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  1. First obvious question: did you remember to switch the new HDD back from Slave to Master? Error 13 almost inevitably evolves into error 16 unless the Xbox is kept plugged in. What I'm not sure is what happens in a case where the clock cap has been removed and you get an error 16. Anyone here know? I hope you didn't unlock or do anything to the original softmodded HDD you cloned from. Was/is it the original IDE HDD? Whatever the case the obvious first thing to do is refit that and hope you're not greeted with a similar error. It could be the HDD or the SATA adapter and I've had d
  2. I've mentioned this before here but worth repeating that if you used AID (Auto Installer Deluxe) to install a dashboard/update an old SID softmod it will Xmas tree on first boot ie. go through all the LED colours, then orange before going to the default, usually green. On reboot it will just go to orange for a few seconds (indicating the softmod is active) before it switches to the default green. That initial Xmas tree LED display often worries new users but its quite normal. Other software, softmods may alter the LED as a warning too ie. that you're using something potential dangerous to
  3. The EvoX skin pack name of the MXM one is "X2 Blue". Its actually double packed. Indeed it includes that quite impressive WMV too in the "media" folder. Could easily be adapted for a UnleashX background or loading FMV.
  4. Worked my way through all the EvoX skins in the download last night. As I thought many I'd not seen before so definitely a good find as it contains stuff you won't get in most of the other EvoX/Skin packs floating around. Couple of things: the 'EvoX' set contains at least nine Avalaunch skins. First one is a dead giveaway: "avadash" and there is also "Default" which is the complete default Avalaunch dash skin. If anyone wants to know the other names I can post them. I think there are only nine but its possible I missed one or two as there are over 140 skins in that pack. Oh yes, ther
  5. Thanks for this. Even before seeing them I'd bet that those "X Girl" ones would be 'spicy'. I don't know what it was about the EvoX skinning, perhaps that it is just as easy as replacing a picture or two of an existing skin, but it did inspire the 'creativity' of porn loving dudes. There are some really hard-core images in at least one EvoX skin pack I've seen and eye-watering anime pics involving things like ****girls and serious S&M. Why anyone would want to turn on (hah!) their Xbox and see that sort of stuff as a dashboard background I do not want to speculate. But Unlea
  6. Skins I'm always interested in and there are certainly skin names there I don't recognise. From the ones I do recognise it looks like many of them are EvoX so they might all be. Still interested even if they are.
  7. Yes safe to delete the ConfigMagic eeprom back ups if you already have eeprom backup elsewhere. But, assuming they are from ConfigMagic, they are a good reminder that you should have an eeprom master password backup "TEAMASSEMBLY" available too. HDDLoader is an old app very much like like DVD2Xbox. With some older UnleashX dash versions the Config.xml included it (both E and F drive locations supported) in the Games menu as a source for installed games. TBH I've never used it so have no idea exactly how it works but I'd guess that if you've used it to rip a game it might store it in
  8. Those are usually created when you've used ConfigMagic's backup eeprom option prior to locking a HDD. It just dumps them on the E:\drive like that. I'd just create a new folder in E:\Backups: "ConfigMagic EEprom Backup" or something like that and keep them there. Unless you've messed around with your eeprom ie. changed or nulled it you don't really need them if you have an EvoX eeprom backup in E:\Backups. But they take up so little space its no problem. The fact is an eeprom back up there is not a lot of help in an emergency, having it available on a PC is the important thing.
  9. I didn't know what an IGP heatsink was before I just looked it up (Integrated Graphics Processor) but I do know you can successfully and effectively replace the v1.0 fan and heatsink with the larger passive heatsink used in later versions. I've done that myself, no problem. If you're asking about using some other third party passive heatsink I'd guess it is possible but how you'd attach it would likely be a problem. To use the intended securing strap it would have to be significantly physically modified. I believe heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi are self adhesive but whether such a solutio
  10. Flash drives have always been odd with Xbox. Nobody seems to know what particular criteria are necessary for them to be compatible. I've had USB v1.1 ones which have behaved in all sorts of weird ways and USB v2.0 ones likewise. But you don't expect an official memory card to go like that let alone two. I have one Sony official 1MB and half a dozen third party original Playstation, some multi-page, memory cards between 20 - 24 years old I'm either using or still can use. But having said that I did have several very cheap third party PS ones which failed but that was mainly 'mechanica
  11. The original Xbox controllers were/are far better than the Sony Dualshocks in this respect. I've had probably four or five Dualshock or Dualshock 2 rendered unusable because of contact pad wear and tear. Quite literally the latter - the rubberised pimple would actually split around its edge, particularly the Square and X buttons which get the most use. Only way to deal with it was/is to replace the pad.
  12. I've always recommended not to use isopropyl alcohol (IPA)/rubbing alcohol for a lot of cleaning purposes, particularly plastics. I did a bit of research on this a few years ago along with recommendations for lubricating plastic components too. The bottom line is you have to be careful what you use for either purpose. I'd question the need to clean controller button contact pads at all. The soft rubberized material may be real or synthetic rubber but in either case I wouldn't use any volatile cleaning agents as they might affect its material properties which are essential to its correctin
  13. Is that SPPV's XMV converter? That's the one I use and I was actually involved in its development in a very, very minor way. Basically I posted on a forum he is associated with that I couldn't get another XMV converter tool to work with some video formats and that prompted him to put together one that did. It went through several iterations and I think the final version allowed batch conversion, although I believe there is a limit. I still use one of the earlier versions simply because it did and still does just what I had wanted. I can't say what particular video formats work b
  14. I see TL is marked as banned now: clearly very angry about whatever has happened to his Xbox and has been posting long rants on other Xbox forums too. What he describes with the DVD not working post 2TB HDD upgrade was probably just a coincidence but it would be very difficult to convince him of that in his current frame of mind. The of DVD2Xbox being involved somehow is interesting because I've had problems with that myself although it does not sound like exactly the same thing so maybe completely unrelated. It happened a long, long time ago The trouble was caused by using one
  15. If its like vanilla XBMC4Xbox it should just be a matter of introducing a "folder.jpg" icon to the relevant folder. XBMC's icon handling can be a bit of a pain, at least I've found so, because once done with anything new added to that folder the "folder.jpg" may be applied to the new contents even if a TBN or other icon is present. If that happens a TBN will then be created in the XBMC > UserData > Thumbnails folder and you'll have to remove the folder.jpg temporarily, find and delete that folder.jpg icon TBN generated for the new content before its own icon will be applied and

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