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  1. I never got to reading a 1.6 with my pi as it died before i had the need to. I did successfully read and write to 1.0/1.1/1.2 and i think a 1.4 too. I try to keep away from 1.6's if i can, although i have 2 of them here at the moment. Going to have to attempt my first lpc rebuild
  2. Damn, that looks complicated to build!! can you give me a parts list and a wiring diagram (a simple one lol) and then I’ll have a go at building one Thats gonna be a damn sight cheaper than a new Pi
  3. How else would you read the eeprom from an Xbox that won’t boot? Using a Pi and a prog called PiProm you can read and write the eeprom from any Xbox as long as it gets power. Do you have another way to do it then dave?
  4. On Rockys disc I believe you will need to find the softmodding tool app and run that, the options to remove the softmod are part of that. I am going from memory tho so could be wrong....
  5. Lol wtf is that logo??? Never seen that but as it’s in the top left corner it’s likely just a custom logo for the evox bios.
  6. If all is good then just go ahead and reflash the chip with whichever bios you want to use and then boot your hexen disc and build the drive. You could use the stock drive and after you have flashed you can use hexen to remove your softmod. If it’s Rockys softmod you have on there just use his extras disc to boot the softmodding tool and use that to remove the softmod.
  7. I personally just ground the d0 on every Aladdin install i do, using the point n the top of the board and a screwhole.
  8. Do you have it the right way around? The writing on the back of the chip should be the correct way to read when looking from the front of the Xbox.
  9. I will dump the eeproms of all 3 xboxs i have that frag as soon as i get a new RPi as mine has died recently
  10. LCD is fine now, i removed the panel, jiggled the screen about a bit and re fit it, then all was ok
  11. Just received my 2nd X3 Control Panel in the post today Plugged it in and tested all looking good except for the dodgy bottom line of text on the LCD.... Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Not sure you replied to the right topic lol but yes I would do exactly that but my Pi has just crapped out on me and will not switch on....
  13. Tbh the 2tb are not common as it’s the only box Sky would not supply as standard. You had to buy one if you wanted one. The 500gb are by far the most common Sky box out there. The 1tb were also “paid for upgrade” boxes for a while before they released the 2tb ones.... Sky Q has put an end to all those boxes tho.. Yes I used to work for sky had a garage full of the things at one point!!

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