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  1. I copied the diagram on the github page. SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL and GND to GND
  2. Hi guys, I know these things are rare but i kinda feel this guy is taking the piss!! £350!!! I paid only £50 for one of these in the same state (unused, boxed) only a couple of months ago!! Ebay Link to Piss Taker :) At £100 i'd consider it but tat would still be a bit of a piss take i feel.
  3. Hope all goes well!! I managed it first time with minimal soldering experience and minimal pi programming experience too
  4. I will use whatever hdds i can get my hands on, right now i have 5 sata and 1 ide ready to go into xbox's Im in the UK so i find a good source of 500GB/1TB drives are old Sky+HD TV boxs and they are all sata
  5. Not anymore, You can use xboxhdm23beta on windows with a sata/ide to usb adapter. This is how ive done all my hdd prep since i got back into OGXBOX modding again this year.
  6. The adapter is an action replay adapter and that works with either the AR software or explorer 360. I have seen them go on eBay for around £20 in the past. I know all about upgrading hdd’s, I have 6 here ready to go into various Xbox’s I have sitting waiting to be modded. I have used chimp in the past but tbh I prefer having a fresh start and using xboxhdm23usb to prepare the hard drives loaded up with Rocky5s installer so as soon as I install the drive and power up, the softmod is installed
  7. I know all that, thanks. I was just asking because there is probably another way to do whatever he is trying to do without a usb For instance I have an Xbox memory card and an adapter that lets me connect it to my pc, much easier to get the game saves transferred across that way You can also use a Tony Hawk game to softmod now as well I believe......
  8. Can i askif there is a specific reason you need to connect a usb pen?
  9. Are you playing the PAL disc on a PAL console? Have you tried ripping the disc to your modded box using DVD2Xbox and then playing the game? I would try this and see if it plays that way.
  10. PiPROMis the Rpi prgram that i have use ultiple times to read/write eeproms on xboxs. Heres a couple of links for the program and a mini tut. https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM http://icode4.coffee/?p=22 Ive done this with little to no knowledge of compiling/runnig anything on an rpi before You will need either a pin header ot solder in to the LPC port on your xbox motherboard or to solder the wires directly to the port. I use pin headers and socketed wires that connect up in secs
  11. Is the HDD unlocked? Do you have a dump of your eeprom? If so and If you have a SATA to usb adapter you should use xboxhdm23usb to rebuild the drive and install Rocky5s softmod installer at the same time. Then when you put the hdd back in the xbox the installer will run and the softmod will be installed. I am siting here with 6 hdds already to go in this exact state, hdd keys all zeroed out to so they will work in any xbox with a nulled hdd key. If your drive is the original IDE drive and you have a way of connecting it to your computer you will need to use an older version of xboxhdm. If you dont have your eeprom xboxhdm is no good to you. You will need y=to use an eeprom reader to dump it to your pc, I use a Raspberry Pi to do it with every xbox i have and then zero out the hdd key using liveinfo beta 3. This makes all of my hdds interchangeable with all my xboxs
  12. Maybe your cable is bad, but also bear in mind that not all usb stcks will work properly.
  13. Is it a PAL console? There were known issues with the NTSC game being played from hdd. Is the game located anywhere else on your system? Does it show up under the Games menu? If so have you tried running it from there? The solution back in the day involved changing settings in EVOX dash to make it work but as you are using Origins (which is XBMC i believe) those wont help you. I have run this game and even modded versions of it from my hdd with no issues.
  14. Ill take a look but as far as im aware the only link for that GTA mod was the one from Zorlon. All that mod did was reintroduce "Hot Coffee" and there are more plentiful mods out there that do this and much more. If you want a good GTA-SA mod for Xbox look up SpaceEinsteins San Andreas mod... Thats the one i use personally. If you wish i can upload this one here.... I have found another that claims to introduce real cars and other graphical mods but i haven't had a chance to test it yet. As for the other PSO pack, i never grabbed that one originally but ill have hunt around tonight and see if i can find it.
  15. No I didn’t grab the iso, but the patch for a clean game is in the same onedrive share as the quests above!!

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