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  1. Easy solution to a game not transferring this is assuming you have a working DVD drive burn an xiso game file to a disc and you can then run it in DVD2XBOX it will rename anything to long and it will run just fine
  2. I personally don't use XBMC I kinda like the simplicity of unleashx
  3. Yes most emulators can but I would rather unzip it and have it 100% work then leave it zipped then find out the emulator won't recognize it
  4. Gonna bookmark this forum very helpful in finding iso files so thanks
  5. Seems like I may flash it with this paint I have been told about it repeatedly but was skeptical a paint like this actually existed
  6. That's actually pretty cool in a way I thought you required hexen to do this
  7. I have it modded now and I'll say the rad mod gives it a bit of fresh air
  8. I automatically unzip almost anything I have before sending it over so I can be certain it will work
  9. It's interesting I'm in a discord keeping up with the project I can't wait to see where this can go
  10. That's strange I modded my San Andreas and I don't have that problem but I can see GTA San Andreas potentially being more intense on the console
  11. I just called mine emulators and threw zsnesxbox on it
  12. Yeah I think xlink Kai I'd the only common way to system link multiplayer if I remember correctly
  13. Seems interesting that this is based around the Xbox 360 with the original xbox I would like to see where this goes
  14. Just curious how could I make my own skins

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