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  1. Okay so the cable I got from my local pc repair shop won’t work as two of the ide connectors are too close together - has anyone a link to a cable on Amazon or the like that definitely fits the xbox - thanks
  2. What skin do you all like? I'd like to use xbox xbmc emustation but I can't seem to get Coin Ops Ninja Massive to appear on it - so I'm looking for an alternative skin - any ideas greatly appreciated - thanks.
  3. The HDAT2 disk fix and repair showed that the drive had 5 bad sectors and it couldn't fix them - I guess it's time to chuck the drive - nothing I need on it as I was going to just use HDM V1.9 to create a fresh new hard drive for my xbox.
  4. It's actually a completely fresh upgrade mod because I used HDM V 1.9 - it's a fresh clean install of the C and E drives. I prefer to softmod a drive that doesn't have any clutter on it from previous mods.
  5. It was my treatment of the drives that caused it - We moved to our new house 4 years ago and they were put up in the attic - the usual - freezing in Winter and boiling in summer. I must have put them up there by accident because I didn't even realise they were up there. I found a 300GB, 250GB, 160GB and 500GB (all IDE) in the attic a few weeks ago. My notes say I tested them before I moved house and they were all working perfectly. However, only the 300GB Maxtor and 250GB survived. Funny, you should mention PS2 - I picked up a SATA Hard Drive connector for my Phat PS2 when I was buying my Startech IDE to SATA connector for my XBOX. I was just trying out a 500GB SATA drive that I pulled from my old SKY Plus Box. Even with the Startech IDE to SATA I find it much slower than the IDE drives when loading games from Coin OPS. Not that it matters - I still play C64 games so it's still lightening quick by comparison. I think SATA is the way forward for me in the long run - just annoyed with myself for not leaving the drives in our spare room along with all my other Consoles.
  6. I know that the files are fine as I built another hard drive for the same xbox this morning and it works perfectly. I'm scanning the physical drive for errors now using HDAT2 and it already found an uncorrectable data error - that along with searching on google has led me to believe that the 500GB is dying. During my research I learned that the xbox might not load the drive if there are bad sectors on the disk - looks like the drive needs to be chucked in the bin.
  7. I successfully created and locked a 500GB IDE Seagate Hard drive using HDM V1.9. I transferred it to my xbox and it gets stuck at the xbox splash screen at start up for ages and then goes to Error 13 - any ideas? (It can take 2-3 minutes for the word "Microsoft" to appear under the xbox splash). Thanks
  8. I've sorted it now - see my last post but when I used Chimp it kept saying the Slave Drive was locked and I could not unlock it again. It unlocked the very first time I tried it - I know this for sure because I took a picture on my phone - however it must have locked the second I powered the xbox off. I tried countless times after that but I failed to unlock it. Thankfully the HDAT2 program worked and the guide was really easy to follow. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Gave up on DBAN - Quick Erase at 00.04% after 15 minutes. Decided to follow the guide you linked above on HDAT2 - used the XBOXSCENE password and it worked! Thanks so much - I never ever heard of that program before - it's amazing and the guide was excellent. Thanks again!
  10. Tried Darik's Boot and Nuke - selected Quick Erase - it correctly identified the drive but after 4 mins it has an estimated 238 hours left I’ll give it an hour and see where it’s at
  11. Thanks - unfortunately you need the console it came from for this to work and I don't have that console any more.
  12. I wish it ewas that simple - as far as I know a PC can't access a locked original xbox drive.
  13. Hi - I tried both options to unlock it - "From Master password:XBOXSCENE" and it seemed to have worked as when I went to the scan physical drives it said "HDD Locked:No". I then switched off the xbox and put it in my pc and loaded up HDM V1.9 and when I tried option 1 from the list it said my hard drive was locked. I then put the drive back in my xbox ran Chimp and now "Password:XBOXSCEN E" won't unlock it anymore - I even tired "From Master password:TEAMASSEMBLY" but to no avail. Is there any program that I can use on my IDE PC to format the drive? Thanks

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