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  1. Thanks. I forgot about Starsky and Hutch. I know there should be a bunch in CoinOps
  2. I just picked up an EMS Topgun II. Is anyone here familiar with it and able to give pointers? I’ve figured out how to work it and calibrate it. My biggest questions are how to do general navigation on Xbox and in CoinOps. Id also like suggestions on good light gun games in both. I know about House of the Dead 3 and Silent Scope. I also have the Chihiro Virtua Cop and Ghost Squad
  3. Anyone know how to get mission 3 working in Ghost Squad on a 128mb Xbox?
  4. I’m going to have to check that out. Is it just that simple: edit the button cfg files, then put the folder and the evoxdash.xbe on C:? Is there a way to edit the default dash order list?
  5. It turns out it does work. Just takes a while to load the first time. This is a TSOP v1.0. Is it possible to have two dashboards, with an option to pick which on boot? I’m using iND-5003.67 patched bios
  6. Yes, I was talking about injecting the config file into iND-BIOS.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of injecting bios config? Is it difficult?
  8. Is it possible to run say UnleashX as an App in XBMC4GAMERS? I tried it, and it seems like it’s trying to load but doesn’t.
  9. Ok, so I figured out what I did wrong. I didn’t know that u don’t use the default.xbe files. But does anyone have Ghost Squad with a working level 3?
  10. Would it make a difference whether the bios config is injected or on hd? What are the advantages and disadvantages of injecting them?
  11. Can anyone offer any suggestions for controls in the Commodore 64 emulator on Xbox? Is there a way to use a keyboard?
  12. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? Maybe they don’t run on v1.0? xbmc4gamers dash sees the ram. Ram all checks out ok in XBlast. I have the folders on the root of E.
  13. Thanks for the help with the bios. I tried switching to ind5003.67 and edited that line. The Chihiro games still won’t load.
  14. If I have XBlast on the hard drive (not as bios), can I use it to flash?

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