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    Well here are my boards patiently waiting the delivery of the components. May well start the mock up process without them though since I can calculate the size with everything soldered on. Plus no worries for static on an empty board. They are white as the rest of my order is also white. It should look great in my clear Xbox
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    https://mega.nz/#!79lkRCDZ!WcDRWjnYFfR8U2j5I8tN8G3IIa-aKAbxvVsmtPItriw 3d printed case and lid for ryzee119's OGX360 print details layer height 1-2mm infil 20%-100% any where in between still prints fine but 100% is more sturdy 4-6 solid bottem layers 4-6 perimeter shells 4-6 solid top layers 215c extruder temp 65c bed temp #the Case does need to print with supports# A big shout out to ryzee119 for all his hard work
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    Got a few up on etsy now https://www.etsy.com/au/Ryzee119/listing/672315615/ogx360-add-wireless-xbox-360-controller
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    Here's my tower of power My pure White #0108/1000 "Dreamcast" Here's my Hulk (came before the Dew's no matter what people say) Most of my controllers Orange Xbox Live Controller https://thepiratepimp.weebly.com https://www.instagram.com/thepiratepimp/ https://www.youtube.com/user/thePiratePimp
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    XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 does exactly what you want. No original game disk is required. Boot the console after building the drive with it on a PC and the softmod installer starts up to finish the installation. There will be no MS dashboard installed to the C drive when completed. If you need/want to run the MS dashboard, you will have to install it by either FTPing the files for it to the C drive (Clean_C_and_E_Files_for_Xbox.7z) or download the Xbox Softmodding Tools Extras Disc and boot it. Find the menu option to install the MS dashboard to the HDD. Note: XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 requires the HDD to be connected to the PC with a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. Place the eeprom.bin backup file in the root folder where you extract XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 to lock the HDD before exiting the app. A softmodded console requires the HDD to be locked.
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    I'm starting a slim xbox project in my spare time. Updates may be infrequent. The idea is hopefully to keep the entire box under 50mm thickness. I want to try and cram in a 2TB 2.5" HDD with SATA adaptor, a picoPSU, and Ryzee's wireless 360 controller board. The motherboard is a 1.0 that I've TSOP flashed and upgraded with 128MB RAM. It's going to be a very tight squeeze for sure. I've modeled a case for it that needs to be 3D printed--though the expense from Shapeways is a bit much for me right now, and it's too big for the local printers! The edge of the case will be sanded and wrapped with a brushed metallic vinyl. The top acrylic will be attached using press-in brass inserts and machine screws. The bottom of the case will be a frosted LED diffusing acrylic. Hopefully, I will have room to put some LEDs underneath for a nice soft glow. Today I started by attaching the cooling solution. I'm using a Dynatron A48G that I've drilled and tapped so I can attach it from the bottom. Two nylon washers were used to ensure proper mounting pressure without bending the motherboard PCB. I was planning on using a 120mm slim fan (only 15mm thick!) as my active cooling, but if I'm low on space and can't fit something I may have to use a 92mm instead. Right now with the 120mm fan it runs at 46c CPU, 40c M/B which is sufficient.
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    that is the best collection i have ever seen
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    Looks like Xored Trainer Launcher v2.1 by acidflash supports an LCD. From its configuration file there are lines to enable and set the type of LCD in use: # LCD Support "X3","SMARTXX","ALADIN4" are validLCD_Enable = "FALSE"LCD_TYPE = "X3" Maybe it's the trainer that shows the ammo, shield and health that @abazz009 mentioned before in Halo. Continues on into the Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 too.
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    If you're working on cooling, I have a recommendation for you. This is a tool that has helped me monitor my cooling so i can get it down to a science. I am sure you've probably seen this mod before, but if not, i can link the youtube video and send a couple pics of how i do thing differently so you dont have to get out the hot glue gun.
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    This is a simple case that I put together which I just got laser cut. 3mm acrylic sheets laser cut using cap head screws and hex standoffs. Ogx360 is supported with thick double sided foam adhesive tape. I probably won't sell them as the logistics are too hard for me at the moment, but I will upload the DWG files to my github soon for laser cutting from your local hackerspace or online ogx360caseRyzee119.pdf
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    @bluemeanie23 Mate, that case is awesome and thank you for creating something! Would you be happy for me to add to my github page?
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    Nicely done. Once I get my workshop straight Im planning to start the internal solution, with 3D printed bits where needed. The boards came back from the fabricators bundled up with my boards for my Amiga project days ago..... Still waiting on some components for the build. The pain is, some for the board are here but nothing I can install with out causing problems later, same goes for the Amiga boards.
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    Sure why not. Still need to plug the receiver into the USB port or solder the wires from the receiver to behind the usb port for a smaller finish. Add a hole to access the sync button and it should work fine.
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    I dont think Vcc/OCSET is right. Vout is appears to be set by the R4/R5 voltage divider in the SC1110 circuit providing a reference to the REFin pin. With reference to the example circuit from the datasheet 1k/1k is a ratio of 0.5. Vout = 0.5 x Vin = 1.25V. If you put a resistor in parallel of R4 you could increase the voltage but be cautious or you will fry something. There's probably more to it, but my 1 minute skim of the datasheet. In anycase I think @KaosEngineer is right. Changing just the voltage wont achieve much. Best to work out how to change the clock speed first.
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    have you played around with this: https://github.com/WulfyStylez/XBOverclock
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    The problem I see is that the RAM on the Xbox is shared between the CPU and the GPU. The mod you show is for a separate graphics card plugged into a slot on a PC motherboard. No memory shared between the CPU and GPU. Is the voltage level to power the GPU separate from the CPU of the Xbox? Also, I'm not sure that just changing the voltage level alone will change the GPU speed. Other settings in configuration registers of the GPU would have to be modified and or the clock circuitry that drives the GPU.
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    Thanks for the heads up, guess I'll be scouring eBay for the next couple of months. I did some googling, but couldn't find what they're going for. Any idea on what one goes for these days?
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    i attached xbepatcher to this post, use that.... use it on every xbe you plan to play on that box. what i would do is open your ftp program and open the coinops folder, sort by file type and select ALL OF THE XBE files in the coinops folder. drag them to a folder on your pc (make 2 folders to easily back them up, i literally name one "coinops xbe patched" "coinops xbe stock") run the xbe patcher and select "dir" as the first option, you want to select the folder labeled patched (obviously), set the patcher to 128mb ram and whichever cpu you have. drag the patched xbe's to the coinops folder on ftp and overwrite all, that will solve your problem. XBEPatcher.exe
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    I've been asked about hot to internally install my HDMI mod into an Xbox. Well i finally found the time and did such an install properly! As i don't like soldering wires all over the place i went a different route and made it a permanent install replacing the original Video Connector. Cause who would use an old composite cable if you have an hdmi out right? Audio is provided through the HDMI signal of course and it supports 5.1. And with the 3D printed plate to cover the rest off the opening it looks perfect in my eyes. And the best part it does almost not need any modification to the Case! Well except trimming a tiny bit off the DVD caddy so it doesn't touch the PCB. The PCB itself does fit into any revision console and is relatively easy to install. Any thoughts about the install?
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    Hey everyone does anyone know how to hookup a nes or snes controller to a og xbox
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    Ok, everyone after years of working on this skin I am finally able to upload, thanks to Blake's new FTP repository. This skin was originally created by Dark Noir of EmuXtras.net. I'd say it's been 7 years in the making. After many years of revisions and no release, I asked him for the files and he handed them over with the tools to create the XMV. At the time only about 20 Xbox XMV movies were created so I spent all of 2015 creating the previews for almost every game. Each XMV preview video was a previously encoded WMV8 for optimum performance. After finishing up with 970 of the Xbox previews I decided to go back through them and correct/add text, and make sound adjustments, add better video to the preview box, etc.. The coolest thing about this skin is that we've basically tricked UnleashX to display a different video, box art, and background art - by tying them all together in one PiP full screen video. Plus there are added perks with the description of game (usually from the back of the box, or Wikipedia), numbers of players, System Link, etc. - basically all the info on the back of the box. (No more guess work with number of players when playing backups.) This skin has been optimized to display around 250 XBEs before the RAM runs out, which basically reboots the Xbox. I've heard that this is a natural limitation of the UnleashX app/dashboard. So keep this in mind when using the skin. If you have too many games, including the home screen videos, NONE will display. (Sidenote: I use XBMC as a dash if I'm packing more than 250 XBEs on the HDD.) With this skin, it's best to just put the BEST games, not the REST. Upload is currently underway. Please give feedback to the individual previews and I'll be happy to make changes. This skin is in 720 HD. So have your component cables ready or the description will be blurry. This skin is HD ONLY. I'm currently missing about 10 previews (for some obscure Japanese titles), but I'll create these when I get a chance to record video. Enjoy! Size of skin: 2 MB Size of videos: 18 GB XVGM (US).zip
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    This is an amazing collection. I didn't even know that they made green dukes. When/where did that release?
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    DAMN thats awesome! especially to see them all together like that. what are you planning on getting to fill that slot?
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    oh what? I knew about white xbox-es and about panzer dragoon orta ones, but never noticed the Dreamcast engravement on any of them. ps. I would add a painted white from inside Crystal xbox to the empty slot of the stand sort of smoke white version.
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    Hey, I'm a french collector and try to get all Xbox games released ! Like i said on my introducing. Today i've about (without collectors/limited edition/demos & Classics/Patinium) : - PAL French : 704 games - Others PAL : 15 games - NTSC US : 68 games - NTSC Japanese : 16 games Here is my Gaming/Showroom : Some Xbox : Hulk/Pepsi model, 2 Skeletons & A Custom case with a custom controller. And how i buy my game ("S'il n'existe pas alors" means "If doesn't exist so") : I'm collecting software in priority and when i can have a great deal i take a Xbox console.
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    I've never seen such a list. However, XBMC, XBMC4Xbox, and Avalaunch dashboards, along with DVD2Xbox are the few I know that have LCD support. Not sure if all versions of DVD2Xbox had support but the last two versions do - 0.7.7 and 0.7.8. Avalaunch supports SmartXX LCD not sure of X3 or others if there was such a thing. Update: XBlast OS XBE edition.
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    The only 2 that I know of are XBMC and DVD2Xbox but I’m sure there are others.
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    Yes please link and pics
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    I am going to get the dead board out again tonight and see if i can read the eeprom, i have my pi all setup for it. I have enough parts knocking about to build fresh box from scratch and a spare x3 that now works (thanks to you Kaos) so ill have a go at buiding a frankenbox tonight
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    You could get $500 for your clear one
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    Hi. I'm not much into this, how to add a path to the folder, but I did just in the Retail Games folder are folders with the name of the game, I opened the folder with the desired game and drag and drop all the contents of the folder on FTP using FileZilla Client on Xbox in the desired folder with the game. it may be too primitive, but it works fine for me. I would be glad if someone could suggest a simpler way. do not judge strictly, I'm still learning ))
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    Hello all !!! This is a new version of my resources pack for XBMC4Gamers (https://mega.nz/#F!5wUBQZSa!44MF7TL02pTjOsHEdTCrtg 12Gb on Mega). It was based on Wikipedia for list of XBox titles, completed with Modded / Unreleased / Ripped games (1106 games !!!) It's easy-to-use : download "Resources4XBMC v1.0", extract it and view the full list of HDD ready files then transfer as needed ! This pack contains few covers, banners, icons, cd, fanarts, previews and synopsis (thanks Cian Cunningham for his work) . I think it the most complete pack you can find and it works with all XBMC 3.5.3 or above once Rocky5's custom version (XBMC4Gamers and XBMC4Kids). What's new in this version : - Added more covers, fanarts, previews... - Better quality for covers, fanarts and preview ; - Add synopsis by Cian Cunninghan ; - Separates folders for modded, ripped, retail and unreleased games ; - And many some little things :) Many thanks to Rocky5 for his programs and Cian Cunningham for his work. Any issues anyone finds I can fix and update accordingly when I have time. I hope this enhances your XBMC4Gamers setup.
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    Yeah that would be awesome. I’m unsure why this has never been an option already. For the price that you can buy them at the likes of AliExpress. They mint them out on panels dozens at a time. It wouldn’t cost anymore. The couple of companies I use for board fabbing don’t really care what colour you want the board finished in, they are more interested in Gold finishing or assembling it for you. There is IMO a whole market there for coloured boards, it’s only laminate lacquer after all. I can go to the local DIY store with a piece of cloth, soil or what ever and they can match it and make me some paint, so why not with pcbs etc.
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    yea he said he might sell his green x3cp to someone who offered 435 bucks for it
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    On my 60 mm noctua fan I stayed on 50% which is the balance between noise and performance and until now never reached 55 I'm using ind and edited the file to increase speed, and the console runs cool and good bellow 55 is normal
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    I heard back from the seller, it looks like xercs are going to be around for a while.
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    I know someone who has one but might not want to sell it i will ask him tmr if he does
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    Hey, I really appreciate that!! Thank you very very much
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    Oh yeah the default is blue not green. How about True MsDash 2 Green by Peter PL vs Athloni Green MSDash Both of these are in my Top 10 UnleashX Skins pack available here in the ogXbox downloads section
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    A decent amount of research, recording, money, and fun went into making this video! Haven't done one in this style before, but it seems to be getting an overwhelmingly positive reception. It might not be perfect, but I figured it would be fitting to post here. Enjoy~
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    After looking through hundreds of UnleashX skins, I picked 10 of my favorites. There are actually 18 skins as some had multiple color releases and a few dups from old Xbox skin sites. From the various skin packages I accumulated from various sources, these now defunct sites had some skins listed under slightly different names (some I guess by the number the skin was submitted to their site). I've also updated a couple to show free space on the G drive. 01 - devise2 found under 2 different names 02 - tarozax - original and my G free space updated 03 - UXH2 04 - Athloni's MSDash 3 color variations - 2 Green 05 - TrueMSdash 2.0 (2 names) 06 - InfraSkin Cyan 07 - NINJA GAIDEN HI-TECH 08 - Optima_Blue_V2 - 2 names same skin 09 - UnleashX_Hackedbox_v1.0 and my GFree update 10 - Ice (Smoke Series) UnleashX Skins-My Top 10-KaosEngineer.7z
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    Had to update my picture, got new consoles since the last pic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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