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  1. Would love to hear of your testing once you get your kit installed. Mine is only arriving late August at the earliest.
  2. I just ordered the XboxHD+ It should reach me before the end of August
  3. is 480p enabled in your Xbox Dashboard? I had this problem, and it turned out I forgot to enable 480p
  4. 8bitdo informed me that it's because of the shift to Bluetooth Low Energy for the Series X|S controllers
  5. Try using the HDD Ready Romset at https://archive.org/download/xbox_eng_romset
  6. I am using XBMC4Gamers as my default dashboard. I don't install every game nor do I have any emulators installed (although I do have homebrew ports like Heretic, Hexen, Quake, and Quake II in there). All running off a 2TB WD Caviar Blue 3.5" drive. Also using an OpenXenium modchip, and my 1.1 motherboard has been upgraded with 128MB RAM.
  7. Welcome! I just got my Dreamcast last month, and I am slowly collecting parts for an ultimate beast build. Already switched to a RetroDC PSU, a clone GDEmu 5.15b is installed, and the system clock battery has been replaced. Just waiting for my DCDigital and Noctua fan kits to arrive.
  8. If you have a home wireless router, just connect your Xbox with a normal Ethernet cable to it. Most wireless routers have four Ethernet ports anyway. DHCP is easiest, as it ensures your PC and your Xbox are on the same subnet. Install FileZilla on your PC, and you will be able to easily FTP in to your Xbox at the IP address assigned to your Xbox. If you're not certain on what is the IP address assigned to your Xbox by your router, you can easily look it up in your router's device list page (most routers have this feature). I FTP games to my Xbox all the time, and I get speeds of around 12MBps. My PC is connected via 802.11ac Wi-Fi to my router, and my Xbox is connected to a Gigabit Ethernet switch to my router.
  9. I have uploaded it to my Xbox Repository at https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ao7Z5kIDEKUmguAP8ELOjH_Pf6PCDw Look under Auto Installers > TruHeXEn
  10. Chimeric Systems' HDMI adapter is hands down the best option for anyone (like me) who are afraid of or lack confidence with soldering. Picture quality is perfect and the next best thing to an internal HDMI mod, and AFAIK is the only adapter that has Dolby Digital 5.1 output.
  11. 8bitdo support confirmed their current USB Wireless Adapters are not compatible with Xbox Series S|X controllers because of the switch to Bluetooth Low Energy, instead of normal traditional Bluetooth. So this is a hardware limitation So the next question is, is the Microsoft Wireless Adapter (https://www.xbox.com/en-US/accessories/controllers/xbox-wireless-controller-adapter-win10) compatible with the OGX360?
  12. Has anyone figured out which adapter can be used for getting an Xbox Series X controller hooked up to OGX360?
  13. It's already on the latest firmware I have contacted their support earlier today, hopefully I get a response from them Was hoping if other members of the forum have experience with the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter Not sure what's the difference between the One and Series controllers, thought they were essentially the same
  14. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I don't know where to go. My OGX360 is currently using an 8bitdo Wireless USB Adapter (see https://www.8bitdo.com/usb-adapter-ps1-classic) to connect with an Xbox One controller. I tried to sync an Xbox Series X controller with it, but it failed to pair. Since this could be a limitation of the 8bitdo adapter, would my Xbox Series X controller successfully pair if I switch to the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter? Thank you.
  15. My Xbox is a 1.1 PAL unit, 90% of the ISOs I loaded are NTSC-U. Absolutely zero problem. Just ensure the video system is set to NTSC and output is set to 480p (and if you're using component/HDMI 720p). I have a very, very small handful of PAL ISOs, and none of them have any problems either.

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