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  1. Will that 18 inch Startech cable fit in the original Xbox?
  2. It won’t work when I attach a Samsung dvd drive but it works with the philips dvd drive that I took from my green Xbox - really need a link to some good 80 pin ideas cables - thanks
  3. Bought 3 yellows ones on eBay - all garbage - can someone tell me where to buy ones that actually work? Sitting in front if a modded 500gb SATA original Xbox that I can’t play on a bank holiday weekend is disappointing - any help greatly appreciated.
  4. It works with philips dvd drives but Samsung’s return error 11 unless I keep pressing the eject button until The word ‘Microsoft’ appears then it works - any ideas? Thanks
  5. Upgraded to SATA drive - using 80 pin and Startech Ide to Sata - have the Startech on cable select - after the clubbed I get error 11 - tried master as well - cable loads older 250 ide cable - I’d say the adapter but I locked the drive using h it in an ok’d ide pc and it worked fine - I’m totally stumped and would really appreciate your expert advice - thanks!
  6. I have tried to copy an iso from my windows 10 pc using both Filezilla and FlashFXP but to no avail. It stops during the transer. On my computer it shows a single iso file but in both filezilla and flahsfxp it shows the samefile name with 2 isos. I always go with the larger one wrhich is over 7.2gb but once it reaches 4gb exactly it fails to transfer the file - what is going on? It's years since I transferred a single iso - any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Can I swap a cable from an official S controller and a Duke. I can solder so was thinking I could open my Duke as the lead is snagged - still working perfectly. I was planning on cutting the wire just inside both controllers and then soldering the non frayed wires from the 'S' to the Duke. Has anyone tried this? Should I just leave well enough alone? Thanks
  8. In reply to my own question - I went and bought a third party controller today - a lovely blue one can confirm that it works perfectly with both Coin Ops 8 and Coin Ops Massive.
  9. Hi - are 3rd party controllers compatible with Coun Ops 8 and Massive or is it better to stick with an original controller?
  10. Is the only benefit the noise factor? That would be enough to sway me as long as using an ssd doesn't deteriorate the drive.
  11. Thanks so much for your reply and all the fantastic work you do - do you have a link? Thanks
  12. Just use Rocky 5 - it will update your softmod and your files should stay intact - I updated an old SID softmod with Rocky 5 to null the drive and everything was still intact afterwards - it was really quick to update too. Good luck!
  13. Glad it's not just me - maybe someone might be able to help us - Thanks
  14. I just installed xbmc emustation and it looks great. I am only going to use it for my original xbox games that I have already installed on the hard drive. The only problem I have is that I don't have any artwork for my games - instead I see a list of games when I click into the xbox folder. In the menu there is an option called 'Xbox games artwork installer' but nothing happens when I select it. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong - I'm not familiar with xbmc - first time using it as I always used my xbox for coin ops but I recently purchased a second xbox with games I used to play back in the day such as Black and Burnout 3 Takedown.
  15. Thanks guys - I'll try that - just hoping it will read the disk again.

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