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  1. There are threads on here of people getting 100mhz or more BUT, when people overclock you never know their situation and how long they actually ran it. Also there is really not any benchmarking we can run to make sure it is stable. So it is REALLY difficult to say how far you could push your silicon. If 1mhz down from a crash gets a successful boot, it sound as though we both understand that is still not stable in all likelihood. So I think it might be a bit higher than you're guessing but not as high as reported previously.
  2. it varies for everyone but your assumption wouldn't be correct. Why would they sell something maxed out? Maxed out = unstable. The varying environments the Xbox would be placed in would not always provide adequate cooling. The variance in chip capability would make a large amount of chips unstable even in perfect environments. They always build in some headroom.
  3. I think you may be conflating different things. The reason you'd need a static IP is if you're hosting a website at your house. Then you'd need your IP address to never change so your DNS records will always point to the correct place. Then you'd forward ports to allow the traffic to come inside your home network and go to the web server. If you're just gaming with a console, you don't need a static IP. The ISP can block ports at their end, but chances are they aren't doing that and getting a static IP won't lift that restriction.
  4. Port forwarding allows traffic destined for your public ip on a certain port to get allowed through the firewall and directed to a particular host on your local network.
  5. There is no difference. The instructions will be exactly the same as any other x3 with x3cp installation. Grounding d0 causes the xbox to ignore the tsop and boot from lpc. So it doesn't matter if the TSOP is flashed or not.
  6. There is no need to remove the TSOP. Leave it alone and install the X3.
  7. https://discord.gg/amRsEsja
  8. Lol... You're an idiot... and you're banned.
  9. I'm not going to sit through that tutorial, but did you use a sata hdd or ide? If you used sata, what adapter did you use? What are your jumpers set to?
  10. I don't know... I'm just guessing but did it occur to you that the downloader is supposed to run on the pc and then you ftp the files to your xbox? The topic creator is the creator of the current softmods, and numerous other invaluable programs we all run on our Xboxes. He's not going to put something out that doesn't work. It's more likely that you are misunderstanding the purpose.
  11. Great writeup... for the values "extended slow", "slow", "typical", etc... I wonder if those could be due to the memory test on bootup. Since Samsung sold MS some shit memory chips, the Xbox had to test their stability on boot at various speeds trying to find the lowest common denominator of the 4 memory chips. This is why some Xbox's seem faster than others in spite of them having the same cpu and gpu. So I suppose those addresses could be various memory clocks that the Xbox can set on the fly. I wouldn't think you'd need all of the addresses if it were just making a note of which one was stable as that could be a single address and value. This is obviously all speculation and could be completely wrong. Just thought I'd offer it up.
  12. When disc drives go bad, they don't read well. Think of older people getting cataracts. It's pretty similar except there is no lasik surgery. There is only the very poor option of pot tweaking. So basically upon boot the xbox checks the disk drive to see if there is media in there it should boot, else it boots the dashboard. Since your drive is on its way out, it has no clue if it has a disk in the drive or not and checks until the timeout period is up. There are bios' that skip this check I believe... which would speed up your boot time. Edit: You could prove or disprove this theory by ejecting the drive during this time and not closing it again until you see the dash. Did the dash come up quicker?
  13. Ok. Also try removing the default gateway from all devices during ftp. You'll lose internet access but it will give you good data. Let me know if the transfers still complete and the speed if so.

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