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  1. xbox has nothing to do with it. Since chimera adapter is responsible for sending signals not Xbox. hdmi handshake problem
  2. try TV firmware update and keep those image enhancements off, it makes image less accurate. For HDMI range, i think limited is suitable, because component signal uses limited range. It makes black crushed or gray color, when using incorrect setting, very important.
  3. I bet they are the same. Unless one includes all regions (europe/australia, japan, us). What about manually looking at them, is not that hard. win + arrow key, side by side :D. But buying a separate CMR HDD would be a safer solution.
  4. Probably troll, was on xboxhq
  5. Trying to find a way to patch 720p games to 480p. After research i found that dexbe 0.7 had added resolution select options. But this version is nowhere to found.
  6. There are few games i like to play, but they are 720p compatible. I want to retain dashboard in 720p, but play 720p compatible games in 480p mode. Scarface Crash Nitro Cart Double S.T.E.A.L The Second Clash Evil Dead: Regeneration FIFA 07 Freedom Fighters True Crime: Streets of LA ... Poor framerate and i feel missing some graphics effects in effort to push 720p.
  7. SSD in og xbox is waste of money. Good CMR based HDD will be as good. I use CMR based HDD and I have good boot times. If you don't want to hotswamp, you can buy 3 in 1 HDD USB 3.0 adapter, safer and better, plus you loading HDD with games will be a breeze. Even coinops loads games fast. And using fatxplorer you can create copy of C, E drives. fatxplorer backup tool is good, it keeps original date and time for files and folder when doing simple copy, not raw image, for those who are purists :D. Buying SATA/PATA/IDE to USB 3.0 adapter will be a good future investment.
  8. use DHCP, because it will automatically give correct IP address. Never use static if you don't know what it does. Where do you connect your XBOX. Router, direct to PC with crossover cable, switch? Ok i read that you use direct connection to PC. So you do it correct. When you use routers, swtich boxes, always use DHCP.
  9. My xbox has 1TB drive and 900GB single F partition. Benefits: It will be easier to upgrade to 2TB drive if ever needed. Because you would only need to format additional partition. XBMC will neatly alphabetically show games, when using single partition. When having two partitions games will be sorted as separate. Making games appear not in alphabetical order (depends where you transfer A-B titles, etc.) Many people have boot penalty, because of 1TB drive. But in my case, i use seagate skyhawk CMR based drive. Boots fast, no 1 minute loading.
  10. Could be a blown fuse, not sure if any on the board. Check Power rails for short. Red probe to 5V (etc.), black probe to ground, when using beep mode and resistance mode for good measure, high resistance is good. So we can conclude that the board is having power issue.
  11. check lpc port for 5V standby https://xboxdevwiki.net/LPC_Debug_Port
  12. You should measure BASE (B) voltage.
  13. I think you should wait until it finishes. Thing may appear frozen, but they are not. If you can connect hdd to pc, and use fatxplorer. You can easily format and inject partition files with ease. I use same SATA adapter with no problems. Make sure you scan you HDD before using. "Victoria" or "HDDscan", both are free to use.
  14. Yes, but i had no detection problems with locked drive. I think locked hdd has to be unlocked when PC bios loading, not in windows, otherwise HDD software will not allow HDD to work.
  15. HDD must be unlocked to work with fatx. Unlock HDD with your xbox, then connect to PC.

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