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  1. I’ve tried to ask in another three, with no success: if I wanted to put my games into subdirectories to cut down on load time and search time, how do I do it?
  2. I’m sorry man. I didn’t think about that. Patience isn’t my strong suit. I kinda freaked when I couldn’t ftp in. It wouldn’t reset or anything.
  3. Please forgive my dumb questions, but I’m on github now, and it appears that there’s only one link for a prebuilt version. What version is that? When I downloaded the one I was using, it wasn’t the current stable release.
  4. I already removed it. This is the previous install version though, it’s 1.2.122. I haven’t been on your github since. I’ll have go to find it. I still have artwork installer as an app, but I don’t know if I should use it in this version.
  5. I had tried that. It wouldn’t even let me FTP in. I ended up putting in a HEXEN disc, and going back to another dash to FTP in. Then I did a fresh install of XBMC4GAMERS. I’m running again, but not sure what happened. i still need to figure out if this is the same version of XBMC4gamers though. I was running the version that you had told me about, when you made artwork installer an Application. I’m not sure if the copy I had saved is the same one or the one before that. How do I find that out? And is there a config file or something I can backup, when everything is set th
  6. I updated urldownloader last night, and I don’t know if it hung up on the install or what, but now I’m locked up. When I boot up, I get the same message saying it was updated, with an OK button. I click the button and it goes away but I’m locked up. Not sure what to do.
  7. If you already have XBMC4GAMERS installed, and the Xbox is connected to the internet, you can go into Options, select settings, and go to Downloader. If you’ve never used it it will have to download and install. From there you can download Artwork installer and install it. It will run a script that will seek out the directories Games, Homebrew, emulators, apps,etc., and install the artwork for the games/etc. that it finds in them. It does it automatically. If you have the latest version of XBMC4gamers, artwork installer installs as an app, so the you have the option to manually i
  8. On a TSOP’ed Xbox is there still a need for region switching or will it automatically play both NTSC and PAL? I don’t currently have any PAL, so I just wondering.
  9. Now that I have the manual artwork installer, my previous questions were answered. Now, can anyone explain how to get the artwork working if I sort all my games into directories, alphabetically for example?
  10. Adding a default.tbn and fan art.jpg worked for some. But some have a different stock image associated with them. How do I find and change it?
  11. Is there a way to “lock out” changes to skin settings in XBMC4GAMERS? And/or password protect files and folders? Ive also been questioning how to add fanart and covers (default.tbn), for games that don’t have them in artwork installer?
  12. Is it as simple as placing a file named default.tbm and a fan art.jpg? And how do I create or save as a .tbn file?
  13. Man, I wouldn’t mind knowing more about the wiring, and the OGX360.

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