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  1. interesting, never heard of that
  2. pretty damn sweet, how did you manage to solve the HUD problem? maybe same could be applied to other games which have same HUD trouble.
  3. why would someone need an Original Xenium dump when building a OpenXenium, if Ryzee's repo contains a firmware already?
  4. donated to this scientist through PayPal, there is a donate button on his GitHub/OpenXenium page.
  5. Modders, protect Ryzee at all cost! Bud, what's up with the HDMI adapter ?
  6. I'd like to remind about the posibility of loading a bios without flashing it to the system, done this to load a VGA bios and use a VGA cable. IMO it's not worth it, as the maximum resolution I was able to see was 480p, maybe done something wrong, but that's my result. Google: Phoenix Bios loader
  7. seller answers everything you asked here. shortly: it won't work.
  8. bud, can you apply the 720p patch for this thing?
  9. nice, thank you.
  10. buds, where the links are? can't find anything by searching "ATX" on this site. Looking for the page where the BOM is listed, also the link to order boards from dirtypcbs or whatever it's called.
  11. is it tested, also is there BOM file and firmware?
  12. nice, what's with the firmware, has it been cracked?
  13. would you mind uploading some footage ?
  14. yeah, played with that. But never succeeded to make VC run in 720p.
  15. never heard of that, also google does not hint me anything. Can you provide more details please?

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