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  1. Using file explorer go into your c partition and load unldash.xbe, if this is your dash just rename this unldash_default.xbe and rename your latest version of unleashx to unldash.xbe and put it in the c partition.
  2. If you look on your c partition you should have a evoxdash.xbe. file, if you rename this evoxdash_default.xbe and then name your latest unleash.xbe file to evoxdash.xbe it will replace your current dashboard. Add a copy of enigmah to your app file to flip between PAL and NTSC. Just open it and choose between PAL and NTSC. Then go to M$ dash and in video unlock 480 and 720.
  3. Check what dvd drive you have and then google disk compatibility, as what will work with one make will not necessarily work with another.
  4. Does the chip have a set of dip switches on it? If so try a few other combinations and see what other bios you have, just remember how the switches are currently set. Have you tried using hexen to flash a newer bios?
  5. You need to update your bios. Do you have a chip or tsop? Update your bios using the latest version of hexen. flash a bios which allows F & G partitions
  6. Ging3rguy

    X3 Ce Frag

    What banks can you flash the X2 bios to? Have you tried flashing an older version of the X3 bios? I tried every bank combo for a 256, 512 & 1MB bios with no joy.
  7. Zero your hdd keys in both xboxes and you can swap your hdd. Here's a good vid from Rocky
  8. The chip isn’t the problem, it is you drive. If you do a google search there are a few lists out there for compatible disks for each drive. Do you have a desktop CD-ROM drive? You can use that for any blank disks by using a sata adapter. I would only use it to run hexen and then load games to your hdd via ftp.
  9. Do you think Nextria's sound issues could be sorted with shielded cable?
  10. I don't think so. I am going to install the Fatx drive into my desk top just to see if it speeds up the downloads. I also think that if it was a super fast method we would already be using it. The best ftp speeds can be achieved using Unleashx and Avalaunch at approx 12.26Mb/s
  11. Is there a particular gauge or cable you should use for this mod?

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