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  1. NO, the TSOP_M7 BIOS didn't boot to dashboard, and I think it is expected to boot DVDROM (e.g. HeXEN DVD) for modchip recovery according to its "official" instruction: https://assemblergames.com/threads/1-0-1-5-tsop-recover-bios-tsop_m7-bin.54493/ ** BTW, the 8GB WD HDD should be spoiled (very slow in response), that is why got ERROR 07 In short, for TSOP recovery by TSOP_M7 BIOS in modchip, it requires A15 / D0 grounded, then off-ground during booting, so Installation-DVD can re-flash TSOP My intention /hypothesis is opposite, Keep A15/ D0 grounded, wish xbox boots to installation-DVD, and re-flash the modchip. PS: 1. For modchip booting in this case, is A15 grounding necessary? 2. If yes, I need to change my A15 point, which was wrong early, (I noticed this mistake during another post by AlaskaCC) Peter
  2. Thanks for reminding me, Lapa988 I looked at its series number, the last 5 digits is 31605, and manufacture date is 2003-04-16. So according to Serial Number Revision LNNNNNN 20WFF 1.0 LNNNNNN 21WFF 1.0 LNNNNNN 23WFF 1.0 or 1.1 LNNNNNN 24WFF 1.1 LNNNNNN 25WFF 1.1 LNNNNNN 30WFF 1.2 LNNNNNN 31WFF 1.3 LNNNNNN 32WFF 1.3 LNNNNNN 33WFF 1.4 or 1.5 LNNNNNN 42WFF 1.6 LNNNNNN 43WFF 1.6b It is highly likely v 1.3 The reason I call it v1.5, because I had an impression (of 14 years) that I ever got the version number from XBMC after I managed to softmod my cousin's xbox. I will try to play around the modchip again see whether can be re-flash. Meanwhile I also ordered Arduino Uno R3 kit (expensive than a 2nd-hand xbox ), see whether I can retrieve the eeprom or reflash the modchip as well. May the force be with me ! Peter
  3. You may check the picture on psyko_chewbacca's project site: https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/wiki/xblast_lite_manual/Installation However, it only shows A15 point on backside of the mobo. If you know how to trace it, then you may find the front A15 point (which I never try) Here is the link about tracing Xbox mobo solder point. But I don't think include A15 Hope this is helpful ! Peter
  4. I also read something about this. However, According to spiderchip manual, only D0 wire is needed for Xbox 1.0 - 1.5, other spring-wire can be cut off. And this Spiderchip had been used for this Xbox (1.5) 10 years ago for softmod purpose, so it should work for this xbox. . Here is link to the online Spiderchip manual https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/35318743/spiderchip Peter
  5. You may find some pictures from: http://xbox.x-pec.com/chameleon/index.html especial this picture (the left wire) It should be below 5th pin of TSOP counting from left Peter
  6. Dear, all Xbox fellow I had a spiderchip since 14 years ago for my xbox, which is still working. ABout 2 weeks ago, I wrongly flash 512kb bios into my xbox (1.1) TSOP (1mb), causing it unbootable. I was trying to find a way to recover the TSOP, and one way was to use a modchip with special bios "tsop_m7.bin" for recovery. So I did flash the spiderchip with tsop_m7.bin. But I forgot my DVDROM is not working, so this method is not workable. And eventually the TSOP issue was resolved with "3-wire trick". Now, the spiderchip is left useless without normal bios, and it seems the guaranty way for recovery is to use external programmer, which I don't have and don't know how to use. There are some forums discussed quite good success of using modchip hotswap, and even Softmod to flash modchip (NOT TSOP). So I decided to use most cheapest way - softmod - to recover my spiderchip. But as my Xbox 1.1 mobo is soldered for TSOP flash, I don't want to revert back to stock status. I remember my cousin has a Xbox 1.5 (softmoded) which has not been used for long time. Borrowed from him, still can turn on, BUT ERROR 07, reconnect/changing IDE cable didn't work. Changed to another HDD, Error 06, obviously it should be the HDD issue. My cousin doesn't have eeprom backup in PC, but he is quite sure it was backed up inside the 8G xbox HDD (WDC). So I tried many times to do HDD hotswap connected to my laptop through USB-IDE cable and XboxHDM (Windows version), no luck, the Xbox HDD lock status is alwasy enabled. NOT sure it is because of wrong timing or USB-IDE problem which may trigger the HDD to relock. In actual fact, the easiest way to access locked xbox hdd is to use modchip, but the spiderchip is useless with tsop_m7.bin bios inside. Out of sudden, I was wondering, Can this special bios be used to re-flash the modchip? According to the steps in https://assemblergames.com/threads/1-0-1-5-tsop-recover-bios-tsop_m7-bin.54493/ , A15 & D0 need to be removed in sequence in order to activate TSOP, but I am not aiming at TSOP, so I don't remove the A15 & D0, Should it work to re-flash the spiderchip? Anyway, I have already tried last night, and I am facing the problem to boot to the Orange Xbox logo (tsop_m7) on this Xbox v1.5. Previously i had nearly no issue to get the orange xbox logo on my xbox v1.1. when chip-in with this spiderchip. The v1.5 Xbox remains with black screen for 1-2min, then shutdown and reboot automatically, However, there about 3-4 instances, when I can see the orange logo, ONLY BY slightly lifting the spiderchip off the board (then re-seat?). But that is not always working. Out of this 3-4 instances of seeing orange logo, only one instance could move to a new blue screen saying the xbox hdd need to be formatted, do you want to proceed? Surprisingly, it is not HeXEn DVD main menu, which I am expecting. I understand the spiderchip is solderless, which is not stable in terms of contact with LPC, But I am quite sure that, as long as using my finger to press the chip into the LPC, the spiderchip is working perfectly, But why is so for xbox v1.5 , do I need to shortcircuit or ground some points Peter
  7. Hi, all Some of you might know I have already had a Xbox (v1.1) with TSOP flashed (M8+ only) recently For a v1.1 Xbox, its TSOP (1MB) with only 256k M8+ is a bit wasted. Meanwhile, i read about Xblast OS which Forlorn Penguin suggested me before to use it to flash BIOS to TSOP. And Now I realized that Xblast OS is not just a bios flash program, but with multiple useful tools. and more importantly to me, it can be flashed/installed to Modchip (including TSOP) I read that its can be flashed to onboard TSOP, as Bennydiamond said in AG forum https://assemblergames.com/threads/release-xblast-os-v0-50.65434/ Archived page access: https://assembler-games.com/threads/release-xblast-os-v0-50.65434/ However, there is no specific instruction and video that I can search from google to specify this. So I hope someone here, based on your best knowledge, could share and confirm whether this is really workable for 1MB TSOP Here comes my plan and assumption, can anyone help me to verify? 1. install/upload Xblast in drive per its instruction in its zip file 2. run xblast.xbe, enter its program/OS 3. Go to flash menu, select Bank2 (xblast OS), (Here, I am not sure if it will show 3 Banks as xblast illustrated, or 4 banks as my current TSOP has) 4. select crcwell.bin, then flash --> reboot 5. Xbox enter xblast os, go to flash menu, select bank0 (512k), choose X2.5032.bin, flash --> reboot 6. Xbox enter xblast os, go to flash menu, select bank1 (256k), choose M8+.bin , flash --> reboot Will there be any issue for the procedures above? Your help would be much appreciated ! Peter
  8. BTW, I didn't remove the softmod before or after TSOP flash. The reason is Since my Spider Modchip worked well with this old softmod inside the HDD, so should TSOP. And Yes, the flashed TSOP does work with all my Softmoded HDDs finally.
  9. Over the weekend, My Xbox was nearly bricked. I soldered my Xbox for TSOP, meanwhile removed the Clock/Battery Capacitor. Turn it on, everything appeared normal with a 120G HDD (same softmod as 40G, NOT use the 120G because got bad sectors). As the Evox Flash Menu is not uncommented in the evox.ini yet, I decided to go ahead with Gentoox Flash with X2 5035 BIOS (512k). The flash process went smooth with both Yellow and Green Bar completed. However, When the Xbox restarted, it green on for 1 sec, then off then followed by FRAG. I searched around for solution to recovery the TSOP, during which I read from one forum that "Evox Flash will mirror BIOS in all TSOP Bank, whereas Gentoox NOT". So I guess the GRAG is due to BIOS mis-Match among different banks in the TSOP. Personally I am a bit upset for the fact that, I saw quite number of forum thread (or even Youtube), warning NOT to flash large bios size onto small TSOP (256k), but not vice versa. This is likely the HeXen disc will auto select the proper platform for flashing. Anyway, based on this assumption, I guess that the TSOP is half dead because only bios mismatch, not the wrong/corrupted bios. I managed find a forum thread discussion about how to recover TSOP from bios-mismatch using 3-wire trick https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1990#p18359 A18 A19 Result Ground Ground 256kb Bank 1 Ground +3.3V 256kb Bank 2 +3.3V Ground 256kb Bank 3 +3.3V +3.3V 256kb Bank 4 Float Ground 512kb Bank 1 Float +3.3V 512kb Bank 2 Since the bios I flashed is X2 512k, so the 3-wire trick doesn't work for me as it is for 256k BIOS in Bank 1. For my case, I might need 2-wire trick based on the table above (A19 wired with Ground), and that worked, I can see X2 Config Load start screen. After enter the DASH, I disconnected the A19 to Ground, and re-flash the TSOP with Evox Flash Tool. My Xbox is completely back to life again Thanks for all the XBOX info, tricks and discussion still available online _________________________________________________________________________ Now comes to another 3 small issues with my TSOP flashed xbox 1. Since I flashed X2 5035, I can run Xbox without DVD ROM with the original 8G (softmod) HDD, 120(softmod), But NOT the 40G (softmod). BTW, all the HDD/softmod was cloned from the 8G HDD. But once DVDROM is connected, the 40G HDD worked. Is it because the 40G HDD is unlockable ? 2. The ISO Kernel Patch seems NOT working with X2 5035 BIOS. The game image is loaded the D: drive, but unable to run, it simply just return to Dash. 3. I also tried the IND-BIOS, but its Start Animation (the first 3 seconds) is very lagging/stuttering. However, this was not happening, when I flashed it into My Spider Modchip. Yet, though it was stuttering, I noticed the overall timing from power-on to DASH is faster with TSOP than Modchip. interesting ! Does anyone have any idea of these? Thanks in advance ! Peter
  10. Thanks so much, KaosEngineer ! I don't know Softmod is upgradable . I will definitely give a trial when I have more available time Peter
  11. Apology for my earlier long story, which may lead some confusion. I summarize my plan as following 3 steps 1. Use Modchip to Uninstall Softmod from 40G HDD 2. Remove Modchip, and TSOP flash with 8G HDD (softmoded) 3. TSOP working with 40G HDD (no softmod inside) My big big concern is how to remove softmod from 40G HDD without losing data. It should have very old softmod type inside. Not sure those modern softmod uninstaller will work on it. I don't mind any manual removal method, if data can be kept. Peter
  12. Thanks for the advice !! Currently, my xbox situation is a little complicated with faulty DVD-ROM. My xbox is using Spiderchip + Unlockable 40G HDD (migrated from Original 8G HDD), Since Original 8G HDD is softmoded, I believe the 40G HDD is softmoded too. However, the 40G softmod HDD is not working for the xbox because it can't be locked.. That is reason why i have to use the modchip. to bypass the HDD lockcheck for the 40G HDD. In this case, I don't think I can use the 40G HDD for TSOP flash purpose, as it is not lockable. Instead, I have to use the 8G HDD. Nevertheless, I don't want to lose the softmod for the 8G HDD, which will serve as the base HDD for any future HDD softmod migration purpose in case the modchip spoiled. So my plan is, first, use modchip to remove the 40G HDD softmod, then TSOP flash with 8G HDD, then put back the 40G HDD (with no softmod) Will this work? What concern me the most is whether i could completely removed the softmod from 40G HDD, as my softmod is of very old type (more than 12 years, can't remember how I exactly i did ), I am wondering if there is a manual way to remove the softmod decently? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, All Xbox Mod Experts Currently the SpiderChip on my Xbox v1.1 doesn't work very stable (likely because of its solderless type). Hence, I am planning to TSOP with X2 5035. However, my Xbox's DVD is faulty and unable to read any CD/DVD (including original DVD). So I think I have to flash TSOP from HDD. All the tutorial I managed to find is to use HeXEn DVD. However, I noticed that in HeXEn TSOP tutorial, if the Xbox has WinBond TSOP, it will load and flash via Gentoox, For non-WinBond, it will flash through normal EvoxDashboard. Thus, for my Xbox (v1.1) with faulty DVDROM, instead of HeXEn DVD, can I flash the TSOP directly through either Evox Dashboard or Gentoox? and if it is possible, which method would be more safe and successful ? Thanks in advance Peter
  14. That is Great Great Great !! Peter

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