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  1. Well I for one would sure love to see a low bar to entry - a tiny bit of hardware hacking or some very simple software setup - like installing a distro to an SDCard in raspberry pi land... Just enough intrigue to captivate, with a nice feeling of 'job fairly well done' to encourage coming back for more! It's kinda partly why I love stuff like the GDEmu - my teenage son can get it installed himself without ruining the console, and make it work. That learning curve is very individual, of course, but make it smooth and people interested should be able to jump on it at their level and ha
  2. Love it - those cards definitely looks like late 90's tech!
  3. Thanks for investigating this! Another one that was worth a shot... Ideally the solution would just be a "disconnect the optical drive and drop this in" type solution, one that solves the powerconnector has custom eject and tray notification nonsense too would be best. Basically so any total noob to OGXBOX could crack open the box, take out the old optical drive, (tear off the clock cap), drop in the replacement and seal back up. That's the dream here. No soldering, No "if you've got this drive/this version xbox you need a different type of solution" stuff. Just unscrew, swap out, and pla
  4. A repost of the same info from my ODE thread... I'd like to keep this one as the main for ODE interests if possible, GoTeamScotch definitely has seniority in XBox land and I'd like to maybe start collating peoples trials and experiences on this thread instead. I got the right cables through to try my Zalman ZM-VE200 external ODE drive as a possible solution. It's a no go of course! The drive is ONLY an external HDD when in "eSATA" mode. Even though the manual doesn't mention this limitation. It's a lovely ISO ODE for windows installs etc, but it only enumerates as an optical drive ov
  5. I get it Dave - you are, of course, correct. This is a useless project - a modded OGXBox with a 2 or 3 terabyte drive does make this slightly silly. Especially given the low cost of 2-3tb SATA drives nowadays. And it's a beautiful machine for homebrew and the frontends and FTP and everything else that has made our love of this go on for years... And yet... I still somehow have a dream of being able to replace the optical drive with an ODE, and keeping the box's bios and even original HDD unmodded (somehow! lol)! A custom hardware drop-in replacement for the dying optical drives. Something
  6. So - I got the right cables through to try my Zalman ZM-VE200 drive. It's a no go of course! The drive is ONLY an external HDD when in "eSATA" mode. Even though the manual doesn't mention this limitation. It's a lovely ISO ODE for windows installs etc, but it only enumerates as an optical drive over USB. The little window, as soon as you plug the eSATA cable in, says "eSATA Mode" and it just gives you access to the hard drive, with no ODE. A waste of money - but it was kinda worth a go! I'll update GoTeamScotch's post with this same info.
  7. This is interesting for sure - let us know how it goes! - Don't forget GoTeamScotch's post too - please update any progress there preferentially - my post is almost a repeat of theirs!
  8. Yeah - I saw that RMPrepUSB review after I'd ordered it! But I'm still hopeful, the manual is ambiguous regarding esata... worth a shot, and I'm sure I'll find a use for it in future. Darn it! Why is Dreamcast and Saturn and EVEN xbox360 getting all the Optical Drive Hardware Emulation Love - but none for our beloved OGXboxen... I'll update you as soon as I can if it works or not. Meanwhile - on another track - I'm still trying to figure out if it's possible to format a hard-drive or a cfcard/sdcard as Joilet! that would also be worth a shot - no more stupid FatX f
  9. Awesome stuff! always great to have authoritative compilations of knowledge! It certainly leads to less hunting around the web for bits of info. if you’re feeling ambitious you could even document when misinformation has got spread about and help stamp it out with some nice citations! (I’m guilty of a bit of that too, so eager to help and end up repeating bad info that I’ve heard) thanks for your original version - and good luck with the update! don’t forget the wayback machine for some of those citation links!
  10. Hi folks, I know what you're gonna say. And you're probably right... but... I've just dropped about £50 (inc delivery) on a ZALMAN ZM-VE200 SE... This is a hard drive caddy, USB powered, with eSATA data connection, that will spoof as an optical drive, and let you mount .iso files stored on an internal SATA drive. It was probably a waste of money, and my 2TB drive is perfectly happy... BUT I wanna give it a go! Hardmodded, running EvoX m8+ (with LBA48 and F&G). eSATA to sata (HDD gender not mobo gender) cable ordered. Gonna use a SATA to IDE adapter (with
  11. having a crack at this - got my USB keyboard and mouse working beautifully! - except - I can't get the gameplay to read alphanumeric input from the keyboard. In the game's console, it reads every key just fine, alphanumerics and all, but in the "controls" menu, and in-game - it will only read "special keys" like cursor, enter, backspace, function, shift... etc. I've tried forcing a keybind via the console, and it registers the bind to the key, but then the game engine still wont respond to input from that key... I just wanna get WASD for control....! So i've
  12. So, perhaps OP would like to investigate using PBL and a tasty EvoM8+ F&G BFM image direct on the HDD to do a software workaround to get G drive ability. Messy and complicated, but maybe more within some people's comfort zone, rather than breaking out the soldering iron to do fly surgery on a 29 wire mod!
  13. Ah Ha! That’ll teach me to not read the start of the thread!!! ;D thanks!
  14. This is lovely! Obviously, you'll also be designing an external PSU case too?
  15. Anyone know if you can shadow a BIOS like PBL style over the top of a modchip like this? I know it's basically running a kinda softmod messy patch (yuk?), but if possible it might be the easiest solution for the OP here if they're not up for soldering??

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