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  1. Best to replace with new parts but if desperate to get it going you could use parts from a spare PCB. SS Dave
  2. Just my 2bob's worth you say your using a crossover cable. but to me it looks like both machines are looking for the GATEWAY I may be wrong but i would have thought the PC would be IP gateway and Xbox IP gateway SS Dave
  3. Hi nikeymikey Why not use one of these pcb's as it's simple just sit on Xbox LPC and solder. I had heaps of them years ago as they came with the modchips I was using at the time now I just use thin wire to repair the LPC. The wire I use is wire-wrap wire as it's a single strand and very thin. A quick ask Dr Google had this site popped up with some for sale. Here is one of probably many sites with them for sale https://www.game-tech.us/product/lpc-rebuild-board-for-v1-6-original-xbox/ As for your network I am sure you have tried a different cat5 lead or a different device (laptop with a wired network port) in place of the Xbox and also check the settings to make sure Network setup is enabled and set correctly. Cheers SS Dave
  4. I have not seen a faulty Ethernet port what happens when you plug a cable in ? lights on the port lighting up. You could try cleaning the contacts in the port. As for updating the soft mod I am a believer in if it's not broken don't fix it. Personally stick a mod chip in and be done with it. SS Dave
  5. Plus another vote for the new look.
  6. Pretty well any DVD-R disk burnt at the slowest speed you can. Years ago i had good success using DVD RW disks as well. I used to have 1 of each type (DVD+R,DVD-R DVD-RW +/-) as some readers would not read some types. Cheers SS_Dave
  7. Of all the Duo x2 chips I fitted 1 of the banks was for version 1.0 to 1.5 and the other bank was for 1.6 boxes. when in 1.6 mode there was a shield on the top left of the boot screen. I would normally reflash it with my own bios any way. later on i started using the DUO X2 Lite chip as it was a waste having 2 banks for 98% of users.
  8. Must be a climate thing because out of the dozen or more Xbox's I have looked at/have in the last 12 months I have only seen 2 x version 1.1 units with leaky clock cap's and 1 Version 1.2 with bulging caps. SS Dave
  9. Here is one of many places Google is you friend. https://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/Capacitors/Supercapacitors-Ultracapacitors/_/N-5x76s?P=1yztzayZ1z0wx1k What other caps did you remove and WHY?
  10. For 20 bucks you really can't go wrong. SS Dave
  11. Hi N64Freak I am keen on the HDMI mod if you have some available? As for fitting I don't think I would have any problems as I have been repairing car audio units including replacing 100 pin main micros which other places said could not be done for the last 30+ years. The audio on your HDMI kit I assume is getting a digital signal not the analog and the video signal would be RGB from the main PCB is this correct? Cheers SS_Dave
  12. Hi vwboywonder Try using a partition program to change it from XFAT to NTFS. Then do a full/Slow Format. I use AOMEI Partition Assistant but there are plenty others out there. Cheers SS_Dave
  13. It seems that my collection grows every week My version 1.6 Xbox 2TB hdd with Games and Coinop’s installed. Digital audio output mod in AV cupboard. The kid’s entertainment Xbox temp setup. It keeps the kids happy. My 1st HDMI output mod still have to load it up with games. SSD disk experiment in progress. Some of my Xbox’s waiting for some TLC/Mods.
  14. Hi All My user name SS_Dave reflects the car I had at the time I was thinking of a nick name and my name. I have been doing basic repairs and mods to the original Xbox's since their release and at one stage I would get at least 1 or 2 Xbox’s a week to be modded and or upgraded HDD fitted in my spare room. I would get machine’s that owners had tried to mod to get going as a lot of other modders would not touch a already opened box and I would have a 95% success rate of getting it running again. I did get a lot of untouched boxes as well. I also used to keep some Hdd's in stock (In the beginning 120gig was the most common due to the cost) for upgrades as well the owner didn’t have to wait for a delivery from interstate computer parts suppliers. Dr Google lead me here while looking for Xbox info and I hope to be able to help others in their quest to get there original Xbox's up and running. Cheers SS_Dave

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