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  1. One isn't on a debug kit or anything is it?
  2. system link ALWAYS checks versioning of the game. You should either bring both up to the same patch level / maps or take them both down to default from the disc.
  3. System Link doesn't care what ip addresses you set. It simply doesn't use that network config. It uses its own network config and IP is layer 3... system link doesn't depend on layer 3. You can build a layer 3 tunnel between routers and firewalls and xbox's on either side will not see each other. System Link operates at layer 2.
  4. Your xbox may have just got a girlfriend. Give it some congrats and possibly a talk and a little protection and be proud.
  5. Then you don't need a managed switch.
  6. Do you plan on doing any vlanning, QoS, or any kind of monitoring and management of the traffic on your lan?
  7. I think you should try a different switch.
  8. What is interesting is system link doesn't give a damn about dhcp. It doesn't even really operate at layer 3. it operates at layer 2.
  9. No. The only difference between a hub and a switch is that a hub broadcasts all frames to every port. A switch only sends frames to the interface that the destination mac address is located on. Thus hubs have collisions once you get more than 2 devices connected to one. Switches do not. For system link networking, it works perfectly fine on a switch that is fully functional.
  10. Nope. It's not too much. It needs to be WAY too much to have any consequence. Momentary surges need to be HUGE to burn traces or burn out the psu. These tiny caps aren't going to do it in the quantity they are in. You're totally fine.
  11. I'm doing it as we speak. I was googling certain information and came across your post on the forum I created. lol weird. Back to searching for meaning....
  12. Just because you're not reading the continuity you expect doesn't mean it's a 1.5. 1.5 never existed, although open circuits in all electronics DO exist due to manufacturing defects and age. You just did trace repair on a faulty board. You didn't find a mythical xbox version that never existed.
  13. I don't have many suggestions, but I have been looking for one for my preservation. If you don't move forward with it, please consider letting me purchase it.

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