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  1. one time I got a used one on ebay that smelled like it spent a year in someone's ass I can't even imagine how you make a console smell that bad
  2. >Sometimes you can steal candy from the store and not get caught either. LOL! It's not luck. As far as I know, boards and components are designed to withstand a little sustained temperature like that. I've never had an electronic part get fried by soldering.
  3. >Never hold the iron tip on a pad, not even for a second. I did. It didn't kill anything. It was necessary for the flux to do its thing. But maybe more expensive flux works faster...I dunno. All I have is a $6 walmart iron and weird generic flux with lead in it.
  4. fox

    XBox Mini Case

    I saw your original thread on another site. Didn't you rip out some/all of the filter capacitors to make the pico work reliably? If you did, weren't there side effects?
  5. fox

    Slim XBox Build Log

    nice work custom fitting a desktop heatsink to it, that's some good stuff how loud is the fan?
  6. "Removed the ram chips, cleared the joints, same thing." Not good. You probably bridged some of the legs. That will fry a board. It happened to me.
  7. What's going on with all those other yellow wires in pic #2?
  8. maybe there's breakage inside your component cords? my stereo Y splitter was doing that recently try wiggling/bending the wires around while the buzz is present
  9. I was 23 when it came out and had other stuff going on, there was no time for games.
  10. Good idea. I'll try that. Nope. This is my first time playing it, so I'm doing it the hard way.
  11. Anyone familiar with this? At the end of the long tunnel drive scene in the cairo station level my backup stops playing and gives me this error. I downloaded a different copy and the same thing happens. I tried all the recommended fixes like clearing the cache and deleting my save file, etc. Maybe the xbe needs patched? I've never had this problem with other games.
  12. fox

    The Foxbox

    Thanks everyone.
  13. Yes. I chopped off the bottom of mine with a hacksaw.
  14. fox

    The Foxbox

    Thanks. There's no one tutorial. Most of the work is based on the many tutorials for case slimming and jewel work, etc, that you've probably seen. I don't think there are tutorials online for stuff like the eject/power button and USB port. But if you ever happen to try making them though I wouldn't mind sharing tips.
  15. fox

    The Foxbox

    The dvd trays are a skeleton frame. The hdd trays have the solid underbody I needed in order to add the board mount pegs. I guess I could've added an underbody but meh. The temperatures aren't bad. With the factory paste still on, and at 30% fan speed the cpu idles on the home screen at 30C, hits 35C while watching video and maxes at 44C with xbox games. Emulators...not sure. The gpu temperatures with the sink fan are consistently 2C fewer than the cpu ones. Even still, 30% fan is a little noisy to me, so I'm thinking about making copper heat sinks. If they drop the. temperatures by even 5C I can feel safe running the fan at almost silent 10% speed. At the very least it'd look cool.

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