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    Hello, i think scroll bar is too thin, it's not easy visible in some areas. possible to make DLC checker, because would be convenient, instead of scrolling through stock MS dash. XBMC save manager won't show installed. DLC.
  2. 480i 60Hz is NTSC 576i 50Hz, also 60Hz is PAL.
  3. i have same problem with conexant encoder when using PAL/NTSC format, when using component - no problem. If this happens on boards above 1.0 - focus chip, than means not encoder chip fault.
  4. create new profile > restart xbox > load new profile - it will say new profile is set up and will require restart. Or find latest beta version and via FTP replace current XBMC4gamers. i think it's a bit bugged. And update to beta version.
  5. this one, can someone recommend me a bios flash tool. because my bios won't show on hexen evox bios tool, i guess i need to add config entry about my new bios. chip works ok, it can be flashed with hexen disc. But i want to have custom bios logo. + i want fast IGR.
  6. aladdin, white color board. It's hardsoldered so i cant flip it. I extracted hexen and edited hexen bios with custom boot logo, then i created hexen disk with my bios inside. if this fails, i don't know anything better.
  7. yes, i used raincoat, because easy to upload bios, i also used xblast and same thing happened. It's alladin chip, not sure what version, since it's hardsoldered to the board. White color chip, seems og legit. I reflash by hotswap method, since it not booting at all - frags.
  8. cpu upgrade not worth it.
  9. problem is i don't get to see bios boot screen, xbox just restarts few times and then loads stock bios chip. boot partition executables are not important, because xbox don't even starts.
  10. xbox don't even turn on. It's not path problem.
  11. i flash custom evox bios, after that it just not boot, and switches to stock bios. i use raincoat to flash. board is 1.6 and i use evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin from aid 4.5.3 i have no idea what i do wrong. i then reflash it with hexen 2017 and it work OK.
  12. don;t bother replacing thermal compound, since it's not a paste. Will make no practical benefit. Trust me with this one.
  13. halo, very bad port for pc, many graphical effects missing gta san andreas, missing many stuff, some graphic elements are bugged (not showing up, etc). gta 3 and vice city, best graphics are on xbox. call of cthullu, crappy port on pc freedom fighters - proper 720p scarface - don't run on multicore pc's, 720p splinter cell - 3D stubbs the zombie - don't work at all, only on winXP. tony hawks pro skater games are superior on xbox, some of them support 720p. many pc multiplat games are PS2 ports that are inferior to xbox, for example movie games like shrek. Sports games like fifa. Funny thing that some games on xbox are crappy ps2 ports, example: mafia, vietcong. xbox have 3D sound benefit, because for PC you need to have EAX compatible sound card xbox controller itself is a good benefit: analog triggers, thumb stick layout. pc multiplat game heavily depends from what system is ported, so it's a mixed bag.
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    if they look OK, then no.

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