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  1. I see. That’s one of the two main reasons I don’t like that dash. Emustation has everything perfectly organized for you straight out of the gate. Just put the files where they need to go, yada yada. I’ll tinker around with a fresh mod later and see if I can shine some more light on it.
  2. Did you make that Emus folder or was it already there? I could be way off but I’m thinking you need to actually install xbmc4gamers into the F: partition and then put the Roms into the correct folder within.
  3. Then maybe you’re not putting the Roms into the correct folders. can you post a pic of the files you’re transferring within file manager?
  4. Take the 4 ram chips too. You’re left with a lot of good replacement parts after that.
  5. Download the Rocky5 extras disc from here Burn that to a dvd-r and insert it into your Xbox. It has an option to update any old mod to the newest Rocky5 mod. It will clean up behind itself also. Once you are done with that, you can use the same disc to install a new dashboard of your choice. I know for a fact that XBMC-Emustation has a downloader that allows you to download the most up to date emulators, custom themes, artwork for games, full games, and much more. There might be a downloader in XBMC and XBMC4Gamers, but I’m not sure.
  6. You need to go into your options menu, then go into Downloader. You can download the emulator from there as long as you’re connected to your local network.
  7. You're also going to need one of these 80 wire cables instead of the oldstock 40 wire. If you're not in the USA, there are other options. I've seen some say that nulling their key messes with some game saves, but I'm not sure if that's a common thing with modded or unmodded game saves. It's still something I do on every console to make recovery that much easier if your HDD craps out, which it will eventually. Cleanup should be done beforehand if you've got old junk you don't want on there anymore such as outdated emulators, roms, apps, etc.
  8. First off, if you’re upgrading to a Sata drive, you will need the adapter as you stated. You can go with any of them to be honest. Depends on your budget. Some just perform slightly better than others, but some people don’t mind the extra few seconds of waiting. Secondly, you’re going to need an application called Chimp if you don’t already have it installed. This will allow you to clone your old HDD to the new one. For that process, you will either need another Xbox or a molex y-splitter to power both HDD at the same time while the cloning is done. And lastly (I think), you should always either back up your eeprom to your computer or null the key. Null meaning set to all 0s or 1s. I’ll have to read it over again and see if I’ve missed something
  9. You can reinstall a clean Rocky5 soft mod after you ha e restored the hdd back to stock. It should still leave the game save files on your HDD.
  10. Well you have a few options. 1. You keep do as I mentioned and just remove the soft mod all together, clean up drive and then reinstall with only Rocky5. 2. You can use your 80GB drive as a clean install of the mod, assuming you’re able to grab your eeprom backup on your pc or have nulled it to 0s or 1s. 3. You can take the pictures as Kaos suggested and wait for his assistance in sorting through the junk files.
  11. All three methods will work. Some people find chimp a bit more difficult and you’ll need to purchase a molex splitter or have a second Xbox available to power both HDDs. If you’re going to swap drives on a soft mod then you’re going to need your eeprom which will allow your new HDD to be locked to the console. If you have a chip or tsop you can basically just swap unlocked drives like underwear. Edit: so it does not matter if you are nulled or not as long as you have Your key written down or backed up somewhere. Nulling just makes things easier IMO.
  12. Maybe I’m the one that misunderstood what you were asking. I was just giving the option of a clean install since I took it that you had concerns of junks files from the conversion and updating. KaosEngineer will get you sorted out.
  13. Yep just the angle. I would try what Dave suggested and make direct links from point to point. You definitely have a lot of trace issue going on there. Have you tested continuity on them all?
  14. Are you soft or hard modded? Soft mod: backup your eeprom to your PC. Build a new HDD using XBHDM and your matching eeprom. Hard mod: Get a copy of Hexen 2021 inserted in your disc tray. Turn off Xbox and hook up the new drive, then boot the console directly into Hexen and you can build your new HDD from the disc.
  15. In that pic it looks like you have two traces connected together. Could just be the angle

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