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  1. C64MidRezzie

    XBox Clean Up

    Looks fantastic - how did you clean the power supply? Thanks
  2. Yes - it’s a PAL console - I’ll check the drive tomorrow but the favorites folder is the only way to access it on the dashboard
  3. I bought a 500gb Xbox fully loaded with origins dashboard and games - one game (GTA San Andreas) appears on “featured games” but when I press A the console resets - how do I delete it from appearing in “Featured Games” - or could I add the game somehow as I have the disk? Thanks
  4. Had a bit of spare time today and successfully swapped the working board with the faulty board - the drive works flawlessly - thanks for all the advice guys!
  5. Thanks for the help - it turned out that I could lock the SATA drive using HDM V1.9 by connecting my SATA drive using a Startech SATA to IDE adapter to my Dell Optiplex pc - it worked like a charm - delighted!
  6. I have the SATA drive attached via USB in an external hard drive enclosure - is that the same thing? Any links on how to use and lock a drive in HDM23 - I googled it and couldn't find much
  7. The drive was already unlocked and I have successfully cloned it - I only have a softmodded xbox so how do I lock it? Could I lock it in Chimp if I hotswap it as a slave drive or since it's a SATA drive could I use the windows version of HDM 2? Thanks
  8. Hi - I have an unlocked SATA 500GB xbox drive that is nearly full with games, emulators and the like. I want to make a backup copy of the drive using Raw Copy - any advice or instructions on how to do this? I have a PC with a spare HDD slot and and an external drive caddy. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have a dvd drive that reads disks but crashes because the board is faulty - can I take a working board from a dvd drive with a laser that doesn't read disks? And If so is it pretty easy to do - any guides? Thanks
  10. When I did this I got error 6 when I transferred the 500gb drive to the other Xbox - any idea why? I changed the pin from slave to master drive
  11. I changed the thermal paste and got a temp of 40 degrees on cpu and motherboard - played A game for 20 mins and it froze again. When I turned it off and back on the temperature read 51 degrees for both CPU and Motherboard - should I retire it for parts?
  12. No in relation to the flashing orange and I have to turn it off when it freezes. I turn it on straight away again and get a reading of 50 degrees for both CPU and motherboard.
  13. I was testing an Xbox I picked up at the weekend and noticed it freezes during gameplay - would new thermal make a difference or do I need to just use it as a system for parts? Thanks
  14. Sorry - I ddin't make myself clear - I have 2 hard drives locked to the same console - an 8 GB stock and a 500GB upgrade. I want to put the 500 GB in another xbox and then put the old 8GB back into the console and sell it with the 8gb stock drive intact. Thanks

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