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  1. seems like this topic doesnt touch you at all
  2. >bad boy strikes again how ya feelin with that meaty sausage in the mouth?
  3. so much delusion, that's a classic combo btw, not the place to preach about it, if you so interested, get the right info. Good luck.
  4. did you had to set all this pins manually? this is the first time when I interract with JTAG stuff, found the BSDL file, then software asks me for this, but I have no idea where pins go, checked xc9572xl documentation, looks like witchcraft
  5. anybody used a USB Blaster clone for programming?
  6. yeah, I've read about it long time ago. Just have no idea what you can do with it? are you about to work on kernel stuff?
  7. yeah, where is the fw?
  8. @xicat487 just tested fsb 70 on my 1ghz Xbox, it did boot, and I even played Halo 1 and 2 at 530mhz CPU speed. Are you sure the bios you tried had only FSB modified? I mean, you wrote something about gpu underclock to 150mhz, which I don't get why you changed that.
  9. are you writing this to a TSOP/Modchip or load through Phoenix Bios Loader?
  10. my thoughts are, you didnt write the bios to the TSOP/Modchip, or speed detection is somehow different on a SL5XL 1.4ghz CPU (less likely). Check if GTA or Rallisport 2 games are running slower. The switch should be deactivated - meaning the CPU is at fullspeed. And your 1.4gh should work on even lower FSB speed to achieve that 730-740mhz speed. FSB in your case must be around 70mhz. Not sure if the console will boot, but try and please let me know the results.

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