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  1. my experience has been that even a locked drive connected to a pc will still show it's health status, hours of usage, and start/stop cycles with the program crystaldiskinfo.
  2. the make adapter to connect an ide hdd through a usb port to a modern pc.
  3. a locked hdd will show as having all dead sectors.
  4. always a good idea to hold on to that old hdd
  5. i don't know. i live in the usa. u can look at the page and see. other 80-wire cable will work fine. but the one i posted is a perfect replacement in length, space between connecters, and stiffness to the oem.
  6. did u ever get this fixed?
  7. these are perfect 80 wire replacement cables for the og xbox. https://chimericsystems.com/collections/uncategorized/products/custom-xbox-ide-cable
  8. try installing the board and psu by themselves. only connect the psu, start button, and tv to the board. plug the console in and hit the power button. u should be greeted by the regular xbox flubber and then it will take a moment for the system to frag. this is a way to find out it the problem is in the board or in one of it's attach components. also, did u replace the 3 caps in front of the heatsinks? did u try to replace the thermal paste(don't if u haven't already)?
  9. hey dave. i was actually thinking about tagging u in one of my updates. i highly recommend these chimeric ide 80-pin cables. i stretched it out beside a stock ide cable and it was identical in length and spacing of the connecters. i also think the dark gray color looks better. it seems to have good flexibility too. the new feet and memory card port-to-usb controller adapter work very well too.
  10. UPDATE 2: i just installed the new ide cable and it works perfectly. highly recommended. it is identical in length to the oem cable.
  11. UPDATE: i got the stuff in the mail yesterday. the ide cables are the exact length of the oem cable and look great. they would especially look good in a clear or translucent case. i haven't tried them yet(i intend to soon) so i don't know about their performance. the new feet are made of a flexible plastic so they won't have the anti-slip properties of the rubber feet. they also have no adhesive on them so u will have to supply your own. the controller to usb adapter is a VERY snug fit in the controller. it works but it will be very hard to remove. i tried removing it with needle nose pliers but stopped trying because i was afraid i would damage something. i'll try to give an update on the ide cables when i install one. they appear to be the perfect replacement. if u have any questions then please feel free to ask.
  12. how did u load the ftp server without loading the dash?
  13. i used the eaton brand 1f 2.5v supercaps to replace my clock caps that have worked perfectly.
  14. i read something a while back that said the 1.0 and 1.1 were bad to just short themselves out for no apparent reason. that appears to be true. can u see about getting a 1.2-1.4 mobo? since your gonna hardmod it then it will work fine with any drives.
  15. it's not common on the og xbox because they don't get that hot.

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