppose there is no repository specific to SD video, any "unofficial" repositories you know about i might try?

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