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  1. Something definitely is not right if you're using the very noisy x5 fan speed and the reported temperatures with an UnleashX dash are still 60°C+.
  2. What I meant by checking the airflow around the console is just to make sure the Xbox has plenty of space around it and can vent the hot or warm air away from the console. The air being expelled will not be at 61°C if that is what you thought.
  3. It is dependent on the airflow around the console, ambient temperature and fan speed but those are not untypical of what UnleashX will report in hot weather 30°+C with the fan at the default setting x1 (20%). I've never had to increase the speed of the fan beyond x2 (40%) to keep the temperatures <60°C (just) even on the hottest UK summer days as there were this year with ambient temperatures often above 40°C. Check what XBMC reports under the same conditions and if after a couple of minutes that is still showing temperatures >60°C with the fan at x2 (40%) then there is cause for concern. But if not don't worry too much. Keep an eye on the temperature and it does not drop in cooler ambient conditions or goes above 65°C action is needed. No doubt some here will say you should replace the thermal paste but as others here will attest that rarely has any dramatic effect on the reported temperatures.
  4. I'm thinking it has got to be a weird BIOS thing if you can see it using HeXEn's file explorer from disc only ie. not any other way. I'd suggest not moving stuff around until we're certain what is going on but I see no problem in you using HeXEn from disc to get FTP access and backup everything on F:\ to PC. The content of E:\ is accessible, yes? Try creating an E:\UnleashX or E:\Apps\UnleashX folder and copying in an UnleashX dash "default.xbe" (copy it from HeXEn if needs be - HeXEn > Dash > UnleashX > unleashx.xbe and just change the name to default.xbe). Launch that from your dash and use its file manager to check if it sees the content on F:\. Do make sure F:\ is enabled in the UnleashX main menu System > Settings > Storage > Harddisk Settings (its right at the top). If this installed UnleashX dash can not access the contents of F:\ then a BIOS problem seems a possible explanation but the best course of action to take if it is that I'm not qualified to advise on such matters. BTW when UnleashX launches it will create a default config.xml and item.xml in the UnleashX folder. The default config.xml for UnleashX v584 (the final version) is fairly sparse. It only contains E:\ and F:\ paths for Games and Apps but if you have either of those folders on F:\, after rebooting the test UnleashX dash, they should show up or the content list be added to E:\Games and E:\Apps respectively in the main menu content listing too.
  5. How can you launch an emulator XBE directly from the file manager? That contradicts what you described earlier. Can you see the 'missing' content in the file manager? If so it sounds like it is just a XBMC Source path issue. With a basic XBMC install the games, emulators, apps are set up as sources using just E:\ drive paths eg. E:\Apps or E:\Emulators. If the previous XBMC user settings are missing for some reason you'd need to redo ie. add the F:\ drive path locations again for those folders as sources. Under the main XBMC menu: Programs you should have an Add Source option or it can be done via the White button context menu.
  6. C:\ and E:\ free space are pretty typical and for a 200GB HDD with stuff on it 48GB+ for F:\ appears plausible. If it was empty you'd expect 170+GB. It is worrying that you can not see the content via FTP. The default 16KB cluster size for extended partitions should be good for a 200GB HDD but it might like to just check with XBPartitioner v1.3 that there is no ER (ERror) flag against Partition 6 (F). I doubt that is the problem in this case but it needs to be ruled out.
  7. If it wasn't unlocked you wouldn't be able to have booted any dash. You're talking about the 200GB softmodded HDD you mentioned, yes? What was used to softmod it? I can't think of any reason C:\, E:\ and F:\ drive content could be "effectively empty", the XBMC file manager showing nothing and the Xbox be booting at all. If you have FTP access what does that show as the content of those drives? What does mean "effectively missing" mean exactly? My thought is that whatever is wrong, with the HDD unlocked, you should use PC tool: FATXplorer and get any content backed up. I would suggest doing that before trying to fix anything.
  8. It depends if the old HDD in the first Xbox was locked or not. If it was, as it must have been for the softmod to boot, except in very specific circumstances that are unlikely to apply here, you can not just transfer a locked HDD from another Xbox to a new machine. The HDD needs to be unlocked and unless you have the eeprom backed up to PC you have problem. If the old Xbox MB was really damaged you might not even be able to use an eeprom reader to get it off the old MB. TBH doing that anyway will be more work than installing a clean, empty HDD to the the newly chipped Xbox and setting it up from scratch. Even if was unlocked - being a softmod there's a good chance it would not boot anyway unless the BIOS used was customised to do so.
  9. Those who created artwork packs might have different recommendations depending on the screen format but the size I've used for the dozens of custom icons I've created for things like homebrew games, alt game saves*, apps, emulators etc which works well with both XBMC and UnleashX is 256 x 256. Keeping the file size down below 50KB by using JPGs or 'optimized' PNG helps with the latter. It is particularly important with UnleashX as that has some sort of total dashboard menu icon memory size limit (possibly 100MB). As you approach that you'll get progressively bad slowdown at boot and icons will eventually go missing. With both XBMC and UnleashX .PNG or .JPG image files are often interchangeable, you can just change the extension. With XBMC that is more useful because certain uses require .JPG rather than .PNG. Also with XBMC .TBN (thumbnails) can be either .JPG or .PNG. You just change the extension to .TBN. It may also work for .BMP with XBMC which that supports unlike UnleashX. *Alt game save icons ie. TitleImage.xbx and SaveImage.xbx can be created from .JPG or .PNG but the PC XBX Tools program, preferred to the very crude Xbox Image Converter, requires that they're converted to a .DDS image file, of a specific type too, first. A graphics program like Paint.net has plugins to do that. Oddly XBMC's file manager won't display .XBX image files using its picture viewer whereas UnleashX will. BTW the XBX Tool is picky when file naming. Name the .DDS as a single word or number ID and, when prompted, name the .XBX to be created exactly the same. It also does not seem to like long folder paths and whilst I try to avoid working on the desktop usually for this purpose it may help resolve any error messages you may get when using this converter program.
  10. If the Xbox was modded and it sounds like it must have been or how could it be unlocked you should check for a an E:\Backup folder to see if a copy of the eeprom is in there. If not but the Xbox has exploit game saves still in UDATA check the installer: E:\UDATA\21585554\000000000000\ for a Backup folder. Its the default location for an eeprom backup save before/during/after install if another location was not specified. Otherwise you likely going to have to go down the eeprom reader route and TBH that is as much hassle as fitting a cheap chip so the latter is probably the better solution to getting the Xbox booting again.
  11. I'd be looking at the actual folder path and file names in a file explorer too. In particular, especially if you've renamed anything yourself, check for accidental spaces that have been added between or after characters/names. I noticed that in your earlier post here (although probably just a typo) you typed "XBMC - Emustation" rather than "XBMC-Emustation". It could be something like that. Other thing is: where exactly is the "default.xbe"? I ask because I have an uninstalled zip of XBMC Emustation and when unpacked on PC it is set up like this: XBMC-Emustation (folder) and inside that > .emustation (folder), system (folder), default.xbe (file), splash (logo image file). I would assume that is how it installs. If your installation does not match then that could be the problem.
  12. You don't really need one that sophisticated - a simple 2.5" HDD to 3.5" drive bay adapter caddy is all that is required. I use an Akasa two stack in one Xbox box but also have SSDs mounted in 3.5" PC bays with even cheaper types like this:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/TRIXES-Black-Metal-Internal-Mounting/dp/B00HFSMHDI/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=2.5"+caddy+internal&qid=1662726970&sr=8-12 NB. If you're going from the original IDE HDD to a SATA device of any sort you'll need an adapter of course. Its physical dimensions might affect your choice of caddy because the Xbox HDD caddy is not like a PC drive bay. It is essentially a flat tray and there is not enough height to fit some IDE > SATA adapters. With the Akasa caddy you can just use the top mount position. With the PC mentioned I used PC case motherboard hex standoffs to raise the SDD for cooling reasons but some solution like that may well be needed with a single position caddy like the other one if used in a Xbox.
  13. ^ yes. Or it was burned on incompatible disc media - DVD-R/ImgBurn recommended. Or the XISO was not created correctly from the extracted game files. What was used? Qwix or the C Xbox Tool? XISO files can be played on the Xbox directly but it is a bit of a faff:- https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1134-xiso-playing-games-from-xbox-hdd-using-iso-images/ As for the last comment on Xemu: what works with an emulator on PC could be different from what works on an actual Xbox modded or not.
  14. I'd be wary of updating the BIOS using any HeXEn based disc here without expert advice from those who know about this sort of stuff. There are apparently problems with some BIOS on older HeXEn type discs and I think one version of 'TruHeXEn' in particular. So my advice would be to wait for advice on what tool and what BIOS to use.
  15. Wouldn't it have been better to start your own thread rather than add to this three year old one? It's not the same problem or, possibly, even a problem. It looks as if you're probably using a type chip (Aladdin?) with an v1.6 Evox M8+ series BIOS already on it. Flashing the BIOS using a HeXen disc should be a simple matter of launching the HeXen disc (DVD-R/ImgBurn) and going to the BIOS flashing tools menu. Alternatively: using EvoX or XBlast installed as apps booting either of those. That's only if you've installed a dashboard already of course.
  16. That will depend on your softmod and exactly how it is launching XBMC Emustation. Iif you're using a Rocky5 softmod he puts almost everything on C:\, protected by using a Virtual/Shadow C. So how and the path it uses to boot the main dash is very different from, for example, SID/AID. By default that installs (vanilla) XBMC on E:\ ie. in its own folder and boots the default.xbe in the XBMC folder by using a shortcut XBE: E:\evoxdash.xbe.
  17. Was/is XBMC Emustation your primary dashboard? Do you have FTP access or can you cold boot an installer/rescue disc. Rocky5's dashboards etc, like XBMC Emustation, may have some sort of backdoor recovery options. Whether that is correct and applicable in this case I do not know. You'll need advice from somebody who knows XBMC Emustation. Are you using Rocky5's softmod? That's important because it is automatically set up to launch XBMC Emustation from C:\, E:\ or F:\. If another softmod was used it is likely the thing was being launched from a shortcut.xbe inside the XBMC folder. If that is pointing at F:\XBMC\default.xbe and the XBMC folder is now on E:\ that would explain the problem. It depends on what files you actually moved but I'm thinking that the error message is not indicating just a problem with the guisettings.xml which could be bypassed by tools built into XBMC and its variants. Its basically telling you the installation is messed up. It is probably going to be quite simple to fix with FTP/disc based file manager because, sweetdarkdestiny has also just posted, all that likely needs be done is to replace everything you moved from F:\ to E:\. You can then get advice on how to move it to E:\ safely if you're still wanting to do that for some reason.
  18. This is not my problem but its not something I've come across before so I'm hoping somebody here has an explanation/solution because I'm stumped. Its from a Reddit user so I hope it is OK to post the link:- https://old.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/x2rn3u/help_dashboard_is_missing_how_do_i_fix_it/ The title says it all - the guy has FTP access now and, I think, that's due to a SID/AID disc and FTP access. He posted a link to a screenshot of his Xbox drive content and it it looks to me as if there is no E:\drive. Using SID rescue options I have zero experience so if somebody here has that knowledge and/or a solution it would be useful general Xbox information worth posting here for the future reference of all OGXbox users.
  19. I prefer AS MX4 - proven exceptional longevity (8years before you need to consider replacing it) and no curing required (unlike AS5). Essentially: use it and forget. I have two MX4 pasted PCs, used regularly, one about 6 years old the other over 3 years and particularly during the summer I have temperature reporting software running all the time. The reported temperatures of the older one are no different from what they were at the start. However, as I probably said earlier in this thread, I've replaced one Xbox's CPU's thermal paste with MX4. The temperatures reported by UnleashX and XBMC showed no difference from the factory paste temperatures. That thermal paste must have been at least 14 years old and that's why I too question whether redoing the thermal paste is actually necessary. There's also the chance that in getting the heat sink off and/or cleaning up the old paste you're going to damage the chip. That's another reason for leaving it alone, particularly if the reported temperatures are not indicating an overheating problem. Found my original post here from 2020 and didn't really need to add to it :- https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2753-xbox-gpu-repaste-is-pointless/&do=findComment&comment=18482
  20. Maybe I missed it but as I've read it no dashboard has yet been installed so you're going to get some sort of error at boot although I expect error 13 or 14. Sometimes I've had to cold boot the installer disc to get it to run when I've replaced the HDD on a chipped machine with a completely empty, new one. I'd try that if not already done. It is my understanding from the info provided that the OP has not been able to use HeXEn 2020 ("I have a Hexen 2020 disc at the ready burned using Windows built in tool." ) so the BIOS is not a HeXEn flashed one. It surely can't be anything other than the original 'Aladdin' one. An installer disc (DVD-R/ImgBurn default settings) or any original Xbox game disc should cold boot on a chipped Xbox. If either doesn't it is most likely there's some other hardware problem involved.
  21. I think we just about covered everything in that other thread but the fact your Philips DVD drive was already unreliable with burned discs does not auger well. As said in that thread DVD-R (almost any brand seems to work) + ImgBurn "Write Image file to disc" ^ option should produce bootable discs from an installer XISO file or a XISO created from installer files using Qwix or the C Xbox Tool. I've used multiple burning programs apart from ImgBurn like BurnAware, DiscJuggler, CDBurnerXP, InfraRecorder all successfully so that is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. The only thing that you don't mention is the DVD-RW disc burning device: twice I've come across similar problems where replacing the PC's DVD-RW drive solved it. DVD-RWs age like anything else and the lasers can weaken not producing good burns, at least not good enough for Xbox use. My favourite internal burners are the Samsung SH-SS2* range but they're not manufactured any more. I've used Asus and Liteon (iHAS124) ones for burning Xbox discs, in fact it is my standard test for any DVD-RW I've bought to burn a bootable AID v4.53 disc. The Asus ones are significantly noisy and feel/sound far less well made than the Samsungs but they passed the test OK on two PCs. Samsungs are still available used too and often very cheap but even if treated well, the laser could still be past its best. You're always taking a risk with secondhand PC equipment in my experience.
  22. Can XPR Express actually pack XPR's? Yes, I think so. I have Rocky5's updated version with 64bit OS support and it unpacks things like the XBMC Textures.xpr without issue using Windows 7 64bit. But packing I thought not .......................it actually says in the GUI "Compressing N/A". It does have a Compress option tab but I found initially if you use it with the same Win7 Pro 64bit OS you received error messages at some point during the compression. However (and I've just checked to confirm this) I found that if you took a typical XBMC skin Textures.xpr and unpacked it then used the Compress button option it would repack it as long as you used the desktop as the destination for the new Textures.xpr. I've unpacked that test XPR too and all the items (PNGs) inside open as they should. In the past with the Xbox font maker I've found the tool used does not like too many folder levels to be involved in the final destination path. It is better to use the desktop as the location for the new file. So I thought that might be the problem and it looks like it is with XPR Express too. So it does work with Win7 Pro 64bit. I did a quick test with WinXP (Mode) - the free to install Win7 Pro cut down XP (32bit) OS and I couldn't get XPR Express to work at all. To begin with it reported it needed a missing DLL - MSVCP71.dll, which is a sister .DLL to the MSCRVR71.dll that is often missing from post WinXP OS and the cause of Xplorer360 reporting a missing .DLL error. I installed both on the XP VM and tried again. This time XPR Express (32bit) started to unpack the same Textures.xpr I'd used before but stopped with another error message relating to a temporary file issue. As I had XPR Express working with Win7 Pro 64bit I did not bother to pursue this any further.
  23. Sounds like a really obscure problem but glad to read its now sorted.
  24. Yes, he tried XBMC Error Recovery Mode (White/Y) and UserData Reset (L3/R3) on Monday - no joy with either. Also did CACHE and X/Y/Z TMP file delete later too.
  25. Rocky5's XBSMT is considered one of the best softmods but you'll get others suggesting one of the updates to HeXEn - I think TruHeXEn is usually recommended. Me I stick to what I know; its old, has some minor but annoying issues but it still works well and that's SID (Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11/12 or, if you qualify for the download, the genuine SID v6.00 which fixes at least one of those problems). Its big sister AID (Auto Installer Deluxe) is designed for both hardmod dash installs and softmodding using SID. SID is probably the nearest thing to what you're using now but that's not necessarily a good thing. I don't use any of the softmod protection options it it includes (unlike others it is your choice - yay!) but I do have everything backed up, often twice and in two cases I can just put in a mirrored HDD if something ever goes wrong. Sixteen years of SID/AID use and, fingers crossed, never had to do that.

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