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  1. Did you chose the correct size BIOS and was it in the correct location and named correctly? It is recommended that you use a genuine MS controller ie. Controller-S or Duke and do not touch any of the buttons etc during the flashing process. What I can not explain is why BIOSChecker is now reporting like that - if the flash had worked or not if the TSOP points are correctly connected it should be still reporting the Winbond TSOP.
  2. If it just SCART as it appears to be all you will get is 480i on the CRT or any other TV whether AV (composite) via SCART or RGB via SCART. The spec for that TV talks about it having an AV SCART and "Decoder SCART" socket. The first could be RGB or not, the second I'd never heard of before and I've had to do quite a bit of Googling to discover it is the required connection for an encrypted analogue input. Apparently, probably in France, it required a decoder box to be able to watch analogue broadcasts. This was apparently one of the original reasons for the invention of the SCART cable system as the cable type needed to be bi-directional to work with the decoder box. A typical Euro committee lead pudding of an idea and design, on paper, capable of ED/HD support but never implemented. Anyway there is a suggestion the Decoder SCART socket can be used as an '"ordinary" SCART connection too but whether that is RGB or not is also not mentioned.
  3. RGB SCART and Component are completely different colour systems you can't take the YPbPr output from Component Green/Blue/Red (Luma/Luma minus Blue/Luma minus Red) and just plug it into a RGB (Red/Green/Blue) SCART adapter of some sort. You need a transcoder ie. a converter to do that. But how you swap between the two is still a problem. Google and you'll find a few such transcoders but make sure its Component to RGB (SCART) and not the other way around as most of them I've seen are one way converters. Note that some convert only to Composite which SCART also supports of course, not RGB. https://gamesx.com/avpinouts/xbox.htm As I understand those Xbox pinouts the Component cable grounds pins 18 and 19 whilst RGB SCART grouns 17, 18 and 19 also requiring the use of pin 24 for vertical sync. The only way I think you could get this to work would be to build a switcher box to swap between the two outputs. That would mean connecting all the Xbox's 24 output pins. That itself may not be easy as who knows if any or which Xbox cables are actually fully wired? I'm not going to pretend I am any sort of electronics or AV guru, far from it, but I did think about doing the sort of thing you're proposing with the Dreamcast but using a modified RGB SCART cable. Initially that was to get VGA 480p output (which is possible) but the hassles involved, cannibalizing a RGB SCART cable and building a converter board myself was not worth it. You could and still can still get DC VGA adapters which cost less than such a DIY project. I tried using a RGB SCART to Component transcoder and get that to work at 480p so I could use it on my 480p TV but again that required some fine soldering I was just not skilled enough to do. TBH I think this is a pointless exercise; you're better off just having a Xbox RGB SCART lead from the CRT running to the back of the Xbox and swap between that and the Component one as required. A more radical but not necessarily that more expensive suggestion would be to buy another Xbox and set that up to mirror your existing one. Connect it by RGB SCART to the CRT. That's what I've been doing for years with the only difference being my Component 480p capable TV is actually a CRT WS with RGB SCART inputs too so I can have both connected to the same TV.
  4. I used that creaky, old FTP Client app years ago with its awful GUI, before I was, thankfully, made aware of the fact the UnleashX File Explorer has its own built in FTP client. There should be no problem installing an UnleashX dash as an app whatever your main dash or BIOS. I'd concentrate on getting that working rather than messing around with that dinosaur app.
  5. Well its not that then but what the problem is .............................running out of ideas. My own solution would 'just' be to try another HDD and see if the problem repeats but I can understand if that is not possible. Same goes for the 80 wire IDE cable and the SATA > IDE adapter but I can't see how the other softmodded HDD can clone OK, the new HDD be locked and then provoke error 16 when installed. I'd unlock the new HDD and thoroughly wipe it on a PC, reformat and then try the Chimp 261812 cloning again.
  6. Also have to ask if you remembered to switch the new HDD's SATA > IDE adapter from Slave to Master after the Chimp cloning? I recommend doing that rather than using Cable Select if your adapter has options for both. Another thing - what Xbox version is being used?
  7. Me neither - if you're using HeXEn to install it try doing it manually instead by FTP directly. Better IMHO if you are running a dash with a file explorer which, from your first post you are ie. XBMC FTP an UnleashX folder (all it actually needs inside is the dashboard's default.xbe) to a temporary folder on F:\ or wherever. Then copy it to E:\Apps or wherever your other apps are located. Reboot and it should appear in your apps list, most likely as UnleashX Dashboard Launcher. If that does not boot properly there something odd going on. My guess is that you did not rename the dashboard XBE to "default.xbe" - I'd bet HeXEn installed its as a main dash which would mean that it was left using "evoxdash.xbe", correct for a main dash install but not as an app. Just rename that to XBE in the UnleashX folder to "default.xbe" (no quotation marks of course).
  8. OK but you should still check using XBPartitioner v1.3. As said if there's no error flagged on F (or G) you know for certain its not an extended drive formatting problem. One possible cause of the problem is therefore excluded and, obviously, it must be something else.
  9. Run XBPartitioner v1.3v and see if there if an error (ER) flag on the extended partition(s) just to confirm or not whether the cluster size used in the formatting is the problem. BTW the content doesn't all just disappear if it is that - there would probably be things that haven't immediately corrupted on F (and G if used) and you can copy it. The problem is you can have no idea which of the hundreds of thousand files have been corrupted unless you test everything you copy actually works 100%. That is practically impossible and so, in effect, you have to to consider everything gone. As said: the partitioning might not be the cause of the symptoms you've described but you need to check for that first.
  10. Sounds like it might me a HDD partitioning issue. If you've exceed the content volume supported by the particular HDD cluster size it has been formatted with you're basically stuffed. So the obvious thing to do first is use XBPartitioner v1.3 if you have it installed in Appilcations. If it shows error (ER) against the extended partition or partitions (6 and 7: F & G) then that is the problem. If there is then you've lost everything on both F & G because when the cluster size supported volume is exceeded those partitions are corrupted. You can not be certain what has been deleted or over-written so all the content has to be considered gone. The partition(s) will need to be reformatted and that will, of course, delete all the content. Even is it is not this (fingers crossed it is not) it could be a developing HDD problem and the best solution would be to get everything backed up to PC and get a new HDD. But.........................the problem could be 'just' that you've overstepped the memory limit for particular files. I do not know if there are any known EvoX file limits but with Avalaunch it actually warns you and UnleashX has big problems when you reach some unspecified main menu icon total volume limit. In the latter case what you get is only a limited number of games, applications, emulators etc will appear in the main menu and the dash loading and navigation gets very slow. This sounds similar to what you've described. Until we know more and whether it is or is not a partitioning error problem this is all just guess work.
  11. Yep very easy from the UnleashX dash, in fact more correctly the UnleashX file explorer. It has built in FTP client. You simply connect the two Xboxes with a cross-over cable, make sure both are set to Static IP typically and, and start both. You can use either as the host if each Xbox is connected to a separate screen or by a different cable to the same one. If UnleashX is not your main dash launch it as an app instead. Whether the other Xbox needs to be running the UnleashX dash too under such circumstance I do not now - never tried testing that. Just go to the file explorer bring up the context menu (White button) and scroll down and you'll find a new option to connect to any attached Xbox. There's a simple FTP connection menu where you can store the details of the machine you're connecting too for future use. The rest of it is fairly self-explanatory and if you're used to UnleashX's outstanding file explorer the operation is almost the same as normal except the right hand half of the file explorer is the other Xbox. I'm sure you can do this all though your router with everything set to DCHP too like any other PC networked devices but that may or may cause router, FTP Client and firewall problems. So, IMHO, unless you're going to be doing this regularly its not worth the effort of blocking an only occasionally used LAN port - FTP direct between the two, nice and simple. Its not that fast (understatement) but it'll get the job done and rarely disconnects in my my experience. I use this quite often as I have a chipped primary Xbox (v1.6) and I like to mirror the key folders/files and other important backups on that to a v1.1 softmod I use mostly just for that purpose.
  12. For the UnleashX dash just install it as an app. All you need to do is find a UnleashX dash download. Unpack it and put it in a folder if not already in one and change the name of the main XBE to "default.xbe". Install the folder in Apps and reboot and "UnleashX Dash Launcher" or something similar (BTW it can easily be changed) will appear in your Apps menu.
  13. The EvoX dash is notorious for unreliable temperature reporting with any Xbox version. Typically, once warmed up, it will show low 60°C figures whatever you do. If you switch over to UnleashX the maximum temperature, usually the CPU, will have magically reduced by up to 10°C. But it is still inaccurate. Use the XBMC dash and you'll often find reported temperatures 8°C - 10°C less than UnleashX and you if you have the automatic aim temperature set to 50°C it'll often turn down the fan speed to whatever minimum you set even if that is lower than your UnleashX dash is set to use and reporting higher temperatures.
  14. It was because at the time in the PAL regions ED/HD and Compenent connections in general were rare. The standard cable type was RGB SCART which gives the best Composite 576i/480i 50Hz/60Hz picture quality but does not come close to matching 480p. If you 'obtained' the NTSC default.xbe for the game there is a good chance it will work with the PAL files or, of course, go the whole hog and get a copy of the genuine NTSC version. It sounds as if you just had the video settings (UnleashX) swapped to NTSC before rather than changed the console region setting as you final did so the NTSC version you might have already 'obtained' will now work too, possibly.
  15. It probably won't - this is a problem I had years ago with just that DVD2Xbox skin. I suggest clearing the E:\drive cache and any of the content in X, Y and Z but the main issue is that DVD2Xbox creates a save settings file in your game saves. Without checking I can't remember whether the problem file is in DVD2Xbox's E:\UDATA or E:\TDATA folder so just checked and the DVD2Xbox setting file is actually in E:\TDATA DVD2Xbox folder: 0facfac0 but delete both UDATA/TDATA 0facfac0 folders just to be certain. Shutdown and on restart you should find DVD2Xbox reverts to the default skin. The deleted DVD2Xbox 'game' save folders will be regenerated when you use DVD2Xbox again but with default settings. If you changed any other settings you will of course need to redo those.
  16. With the chip off the original MS BIOS should launch but it will not boot if the HDD is unlocked. With hardmods this is what you would expect as it is recommended practice. However, normally you would see an Error 5 being reported not a black screen. That may mean it is locked but the original (unmodified) xboxdash.xbe which launches the MS dash is either missing or has been mucked around with. This would be typical of a previous softmod that has been not been cleaned up after the hardmod (the chip) had been installed. But you'd still expect to see an error code of some sort, typically Error 13 or 14. Impossible to be sure what is going on. The mention of HDDLoader and XCommander suggests the dash install was done a long time ago and that advice from KaosEngineer ^ to do a clean 'hardmod' dash install on the new HDD dash and choosing UnleashX or some flavour of XBMC instead of whatever dash was being used on the old HDD is the best way to go. The game/content on the old HDD can be transferred to it by other means later. Chances are that if you do as he suggested you'll be able to get the FTP working afterwards too and that would make transferring the content to the new HDD a lot easier.
  17. Sounds like a Chimp clone problem due to the fact, as others here have suggested, it sounds from the description as if it was, somehow, run from a memory card. If it was installed then possibly something to do with that:- Chimp 261812 [b]must[/b] be installed ie. mandatory in either one of six E:\ drive only locations on the HDD/SSD being cloned. Read the readme that Rocky5 provides with Chimp:- E:\applications\chimp E:\applications\chimp loader E:\apps\chimp E:\apps\chimp loader E:\chimp E:\chimp loader The seventy Xbox and various skins mention must be on F:\ (and G:\ if used) so was that partition actually cloned? It should have taken many hours to do that. Did it? With an unlocked HDD, as it probably is on a chipped machine, I'd be looking at using FATXplorer on PC to resolve most and probably all of these problems and do it faster than any Xbox centred solution.
  18. Backup your eeprom to PC and/or flash drive. Set up FTP as ^ suggested so you're set up to Install games, apps, homebrew, emulators etc using that direct from your PC. I would say the main thing to do is, assuming you're still using the original retail HDD, is to replace it with a larger one. The retail HDD is so small its almost useless when you want to start installing stuff to it. There is <5GB free space to play with and that is smaller than some Xbox games. The reason you will and should want to install games etc to the HDD is a very practical one: taking the strain from the DVD drive, the Xbox's Achilles heel.
  19. Odd. Were you using XBPartitioner v1.3? I've heard of other problems being fixed by using a similar technique but I think that was with larger HDD/SSDs not 500GB ones. Still useful to know the fix.
  20. Exactly what I was going to point out too. A 500GB SSD/HDD is actually 500,000,000,000 Bytes which in 'real' computing terms (using base 1024) is actually about 465GB. So XBPartitioner v1.3 applying 32KB clusters was/is correct. Any problem I'd suspect it is more likely with the SATA/IDE adapter or that in combination with the particular SSD.
  21. ^ Yes. Just install XBMC as an app and use that to run Rocky5's v1.6 480p loader script. If you are so minded once done you can delete the XBMC dash. The script installs the appropriate loader required in the actual game folder of any games it finds on your Xbox HDD from the master list it uses. So when finished you do not need XBMC any more. But IMHO you should keep it. An alternative dash as app can be very useful and XBMC does some things much better than UnleashX and that is from somebody who uses UnleashX as a main dash on all their Xboxes bar one.
  22. The original Forza is a great game but flawed; I've been playing it for the first time a lot over the last year. The criticism I have of it is that on the hardest race challenges the AI cheats like no other race sim game I've played and general balance of the gameplay difficulty is off. You simply cannot win some races against the AI using an 'inferior' spec car. Even if you tweak whatever you're driving in the garage 90% of the time it is still impossible unless you have a matching vehicle. Often you don't get that car until you've completed another race series to Gold. I played Forza 2 on the XB360, one of the first games I played on the XB360, and as remember it the AI was not like this. They must have done some work on that. In Forza the rubber banding is obvious, the primary AI vehicle is always stupidly over powerful, drives on rails and the other AIs seem dedicated to taking you out at every opportunity. The damage to the AI vehicles (you see and hear them smashing into the crash barriers) never seems to affect their handling or speed but a couple of hits to your vehicle and it become undriveable.
  23. If its unlocked you can use FATXplorer to access the content on PC - no hot-swapping required but obviously you'll need a suitable method of connecting the Xbox HDD to the PC and to install the program plus some other required stuff too. Just Google FATXplorer for OG Xbox and you'll easily find the download and plenty of information.
  24. Probably is something like that. Error 5 is what you'd expect if the chip wasn't being enabled for some reason and you were using an unlocked HDD ie. it would be trying to boot the original MS (TSOP) BIOS which, of course, requires the HDD to be locked. Do you have a locked HDD or eeprom backup for that machine?
  25. The path to the dash shown (E:\UDATA\........) seems to indicate that the UnleashX dash you are/were running is actually a softmod installer dash. The "Xecuter Rox My Box" on boot means your Xbox is hardmodded and as you say you can't see a chip it is most likely a TSOP. A TSOP where somebody has left parts of the original softmod behind - that, I think, probably explains all the problems. Can you post pics of the C:\ and E:\ drive content? The installer dash you're using has a file manager so it should be possible.

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