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Which Version of the Original Xbox Is the Best? 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6?

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I'd argue for a v1.2/v1.3 - younger than v1.0/v1.1 but still with the Conexant video chip, TSOP-able and often fitted with the better Samsung 605B DVD drive.

The younger and less used the better, particularly in relation to capacitors but the v1.6 lets itself down with Xcalibur video chip problem, less easy to chip and no TSOP. The v1.4 I'd go for if it wasn't for the fact the Focus video chip in mine clearly needs very different TV picture settings from any of the other Xboxes I've owned. Could be a one off thing but when that's all you have to judge it by you have to go with that. 

Now I'd go with any Xbox version with a well treated Hitachi DVD drive. That's simply because the DVD drive is the Xbox hardware weak point and the Hitachi, if not perfect, is proving to be the most mechanically reliable of the lot. 

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    • By Jaffo
      Hi all,  I've been googling and searching and not finding an answer to this. 
      I fired up my Xbox today (first time in a while) and got a notification that a new version was available.  I went into the settings, updated the URL downloader and then did the XBMC4Gamers update.
      After a bit, I got a message that "autoexec.py" or something like that failed.  Now I'm stuck at a screen that says XBMC Fatal Error: No suitable skin version found (see screenshot)
      I am able to FTP into the xbox just fine.  I did find some mention of a guisettings.xml file but I can't seem to find where it might be and where I can get a replacement for it (if that's even the problem)  My default dash is/was xbmc4gamers, BTW.
      I would appreciate any help!

    • By empyreal96
      *Disclaimer: No links to file will  be provided, this is for discussion only*
      Not sure if anyone has yet, but I have been running a diff between Barnabus Kernel Repack and the 4400 leak Kernel Tree..
      I've only just started looking through, and I have next to no C++, C and C# coding skills so bear with me lol
      They seem somewhat the same, but there are quite a few files with parts of code removed or added, on both branches. But Barnabus is reliant on precompiled objects (obviously as it's a smaller, almost stripped down and made 'easy' release of the full tree)
      There are some comments in Barnabus code that isn't in the full tree + CPXXUPD code, and some are recorded more 'formally'
      (i.e private\ntos\init\init.c line 244 - 254 in both branches)
      One other thing is the 4400 tree is set to have 'complex's' edits definable where possible, which there are a lot..
      One thing that really interests me, is Barnabus uses BIOSPack to pack: 2bl, remainder and kernel into a 'Working' rom (I use that word loosely).
      The 4400 tree uses rombld, which requires: preloaded, init table, bootloader, kernel and a rom decode file(I think).. this is a drastic difference to BIOSPack.. But the main issue with Rombld is it will not produce a full rom.. by default it will error on the 'preloader' being to big (9008 bytes not 1664 bytes)..
      To get around that, we can either build for XDK Systems.. 
      Or as I discovered today: modify 'private\sdktools\rombld\rombld.cpp' Line 879 from (2 * 1024) to (21 * 512), to allow rombld to accept the 9kb preloader file.. (I haven't tested a bios rom built with this edit yet)
      I will post here anything else I discover! 
    • By eustachy1973
      My modest modification.



      128MB Ram

      New Fan

      Open Xenium Chip with Ryzee119's XEnium Spi2par2019






      To be continued...

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