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  1. try removing the modchip, d0 ground, and all cables(including ide) but only leave the front panel and psu connected along with the a/v cable and turn on the xbox. does it start with the normal splash screen and then go to an error 7 screen? also try connecting both the original and the new hdd's to your pc and run crystal disk info. what does it say about the health of the drive? by any chance, did u put new thermal paste under the heatsinks? don't if u haven't already.
  2. u don't need a solder sucker for those ground points. just rake a hot iron across them a few times.
  3. what's dac? and will changing either one effect the picture?
  4. i've tried those same exact lasers from the same exact dealer and i didn't have good success with it. another user posted in here how he did have good success with it. so they are probably hit and miss. try a return and exchange since u got from ebay. if the next one doesn't work then u can try the pot tweaks on the new one to see if u can get it to read long enough to install the soft mod. also, check that all protective tape has been removed from the laser. i remember at least one piece being over the lens itself.
  5. ok. i took some pics and videos. here they are https://imgur.com/a/PfyrG54 . in the videos, u can see how the screen has diagonal lines during a black screen. u can also see some of the vertical lines when xmen legends is loading. in one of the pics you'll see that a put blue x's on some of the cap. those are ones i've changed and used brand new caps. in the other pic you'll see that i circled 2 caps by the focus chip and labeled them A and B. which of these caps filters power for the focus chip and is that a possible culprit? i also changed out the power supply from a delta to a foxcon since i heard that foxcon aren't suppose to be as prone to cause the diagonal line problem. also, what else do u think the problem could be? side note: i know that i wasn't very clean with this build but i didn't have an air compressor handy to blow it out well and i made it for personal use so i wasn't concerned about it looking professional.
  6. i think i already did those on my modded 1.4(i need to open it up to be certain), are there any others i should pay special attention to?
  7. it's ntsc and xmen runs at 720p. which caps should i pay special attention to?
  8. what do u mean by switching video modes?
  9. can u try some that have heavier damage but u know they have previously worked? the new laser i used would read a disk that was in really good shape but not any that had a decent amount of scratches. the reason i ask is because if u have good success then, i'm gonna try another laser swap.
  10. i'm wondering if i should try another one. does the new laser even read games that have some scratches?
  11. https://imgur.com/a/OJsz0Uw please click that link so that u can see a video of what i'm talking about. you'll notice that there are vertical static(static as in fuzzy static on a tv not, static as in "unchanging") lines on the screen when there is a dark scene. the video doesn't show it too well but they are even easier to see in person. that is the opening sequence of xmen legends. i have this problem on 2 of my stock xbox v1.0's and on my modded v1.4(i also have the diagonal lines on it). the lines do not appear on my v1.6's. i've tried it on 2 stock and one modded 1.6 and none of the 3 have the problem. i am connected thru the official hd xbox thing(with the component cable outputs). i'm wondering if it is an issue with certain capacitors that cause this? if so, does anyone know which specific ones cause it? the reason i ask is because it would be a pain to fully recap each board of the xbox when they are functioning perfectly in all other areas so i'd rather just replace the specific ones instead of recapping the whole board. btw, none of the cap are bulging or show obvious wear. i know that the 1.4's are very prone to the diagonal lines because of bad caps but i don't which ones are the problem.
  12. i've found that these work well. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WGVG1RL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i've also found that a regular rubber band works well. be certain to remove the big pulley and use plastic safe synthetic grease on it's spindle since a tighter band will add extra friction.
  13. it's best to take a really hot iron and rake it across those solder points a few times to remove them. let me know hot it works out. which model and brand did u get?

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