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  1. that's a bad short. how'd u know top check it?
  2. what do i do when i get this error?
  3. i've had issue with filezilla so what's a better one?
  4. microsoft gave those to people with faulty power supplies to attempt at keeping them from catching on fire. it wouldn't help u at all. if u are concerned about power surges messing up your xbox then yes, a good surge protector should do. however, surge protectors are not 100%. i always unhook my xbox if a really bad lightening storm pops up. remember, lightening can come in through your a/v cords from your tv. so completely unhook it from everything if a bad lightening storm pops up.
  5. could they be causing any issues(like slowdowns) if the capacitance is either high or low?
  6. if there was alot of visible smoke then there should be some kind of burn mark somewhere on that board or a visibly blown cap. please get us pics of it. and i don't know about the ram upgrade.
  7. the 3 main caps behind the heatsinks, can they cause damage? i recently saw 3 of those caps have around 8,000uf(they're suppose to be 3300uf) and i'm wondering if that can damage a processor? it's making me wonder if i should recap some xbox's just to prevent damage.
  8. just fyi to everyone and anyone that might stumble onto this post, i've found that a regular rubber band works great. just gotta get it slightly tighter than the oem belt. make certain to lube the spindles of all the pulley's with synthetic grease 1st as this will put extra stress and friction on them.
  9. have u tried getting it to boot off of a hexen disk? it takes a minute to load that disk if so.
  10. i always search for a web site that lets me compress an image to less than 2mb and load it here. try that.
  11. did visible smoke come out of the system when it messed up or did u just smell something burning with no visible smoke? is this psu completely dead? can u send us complete pics of the entire top and bottom of the main board?
  12. they were all 3 out of the board. they were the 3 right by the cpu/gpu. 2 of them were over 8000 and one was almost 8000. i did replace them. i found that very odd, though.
  13. i'm not well versed on how to interpret the readings on capacitors but my understanding is that the uf should go down as the cap is wearing out. i pulled a couple of 3300uf caps off of a board and they are both reading over 8000uf in my esr meter. i tried some new caps to be certain that the meter is reading correctly and it is. why would the uf go up on an old cap?
  14. any way to hook the hdd up to my pc and put the files on it directly? that'd take a few hours vs. 2 days to ftp.

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