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  1. It seems that the UDMA5 results do vary massively from console to console. Some people are claiming to see huge speed gains where as others claim to notice little to no difference. I am going to finally flash it to my X3 box later and give it a try for myself.
  2. If this was in the uk Id buy it. Approx £376 in uk money. Got me thinking about how much mine is worth again?? 2tb hdd with XBMC4Gamers with full NTSC set plus PAL exclusives, full X3 setup inc remote power on/off, Custom LEDS and Jewel, Startech IDE2Sata, Noctua fan, N64 Freak 128mb board with HDMI mod. (Not HDMI+) 2 Crystal controllers and a dvd remote,.
  3. yay! off to grab that for testing
  4. I know that this is a bit of a necro here but... i believe if you connect a usb keyboard through an adapter to a controller port it works.... I could be wrong tho but its worth giving it a try to confirm. I may do it myself over the weekend.
  5. I think an X3 style menu is a bit of a long shot, space is very limited i expect. They could release a config app xbe that could be set to launch via Dashloader if a certain button was held. On the UDMA5 side, it seems from what people who have been testing it have said on Discord that it might not be all that great a feature either. They seem to be getting little to no difference in speed mostly. A few peeps have said they have noticed a bigger change in loading times etc but I suppose we will find out as more people test it. The HDMI+ compatibility seems like its unlikely too as the guy who makes it has stated he wont support any other bios than M8. Which is a bit short sighted of him if you ask me.
  6. Just curious but...... isn't the discussion on the Cerbios discord currently debating if UDMA5 is actually worth it.... It seems quite few peeps are testing it and reporting very little actual speed difference. I know that's the Cerbios version but UDMA5 is UDMA5 right........
  7. yep, grabbing it myself now as soon as i can get auto xbins to work again.
  8. If that's the case then its not really a huge selling point for the bios. The attach.xbe method has been around for ages, nothing new. I guess the real "Big" selling point for Cerbios is the LBA48 improvements for the 3tb+ support. Also maybe the "Dual HDD" mode I suppose. If they can add UDMA5 to those and also Xbox HDMI+ patches then I can see this becoming the default bios for a lot of peeps including myself. I certainly wont be replacing my X3's bios with Cerbios then and I'll be doing a fresh build sometime in the future on a fresh Xbox once Cerbios leaves Beta status.
  9. Back in the day there were some great Option Files and Iso patches made for the Pro Evo Soccer games, but as is the nature of the internet all links to those files are now long gone. Does anyone out there have any of the files lurking anywhere on a an old hard rive or pc, or has a patched copy of a Pro Evo game on their xbox hard drive. You can tell if a game is patched generally as all the team names will be real, the stadiums will have real products in their advertising boards and the music will be changed on the menus. there are other things that are changed but these are the most obvious. I have a Patched copy of Pro Evo 5 on my hdd with its matching Option file and it makes the game so much better. The game is named ProEvoSoccer5.4.2. so that must be what the patch version was named. I cant share it here for obvious reasons but if i can work out a way to get the patched files only then maybe i can upload those. I would put a link to d/l the iso but that would be frowned upon I believe....... I can though i think upload the option file...... If any of you have anything then get in touch as id love to get some more of the old patches etc and im sure there were iso mods for other games too. pro evo 5 save.rar
  10. XBOX2HDMI doesnt care about the bios or anything else inside the Xbox. It only cares that it gets a signal of some sort that it can put through to hdmi. When I said they are crap, if your happy with the picture quality then that's great but there are many more (Better) options to get your Xbox connected to a modern tv.
  11. These are crap! Not worth bothering with and i doubt very much that the Cerbios team will ever add any kind of support for it. Fingers crossed that Cerbios will be the bios to beat them all, all the latest and greatest features in one place. I hope they will add the MakeMhz patches and all the goodies from the Titan patches too! EDIT: Little sidenote for those of you that didnt already know it. Xboxs have been able to play iso files for ages already, those handful of games that wont play when extracted have played fine as an iso. Cerbios just makes it easier as you dont need to use an attach.xbe anymore. I will probably convert my full xbox set back to iso once i have a box setup with Cerbios and a huuuuuuuge HDD. Iso files are better for the cluster sizes. Extracted games on a 512k cluster (which i believe is needed for 8tb support) will be a huge waste of space as all those 100's of tiny few kb files will all take 512k each!!!
  12. As the title says i'm after a full cap replacement kit for a 1.4 Xbox. Looking for a UK seller to avoid humongous shipping charges. Looking to replace the caps on the MB and power supply board. This box will be my 2022 Ultimate Xbox build with Cerbios, Huge HDD, Xbox HDMI+ and whatever else I deem fit to add Any ideas anyone? The only place I have found so far is Console5 in the US and the shipping to the UKis $40 at its cheapest. That's a lot for a tiny parcel of caps.

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