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  1. I do not see there is much point to creating a multi-game disc. Most Xbox games sizes mean that you simply can not fit two games on one disc. Of course you could use DL discs but they're more expensive and if your Xbox DVD drive doesn't like the disc media what are you going to do? What Xbox DVD drive does it have ie. Philips, Thomson, Samsung (605B or 605F), Hitachi? There is a possibility in some cases that it is OK with DVD-RW and even if all you have that works is DVD-R in the time it takes to install a game from disc using DVD2Xbox you could burn the next game and be ready to load/install that when its finished. I understand the problem - I can't have a Xbox permanently networked either and it takes 5 mins to set it up initially what with fiddling about behind the TV swapping over the cable to the Xbox and the router the other end etc. I've timed it and I can actually burn a XISO (no verification) and have it installed on the HDD from disc in less time than it takes me to set up FTP, extract the content from the XISO and FTP the content to the Xbox. That's assuming there are not 'failed to transfer' files I have to re-queue too and you also have to add some more time using DVD2Xbox to ACL patch it as well. So an install from disc actually can be faster.
  2. Not the most edifying or aesthetically pleasing (understatement) set of skins I've seen but there are some new ones to me so they'll go into my 'not to be used' skin archive. I've actually seen some far worse hentai themed EvoX skins. It does seem to be EvoX skins that attract that sort of 'skin 'customisation'. Perhaps it is because all it usually involves is replacing the background and loading screen pictures. That really does not take much knowledge let alone skill to do. But as Danish_Elite says they can still make a pigs ear of it. There are some 'raunchy' UnleashX skins but far fewer that I've seen and most not as hard-core although there are exceptions. Both Pamela Anderson's and Paris Hilton's infamous home sex videos have been used as loading or background screens. The skinners who did that - no, just no. Why anyone would use extreme 'adult' imagery at all for a game's console skin I can't be bothered to even guess at.
  3. Problem is, on the evidence, that this is an intermittent fault. When you re-plugged in the controller it seems to work 90% of the time until you do something, typically particular multi-button presses. Playing Rainbow Six: Lockdown its been perfect up until now but I got to this point in the game when I needed to synchronize a room assault. I could trigger the team (Black button) to enter the room but the moment I tried to open the door (D-Pad: up) I was going through and pulled the trigger to start shooting it would do as I described. That happened consistently at the same point despite there being quite a long lead up to that area during which the controller never once misbehaved. That included a room breach done solo. I tried with another game: Dead Or Alive 3 - and it was unplayable because the controller would report random disconnections multiple times. If it is a broken wire that is weird behaviour.
  4. I repaired a black Controller S just replacing the worn joysticks with alternatives which have worked well. The controller had joystick centering issues which those replacements pretty much eliminated. The controller has been used quite a lot over the two months since the repairs without any problems and then last night (BTW still very hot ambient temperatures 85+F) the controller started acting up. At first I thought it was a game glitch or a corrupt game save file but after being returned to the pause menu multiple times or just freezing with no controller response it started to tell me to reattach the controller to port 1. A replacement Controller S worked fine as far as I tested it so I do not think it is a controller port problem. I've had a similar thing with a used MS XB360 wired controller which was faulty. It would work fine then suddenly report the same thing or getting no signal despite the fact it was a wired controller. My suspicion was the cable had been run over by a vacuum cleaner or something similar as there was clear physical damage and exposed wires I'd wrapped in insulating tape. But I guess it was also stretched to the point one or more of the wires was part broken. However with this OG Xbox and Controller S its unlikely to be anything like that. The cable is always used with plenty of slack and has never knowingly been stretched or damaged. There's no evidence of that at all - the cable looks good. So what could cause this behaviour with a Controller S? Any ideas?
  5. Have you tried launching the game(s) from the UnleashX file manager. Just go to the game's folder and click on the "default.xbe". Also check that there is actual content in the game's folder. What games, specifically, are causing this behaviour?
  6. When you say you try to launch it from DVD2Xbox what exactly do you mean? Are you saying that when you launch DV2Xbox (no disc) open the tray, put the disc in and close it that it bounces you back to you main dash board? That's unusual - normally if an original game disc can't be read DVD2Xbox would just report no disc found or something similar. It does sound as if there is something seriously wrong with the disc drive. The solution to getting games onto the HDD is simple enough: download Xbox disc images, extract the files and FTP them to the Xbox HDD. BTW return the Xbox to NTSC - there is almost no purpose to using PAL. Most PAL Xbox games support NTSC display and of course that's the only way you're going to get the genuine benefit of using 480p, assuming you have a Xbox Component cable.
  7. I'm running out of working DVD drives thanks to that problem, for the first time I have more working Xboxes than DVD drives and one of those has a mechanically broken Samsung which is still OK with the DVD drive check. I guess a no DVD drive check BIOS will be the way to go with my second go at chipping. But I have to do some cap replacements on that first
  8. Interesting, I assume there's nothing that can be done to repair it. As I mentioned earlier, I think in this thread, the problems I described with my TSOP seemed likely to be due to the Philips DVD drive. I confirmed that when I replaced it with with a Thomson and the problem sent away. Later I tested the Philips on a softmod and, oddly, initially the DVD drive did not cause any problems. I even played a level from an original game disc and booted AID directly, rebooting and cold booting no problems. No problems with any IGR either. Perplexed I shutdown the Xbox, had lunch and came back to it. On restart I immediately had an error 11and that repeated on each subsequent restart until I used the eject button and then it booted to the dash fine. Remember this is a softmod I'm now talking about. On further testing it was all over the place sometimes it would go to error 11 but other times it would work perfectly. Annoying.
  9. BIOS are really not my thing; am I right in thinking you can use a v1.6 BIOS universally ie. on v1.0 - v1.4/5 as well? For instance the Aladdin XT Plus 2 comes with a Evox M8+ BIOS version that says it is universal - is that true of other v1.6 compatible BIOS? Final thing: the partition support - if you use the Partition 6 (F) takes up to 137GB /Partition 7 takes the rest option shown in the EVTool can you changed that with XBPartitioner v1.3 later? If you were fitting a 2TB HDD you have to divide it equally between F and G so I'm assuming the EVTool option is just for the initial HDD partitioning set up.
  10. There is is still a "little typo". Compatible...................but you're forgiven for a whole load of reasons but principally providing those edited v1.6 BIOS. Very useful. Are those modifications of the Evox M8+ BIOS from the HeXEn disc or are they taken from another source? I'm in the middle of the testing I mentioned and it looks as if in my case the problem is not the HeXEn M8+ BIOS. As said my TSOP is a v1.4 so I'd used the non-v1.6 Evox F and G one but I'd suspect they have exactly the same features/settings as the v1.6 versions. But in my case it appears the reboot problem is caused by the DVD drive. I've replaced it, a Philips, with a Thomson I know is good and the reboot issue has disappeared. I've tried the Reboot and IGR multiple times now and its worked without fail every time. I'm going to retest the Philips and try another DVD drive just to make sure. But what it means is that the non-v1.6 HeXEn Evox M8+ F and G BIOS is good and there is the possibility viper3344's problem is actually not BIOS related. It could be caused by a DVD drive fault. CONFIRMED: just refitted the Philips VAD6011/21 and the problem returns. Weird problem though because otherwise the Philips works perfectly - I've just used it to install Timesplitters 2 to the HDD and there were no issues. Any explanation? I suppose if it is a DVD drive check related problem I could still use it on the TSOPed machine if I swapped to a BIOS with no DVD check.
  11. I know this is an old thread but as KaosEngineer said back then Xbox game icons are embedded in the default.xbe and will display in UnleashX as long as the skin.xml is set to do that. Those icons are generally as good as you need so there's not much point in replacing them. However homebrew games and some emulator icons can be shockingly bad - low resolution or not present at all. In the latter case it will use the game save icon which is a low quality 128x128 .XBX image ie. the same as the TitleImage.xbx you find in UDATA. I sometimes replace those too because they're so poor quality - you need a JPG to XBX converter for that. I'd avoid the Xbox Image Converter tool - it will produce 128x128 game save icon XBX but it not good on image quality. The XBX converter to look for is XBX Tools by Xtech. Its a bit quirky - you have to convert the source JPG or PNG to a DDS before you convert it to XBX. It doesn't like working with too many folder levels either so its best if you do it all on your desktop. One thing missed in that ^ list is what's needed for XBMC - default.tbn (you just take a JPG/PNG and change the extension to .TBN). On that subject; if you're making or adding icons for XBMC: in the absence of a game icon as mentioned earlier it will use the game save XBX to create a .TBN for that game. It will be permanently, preferentially linked to the game. If you introduce a better quality default.tbn it won't display that until you've deleted the existing thumbnail. They're found in XBMC's UserData > Thumbnails folder.
  12. Funny you should ask that because after reading SS_Dave's thread about his 'disillusionment' with HeXEn and in particular the EvoX M8+ (no DVD) BIOS I thought I'd better check my TSOPed v1.4 which was flashed with HeXEn 2017/18's 256KB Evox M8.plus.F and G BIOS. I'm guessing from the description and the problem that is what you may have used too ie. the v1.6 version. I've not used my TSOP Xbox that much since so hadn't tested the thing thoroughly and I'm annoyed to discover there does seem to be an IGR and Reboot issue with it. From an UnleashX main dash the Right/Left trigger, Back/Black or Start/Back buttons causes the Xbox to freeze on the flubber screen. Using Reboot from the main dash menu produces a similar problem as does the Restart from XBMC (running as an app). I tried other things like going to the MS dash, booting apps with return to dashboard options (BIOSChecker and DVD2Xbox), rebooting using the UnleashX and Avalaunch dashes I have installed as apps all worked flawlessly. XBMC worked fine when using the main menu XBMC Restart option but Restart to the main dash, as said, and it always sticks on the flubber. EvoX likewise. Using any Reboot option rather than 'soft-reset' seems to provoke this behaviour. I suppose it could be a HDD or main dash installation problem so I'm going to test that tomorrow with a clean HDD and fresh AID main dash install. But this smells like a BIOS issue to me. I'm also thinking the DVD drive check is involved as after these freezes the only way to get it to boot properly again is to shutdown and restart with the Eject/Close button rather than the main Power button. Sometimes the tray does not eject, the LED just flash green and when it does that however it is restarted it freezes on the flubber again. Consequently the DVD drive will also be tested with a known good one to eliminate that as a possible culprit. I really do not want to have to reflash the Winbond TSOP again but if the BIOS is broken what choice is there? I guess Viper3344 will feel the same way too if the consensus of opinion is that the BIOS is the most likely cause of the problem.
  13. I guess it must be specific to that particular Evox M8+ version then. As said, I tested the version I mentioned (256KB Evox M8+ F&G on a v1.4 TSOP) yesterday cold booting two different discs and there were no problems. I'm going back into my HeXEn archive and checking because I think those four "no DVD" ones are new additions which may only have been added to TruHeXEn. If so whoever customised and included the EvoX M8+ no DVD ones is to blame not HeXEn. The original 256KB evox.m8plus.fc.137.bin and its v1.6 sister BIOS are the ones I think that display as Evox M8 plus F and G and is the one I used on the TSOP which cold boots discs without issue. As said I'm not a big fan of HeXEn but blame for the dodgy Evox M8 no DVD in TruHeXEn BIOS must be directed where it should be. The last actual named HeXEn disc update (2018) still used the same Evox M8+ versions and just removed the X3 BIOS and replaced them with a sharp BIOS and additional X2 ones. What I can't forgive HeXEn for though is that just in launching its BIOS flash menu options to check the actual BIOS names the ******* thing actually repopulated my C:\drive leaving my UnleashX main dash with a new Config.xml, EvoX dash files, BIOS and .ini files (also one on E:\). Thankfully I was using my chipped Xbox and have backups of everything but it still wasted 15 minutes of my time sorting it out for no good reason. Bad HeXEn!
  14. That had me really worried as the only time I've used HeXEn for anything vital was flashing a TSOP and I used the 256K Evox M8+ F&G option. I checked that yesterday and I had no problem cold booting an AID and an HeXEn disc on the TSOPed machine. So whether the problem described is specific to a particular Evox M8+ BIOS on the HeXEn disc or ones(s) included on a specific HeXEn version it is certainly not a general fault. I'd be more inclined to think a disc media, disc burning or Xbox disc drive fault. Why? Because I installed HexIns (2017/18) to the HDD for the TSOP BIOS flash to avoid just such potential problems. I think that is the last version of HeXEn that included HexIns. Why TruHeXEn 2019/20 removed HexIns from the Stockfiles folder I'd actually like to know?
  15. I've never been a fan of its main dash GUI it leaves - if you're using UnleashX all the things I use most often are in sub-folders. I do not like that and all the unnecessary stuff it installs just in case you might be using a particular BIOS. Where HeXEn still leads is as a one stop BIOS Flashing tool - it is reliable, safe and simple. What more do you want? However Heimdall's primary concern was to create as safe a default softmod installation package as possible. I think he was getting a little tired of answering the same questions again and again on the Xbox-Scene Xbox forum, particularly about how to fix messed up softmods. So he designed HeXEn to be as well protected as possible to prevent that happening in the first place. Perhaps he did not spend enough time thinking about the GUI design and just added more stuff to the HeXEn tool set as he went along, probably prompted by suggestions made in the forum. Its all undoubtedly useful but not to every user. It leaves a messy installation for both soft and hard-mods, that's the problem. I've always been a SID/AID enthusiast which gives the user full choice, immediate full control and a clean, no nonsense installation. But it is undoubtedly true that If anything goes wrong with a SID/AID softmod it is less well protected unless you've chosen the appropriate options (Shadow C/Virtual Eeprom). HeXEn has that protection by default so is intrinsically better to recommend to noobs. Rocky5's XBST was created with the same ideals and is undoubtedly a more evolved tool set and better thought out in general.

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