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  1. service menu are used mainly in CRTS. You have modern flat panel display. Use search engine to look for a manual using your exact TV model written on the back, and any picture setting will be explained.
  2. ossc doesnt switch input resolution? you get black screen because it expects to get pal 50hz.
  3. you can mod retail xbox to dev kit with ram upgrade
  4. rockys5 softmod doesnt use virtaul eeprom, so settings made in enighmahx will be changed after hard restart by nkpatcher, i dont remember clearly, but i had problems with this, so i softmodded back to sid512 and made custom changes to nkpatcher, sadly it doesnt have configure screen like rocky5 softmod have. Dashboard runs in PAL or 480p? HD resolutions enabled?
  5. change tv apsect ratio to 4:3. And i see it has a bit of overscan. Look for manual and search for 4:3 pan and scan or something to disable overscan in the picture.
  6. Same problem with NTSC version. Tried pre made xbe fix which uses hex edit from C7 46 34 20 01 00 00 to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 (suppose this auto 480p) Then i tried C7 46 34 20 01 00 00 to C7 46 34 40 01 00 00 (this is forced 480p) found another patch 8B 57 28 50 8B 47 30 50 8B 47 2C 51 8B 4F 04 52 to 50 8B 47 30 50 8B 47 2C 51 8B 4F 04 90 6A 00 90 These patches work on PAL version xbox dash have 480p enabled. Maybe softmod and virtual C has something to do with it?
  7. xbox doesn't do 240p at all. WII could be a neat and faithful 240p emulator. 240p is a tricked 480i signal.
  8. https://twitter.com/CRTpixels composite
  9. xbox is not capable of 240p output. 15khz RGB output is awful on xbox (RGB scart). Best video quality is via component output. What do you mean by scart, its just a plug standard and you solder wires as you wish (rgb, component, composite, svideo). use wii for 240p emulation. I wouldn't recommend RGB signal for 8bit, 16bit games. Since games rely on dithering tricks. Composite all the way.
  10. Its a software problem in game code, like it was said in the post. nvidia chip outputs native 640x480, goes trough encoder transform that resolution into industry standard for SDTV 720x480p Widescreen is same resolution as 4:3, but anamorphic. Actually widescreen is less sharp. xboxHD is tapping into raw 640x480, is up to xboxHD chip to output it
  11. Logically should work, both chips receive exact inputs, so i don't know why it wouldn't work.
  12. there is no fix for this. you can try to play with emulator. Transfer your current save before that bug, complete that section with emulator and you can continue play off HDD. Xbox emulator can run on dual core potato CPU.
  13. what type of HDD you gonna install? 2.5"?
  14. killed mine by plugging it the wrong way when trying to reflash erased bios. Great find!
  15. BUY IT! [edit]Problem: this adapter can be too tall. and you will no be able to close top lid

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