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  1. Welcome Jim! We'll be happy to help you on your journey.
  2. It needs LBA-48 to read anything larger than 137 gb. So since softmodding is just getting the xbox to replace the bios in memory with a custom one, if you set an exploit to load a boot from media bios that supports lba-48 on the first 137gb it will gladly load it into memory and give you use of the rest of your drive.
  3. We don't allow people to just start downloading after they join. You have to be an active member of the community to do that.
  4. Your logic is pretty flawed. You think your drive is good because it reads pressed games and pressed audio cds perfectly, yet won't read your burned dvd. You're describing a failing dvd drive to the letter. If you'd prefer to use the dvd drive, you may have to purchase another or you can try the pot tweak for your drive.
  5. It has nothing to do with that as literally everyone else who tsop flashes and runs Unleash X can read anything if their dvd drive works. Your dvd drive is nearing 20 years old. It's most likely on its way out as everyone else's is. You will be better served by FTP'ing anyways.
  6. Set your router's wan to DHCP. Then plug the wan port into the ISP's ethernet cable. Plug all of your devices into the lan ports on the router.
  7. OGXbox Admin

    Help !

    You'll need to replace the sst 49lf020 with one that has a good bios for a 1.6. Once it boots and you go into evox or your flashing program of choice... you can swap the chips BEING VERY CAREFUL while doing so as the console is on. Then once the one with the bad flash is in, you can flash it with a good bios. This is called the hotswap method and can be risky if you're not careful.
  8. lol no. Xbox means Xbox... not Xbox 360 or Xbox One.
  9. Yes they will fail... and reflashing won't give it another 15-20 years. The chips degrade over time. Modchips are the best solution going forward for the ones that fail.
  10. It doesn't matter how good your soldering skills are. Nobody can do it by hand. The pinout is not the same so it requires an adapter sandwiched between the motherboard and tualatin. N64 Freak redesigned his and it is superior. He uses a smd rework station. He's in Germany and visits this site frequently but not every day. He will reply soon.
  11. That could be part of your problem. Try an actual gpu and see what happens.
  12. What GPU are you running?

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