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  1. FB will sometimes say things don't meet community standards. Everyone thinks it's admin but it's not... It will just be gone. Sometimes you get a message about it. Sometimes you don't. There are ways entire groups can disappear. It's not really the safest way to try to have a community or archive information. It's so far outside of anyone's control it's not funny. That's why this site exists.
  2. Thank you for being part. I'm not the important one. You all are. This site could be totally empty... yet here you are. So the thanks goes to all of you.
  3. I try to stay in the background because the site is really about you all and I would never want to have much if any focus on me. With that said... I have always loved Xbox modding. I was really into it back in 2002-2004. I learned all I could and modded lots of Xboxs back then. I changed careers in 2014 and that took me to a new state and somehow all of that change rekindled my love for Xbox. I looked around for people who were still into it and they were scattered everywhere. Xbox-scene was dying/dead. I created the FB group and it took off relatively quickly. I did a lot of things wrong there by choosing the wrong admins and commenting on topics unrelated to Xbox.... moderating in a way that was frankly unprofessional. (I still do from time to time if I'm in a weird mood.) Once the FB group membership got around 10k, we started having content just disappear from the FB group. I became aware that the group could quite literally vanish in the blink of an eye. My skillset is in the world of IT, so spinning up a web server was really no trouble. So I fired up a VM on my server at home, set it up and allowed it through my firewall and announced the site. Once the site grew, I went ahead and moved it to a VPS cloud host so it doesn't depend on my home's power and internet reliability. Hopefully I covered whatever you were looking for. If not let me know and I'll answer almost anything.
  4. Where are you located? It's possible we have someone that could fix them for you and you might learn a bit from that.
  5. Have you tested with another dash? My guess is the reading you're seeing has 1 number cut off. Basically when it is measuring 20-29C you're just seeing 2C. When it's 30-39 you're seeing 3C. Just a thought. Try a different dash and see if you get the same thing.
  6. That is a d0 wire which when grounded does tell the MCPx whether to boot from the onboard bios (TSOP) or from lpc... which is where that mod chip is attached.
  7. It sounds to me like your jumper setting on the startech adapter is set to slave. Move it to master and see if it boots up.
  8. Some of them show a different hex value for flash type and it isn't always present in the ini file. The good news is: it tells you the current value for the flash it booted from. You can copy that down and add it to the ini file. Usually that makes the flash writable.
  9. That's exactly right. In the peer to peer model like this, the kills are decided by the host. Halo 2 was a client-side hit detection model. So while the clients still report back positioning to the server, the client decides if a hit took place and notifies the server of that.
  10. the client xboxes have to send and receive updates to and from the xbox acting as a server. There is latency in both directions. The host xbox has no such thing. It doesn't need to wait on updates. It's current version of events is what the player on that xbox sees no matter the latency from the other xboxes. They never have any sort of lag at all while the other players do have some... even if it is small. It doesn't take much latency at all to give a HUGE advantage. That's why the host xbox wins more times than not.
  11. It's called Halo NHE or neutral host edition https://halo1nhe.com/ The host xbox always has host advantage. People have done some videos to prove it. This make the host xbox an NPC and therefore nobody playing is hosting.
  12. If you have a 1.0 or 1.1 you'll be fine.
  13. If it has default.xbe 1 folder below the "Games" folder where your other games are located, it will be picked up by the dashboard.
  14. The X3 bios is for the X3 chip. I think they made a stripped down version that you could run on a 1MB modchip but there isn't really any reason to do it. The Open Xenium is currently in production and it's similar. I don't believe it will run an X3 bios but they have their own alternative.

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