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  1. I have this on many xboxes that come in. What I do: Load OG dashboard and turn on 480p, 720p but disable 1080i Load unleash x (I usually do this from hexxen disc) and enable 480p, 720p and disable 1080i After a few restarts I get crisp video I've done 1 wii2hdmi for xbox and I was surprised on the picture quality. Out of everything I have tested wii2hdmi came in 2nd to XBOX hd+.
  2. You can check the area around connector for controllers on mobo if it acts up again. Also check actual sockets to xbox. Ive seen some dirty ones and after a cleanse all good.
  3. You need to format hdd for cerbios with fatxplorer for cerbios to read your hdd.
  4. You can flash xblast to an aladdin - I use an aladdin with xblast to test all my 128mb ram upgrades on 1.6s or chipped boxes. 1.0-1.5 non chipped I tsop xblast over. Aladdin xt is what the chinese have decided to clone and most likely the cheapest ones to clone. If you want some xeniums made let me know - I need a nudge in the right direction to get everything needed to make them. Last time I checked some parts were scarce.
  5. Here's one from etsy seller:
  6. Was gonna link you to a shop on etsy that has a bunch of jewels but it states the shop is taking a break.
  7. Offerup, Ebay, Facebook, Return customers, referrals etc. The halo is tsop with Cerbios 2.03R and HDD is 4tb Seagate Barracuda I simply used a cloth and some 91% ipa, nothing special - The console is in really good shape. Ram is $2 a module on ali Heatsink $1 ali
  8. I did polish the jewel Been modding n repairing for years bud. Been blessed with what seems like endless work last few years. 90% of the stuff I work on is customers gear. Heat sink $1 china Ram x4 $10 or less China Capacitors 50 cents ish Leds 50 cents or less ish
  9. I'm working on at least one daily lately. Newest Build:
  10. For me who builds a ton of xboxes for people cerbios xiso would be best since its only 2 files per game. My 8tb cerbios master clones faster than my 4tb titan master due to how many files are in some folder games. Huge difference in time saved. Compressed iso might be a cerbios thing later on as well and this would mean set on 4tb.
  11. Both are bios and both are passing 2/3tb same way hence the 16tb limit. Cerbios is so far superior but lacks 1.6 support. Titan bios works on all models but not yet hd+ 100% compatible. For this reason I have 2 master 4tb hdds one titan and one cerbios. Cerbios Custom boot animations Xiso SUpport In game reset Just lacks 1.6 support and hd+ support Titan No custom boot animations No xiso support No in game reset
  12. Titan is a bios, Cerbios is a bios and Stellar is an os.
  13. 4tb is enough for folder method and 8tb is needed for xiso method. Complete sets that is + retros etc.
  14. Prolly more after tax n ship as its $140 us here yet sold out. Wonder if we still get Titan support pre- stellar.

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