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  1. So basically, everything works correctly, except your connection to Kai? I would say Kaiˋs settings are incorrect somewhere. I donˋt have experience with Kai yet, but is it required to configure Kai at all on the Xbox? Or is it just on the PC and all the tunneling and everything takes place through the PC? Iˋll read up now and find out. Thanks for the info. Your other Xboxes connect to Kai fine?
  2. I donˋt know what you mean when you say you get an IP "for FTP" but not "for internet". Which software is showing what IP numbers? Dashboards, Filebrowsers, etc. What do you consider to be "Internet"? How are you FTPing? Which application are you using to do it? Be more technical and descriptive, player. Youˋre not using diagnostically friendly language.
  3. What he said.
  4. Then thatˋs exactly what you should do.
  5. Would you be interested in selling either one?
  6. Do you have a shitload (hundreds) of OG Xbox games on the HDD? That causes loading times exactly of that sort of length. Caused by the Dashboard scanning for games every single time. The 2TB Origins install behaves that way. Ever single time the dash boots. Total dealbreaker for me, man.
  7. Looking for X3 chips, Control Panels, etc. Plus, if itˋs new in the package and unopened. If the planets align, that is.
  8. I looked at the chip and the contacts at the rear of the socket are exposed you could solder to those. As far as a switch bank, fuck it: just wire up some digikey switches and put them on a strip of double sided tape. Then just stick it to the underside of the front panel like the original. Bam.
  9. If youˋre not able to find one, I would suggest soldering wires to your own home made switch board. Just solder them to the points that the socket is soldered to... assuming that the contacts are exposed on the opposite side of the switch board... if not, then nevermind. Lol.
  10. Thankfully, the switches donˋt need to be messed with much. Itˋs 1&2 for the first 1MB bank (1234) and just switch 2 for the second 1MB bank (5678). You can also have NO switches selected for the first 1MB bank, which is a contingency created for a situation where you donˋt have a switch panel hooked up for whatever reason... or if the switch panel fails, somehow.
  11. Sooo, are you up and running now, fully? The X3 should have already had a copy of flashbios stored in its 256k backup flash bank, which can be booted by pressing power and eject simultaniously at powerup. The backup bank is isolated and separate from the 8 256k (2MB) flash banks for safety. Hell yeah, links are allowed. What do you think this is, 2005?
  12. Oh, I know FRAGs are caused by multiple things, I just meant when it comes to FRAGs resulting from improper TSOP writes. Thank you for the info, sir. You are the man. I canˋt believe it took me 17 years to realize that FRAG was short for "Flashing Red and Green." WOW.
  13. DAMN, youˋre good. So FRAGs are just caused by the beginning of the TSOPˋs flash being empty. Makes sense. The data doesnˋt start where itˋs being seeked. Why the hell would any utility not begin writing to the flash at the beginning anyway?... and what is the proper terminology for what I just asked, so I can sound like less of a fucking moron in the future? What is the reason for opposite BIOS sources not being accessible to each other? I thought the LPC or TSOP is just a bank that the MCPX looks to to load a bios that just ends up being run from RAM like everything else? Maybe I need to finally comprehensively read the boot process of the Xbox. I donˋt even know how software directs a write command to the TSOP or LPC respectively in the first place. Would you mind explaining that, Kaos? Or at least directing me to the correct answer?
  14. Lol x1,000. I was waiting for an interesting back and forth diagnostic process with Kaos and the problem just fixed itself.
  15. I think different versions have different TSOP sizes, and they have to be flashed a certain way (redundantly) if the bios file is smaller than the chipˋs total space. So you need to flash a file compatible with your boxˋs specific TSOP chip, ensuring that the chipˋs space is fully written to. Otherwise, a FRAG occurs.
  16. You officially need a chip, my friend, since you now have no BIOS to boot from to remedy the mistake. Thatˋs the joy of TSOP flashing. If it doesnˋt work the first time, you canˋt try again... unless you boot from a chip and do it. Edit: Wait a minute. Kaos, can you flash a bios to the TSOP when booted from an LPC bios?
  17. A microscope? Like, a magnifying glass, or an actual fucking microscope designed for electronics work?
  18. How would you compare it to the 6500, like DB mentioned?
  19. Theoretically, you should be able to relocate that SMD cap and just use tiny-ass gauge wire to link it to the pads it was soldered to. ZZ, you are the shit, man. Iˋve been hoping that somebody with an enthusiasm and drive for CPU upgrades would show up... and with knowledge of BGA stuff. I will probably ask you a LOT of questions over the next few months. Hopefully, I wonˋt become a nuisance. Interesting suggestion with the tape. Thanks for that.
  20. Interesting. Mine was doing this with a shitty composite to HDMI converter. I moved over to a pound converter (which is essentially the same thing, but better made) and the cutouts stopped. I canˋt imagine how that makes sense, but itˋs what happened.
  21. I was actually looking at the ACHI IR6000 as my first unit. Iˋm just worried about aligning the interposer by eye. Not looking forward to that at all... that and programming the heating profiles into the unit. Any guidance on alignment? I thought I would be putting CPUs in Xboxes by now, but life circumstances keep putting it on hold and it sucks.

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