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  1. I struggled with the iso loading for a while but in the end i got the hang of it. I will go from memory here but i believe it work like this. Your using the PBL loader method so its a little different to the way i did it but the principle is the same. You run the PBL Loader file, it attaches the iso and resets back to the dash. From this point the xbox believes that there is a disc inserted. At this point you start your game by using the same method you would usually use to launch a real disc game from your dash. Do not go back to the iso file and click that again as that
  2. They were going for silly money a while back. Had to buy one myself to finish a black X3 project box i was doing a year or so ago. Think i had to pay around £100 for it, maybe a little more ,i don't remember exactly. If you have the time and patience, i'd hang on to it if prices have dropped now as i'm sure they will shoot up again at some point. Incidentally i sold the completed project for £590 so you could go that route and build yourself a kick ass xbox
  3. Im in the UK and i picked up 4 crystals late last year for £10 each.
  4. As i said in a previous post i tried that myself late last year with no luck on 2 different chips, so it isnt always a guaranteed success. Although i might give it another go now i know it worked for you.
  5. I gave up on trying to flash the 2 of these chips that i acquired late last year. I tried all manner of setups vm and physical, every os back as far as Win 98 and could not get one flashed at all. It seems that gingerguy got one to flash using Win XP on original hardware. Now ive seen that i might give it another go, either that or ill throw the chips up on ebay and get shot of them.
  6. Hi nikeymikey just like many others in this community your assistance in allowing the link to earthworm james would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Anybody in the uk/europe making these? I believe they are open source.... yes??? Really want a Massive pack but that shipping from Aus is killing me......
  8. Hey Kaos where you located? I have 2 of these if you want one. Both seem to be working as the flash software can connect to them but I’ve never had any luck actually flashing them no matter what version of Windows I use. Both are 1.0 it seems.
  9. @MvZiC MaN did you ever get your x-bit chip flashed?? I have managed to get my hands on 2 of them now identical to yours. I have managed to connect to the chips using the usb cable but cannot flash/erase/read or anything. Have even set up an old pc with win 98 just for this and still no luck.
  10. The guy above is correct, this will be your tv's doing not the xbox. Take a look in you tvs picture settings under aspect ratio and you'll be golden
  11. Ive got 2 of these xbit chips.Never been able to flash them at all no matter what os i am running. Tried Win 95 upwards and both versions of the flashing software.
  12. Hey Dave, any chance of uploading that save somewhere, sounds like a huge time saver when tsop'ing
  13. The onedrive link from earlier in the thread also still works
  14. Damn those are nice. Seriously tempted by the massive.....

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