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  1. that's one big will to play. Congrats.
  2. it requires a HDD fix
  3. This is sick, I think I can play with that for scientific purposes, is there any profit the JTAG port gives? Is there a pinout available?
  4. Do these GPU fans have a specific model name? looking to buy.
  5. thank you for the pic, looks like there is a tiny connector near the Etherner port, if I'm not wrong. What can that be?
  6. it's done in a few steps. 1. choose original xbe 2. choose modified xbe 3. save the *.ips patch which contains the difference between them, so when a stock xbe is patched, it takes all the changes of a modified xbe. This way, the repo could be shared everywhere, even under youtube videos and such. Probably I will contribute to this, just need to find some time, unfortunatelly it won't be soon, too busy.
  7. best way would be to share the actual patches made through Lunar IPS, same way it was done on the emuxtras thread initially. No ilegal stuff involved in here.
  8. I always prefered the original Halo over any ports. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJj_XtVKxjc
  9. oh no, somebody's business ruined.
  10. it's not just a debug system, didn't see them for less than 600 or so.

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