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  1. You are definitely using a HDD ready copy of the game, yes? If so, very perplexing why you have the problem.
  2. Please do because I'm out of ideas too. All I can confirm is that the HDD Ready versions (both) that you can find at the same archive work fine if you FTP it to the Xbox rather than use a disc based installation via DVD2Xbox. There's so much odd behaviour I've had with this game from disc - I've now managed to install the XISO disc created from the Redump files via DVD2Xbox using the same DVD-RW XISO disc that didn't work last Friday. As said the DVD-R disc I made from the same XISO refused to boot on any of the three Xboxes I tested. Likewise those made from the HDD Ready files. Even the Black test burn I did refuses to boot properly now on any of those three Xboxes. I'm thinking the confusing results are due to a bad Maxell DVD-R disc batch issue. I was hoping they were different manufacturers but no they're the same as other Maxwell discs I've burned that work without any problems: CMC MAG AM3. Both burners would have to have been malfunctioning for it to be anything to do with that, highly unlikely as both have only had light use anyway. In short I have no idea what the problem(s) have been with this game and in such circumstances all you can advise is to use the install method that you know does work: FTP.
  3. There's something weird with the Def Jam FFNY files - as said both the HDD Ready ones work from DVD-RW discs on my primary Xbox (chipped) but DVD2Xbox just won't install them from the same discs. FTPing in a HDD Ready version and it works fine. But I've just been testing DVD-R discs (XISOs created from those same HDD Ready files) with two softmods and the same chipped machine. None of them worked! I was suspicious of the DVD-R batch I was using (Maxell); the first disc gave a verification error with ImgBurn. Only time I've had that is with a bad batch. But I tested two other disc from the batch with a XISO of Xbox game: Black (small size so ideal for a quick burn) and they booted fine on all three Xboxes I'm testing. The bad disc must have been a rogue. I've also proved to my own satisfaction its not the burners (two different lightly used ones tested) or ImgBurn. Wasted five or six discs doing this but all the Def Jam FFNY DVD-Rs using the same XISO that works using DVD-RW on my chipped Xbox's Hitachi disc drive do much the same thing on all three machines (the two softmods use Samsung B and Philips). They take an unusually long time to be recognised and that sometimes fails. But when they are and can be launched (both XBMC and UX dashes tested) they immediately stick at the Def Jam FFNY loading screen and eventually give a dirty disc error. I've never had any DVD-R burn fail to boot except when there was a disc media fault. I just can't explain why DVD-RW burns work from disc on my Hitachi disc drive but you can't install them using DVD2Xbox. It just doesn't make any sense. With that and the other testing evidence I'd say don't try to install or play this game from burned disc. FTP it in only. I'd also suggest that if Shxlx006 use DVD2Xbox at any point he uses a file manager and finds the DVD2Xbox UDATA/TDATA save entries there and deletes them. Delete E:\CACHE too and any temporary game content on X, Y and Z. I'd also remove any Def Jam FFNY game install that has been made and start again cleanly by FTPing in a HDD Ready version. DVD2Xbox UDATA/TDATA ID is 0facfac0 but check that just to be sure they are the correct folders. The TDATA one should contain metai.d2x and a settings.d2x files. If you're not using the default skin doing this will revert it to default but otherwise there's no problem. Both DVD2Xbox's default UDATA and TDATA folders will regenerate on next boot.
  4. Shots of your C:\ and E:\ drive content would help on that but if it is chipped (very unlikely a TSOP) then the only 100% way to be certain is to open up the Xbox and check inside. You'll need a torx head screwdriver for that. But check this first: if when you look underneath the screws have obviously been removed (labels torn, replaced, covered by another sticker or peeled away) then somebody has definitely been there before you. But if the labels are original and still virgin then you can be pretty sure it is a softmod so no real need to go any further. If the C:\ and E:\ drive content match a recognised softmod set up it is probably safe to assume it is a softmod.
  5. Only use XDVDMulleter or XISO if it is the redump version. The HDD Ready ones are, as they sound, HDD ready - all you do with them is unZip or unRAR and FTP the game Def Jam folder to your Games folder on the Xbox. If there is something messing with the boot of your Xbox as well it might be the same sort of DVD2Xbox problem I described. Did you use DVD2Xbox at any point in the past to try and install the game from disc, particularly if it was the redump version from the archive? Can you confirm, as it is still not clear, whether you're using a chipped Xbox or a softmod? I ask because my primary softmodded Xbox is also a v1.1 with the same retail BIOS as shown in your earlier screenshots. It has a Samsung 605B disc drive which doesn't like the DVD-RW I used earlier with my chipped Xbox. I'll have to use a DVD-R or two to test the redump and one of the HDD Ready versions. If yours is a chipped Xbox there's not much point as, as KaosE said, the BIOS or chip itself might be involved with the problem.
  6. Shxlx006 The ACL patching, as far as I tested, only applies to the redump version extracted files which, of course, are not ACL patched. The HDD Ready version I FTPed in worked fine without patching, as you'd expect it was already ACL patched. I did not try installing the the game from disc with DVD2Xbox using the XISO I'd prepared from the HDD Ready version files. I was more concerned about getting my Xbox DVD drive working properly again and wasn't going to feed it another disc as none were working at that point. I should have mentioned the BIOS I'm using with the Xecutor 2.6CE chip fitted in that v1.6 is a Evox M8+ customised v1.6 version. The fact is the unpatched redump version game installed via FTP on launch crashed back to the main dash, just as Shxlx006 describes, it was reasonable to assume his problem was the same thing and that ACL patching or using the pre-patched HDD Ready version would fix the problem. I see we're now back to that "default.xbe" issue - Shxix006 really needs to confirm it is the original default.xbe that was extracted from the redump ISO. If it is not and comes from somewhere else then that IS likely the problem. The redump ISO and both the HDD Ready versions I found at the Xbox archive have their "default.xbe" as you would expect. All you need to do is FTP the unZipped/unRAREd HDD Ready game folder to your XBMC Games folder. When done in Programs > Games (it may depend on the XBMC skin exactly where that is found) you should see the game displaying as "DJFFNY" only if it is the redump version. If it is shown as "Def Jam Fight for NY" it definitely is either of the HDD Ready ones. It should boot without issue if it is the latter. Is there any chance a anti-virus or anti-malware program is interfering in this? I've not had problems with XBE files myself but there are several Xbox PC tools that provoke my AV and would delete/quarantine them if I hadn't years ago added them to the exclusion list. It would also help to confirm, since we are pretty sure the redump version is what we're talking about, what tool was used to extract the game files from that downloaded redump ISO: XDVDMulleter or XISO just be certain?
  7. I'm at this moment testing the HDD Ready version installed by FTP and its working fine. I've rebooted several times, played it a bit and there's been no problems. After clearing the HDD Ready install, CACHE and game save(s) (UDATA/TDATA) I'm just about to try the redump extracted files version FTPed in.............................................aha! On launch it's just booted back to my main dash. I'm going to ACL patch it with DVD2Xbox and hope it doesn't **** up my Xbox again.................................it didn't. Yay! So that looks like the problem although I can not explain why DVD2Xbox balked at copying in the files from the redump version disc when that played perfectly from the disc to start with. What you need to to is ACL (Action Control List) patch your existing DJFFNY installation:- 1). Install DVD2Xbox with the full ACL list. The DJFFNY game save ID is 45410049 and I've just checked my copy of the ACL list and there is no specific ACL for that game for it appears just to require the default ACL patch which any version of DVD2Xbox will include. 2). Launch DVD2Xbox and select the File Manger option from the menu (not the Game Save Manager). 3). Use that to find your DJFFNY folder in Games or wherever you installed it. 4). Just highlight the folder, don't open it, and press the controller WHITE button to get a context menu. 5). Choose the Process ACL option and click to run it. 6). As it is the generic ACL patch it will do that very fast, other games ACL patching can take much longer. You can check it has worked by using the file manager to view the DJFFNY contents afterwards. You should now see a "default.xbe" which is the new patched one plus a "default.xbe_orig", a backup of the original default.xbe. 7). Exit DVD2Xbox back to your main dash. 8). I suggest shutting down then rebooting before trying to boot DJFFNY again. Hopefully that will fix it for you too. I'd still suggest you find the HDD Ready version - that should have been ACL patched already and the fact the copies I found booted OK and the redump version didn't after install to the HDD is a good indication it was just a ACL patch issue all along. It doesn't explain the problem I encountered installing it with DVD2Xbox from disc. Anyone else here have an explanation for that? FYI this was all done on a Xecuter chipped v1.6 at 480p and tested being launched from UnleashX v572, v584 and XBMC v3.5.3. If it still doesn't work I'll try it on a softmod too. What version Xbox are you using?
  8. There are several HDD ready archive collections there and I downloaded the two I found to test them along with the redump version. All unpacked perfectly. BTW if you use 7Zip (any context menu Extract option) you get an error '.....payload....' message when both the HDD ready .7z files are being unpacked. You can ignore that; it is known problem with 7Zip . Assuming you have 7Zip installed: to avoid the message rather than use the context menu (you can use the "Open archive" options but that just launches the main 7Zip GUI) you might as well double right click and launch the 7Zip GUI directly. Using its 'Extract' option, magically, the error message will not appear. As to the tests: I used XDVDMulleter to extract the game files from the redump ISO and then converted all three game downloads to XISO with the C Xbox tool. Burned them one at a time to three discs (DVD-RW which my v1.6's Hitachi DVD drive likes) - no problems. On the Xbox itself all three played from disc without any trouble - I created a profile and avatar in the game in each case went through the first 'training' level fight. This is where it gets interesting in regard to the problems described: I then took the redump version XISO disc, which abbreviates the XBE name to "DJFFNY" so must be the one you're using and went to install it using DVD2Xbox. I've never had a problem with any game disc which plays from the disc when I've tried just to install it, not play it, on the same Xbox using DVD2Xbox. But this time there was a big problem. When I clicked to begin the install I immediately had an error message that said 5 files had failed to transfer. I ejected the disc and closed the drawer again, the game was recognised and this time it started to install but after 10 seconds it stopped and reported 63 files had failed to copy error message. I ejected the redump version disc and replaced it with one the other discs. This time DVD2Xbox refused to recognise a disc was present, same thing with the other disc. Remember that only a few minutes earlier I'd been playing the game from each of those discs. Worse was to come I tried my standby test DVD-R disc (Timesplitters FP) that was not recognised and neither was any original disc. I closed DVD2Xbox and tried just booting the DJFFNY disc, then the other two and other games' discs as well - same thing. The DVD drive whirred a bit but refused to recognise any disc at all. Disaster, those Def Jam discs had worked the DVD drive hard and I thought they might have finally broken my previously bullet proof Hitachi drive. TBH I'm not sure which of the things I did fixed the problem but I suspect it was a DVD2Xbox issue. I've had it affect general Xbox function in the past when I simply swapped skins. The last thing I did before getting the DVD drive working again was to delete the DVD2Xbox game save, checking that both the TDATA and UDATA files were not there any more. That's what fixed the skin issue and I'm confident-ish it worked this time too. The question is: is it just the redump version that causes this problem when installing to the HDD? Answer: I do not know because TBH I didn't and don't want to risk messing up my DVD drive again. Later today I will try to FTP to the same Xbox both the redump version and at least one of the HDD ready ones. I'm suspicious of that redump version but have no explanation as to why it should work perfectly from a burned disc but refuse to be installed from that same disc. So again I'd suggest getting the HDD ready version but I would not be that surprised if that turned out to have issues too.
  9. That's the Redump version. Have you tried the HDD ready version? I've just checked and Its archived at the same place as well, in fact there are apparently at least two different archives there which have it. Just Google "Xbox HDD ready" and you'll find the game easily. Screenshots of your game's install location etc might still be useful. XBMC has a built in Screenshot option - just click down on the Left stick (L3) and it will be saved as a BMP in your designated Screenshot folder. The latter may have to be created yourself if you don't have one already - F:\Screenshots seems like and obvious location suggestion. If you're posting it here converting the big BMP file, about 1MB for a file manager grab, is probably best converted to a smaller JPG or PNG using your graphics program of choice first. Paint.net recommended.
  10. What I meant was to show where that particular game folder is located. For instance it might be in E:\Games\Def Jam Fight For NY or a F:\ or G:\ drive location. Then show what is inside that; if there is another folder level ie. E:\Games\Def Jam Fight For NY\Def Jam Fight For NY then that is most likely the problem. I doubt it is this but I've now just seen you have abbreviated the game title on PC to DJFFNY. Was the "default.xbe" XBE name changed to match that game folder name? If not do that (on the Xbox itself)*. Reboot and see what happens when you try launching it again. *With XBMC you change the XBE name not through the file manager, you use the main menu Programs > Games > Game Name folder. On the folder view click the WHITE button to bring up the context menu and you should see the rename XBE option. NB. the "default.xbe" file name must remain unchanged - you're changing the XBE title name ie. how it displays in the games' listing.
  11. Well that definitely looks the same as KaosE's pics of the file/folder content that should be there so the next thing to consider is the actual installation of the game on the Xbox. Mistakes can be made - typically accidentally unpacking or transferring it to an additional level folder or something like that. File manager shots of the location/path where it is installed on the Xbox would help.
  12. Looked at the video now - does not help much. File Manager screenshot(s) of the contents of your DEF Jam Fight for NY folder would help - I'm not seeing any other pics except the one marked as 3 of 4. Still sounds to me that you've installed the wrong version; if it does not match KaosE's earlier post of what the main folder contents for the game should be then that is the problem. Are you actually using a XISO file or is the game installed as 'normal' ie. the actual game files/folders? Lastly, irrelevant to the problem, just curious: what XBMC skin or XBMC variant is that?
  13. Unfortunately I have always had problems with the image host you're using so I cannot see whatever it is you've posted; the site doesn't like either of my browsers, despite one being fully up to date, for some reason. I'll try on a another PC later if somebody else here hasn't provided more advice or a solution before then.
  14. You can't just add a default.xbe to any old bunch of files in a folder and expect it to boot on the Xbox. Just because Xbox games each have a "default.xbe" it is not the same XBE, they're each unique to the game, app, dash or whatever is concerned. Its a good lesson to learn for Xbox users ie. that the name of of the XBE is no indication of its actual function. For instance when a Xbox is softmodded the MS dash XBE "xboxdash.xbe" name is reassigned to another XBE which boots something completely different, usually Xbox Live or an Online Updater, both now redundant. Likewise "evoxdash.xbe" is used as the main dash XBE name post modding whether it is an EvoX main dash or UnleashX or XBMC. It sounds to me like you downloaded either a wrongly made rip of a Xbox game disc or, if there is an ELF in it, KaosE was right and you have mistakenly downloaded the PS2 version of the game. Solution: find another download and make sure it is an original Xbox one.
  15. https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/3-0-beta/
  16. Softmodding using exploit/installer game saves has always been considered, and is IMHO, the easiest way of modding a Xbox. You do have to have a working DVD drive and, of course, an original copy of one of the exploitable games along with a softmod installer package of course. Hot-swapping with its inherent danger to the hardware is difficult to do successfully. There is some 'questionable' advice out there about provoking a particular error message which will "unlock the HDD" but the best YT tutorials on hot-swapping make it clear getting the swap point/timing right is not that simple. If it was installing a softmod or fixing errors this way would be a far more popular solution. I have done a successful hot-swap with Xplorer360 but I tried so many times before it worked I was about to give up. Nowadays you're best advised not to to use Xplorer360; if you do successfully unlock the HDD FATXplorer is thing to use. Whilst I've not tried doing this myself my experience with FATXplorer is it is a far more reliable and better tool for getting stuff from PC to a FATX formatted Xbox HDD. Only minor downside is that It does have to be properly installed on the PC rather than, like Xplorer360, used as a 'portable' program.
  17. Almost any installer disc (chip/TSOP options) would have installed the C:\ stock MS dash contents as part of the main dash installation. It does sound as though all the OP must have on C:\ is either just the main UnleashX XBE or.............................like a lot of users, it was originally a softmod and the "C:\xboxdash.xbe", what in the stock Xbox is the MS dash, was reassigned to launch the now redundant Xbox Live or Online Updater. The latter typically causes a blank screen and likewise if a default UnleashX dash was installed as that also uses the same C:\xboxdash.xbe as the MS dash path in the C:\config.xml. I'd bet as the Xbox is 15 years old this was done with AID and may have originally been a SID softmod. Rather than suggest using an AID disc which relies on a working MS dash in E:\Backup\MS clean stock files, as KE recommends, does seems like the most sensible solution. But if the UnleashX dash XBE isn't preserved or re-added (wherever it is) he will find afterwards his main dash is now missing when he enables the chip. Seeing some screen shots of the C:\ and E:\ content first would likely help avoid any such problems.
  18. Apart Burnout what and/or how many other games have this problem because it seems unlikely any user would just have those games or a significant number which are digitally signed? I've never come across anything like this and I've upgraded my HDD on my main games' playing Xbox four times Retail > 120GB > 160GB > 320GB > 1TB. The last time included reinstalling about 50 games to F:\ by FTP including their E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA files from backups on PC. Any cache files in E:\CACHE you may have copied and what about X, Y and Z temporary content? I'd wipe the [b]contents[/b] of those and try booting the problem game(s) again. When you go into the Game Save Manager, assuming your using UnleashX or XBMC, do you see your problem games' saves there as they should be?
  19. The default DDS format that PDN saved in use to work but I think the plugin was updated to provide a wider number of DDS formats and whatever the default one is now doesn't work. As you've discovered the B4G4R4A4 (Linear, A4R4G4B4) is the one to use. I've attached 480x480 PNG copies of both the EvoX dash icons. I'd suggest that whatever main dash you're using you don't use them any bigger than 256x256. I always try to minimize icon sizes as UnleashX has an unwritten total main dash icon size my guess is about somewhere under 100MB. I think it is a memory issue but whatever it is if you exceed that limit some of the icons won't display and it'll affect the dash boot time too. For that reason I use <50KB as my 256x256 icon file size aim point. If you use PDN it has an "Optimised PNG" save file type plugin which can reduce the file size of images with a limited range of colours/textures without much effect on image quality. 256x256 is also ideal for XBMC thumbnails too.
  20. Try Master instead - long ago on a forum far, far away it was reported that sometimes there could be issues if you used Cable Select. No explanation ever offered that I remember just that is what you should use.
  21. All Xbox versions can have a chip fitted, the cheapest and still easily found are the 'Aladdin' XT Plus 2 types but there are others, both old and new that can be found on Amazon/Ebay etc. Once the Xbox is modded by chip, TSOP or softmod you can do almost anything you'll likely want to do with it. Removing some games regional restrictions is not dependent on the modding method. RGB SCART only supports SD resolutions. With the Xbox that means: 480i or 576i. For 480p, unless you're going down the VGA route, the only practical option is a Component cable or Component into a HDMI or similar transcoder/converter. Some PC monitors support Component via VGA, that means with a simple physical VGA to Component adapter you can get 480p, 720p and, possibly 1080i (not recommended in any case). But monitors with such an option are rare. In my actual use of both Component (Official Xbox MS HD Pack and third party) and RGB SCART with a number of Xboxes of many different versions what I said in the previous post holds. But that is just for my system using my uncommon 480p/1080i capable PAL WS CRT. What 480i via Component looks like on a modern flat screen I have no idea. My experience with LCDs and RGB SCART cables is limited to the PS1 and a SD only TV. All you need to know is that 480p is always going to be better than 480i or 576i so do not worry about whether Component or RGB SCART is better when comparing 480i/576i PQ. 99% of the time you're not going to be using either once you've access to the NTSC Xbox's ED/HD display options.
  22. Just finished testing Avalaunch skin "bootimage.png" on a SID/AID softmod and, again, this time they worked no problem as for the chipped machine ie. just copy the skin's "bootimage.png" or your own to the main Avalaunch folder and reboot. Still can't work out why it didn't work before but it certainly does now with both Avalaunch 49.3 v137 and v142. The v137 copy I have has release notes saying it is v137 but that does not always mean anything as often such notes are left in without adding the new release information. I've even come across some Xbox software where the changelog header title is still v.XXX but contains the changelog for more several more recent updates. Avalaunch 49.3 v142, at least the three copies I have checked, downloaded from different sources, don't have release notes or any other way of identifying the version build on the Xbox. But that was the last version AFAIK so chance are that is what most people are using if they have Avalaunch. What matters is that the method described for replacement of the embedded bootimage with an alternative, which could just be a blank one, works in all cases.
  23. I managed to get the bootimage.png working but I'm not sure what I did that was different to what definitely didn't work before. As suggested the bootimage.png needs to be extracted from the skin folder (Avalaunch > media > skins) and put in the main Avalaunch folder ie. alongside the main XBE etc. I have Avalaunch in F:\Apps\Avalaunch but it should work from E:\ too. Reboot or shutdown/restart after its been installed and relaunch Avalaunch again. The new bootimage.png should now be used. This was done on a Xecuter 2.6CE chipped Xbox v1.6 (Evox M8+ BIOS). Avalaunch version I'm not 100% sure. I have it listed as v137, I guess that is v49.3 build 137 but that needs checking. I'll do that and try it on a SID/AID softmodded Xbox again tomorrow.
  24. So they were correct at Xbox-Scene saying the boot icon(s) were embedded in the main XBE. But what isn't explained is what the bootimage.png files are doing in the skins if they can't be used to override those embedded icons. Why are they there? I can't find any information about that and you'd think that if they needed to be extracted somewhere else it would have been added in a note attached to such skins or at least been 'common' knowledge. Has anyone here actually found a way to get them to work? As said, I've tried it both in the skin's own folder and 'loose' in the main Avalaunch folder alongside the main XBE and nothing has worked so far. There's stuff in the notes that accompany Avalaunch and the main configuration file suggesting that the skinning engine was never fully enabled. I'm wondering if this bootimage feature is one of those things that was left unsupported.
  25. I was playing around yesterday with Avalaunch on both a chipped and and softmodded machine and in no case where a skin includes a bootimage.png could I get it to change the bootimage. The one you get with Avalaunch v49.3, a white/cream coloured Avalaunch logo, simply could not be overridden. I tried using JPG and BMP extensions instead, shutting down, rebooting and extracting the "bootimage" file to the Avalaunch main folder. No go, nothing changed. I'll have a look at that E:/TDATA/080299ff location and see if it is populated and what happens if you remove it then try one of those skins with a "bootimage" file or put one of those in there. Getting the anime Santa pic alone to work may not be that simple.

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