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  1. yes, I can confirm it working on my 1ghz EU Xbox. Thank you. ps. the only problem is video stuttering from trailers, possibly because of 1ghz CPU. FIXED by patching the default.xbe of OXM38 Game demos are working fine. ps2: buddy, please check if Conflict Vietnam demo works for you, it says dirty disc error for me.
  2. interesting, never heard of anything making the LCD work, other than dashboards.I was hoping to see on the screen, how much the system is loaded when different games are running, but was disappointed after hooking it to a SmartXX and seeing LCD going blank when any game is launched.
  3. so I've spent like a day and a night doing the installation. Now the gui is zoomed, it's a Stardust Shallax Gentoox Home redistributable. Any ideas? upd: can not find such fix like XDSL has built it, to fix the zoomed image.
  4. looks cool. how will you connect the 2.5" sata HDD, will you cut the IDE ribbon somehow, and what IDE2SATA converter will you use?
  5. how is it done? just spent some time on google and nothing. update: in the ind-bios.cfg had to replace USEXBX=0 by USEXBX=1 also this line should look like this: DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\dashboard.xbx SOLVED
  6. not everybody lives in UK, lol.
  7. niiiice, will try it soon as I dont have unlimited internet atm. Bud, probably will be nice to add Tony's upload to the list if it's same as yours.
  8. they seem to be ripped on PC, that's why the Xbox partition of the DVD can not be detected even when opening the ISO.
  9. really? sort of action replay ones, with different hacks?
  10. I'm no pro in such stuff, what I can recall is the posibility to run a script which will restart the console when a certain button combination is pushed (in game reset). Not sure if it's possible to do the same with xlink kai tunneling, but that's one thing I though of.
  11. hope that dash will be XBMC with additional plugins.
  12. probably some xlink integration into the dashboard would be a solution.

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