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  1. fox

    Og Slim

    what's all that stuff inside on the right
  2. I mean the hardware is stock, Nothing's been done with the heat sinks or paste or fan.
  3. I have a stock 1.6, it never gets hotter than 34C, I think I set the fan to 20%
  4. shoe goo shoe goo is so great you'll swear by it I recently used some to reattach a broken part of the rubber grip on my dagger, it also holds the fan in my xbox to the case, a bond that hasn't weakened in over 5 years
  5. fox

    Replacement Jewels

    you can do plexiglass, but it needs to be polished after cutting and shaping it
  6. oh, you finished the mini? I thought you sold it while it was still WIP
  7. one time I got a used one on ebay that smelled like it spent a year in someone's ass I can't even imagine how you make a console smell that bad
  8. >Sometimes you can steal candy from the store and not get caught either. LOL! It's not luck. As far as I know, boards and components are designed to withstand a little sustained temperature like that. I've never had an electronic part get fried by soldering.
  9. >Never hold the iron tip on a pad, not even for a second. I did. It didn't kill anything. It was necessary for the flux to do its thing. But maybe more expensive flux works faster...I dunno. All I have is a $6 walmart iron and weird generic flux with lead in it.
  10. fox

    XBox Mini Case

    I saw your original thread on another site. Didn't you rip out some/all of the filter capacitors to make the pico work reliably? If you did, weren't there side effects?
  11. fox

    Slim XBox Build Log

    nice work custom fitting a desktop heatsink to it, that's some good stuff how loud is the fan?

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