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  1. It has been deleted because it keeps getting reported. You sound like Billy Mays trying to sell some garbage on an infomercial. Everyone knows that they don't need to "upgrade" their power supply unless they are adding a ton of lighting or some such thing. Give it a rest or buy a vendor slot.
  2. They were only used in 1.0. So if you're asking if they can be swapped between other 1.0's the answer is yes.
  3. You'd need to figure out how to make an adapter for the pins and make sure the voltages and signals match.
  4. One of the biggest benefits is copying the discs you legally own to your hard drive for faster loading times and no disc swapping. Since the disc drives fail over time, it's great to be able to run the games you own from the hard drive. Next, there are media playing capabilities and emulation you can look into.
  5. We have been advised by someone that works at a factory that manufactures disc drives, that the replacement lenses are NOT new and that they do not make extra lasers for repair so there is no (new old stock) and there are no third parties that make them. I cannot independently confirm this, but the person seemed to be reputable as there was no reason for them to not be truthful. Your best bet is to replace the drive and upgrade to a larger hard drive. Optical drives fail over time and these things are going on 20 years old. You're not going to find one that will always work. Run games from the hard drive. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO PIRATE. Copy only your own games.... but you'll have no load times and you'll keep your dvd drive alive longer.
  6. Nope. There is no memory to be reset. Unplugging the power resets all memory since you won't be satisfied by that response. The truth, even though it sounds like you're not ready to accept it is... your drive is dying and almost dead. This is typical behavior for an optical drive about to go out.
  7. So the version numbers are NOT what MS used. They are what the modding community came up with. So this one particular person claimed they had an xbox with the ground on the lpc removed. He took pictures of himself measuring the lpc and it DID appear to not be connected... but everything else was the same. So they gave him the 1.5 designation. Pretty much every modchip maker at the time knew the manufacturing process because Xbox Linux discovered it. So nobody believed that 1.5 existed... because it couldn't. It was just that one guy pressing too hard on the trace with his probe and he cut the trace. It's easy to do. So that should clear up the whole... version nonsense. Your assumption was that MS intended to release the 1.5. That's just not the case. They never said so and there has never been one discovered. So there is no evidence it was ever supposed to exist or ever existed. It's one guy's mistake or attention grab that has now turned into a hoax. Next, Unleash X reports it as 1.4 or 1.5. It can't just say... 1.5. You're right in that there would be no way for it to detect it. Remember, the only thing anyone has to go on is what that one guy told them. That is that it was EXACTLY like a 1.4 but with a trace removed from the lpc. There's no way to determine that through a program. So it wouldn't just say "1.5". So you're mistaken on that. It said 1.4 or 1.5 because it wouldn't be able to tell them apart if they did exist. Since 1.5 doesn't exist... there is no telling them apart at all.
  8. The only difference between an alleged 1.4 and 1.5 is a ground on the lpc being detached from the pad. Nothing you've shown here looks any different from any other 1.4. Even if the ground weren't attached, we couldn't trust that it was a 1.5 as the board has been royally screwed. It's a 1.4. There has never been a 1.5 seen and there never will be, because they've never existed. It's just like aliens or sasquatch. People want to believe it so badly in spite of ANY evidence....
  9. Yeah let's see it.... because there is no doubt. They do not exist.
  10. 1.5 doesn't exist. None have ever been found and we know the tsops were programmed AFTER being soldered to the board at the factory. This means that those pins needed to be connected then and since we've never found any we know if they would have existed they would have been rare. Why spend all the money to change the fab process for a few xboxs? They wouldn't have done that. None of it makes sense. What makes sense is some goober pressed down too hard with his probe and cut that line and so he measured an open and declared a new version found.
  11. M.2 isn't faster than sata as it's just a connection. NVMe is basically connecting the ssd directly to the PCIe bus via the m.2 port and is much faster but is not the same as M.2. There are plenty of regular (non-NVMe) sata drives that connect via M.2 and aren't a bit faster than the same drive connected to a sata III port. You won't get anything faster than a regular sata hdd on the xbox because no matter what... you're connecting it to PATA/IDE. There is probably an adapter or series of adapters that might make it technically possible... but there is just no reason to do it.
  12. There should be no jumper on a sata hdd. If there is... just leave it. Who the hell knows what it's for. It's damn sure not for master/slave.
  13. No. 1.5's do not exist. Never have... never will.
  14. I've been adjusting the limits. It's now at 5. This will never be a site JUST for downloading. Our regular members can download, but leechers will never be catered to.

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