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  1. It doesn't matter how good your soldering skills are. Nobody can do it by hand. The pinout is not the same so it requires an adapter sandwiched between the motherboard and tualatin. N64 Freak redesigned his and it is superior. He uses a smd rework station. He's in Germany and visits this site frequently but not every day. He will reply soon.
  2. That could be part of your problem. Try an actual gpu and see what happens.
  3. What GPU are you running?
  4. OGXbox Admin

    Wireless Usb

    You'll need to write a USB Xbox driver for the wireless chipset. USB keyboards work but I don't think mice do. The reason is there is a generic and common driver for those and it's already included with the xbox. USB is not analog. It's digital. As such, a driver needs to exist for the pc or xbox to know how to use the hardware device attached via USB.
  5. It just switches between the two drives. The bioses out there do not support more than one hdd at a time.
  6. I already explained this in my post above. Let's try it a different way. If you don't have a fan blowing cool air in, what do you think happens? Do you think the exhaust fan blows all the air out of the inside of the case and then there just isn't any anymore?
  7. Let's try this. Why are you thinking of adding the second fan?
  8. With all that said, the second fan won't do much. You aren't doing your system favors if you blow air in harder than you pull air out. So you could only hope to push air in at the same speed as the exhaust is blowing out.... the problem with that is you're doing nothing. To blow air out, the exhaust fan creates negative pressure in the case which draws air in on its own. The only real reason for fan intakes is to make sure most of the air drawn in is from this particular point and thus the airflow must be directed across certain components in the case. The Xbox's design was actually very good for this and an intake is just not necessary.
  9. You can have it turn on with power. The problem is when you turn it off. The xbox tries to go to standby mode. This means it will write any pending writes to the hdd to prevent corruption and turn itself off. If you just cut the power, you will eventually experience hdd corruption.
  10. It has been deleted because it keeps getting reported. You sound like Billy Mays trying to sell some garbage on an infomercial. Everyone knows that they don't need to "upgrade" their power supply unless they are adding a ton of lighting or some such thing. Give it a rest or buy a vendor slot.
  11. They were only used in 1.0. So if you're asking if they can be swapped between other 1.0's the answer is yes.
  12. You'd need to figure out how to make an adapter for the pins and make sure the voltages and signals match.
  13. One of the biggest benefits is copying the discs you legally own to your hard drive for faster loading times and no disc swapping. Since the disc drives fail over time, it's great to be able to run the games you own from the hard drive. Next, there are media playing capabilities and emulation you can look into.
  14. We have been advised by someone that works at a factory that manufactures disc drives, that the replacement lenses are NOT new and that they do not make extra lasers for repair so there is no (new old stock) and there are no third parties that make them. I cannot independently confirm this, but the person seemed to be reputable as there was no reason for them to not be truthful. Your best bet is to replace the drive and upgrade to a larger hard drive. Optical drives fail over time and these things are going on 20 years old. You're not going to find one that will always work. Run games from the hard drive. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO PIRATE. Copy only your own games.... but you'll have no load times and you'll keep your dvd drive alive longer.
  15. Nope. There is no memory to be reset. Unplugging the power resets all memory since you won't be satisfied by that response. The truth, even though it sounds like you're not ready to accept it is... your drive is dying and almost dead. This is typical behavior for an optical drive about to go out.

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