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  1. There are plenty of tutorials on doing it on youtube, here is a simple one Its a well known issue and it goes beyond green drives, a lot of WD drives need it done if being used in a NAS or with Linux and obviously an Xbox Some more info https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/hacking-wd-greens-and-reds-with-wdidle3-exe.18171/ I use the DeLock 62510 IDE-to-SATA adapter. It works well with my WD Green 2TB EARX.
  2. I recall using that when I purchased the WD Green's some years ago so it may go to explaining why I am using WD greens fine in my Xbox, the early EARS models from memory which I have had a problem where excessive parking was causing unnecessary problems on the drives especially in Linux so it was advised to use that tool to change the parking settings which I did, it was all a few years ago now so I don't remember exactly but I did do it to my drives. I am pretty sure the newer EARX I think it was Green drives didn't have the problem so a modern Green drive you would think would work fine in
  3. I have 2 XBOX's both using 2 TB WD Greens. No problem for me.
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    Power Suppy Caps

    I have a 1.6 Xbox that I picked up at a Salvo's a couple of years ago for cheap, I soft modded it at the time of getting it then put it away in the cupboard up until today. Seeing I've decided I'd start tinkering with Xbox's again I took the 1.6 out and fired it up today as I was thinking of putting a 2TB Drive it in like I've just done to one of my other boxes. Well, as soon as I fired it up what appeared to be a small cloud of either dust or smoke came out of the power supply side of the box. Nothing major but enough to get me worried, it didn't have the magic smoke smell of burning e
  5. Cool Google Drive, thanks for doing that. A few virus related blockages from Google Original Xbox/Homebrew/Super Mario War.zip The requested file contains a virus. Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5558.zip The requested file contains a virus. Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5849.zip The requested file contains a virus. Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5788.zip The requested file contains a virus. Original Xbox/Apps/PC Apps/Bios Tools/X2 Config Maker/Windows/X2 Config Maker V50350.1.zip The requested file contains a virus. Original Xbox/App
  6. Thanks for the reply Morris. Yes, my component to HDMI works great, and I use optical for the audio to my amplifier so all is well.
  7. Is there a reason people go to all of this trouble to get HDMI when you can just use a cheap component to HDMI adapter? I've been running my Xbox on a component to HDMI adapter fine. Is there something I'm missing?
  8. As the SSD in the XBox is mostly going to spend it's life only reading and not constantly writing like in a Windows PC then there is absolutely no problems with the Xbox not supporting trim. Once your games are on it there is very little write activity I'd imagine. The SSD should be a reasonable thing to do and more reliable than a hard drive especially as most people are using quite dated hard drives in their xboxes.
  9. I had an Xbox 1.4 that would turn on and boot up but the screen never had a signal but the sound was working fine, it wasn't my video cable or anything it was the Xbox. I used my solder station heatgun to put a bit of heat onto the heatsink so I could easily remove it, I took it off and cleaned off all the thermal paste leftovers with some 99.9% rubbing alcohol, I then set my heatgun to 300 degrees C and put a bit of solder onto the top of the GPU, the reason for this was to know when I had it hot enough, I had a small nozzle on the heatgun and kept the heat on the chip with the bit of solder

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