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  1. isn't the eeprom data the only difference between regions? if we don't talk about the power supply.
  2. http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6203&sid=7c7eaa5aecaf700dbf664d713981b9ec
  3. are they still available somewhere? I hope there is a open source project like this.
  4. Hey folks, hope to see you back in the thread. Let us know if there is help needed.
  5. would suggest to not invent the wheel and just use the modchips for this mod
  6. hey folks, don't you forget about the games patched for 720p?
  7. hey guys, there is a zip attached on 1st page of this thread, which contains the files and guide on how to use it. And 2nd page has a few tips on how to not brick the xbox.
  8. how to download the gerbers?
  9. 720p Patches thread
  10. this thing was shared to me and told to not share it to anyone, I will ask the guy if he changed his mind. The idea behind this, is to finish the optimisations then release, but need to ask the guy.
  11. buds, can anybody link to a tutorial on how to setup a devkit environment and be able to monitor the use of machine resources during runtime? I already have a Xbox with IND 5003 bios which was set up to boot the default.xbx, system also has 128mb ram and an attached hard drive which boots the debug kit dash. Want to see what are the parts which can't handle Halo in 720p.
  12. some other thoughts about RAM chips: so if the South Bridge and RAM are overclocking with the raise of Front Side Bus, and their default stock clock is 200mhz (when FSB is 133mhz), then they are probably clocked at 237mhz (when FSB is 158mhz) 158/133=1.187 200*1.187=237.4 that's way higher than the declared top speed for this chips, I won't blame MS for this. Does it look right, or I am missing something?
  13. some other thoughts regarding RAM: N64F said he soldered 8 Hynix RAM chips to a Xbox motherboard (other than 1.6 rev obviously), does it mean that there is posibility to install some other chips other than the stock ones which came in Xbox-es? maybe the MCPX rom just checks the RAM chip's speed only? HY5DU283222AQ family datasheet will try to buy HY5DU283222AQ from here Sure N64Freak, it's very interesting, please do.
  14. REPORT: I have 2 boards, ONE which was used for the overclocks, and TWO which was not touched until now, both with 1ghz CPU. Board ONE was clocking to NVCLK 315mhz, FSB 158mhz, so I decided to overclock board TWO, but it was stuck at NVCLK 270mhz, FSB 140mhz, anything higher just froze the Xbox. The first thought was, the need to replace capacitors, so all the caps from board ONE were desoldered and put on board TWO. Even after this, board TWO was showing the same exact problems, no changes. Then desoldered the additional RAM chips from board ONE and soldered to board TWO - same thing, same problems, can't clock higher. The last attempt will be to desolder the remaining 4 stock RAM chips from board ONE and solder them in place of stock RAM chips on board TWO, so all the RAM chips which were on board ONE - will be planted to board TWO. other notes: - same PSU used for both motherboards - additional cooling powered by outside source (not from Xbox motherboard) - only SMD capacitors were not replaced, most of them are near the video and network connectors, and only one near the MCPX chip - both boards are 1.0 rev - was overclocking only FSB and only NVCLK, both ways the top speeds were same as if they both were overclocked simultaneously expectations: - to place all the RAM chips from board ONE to TWO and see if the RAM chips are the reason of this issue any thoughts? ps. Can anyone try the overclock on a stock Xbox with 733mhz CPU?
  15. I can do that on the hardware side, but on the code side I'm lost. Isn't the RAM overclocking already when the FSB is increased? as WulfyStylez says in the description: "Currently, NVCLK (NV2A GPU core) and FSB (system front-side bus, used by CPU, SB, ...) clocks can be adjusted." BTW, isn't that MCPX code relocation a potential way to let Xbox see RAM chips of bigger capacity? Also, most of the games I tried in 720p, have a lot of lag when too much effects appear, like reflections, shadows, dust, smoke. fog. Do you have any ideas if there are DirectX8 calls which are responsible for reflections or shadows, which can be disabled or changed (in the default.xbe) in a manner to reduce them in-game, and make the game run smooth? oh yeah, a lot of noob questions, as my skill and knowledge are very basic. update: one of my mates suggested to replace all the capacitors on the motherboard and probably PSU, to check if it will let some Xbox-es go higher than 290mhz on NVCLK.

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