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  1. I'm sending both Xboxes to a guy tomoorrow... I am hoping he can bring them back to life. At least if the 1.6 motherboard is confirmed to be working, i can order a replacement 1.6 PSU from eBay
  2. Haha Depends on why you bought it I guess? I just got my Xbox a month ago, and I love tinkering with it. Got me to like it will enough to pick up an Xbox 360 a few days ago
  3. Would totally go for this, but my hands aren't steady enough to solder teeny tiny wires on to the motherboard C'est la vie
  4. This video is for 2TB hard disk, but perhaps you can adopt the same approach for your 1TB disk? I created F and G partitions in my 1TB drive, 473GB each.
  5. dammit sold the only real solution left is to transplant the modchip from the 1.6 PAL to the 1.4 NTSC?
  6. I got in touch with a local guy here... he usually works with PlayStations, but he is willing to give my Xboxes a look I figure there's two solutions 1. Remove the modchip from the PAL console and install it on the NTSC console 2. Rewire the 1.4 power supply to work with the 1.6 motherboard I know the odds of me walking away with two working Xbox consoles is slim to none (which was why I ordered the 1.1 motherboard from Australia), but I do hope I can get one working Xbox out of this.
  7. Yeah... I don't know what I was thinking at the time Moral of the story is not to mod consoles in the middle of the night when you have low blood sugar
  8. I forgot which specifically, but it was under the Modchip / TSOP Flashed (Not Winbond) section in the Hexen disc
  9. This is the modchip installed on my 1.6 motherboard. Whoever did the mod did a better job, because it has the headers allowing the modchip to be easily removed and replaced. In the case of this particular console, I believe the chip is fine. I believe the problem is either with the power supply, or the five capacitors on the motherboard.
  10. This is the modchip installed on my 1.4 motherboard, which has been soldered on.
  11. Yeah, been loving my OG Xbox before it died... now just waiting for a replacement motherboard (with XeniumICE and 128MB RAM installed) to arrive from Australia Also still waiting for my Chimeric Systems HDMI adapter to arrive
  12. Hello everyone, I just bought my very first Xbox console ever a month ago. Yup, 20 years too late to the party. Never owned a 360 or Xbox One either, although I just ordered a refurbished 360 Slim two days ago. Have otherwise been a PlayStation fanboy all this while, although my primary console of choice these days is the Sega Saturn. Anyway, greetings from Malaysia! Are there other Malaysian members here?
  13. Hello guys I have two Xbox consoles - a 1.6 PAL unit and a 1.4 NTSC-J unit, and both of them are chipped but have stopped working. The 1.6 PAL unit can no longer power on. It was working fine for two weeks, before it suddenly stopped working one day. I suspect the PSU's the problem. The 1.4 NTSC-J was working fine, but I think I killed the Winbond modchip after flashing it with the wrong BIOS image fro, the Hexen disc. The EvoX badge no longer appears when I power it on, and I am always getting error 05 from my unlocked hard drive. I just ordered this item (https://www.eba
  14. sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, and many thanks for sharing I was about to buy the Bitfunx HDMI adapter as well, but switched to Chimeric Systems' version instead

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