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  1. Not perfect compatibility as far as I know but will test before finalising the set. . I will be finishing my set off very soon, life kinda got in the way for a while. I will be uploading to a torrent and using a seedbox so should have some nice speeds to get it going. I will retest the ones that are marked as incompatible and will include an Xiso or Extracted files version of those games if needed.
  2. I used to use this back in the day to make multi game discs. There were quite a few games that were small enough for it. This was before I upgraded my HDD and used to burn maaaaaany discs lol
  3. I will gladly take the last parcel off your hands, if you still have it and you are willing to post to the UK
  4. I'd never heard of this installer before until one day I found a borg install on an old Xbox that I'd bought. This was quite a few years ago too.
  5. You use the Origins setup?? That kind of surprises me lol I thought you'd have a nice completely custom install by now.
  6. Cerbios does have multiple IGR combos and one of those is for a complete power down.
  7. A few games will support 720p as standard. See here https://www.neowin.net/news/these-are-the-games-you-can-play-in-720p-and-1080i-on-the-original-xbox/#:~:text=And%2C here's the list of games that support,06 Soccer 8 FIFA 07 Soccer More items Doom is NOT on the list so i suspect that its a patched version that you have and is crashing with 64mb. I went down this rabbit hole a long time ago when I got my first 128mb system. Patching lots of games etc and in the end I decided the end result was NOT worth the effort the majority of the time and gave up with it. Too many crashes, graphical glitches etc.
  8. I get that but there's beta and there's just blatant bullshit
  9. Only if the xbe is patched...... Stellar OS is so full of missing advertised features its laughable.
  10. I think they support 128mb and the figures that Dave posted are the REMAINING memory available. Well the 97mb on the Cerbios screenshot is anyway. Obviously with Stellar its yet another thing that is broken or not yet activated in the OS.
  11. I still have an X3 installed with an Xapt3r.. Still going strong. Was my first hardmod back in the 00's
  12. Late to the party here. But I just basically want to mirror what the other have said. This is excellent news that we are going to have a Stellar competitor of sorts. Keep up the great work @NeMesiS I'm sure there will be a lot of demand for your project.
  13. Is this what we have been waiting for??? I wont jump and order a Stellar just yet tho lol
  14. It seems more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that a LOT of the new wonderful "Exclusive" features are little more than vapourware with Stellar right now. It's a real shame because as I and other here have said, there is a LOT of potential with this chip. It's a shame that the fact its creator seems to be a bit of an asshat is what's going to hold it back. If there is ANYONE ELSE out there that has the ability to create a competitor for Stellar (and isn't an asshat) then please do so. I for one will back you on Kickstarter, Patreon or wherever!! Competition would force a rethink on the Stellar creator's part.
  15. LIke I said mate, great work getting it running. If you can do some voodoo magic and combine the 2 dashes then that would be fantastic. Maybe I would stream the occasional film thru the OG again then

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