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  1. Try running the fan at 100% and see if that delays the cutout time. If that seems to be the issue then yes try changing the thermal paste. If the heatsink is moving about then it will not be transferring the heat that well.
  2. Check the temps, the Xbox will turn off at about 72c.
  3. You can use a x2 512kb bios on a 1.6 but that depends on the modchip you have, yes you can remove the logo, you just need to edit the bios with evtool. No a 1.6 will not run without the clock cap.
  4. I bought a replacement from eBay, it stated it was new, it wasn’t and it didn’t work, luckily I got my money back.
  5. I personally would dip it in vinegar, sand and spray
  6. Finding a replacement laser for a thomson is a bit like finding rocking horse shit. I have seen a few but they cost more than a Xbox.
  7. Try booting with a retail disk in the dvd drive. It should play even if the hdd is corrupted.
  8. I would tell them to backup their games to an external pc hdd anyway. It doesn’t take that long using fatxplorer.
  9. I use FileZilla with a crossover cable.
  10. You will need the hdd key from the softmodded box to unlock the hdd, you can get this by using an eeprom reader. Once you have the hdd key you can fix the softmod using xboxhdm or just chip it.
  11. Okay, use fatxplorer to transfer/delete the c and e partition, then lock with xboxhdm.
  12. You just need to lock the hdd with the same hdd key, use xboxhdm to do this on a pc.
  13. Have you tested the other traces as e is the least likely to have an issue?

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