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  1. i tend to leave this xbox on a lot lately for days without a power cycle. it has this annoying problem where it will randomly be frozen on the homescreen when i want to use it and i have to get up and power cycle it. it comes back on fine and doesn't have any issue until the next time it freezes. there seems to be no ryhme or reason to when or why it freezes. what could be causing it? it has the open xenuim chip and i am booting the evox bios. it also has a 3 tb seagate barracuda 5400rpm hdd in it with the starlink adapter. it also has a 80 wire ide cable that chimeric used to sell. it is running the 1.300v of xbmc4gamers. everything else is stock.
  2. u can't swap drives like that with insignia unless u have cloned them so they have the original hdd key that u registered the xbox with.
  3. it's really cool. they are still sending out invite codes if u request one. it works on stock, softmodded, and hard modded xbox's. the player base is dwindling because people think there aren't enough players and that is a self defeating problem. the service works really well and they add new games to it often. also, join the discord server https://discord.gg/CWkdVdc
  4. use chimp to clone your current drive to the new bigger one. i have tried this on a softmodded xbox and it works perfectly with an insignia ready xbox. u will keep the same key. put your old hdd in a safe place in case your new drive fails and u need to clone it to another one or u will have to hardmod your xbox in the event of hdd failure. it's actually best not to null your key for several reasons. also use a tool to back up the hdd key so u have 2 ways of rescuing your xbox in case of hdd failure.
  5. wow! i hadn't seen that one. that would be funny if people weren't ruining their precious xbox following his tutorials.
  6. btw, u are actually the one i learned from that it's best to leave them alone about 2 years ago. u and kaosengineer are the 2 main ones i pay attention to in this forum and advise other people to also when i recommend this place to them.
  7. completely agree! the best method i found for removing it safely is to disconnect everything from the motherboard except the power button and power supply. power on the system and wait for it to shut itself off. do that 2 more times for a total of 3. the heat sink be warm enough to wiggle and come off by hand. learned that from another youtube channel a while back. it's best to leave it alone though unless there is some need for it. that thermal glue still works amazingly well even though it is really old now.
  8. i've seen some bad info out there for noobs trying to mod a xbox for the first time. the 2 main ones are to null or modify your hdd key(without disclosing any of the dangers) instead of just keeping the old hdd as a backup to create another drive if needed and the 2nd one is to pry the gpu heat sink off. please don't do this, especially on a xbox that has sentimental value to u. this is a good way to ruin it. we really need to start being more careful what we tell noobs to do. i know my original xbox has a lot of sentimental value to me because it still has the game saves from where i used to go to lan parties with it back in the mid 2000's. i'd be heart broken if one of these guides caused me to ruin it. many other would probably feel the same way about theirs.

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