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  1. Anybody in the uk/europe making these? I believe they are open source.... yes??? Really want a Massive pack but that shipping from Aus is killing me......
  2. Hey Kaos where you located? I have 2 of these if you want one. Both seem to be working as the flash software can connect to them but I’ve never had any luck actually flashing them no matter what version of Windows I use. Both are 1.0 it seems.
  3. @MvZiC MaN did you ever get your x-bit chip flashed?? I have managed to get my hands on 2 of them now identical to yours. I have managed to connect to the chips using the usb cable but cannot flash/erase/read or anything. Have even set up an old pc with win 98 just for this and still no luck.
  4. The guy above is correct, this will be your tv's doing not the xbox. Take a look in you tvs picture settings under aspect ratio and you'll be golden
  5. Ive got 2 of these xbit chips.Never been able to flash them at all no matter what os i am running. Tried Win 95 upwards and both versions of the flashing software.
  6. Whos been a busy boy then
  7. Hey Dave, any chance of uploading that save somewhere, sounds like a huge time saver when tsop'ing
  8. The onedrive link from earlier in the thread also still works
  9. Damn those are nice. Seriously tempted by the massive.....
  10. its all done thru USB, i wouldnt have a clue how to slow it down lol
  11. Well its deffo true. But i wont give up with these until ive tried everything!!!
  12. No luck i cannot flash these chips no matter what. My only thing left to try is to knock up an old pc from the loft and install xp on it. Ive tried in vm's but no joy. The flashing software is also pretty crap as it seems to just randomly crash at variou times.
  13. Excellent Cheers Dave!! I have VM's setup for XP and Windows 2000 right now, if they dont work ill dig out an old pc that i have and do a quick XP install and see how i go. Will be good to bring these chips back to life.
  14. HI Peeps, Got hold of another batch of Xboxs from my friend who runs an auction house. 11 for £100, not bad i dont think. Anyway a couple of these have X-bit modchips in, one was missing the little control board but the other one has it. Neither of the consoles boot to a dash, one has error 5 and the other has no power at all. I have removed the chips to try them in another confirmed working xbox i have here as if they work then i will re use them. I have never had any experience with these chips before and was wondering if anyone here has? More specificly does any one know where i can get the v1.0 of the Xbit flashing software, i managed to find the v1.5 version last night but it does not want to work to flash either of the chips, i can connect but upon clicking on format or anything nothing happens. Ive tried doing this on various versions of windows from 7 back to win 2k, all had the same results. I have spent all evening last night reading up on these chips as much as possible and there is quite a bit of conflicting info out there so any help/advice with this would be very much appreciated I am pretty sure the chips i have are not the v1.5 of the chip as there are no 1.5 markings as apparently there are supposed to be., so i want to try the v1.0 software to see if it makes any difference. It could just be that both chips are dead and im wasting my time, if thats the case then so be it but i cant be sure until ive tried everything. Thanks in advance

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