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  1. I am in the US so 110. I was going to just put in a psu from an old console. That eeprom thing you mentioned is very helpful. I will try that thank you!
  2. Thank you for the information! If I don't get a PAL game by the time the Xbox arrives, I will try to use my regular splinter cell/ mechassault when I get it in the mail. I'll keep looking on ebay but still if anyone has one of the games on here it could be helpful!
  3. I have a PAL Xbox, and I need to switch the region. If anyone in the US or maybe Canada could help me out here that would be great. Just trying to avoid the overpriced ebay shipping from the UK.
  4. Does anyone know the jack size for the 6V 1A power adapter used for this thing? All the ebay sellers that have the power supply blur out the model number and overcharge.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Anyone know where to find them? I found some Xbox one joysticks but idk if they work for original xbox.
  7. Update: I tried different files and now I get stuck on the loading screen for vc3 and ghost squad. Outrun Beta 2 works perfectly.
  8. I have a 128 MB Xbox. I am sure the RAM is all good, because I did run Ghost Squad and Virtua Cop 3 until recently when my hard drive died. However, since I changed the hard drive, I just get an all pink screen. I think it's either the files themselves causing the problem or perhaps the way I have them installed. I do have the Chihiro folder with mbcom and mbrom folders in it on the E drive. That's the only special thing I remember having to do. I attached the log files from the chihiro folder; one from virtua cop 3 and one from ghost squad. Not sure what it all means but at the b
  9. Hey guys, I haven't been into modding for like 4 years, but I'm back and having fun. This looks like a nice website so thanks to the people who made it happen.
  10. Anyone know where to access the Chihiro game pack for original Xbox? I have lost mine, and cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!

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