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  1. As Kaos says, I would put X 5035 V1.6 on the other bank, since each bank will take 512k. Just as a side note for anyone who finds the thread, I have just repaired and old blue one of these, cpld had a couple of dry pins, but the main issue was the switch for bank select. The switch contacts go dry inside, hence why they get removed. A fast succession of back n forth movements of the switch can carbon clean the contacts to make it work as did mine (as it wasn't taking flashes properly) or better to replace the switch. It causes too great a resistance to the flash chip over time.
  2. Short answer is yes it can be done. I have done it after a board went down mid build with a locked large drive, fixed the board later on but didn't have time on the spot and wanted the drive. The only thing that worked for me was psycho_chewbacca's tool to connect the drive in place of the dvd drive.
  3. It's usually the character set & timing of the particular LCD you have installed. They are all a bit different. See the PDF of your LCD to check and see it meets the HD44780 specs okay. You might need to edit the code in the arduino to add a character set instruction for the LCD and possibly a timing delay on a few lines. This will be specific to each type of display.
  4. Hi, Unfortunately I sold the Xbox and have no pictures of the wiring on the back. I just wired it up to the spec of the PDF suitable for the HD44780 spec even though the OLED doesn't say it's supports it, I just set it to the same bit spec. After that I opened up the spi2par2019 code in the IDE suite and added the OLED initialisation code and changed the existing header instructions and added more code instruction to set the display lines correctly. Then I made a final change to the LCD library in the Arduino suite for the 3rd & 4th lines register as it was different for the OLED. I just did it off-bat so to speak. I percivered until I got the 'Xenium OS 2.3.1' to display nicely centered. Then everythign was perfect. I've noticed others using just SDi like the diagram you posted don't seem to display the xenium os correctly at start. I went with the original HD44780 spec which avoided those issues. Regards.
  5. Finished building the Xbox with the OLED installed. Managed to go in without an 'overcut' since I had a bit of patience for once and cut inside the lines, then used a file, As promised a few pics (though the camera hated the brightness & blue colour, had to shine lighting on it) Decided to do a Hotachi/LG flashed 8050L pc drive too for it since the dvd was capput as usual. Take ages to get the dvd tray sitting flush perfectly and all 6 case screws in too. Have to modify the dvd drive metal and plastic chassis to do that - a right chore. It's running a nice original 200GB IDE Maxtor that was bought new for an xbox - so not been hammered. Green lan led & blue 5mm hd led - both waterclear flat tops. Cheers all.
  6. Thanks! Will do, just fitted it now into the front panel after having the dreaded dremmel on the go (one slip and disaster) or is that just me
  7. Hi folks, Thought I'd share a pic of a nice Newhaven Display OLED which works nicely with the OpenXenium for me. I just used the Arduino Pro Micro but not on the spi2par2019 board, since it's oled (no backlight etc), plus it's no use anyway since oled has a 20 pin varied connector that doesn't match obviously. You need to be careful setting the pins up. It's using the same hd44780 parallel 6800 4-bit interface (not i2c) - I just set the oled using jumpers soldered on the back as per pdf. I added the initialisation code into the .ino and changed some of the hd44780 commands up as well. You also have to edit the liquidcrystal library too - bit of a faff, I'm no coder but managed in the end after a week. You can get it on Mouser etc, different colours. Ugh it's £22.80 plus the vat though Rough first youtube vid on ipad - turn up volume.

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