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  1. I agree that is seems odd but it still works surprisingly well and can cause problems if u try to redo it.
  2. the high pitched whine is that old wd hdd in the system. i've had this problem on every xbox with a wd drive i have. try moving the xbox closer to u and see if u still hear it. i know that sounds stupid but i couldn't hear mine whine when it was closer. the only other thing u can do is change the hdd.
  3. you're very welcome gary. glad i could help! the game saves on my og xbox and the dates on them remind me of a different time in my life. so it was really important to me to get that xbox working again even though i had others. took me weeks to figure it out and, i honestly don't remember how i figured it out(i think it was from staring at the board multiple times) but, i just remember i did and it worked, thank heavens!
  4. best thing to do is not try to remove the heatsink in the 1st place. that old thermal glue still works surprisingly well. if u have to replace a 1.0 heatsink with a newer model then u don't really have a choice though.
  5. i had this problem before and it was because i got some of the solvent under the gpu. drove me crazy for weeks trying to figure it out because the xbox has sentimental value to me. take the mobo out of the case, hold it vertical over the sink, and squirt rubbing alcohol all over above that chip. do that a pretty good bit. then take a hair dryer and keep heating it up to dry the alcohol. get it just hot enough so the u can't hold your hand on it for extended time comfortably. let it cool off and then do it again. do that about 3 times and then reassemble to see if the problem is still there.
  6. i'm surprised to see that game is hard to find. i found the europe version but not the american version. i may have to find a way to send u a copy of mine. if it comes down to it, i'll try to figure out a way to do that. where did u get your other games from?
  7. thank u for this! is there a quick way to download this? onedrive downloads are always slow for me.
  8. yes! u can clone your current drive to a new hdd and lock the new one to your motherboard. use a program called chimp to clone and lock the new drive. i have done this several times and it works great! there are some risks involved if u don't know what you're doing though. it only requires a softmod and it sounds like u already have that. and not a dumb question. i'm not certain about madmatigna's method.
  9. thank u for this. one of the main characters i'm wanting to unlock is colossus. he's actually in the game and there is a trick to get him to randomly appear as a playable character in danger room mission. but can not be unlock as a permanent playable character in the game's stock state. is there a way to mess with the files and get him to unlock?
  10. i've asked this question here before but was unable to locate what i needed. i would really like to play marvel ultimate alliance with the extra characters that came out later on the xbox360. does anyone know of a version of this game with the characters modded in that will play on my hard modded og xbox?
  11. i want to oc the cpu of my v1.4 xbox to lessen the constant frame drops that it has on many games. does anyone have an oc'd bios for it that i can test? someone gave me a tool to make my own modified bios a while back but i don't care enough to figure out how to use it tbh. this question is manly for james and kaosengineer.
  12. i have recently been playing xmen: legends on my hard modded xbox. this is the 1st time i have done this. i have played this game through many times and i have noticed a couple glitches that i have never seen before. this is the first time i have ever played it from the hdd on a hard modded xbox. this is also the 1st time i have ever played it through on a v1.4 xbox. most of the times in the past were on my v1.6 and once on a v1.0. both used the disc. so i'm not certain if it is that i am playing it for the 1st time from the hdd or that i'm playing from a v1.4 xbox for the 1st time. thoughts?
  13. i have a prototype game that i want to run on my modded xbox. how do i turn it into a file that will run on it?

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