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  1. nikeymikey

    No Flash Bios?

    I dont think what you are planning is as simple as you expect. In fact im pretty sure of it, save yourself the bother and get a 2tb. Using 2 hdd's needs some form of switch to be wired in as the xbox will only ever recognize one at a time regardless of what bios you use.
  2. If you mean forts under siege then yes it can be a hard game but keep at it, it is doable
  3. Heres the link guys, dont know how long it will last in onedrive if you all start grabbing it lol. I suggest grab and reupload elsewhere for others. EJW Standalone 212 pack
  4. Helpful advice in an Xbox forum.....
  5. Im uploading this to m y onedrive now, ill post a link to it later for you
  6. If they want it that bad they will pay the delivery cost... Im going to put my one on eBay in the next few days, black x3 modded system, x3 control panel, blue power led mod with blue controller port lights, 128mb motherboard, xecr2 se remote control mod and 2tb sata hdd with startech adapter....
  7. They seem to go for quite high sums on eBay. One went for approx £500 a couple of weeks back.....although that may have been a Crystal.
  8. Waaaaaaay above my knowledge and abilities right now may just have to hand this board back to the guy as a dead board.... he has already bought a replacement from me tho so it’s all good
  9. No lights, nothing happens at all. I know the psu works as i have taken it from a working 1.6 box. The cap at the bottom left was the one that has been replaced. Would that one cause the issue if it was faulty??
  10. Heres a link to pics of the board in question. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqFpyG7Ugkl6goFY2bE_ofEPUG_sNg?e=RRzmqb
  11. Lol that’s all way above my knowledge at the moment!!! I’ll take a look around the board and see if I can see anything obvious.
  12. It’s a 1.6 board... I will add pics tonight when I get home.
  13. Youre the guy on Facebook that was about the value of this Xbox... did you ever get any estimates?? I ask as I have one the same except for it has 128mb, a xecr2 Xe mod and a 2tb hard drive.
  14. Are the games installed in F:/games and G:/games?? If so I thought that was all that’s needed for xbmc

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