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  1. Depends where you got the BIOS from. It is is easily edited and the logo/colour and other things changed using the EVTool. Whoever prepared the BIOS just changed the colour - its not important at all if that's what you're worried about. If you don't like the blue logo then you can use that tool yourself to revert it or even use another logo of your own design. I would suggest you do not simply because flashing a BIOS, particularly a TSOP, is potentially risky. If its working as it should why risk changing it just for aesthetic reasons?
  2. I'm interested in the already filled LPC hole problem mentioned here and how others have dealt with it. Solder braid just didn't work for me and a solder sucker likewise. In the end I use a Dremel like mini-power tool with a VERY fine awl head. Even then I need to 'drill' through each side as the awl was flared and if I'd tried going through the solder plug just from one side it would have chewed up the hole and LPC contacts too.
  3. I'd argue for a v1.2/v1.3 - younger than v1.0/v1.1 but still with the Conexant video chip, TSOP-able and often fitted with the better Samsung 605B DVD drive. The younger and less used the better, particularly in relation to capacitors but the v1.6 lets itself down with Xcalibur video chip problem, less easy to chip and no TSOP. The v1.4 I'd go for if it wasn't for the fact the Focus video chip in mine clearly needs very different TV picture settings from any of the other Xboxes I've owned. Could be a one off thing but when that's all you have to judge it by you have to go with that.
  4. How did you make and transfer the "digital copy" to the HDD?
  5. Its very difficult to do that without there being some evidence, particularly the metallic coated sticker. I have a Translucent Green LE PAL Xbox, BTW all v1.2, which actually wasn't sold as a LE at the time. It was offered at a price effectively less than some standard black Xbox bundles as it came with two matching controllers (Controller S) which meant the extra £10 it cost on Amazon at the time was well worth it. Some sources say it was the 15,000 unsold of the 20,000 UK/EU ones manufactured the Canadians received, just region swapped. No idea if that is true. Anyway my one
  6. Assuming the very important PSU supply issue KaosEngineer covered is understood:- The first question to ask should surely be: is the Xbox modded (soft/hard)? You can not region change the Xbox otherwise. What I'm not sure about is whether either of the other two exploitable games which do not need region specific softmod game saves, 007: AUF and MechAssault are region locked games. There are specific release ID versions required but if the NTSC versions play on a PAL Xbox ie. are not region locked, it may be possible to use them to softmod a PAL Xbox. Never tried that mysel
  7. The Evox logo on the start up screen just means the BIOS you're using is most probably one of the Evox M8+ series. It could be an earlier version and, although highly unlikely, the Evox logo could have been applied to a non-Evox BIOS using a BIOS editing tool. The EvoX dashboard has little or nothing to do with the BIOS except that the name used by the dashboard XBE and its path will likely be C:\evoxdash.xbe by default. That does not mean it is an EvoX dash just that is the what it must be named. Again that can be changed by a BIOS editing tool. You can install any dash eg. Unl
  8. Although it may be useful you don't actually need the eeprom as 'all' that does is lock the HDD to the specific Xbox. With chips/TSOPs that is not necessary; HDDs can be used unlocked. It is only retail state and softmodded Xboxes that need to have locked HDDs. The problem you have is being able to flash a chip with a no DVD check BIOS and doing that without a working DVD drive is a bit of a chicken/egg dilemma. Without the DVD drive being recognised as attached the Xbox will error 11 or 12 whether it is chipped or not. But you say the Thomson DVD drive is recognised so, obviously th
  9. I'd bet the original Evox M8 1.6 BIOS is just a default M8 type. According to the BIOS features tables I have archived neither Evox M8 or M8+ support LBA48 by default, it has to be "reconfigured" using the EVTool. I think a lot people forget that and other useful/wanted features of the EvoxM8+ BIOS need to be enabled by it in the same way too. Most versions of EvoxM8+ you find on discs etc have been so configured but if this is an old chip install and/or the BIOS version used to flash it likewise then you have the most likely explanation. If you get a message about LBA48 and it
  10. So that's a Xboy Advance emulator 'file manager' or a C:\ drive display available via the emulator. That raises the question: why? It would perhaps have been more helpful to see the UnleashX's file manager C and E drive content screens than use an emulator for whatever reason. The UnleashX file manager (Administrador de archivos?) must surely be available in the main menu below Utilitades.
  11. WTF do you mean by "........awful gameplay"? The first three SC games are amongst the best stealth games ever made and there's nothing much wrong with the original Xbox Double Agent version either except for it not bringing anything new to the table. Say you don't like stealth games but don't slag it off for bad gameplay.
  12. Jeez that's a weird old set up - never seen anything like that. Default UnleashX blue skin home screen but a customised Xboy Adavance file manager - odd. How do you get a customised UnleashX file manager skin with the default UnleashX skin? The whole point of the default skin is that it defaults everything as a safety net for any skin related problems. And what is that ************ under DVD on the System (Utilidades) sub-menu? Grabar means Record in Spanish so I'm guessing that is the Disc Copy utility UnleashX often includes. That also suggests it is just the bottom half of th
  13. I'm not sure what skins can be applied to XBMC4Gamers but this thread may help:- https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1214-looking-for-xbmc-skins-pack/ The updated Xbox-Classic skin may be found by following the links here:- https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3775 https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3039 It is not perfect and I added one 'tweak' of my own to it since but there are also a few other minor things not quite right above my XBMC4Xbox knowledge level to be able to fix.
  14. Simple looking? I assume your experience of it must be when using whatever the default skin is for XBMC4Gamers or the basic XBMC PM3/Project Mayhem III skins which with their grey theme are functional but uninspiring. You need to try a more adventurous, customisable skin with XBMC like Origins or, my favourite, the updated Xbox-Classic skin. Much as I love UnleashX having customised its menus, edited (an ongoing project) and created many skins XBMC is a much more sophisticated dashboard in every respect. As said, I wouldn't be without both on my Xboxes either as main dash or apps (mu
  15. I'm not sure in what way you think UnleashX is better than XBMC4Gamers. I've not used XBMC4Gamers but I do use XBMC and as a multi-media tool, particularly as a music player, it is in a different league to UX. The UX music player is seriously flawed. What it does do well is just playing random music whilst you're using the main dash. If that's all you want it is great but as far as organising a music collection goes there's no comparison.

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