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  1. There is no difference. The instructions will be exactly the same as any other x3 with x3cp installation. Grounding d0 causes the xbox to ignore the tsop and boot from lpc. So it doesn't matter if the TSOP is flashed or not.
  2. There is no need to remove the TSOP. Leave it alone and install the X3.
  3. https://discord.gg/amRsEsja
  4. Lol... You're an idiot... and you're banned.
  5. I'm not going to sit through that tutorial, but did you use a sata hdd or ide? If you used sata, what adapter did you use? What are your jumpers set to?
  6. I don't know... I'm just guessing but did it occur to you that the downloader is supposed to run on the pc and then you ftp the files to your xbox? The topic creator is the creator of the current softmods, and numerous other invaluable programs we all run on our Xboxes. He's not going to put something out that doesn't work. It's more likely that you are misunderstanding the purpose.
  7. Great writeup... for the values "extended slow", "slow", "typical", etc... I wonder if those could be due to the memory test on bootup. Since Samsung sold MS some shit memory chips, the Xbox had to test their stability on boot at various speeds trying to find the lowest common denominator of the 4 memory chips. This is why some Xbox's seem faster than others in spite of them having the same cpu and gpu. So I suppose those addresses could be various memory clocks that the Xbox can set on the fly. I wouldn't think you'd need all of the addresses if it were just making a note of which on
  8. When disc drives go bad, they don't read well. Think of older people getting cataracts. It's pretty similar except there is no lasik surgery. There is only the very poor option of pot tweaking. So basically upon boot the xbox checks the disk drive to see if there is media in there it should boot, else it boots the dashboard. Since your drive is on its way out, it has no clue if it has a disk in the drive or not and checks until the timeout period is up. There are bios' that skip this check I believe... which would speed up your boot time. Edit: You could prove or disprove this theory
  9. Ok. Also try removing the default gateway from all devices during ftp. You'll lose internet access but it will give you good data. Let me know if the transfers still complete and the speed if so.
  10. So the variable in the equation is your PC. Turn off your antivirus and try again. Edit: in your last sentence I see you mention you tried linux. Does your pc ALSO have a wifi card in it? I know you say it's hard-wired but I'm curious on that point.
  11. Hold the power button down for several seconds and see if it behaves differently. The chip itself doesn't do anything other than allow a custom bios to boot. This is what circumvents all the protections and allows you to play homebrew and emulators.
  12. It is a "cheapmod" variant. It's a 256k flash. That appears to be a 1.1 console. So any 1.1 compatible bios that is 256k in size will flash on there. No need to softmod since you're already hard modded.
  13. I hear you but here is why it is this way: People figuring things out and freely giving that information out expect the recipients of that free information to figure out how to use it. People looking to turn a profit will make things nice and slick so the end user has to do as little as possible. There is always a price to pay. If you want things for free you'll have to do some work. If you have money to burn you probably won't.
  14. Those enable the tsop to be written to. So if you're going to have kids messing around with the xbox, either remove Evo X so it can't be flashed anymore from the console, or remove the jumpers. Most leave the jumpers connected.
  15. You chose it at sign up. There was a checkbox for "recurring". I have cancelled that particular 2 dollar per day membership as there were several people that didn't pay attention and due to a limitation of the forum software... that was the only way to do it. So that is now gone. It was done for convenience but people just weren't quite able to pull it off so I killed it. This site actually does not need money. Just to be clear... this site started out with no sort of paid option. The only reason they exist was by request so people could get past certain limitations that were in place

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