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  1. thank u for this! is there a quick way to download this? onedrive downloads are always slow for me.
  2. yes! u can clone your current drive to a new hdd and lock the new one to your motherboard. use a program called chimp to clone and lock the new drive. i have done this several times and it works great! there are some risks involved if u don't know what you're doing though. it only requires a softmod and it sounds like u already have that. and not a dumb question. i'm not certain about madmatigna's method.
  3. thank u for this. one of the main characters i'm wanting to unlock is colossus. he's actually in the game and there is a trick to get him to randomly appear as a playable character in danger room mission. but can not be unlock as a permanent playable character in the game's stock state. is there a way to mess with the files and get him to unlock?
  4. i've asked this question here before but was unable to locate what i needed. i would really like to play marvel ultimate alliance with the extra characters that came out later on the xbox360. does anyone know of a version of this game with the characters modded in that will play on my hard modded og xbox?
  5. i want to oc the cpu of my v1.4 xbox to lessen the constant frame drops that it has on many games. does anyone have an oc'd bios for it that i can test? someone gave me a tool to make my own modified bios a while back but i don't care enough to figure out how to use it tbh. this question is manly for james and kaosengineer.
  6. i have recently been playing xmen: legends on my hard modded xbox. this is the 1st time i have done this. i have played this game through many times and i have noticed a couple glitches that i have never seen before. this is the first time i have ever played it from the hdd on a hard modded xbox. this is also the 1st time i have ever played it through on a v1.4 xbox. most of the times in the past were on my v1.6 and once on a v1.0. both used the disc. so i'm not certain if it is that i am playing it for the 1st time from the hdd or that i'm playing from a v1.4 xbox for the 1st time. thoughts?
  7. i have a prototype game that i want to run on my modded xbox. how do i turn it into a file that will run on it?
  8. my experience has been that even a locked drive connected to a pc will still show it's health status, hours of usage, and start/stop cycles with the program crystaldiskinfo.
  9. the make adapter to connect an ide hdd through a usb port to a modern pc.
  10. a locked hdd will show as having all dead sectors.
  11. always a good idea to hold on to that old hdd
  12. i don't know. i live in the usa. u can look at the page and see. other 80-wire cable will work fine. but the one i posted is a perfect replacement in length, space between connecters, and stiffness to the oem.
  13. did u ever get this fixed?

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