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  1. It isn’t there on a 1.6. More info here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=19143
  2. Ging3rguy

    Og Slim

    You edit bios so that It does not look for a dvd drive on start up.
  3. Hi, I have been looking around the old llamma forum archive and seeing how they used to fix the problems we still have, here‘s a link for anyone that is interested. https://web.archive.org/web/20051231231519/http://forums.llamma.com/
  4. Sweet , take a look at Rocky5’s softmod upgrade if you haven’t already. https://www.youtube.com/c/JCRocky5
  5. Have you tried a different controller to rule that out?
  6. make a folder in your e partition called bios and ftp over the bios to that folder. Then use evox dash to flash it. Via System, flash bios.
  7. If you setup unleashx as your dash and then setup a gamepad shortcut to load xbmc4gamers and see if that gives you enough time.
  8. I would try one of SDD’s 1.6 bios and see if it cures the frag. What is your dash setup, do you have an evoxdash.xbe on C?
  9. This is the m8+ for all versions, read the .nfo https://the-eye.eu/public/xbins/XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios/evolution-x/MULTI_VERSION/
  10. Have you got another dash on your system? Once your dash has loaded try loading the 2nd dash and see if that works. Another option is to get a internet adaptor that uses the ring/radial power circuit to run you internet connection back to your hub, or a wireless extender with a ethernet adaptor.
  11. No, coin ops works fine with 64mb of ram. If you wanted to run your dash at 1080 you would need the extra ram. Rom is the generic term for a game file that generally came on a game cartridge and are used on emulators.
  12. Hi, you don’t need a ram up grade for mama, coin ops and nintendo 64 to work, there are roms that will work better, I think it is just the chihiro arcade games you need the 128 upgrade for.
  13. Try using the bios that SDD has posted above. Make a folder on your e partition called bios, then ftp the bios into that folder and use evox dash to flash the bios. On the V1 are you sure you removed the clock cap? If you disconnected the power and eject connector make sure that is reconnected. What are state of the other caps on the board do the look dome shaped, also check the traces for pitting.
  14. This should do the trick. https://youtu.be/y_n8kEQfgdE
  15. Was it working before you removed the clock cap? can you also take a picture of the modchip in the 1.6.

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