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  1. never heard of that, also google does not hint me anything. Can you provide more details please?
  2. got ya, thanks for your work, hope to see somebody uploading a video, to see what's inside, because unfortunately I'm far away from home and don't have a Xbox in my reach. BTW, did you try to make it run in 720p?
  3. interested in the same topic with you, also, do you have the values to patch GTA SA? I never succeded to patch it right.
  4. lol, its not a problem, just thought its your patches
  5. all this stuff is from ps2wide.net website, you could atleast have told about it, because probably everyone involved in hex modding, knows about that source.
  6. tried that on standard XBMC, the difference is very noticeable on a HDTV through component.
  7. Im sure the flicker filter and can't remind the other switch, which has 5 positions - in the XBMC dashboard, both have effect on games too. So when you turn both OFF, games like Halo 2 look sharper, that much so you can see some texture details, which looked washed.
  8. would be cool if you unscrew it and post photos of the USB adapter internals first, then we can think about further steps.
  9. wanted to make an invite to discord chat, but I see you are already there, in the Xbox Live Revival channel.
  10. I remember trying to cut the theoretical Firewire lines from ground on PS2 Slim 70000, but they all were tied to the GND, even on IOP chip itself.
  11. this doesn't look complicated to perform, the problem is - I will not at home for a long time. When I'll be back, will perform this.

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