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  1. Were you soliciting in some way? The only reason I've ever banned anyone from the discord is solicitation.
  2. I had forgot about that. I just took care of that. Thank you.
  3. I forgot to say that it's complete. Everything is up to date. The site appears to be running faster. We have a new skin. I don't necessarily love it, but it's ok. Facebook integration is working again, but since I'm not using a SSL certificate, it says the site isn't secure. That will be my next purchase for the site. Not a big deal by any means.
  4. It's to protect against bots and protect our bandwidth from people who may not really want the download.
  5. You have to pay for bandwidth with webhosting. So we're making sure that when we get charged, someone needed that file and didn't just think... oh what the hell. I may want that one day. Also, it ensure that everyone that downloads is a real person and not a bot. So this is one of those times where I'm not interested in your complaint.
  6. Yeah look up Chimp. it's the tool you'll use for cloning. I would probably look into just backing up your data to your pc and ftp'ing it over to the new hdd. In actuality, this will be easiest since you won't have to read up on the chimp procedure and hope it works for you. Also look into flashing your tsop. If you do this you won't need a modchip anymore. Also, if you ever want to sell the chameleon you have a buyer right here. I collect chips, and I don't have this one.
  7. Maybe your xbox was used in Doc Brown's DeLorean.
  8. Basically, when you set up NTP in your dashboard, you can set an offset. So it's how much time you want to vary from the time server's time. Sometimes this is used to adjust for time zones. Other times it's used to slightly modify or "correct" the time. In your case, it sounds like there is a crazy value in there.
  9. What bios do you have on there? Did you remove the clock cap? I think this is a dash issue and not a bios issue.
  10. Yes you can. You flash it the same way you flashed a hacked bios. Why are you wanting to go back to stock?
  11. You would need a sector level image. Anything that looks at the filesystem isn't going to work. Most do look at it so they can exclude files you wouldn't want such as page files, etc. A HDD can be copied with a docking station.

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