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  1. you can add rom location from F drive. No need to transfer to other partition.
  2. fu-ge-da-boud-it :D
  3. Nothing, if it goes bad, it goes. Since it's not possible to remove the propeller shaft assembly to service it. You could try buying old VGA gpu with those little fans. I tried to take fan from fx5500, but fan is too big, i bet there exist smaller fans.
  4. You need to have 80pin IDE cable. Don't forget that. Just follow the video. 2TB is max. Also check compatibility if it's lockable.
  5. If you can use component, use component. Transcoding signal is lame, specially with cheaply designed products. And no one knows if it outputs 16-235 or 0-255 color range, which is very important. Salvage AV plug, buy 360 component cable - profit.
  6. desolder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhyTpcBY710
  7. Every solder has its own melting point. But for motherboard 200 is optimal temperature, above is risking lifting pads. Thermal mass, etc, is also a factor.
  8. don't use like 400C of temperature. Melting point of lead free solder is about 180-200. Soldering paste is your best friend. For starters, you have to train. People train by using thick gauge copper wire and apply solder to it. Also faulty motherboards.
  9. do you run it in 4:3 or 16:9 setting?
  10. It is possible. Remove these stupid memory slots first, create cutsom 3D printed bottom part of the controller, have some sort of wireless communication so it could transfer direct USB data to remote receiver, and receiver translate it again to original USB data form. Of course internal battery is needed.
  11. Could be bad cable on adapter itself. faulty cable should not need replug, more likely indicates that it's a adapter's fault. And don't even think about trying to buy third party OG xbox ontroller, they all suck. Maybe logitech don't.
  12. these cables suck. you have to DIY. i think the problem with this cable is splitter at the end, it uses 4 contact two sided board, 5 contacts = 10 soldering points. that bread board only have 8 points and is poorly designed. And i think crosstalk and other magnetic phenomenons happens there, not in the cable itself, since it's twisted pair, braided core.
  13. when you go to downloader you can select to update to test version
  14. Yes, download trainers via downloader menu, and after install you can select trainers in game select screen by pressing context menu button (white), and select trainers. With trainer enable you will see icon to appear, indicating that trainer is enabled. Simple and easy. Test versions of xbmc4gamers is even better, more smooth.
  15. Ninja load roms in OK time, but coinops is very slow. Any posibility to reduce loading times? I like coinops, because of its easier interface. Ninja is awesome, but fast scrolling through hundreds of roms is kinda slow.

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