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  1. works like a charm. Thanks.
  2. that's why i have unleashx in my apps folder, just because of FTP usability. anything else is XBMC. Specially xbmc4gamers, coverflow is dope, downloader is awosem: dlc, patches, apps, you name it.
  3. Fixed. Don't know how. I only tested transistors near xcalibur chip. One was funky OPEN line, didn't measure well, but then started to work, after using beeper mode. Strange. Probably stuck transistor (s), because all traces were OK condition. Conclusion: For 1.6, transistors cause such problems.
  4. I have tried party buffalo - cant find the drive. Xplorer 360 - no dice. Any tips? Want to transfer files.
  5. post pictures of the damage.
  6. does anyone have a tutorial for soldering jump wires? for 1.6MB
  7. sideboxes are normal, not all games run in full screen mode, you will get letterbox, don't worry. try native 720p games and you will see. if you passtrough hdmi trough receiver i'm sure you have to edit some settings there, and for sound is also the same, not sure if pound cable uses optical output for sound (via HDMI). just check you settings with your receiver. and double check with your TV (aspcet ratio) for sound check ARC hdmi port. https://manual.yamaha.com/av/18/tsr7850/en-US/317885323.html https://manual.yamaha.com/av/18/tsr7850/en-US/317713803.html
  8. I like softmod. Simple and easy, very little or no risk to mess up. Since i have usb sata + ide combo adapter i have no problems locking and unlocking drive. i only see benefit of tsop or modchip if you want hardware mods like ram upgrade, and hdd not to be locked. Function is identical compared to hardmod, with softmod you can use virtaul eeprom and still enjoy PAL intro instead of fugly washed-out NTSC intro. For my needs softmod is perfect. I have tried hardmod, but pain in the ass to configure properly the way i want. TSOP is easy to mess up, if not familiar. And you have to make
  9. yes, there are xbe patches, can be found in this forum if you use search bar.
  10. it looks like those xbox 370 concept spoofs. Nice.
  11. stock cooler are good. No need to add extra headache. Even stock fan is ok if it's not loud/worn out. GPU fan is a problem too.
  12. you can try soldering wires according to usb wiring diagram it should work.

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