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  1. Been away for a bit but getting back into things - just saw your reply and your tutorial. Thanks a ton, I definitely wouldn't have been able to come up with that on my own! Would the same parameters work for XBMC-Emustation?
  2. Like it a lot. Concur with Dave if you are willing to share. Additionally, are there tutorials out there where we can learn to make our own?
  3. I was also wondering what ATA speeds people have achieved. I know I need an 80 wire - do those by definition support at least 100/133 or do some of them max out at 66MB/s - and if so is that good enough (as in What is the fastest the XBOX can support and realistically utilize?) Looking to buy several decent 80 wires at the best price point for reliability and value. Thanks!
  4. arfows


    Not a bug per se, just a typo. In the downloader emulator section, the description for the C64 (vice) reads Atari 800XL Madmab. Love the work, and inspired by your dedication to this project!
  5. Rocky, Appreciate the reply! Not sure I understand completely but here is my interpretation: Is the takeaway that I can't put a zero nulled key hard drive in an xbox that has been nulled with 1s or is there more to it then that, as in: For all XBoxes that have been modded and nulled but still have the original stock hard drive installed, I can just install 1.1.8 and rerun the null option to rewrite it to all 1's. I can then use Chimp to clone the disk to a larger hard drive and replace the stock. I can then fill the larger hard drive with everything I want and then clone that
  6. Sorry to say I don't feel comfortable nor have access to soldering equipment so they are going to stay softmodded.
  7. ok, thanks. When I saw this: Please make sure your Serial Number on your Xbox matches the one stored in your EEPROM, you must have a valid, unique Serial. for some reason I thought that meant serial keys matching between the Hard Drive and EEPROM.
  8. I've got 4 Xboxes I've softmodded for my family using Rocky's softmod tool, and I nulled the keys as well during that process (all zeros, but will soon upgrade to all ones to be compatible with Insignia - hopefully its an easy process to upgrade the softmod dashboard/tool). I currently have a larger drive in one of them that has the dashboard, emulators, and games set up just the way I want it. I want to put larger hard drives in the other three and have all four be the exact same setup. Rather than cloning the stock hard drive to a larger drive during the upgrade process and then spending
  9. i've got xbmc-emustation already installed and i'm trying to install final burn legends (v1.24) and roms. Anybody know how to do it? I saw from the readme guidance we need to copy the roms into the batch file and it will create a transfer to xbox folder for single region roms. what batch file are we copying the roms to? i tried doing it to the update batch file and it took forever but I can't see if/where it created a file. Thanks in advance!
  10. I don't know how people feel about it, but when I went to download CoinOps 8 from the h4ck.se ftp server it had pretty much any xbox game you could want
  11. I saw that...that is why I was ducking for cover lol. i know how to maneuver it around to the various places and get it to be the boot dash, i just want to know if either the root c or the root e has faster access times than the other, for the initial boot and for spooling up and playing games and emulators
  12. Its, ahem, a softmod *ducks for cover*
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention that I want to make it my boot dashboard. I have it in E:/Apps currently. So E is faster boot up and game execution?
  14. Which drive (C or E) does emustation work faster on or is it negligible? Was going to put it on my C drive to maximize HD space utilization. All my media, roms, emulators are on F and G. On another note of way overthinking things and trying to maximize the utmost Hard Drive space...partitioned the F drive such that I maxed out space that could still utilize 16kb clusters and the g to 64kb thinking I could save some space by putting the really small files on the 16kb cluster. The most I saved on an XBOX game was 6MB on rainbow six lockdown, and the most on an entire emulation system was
  15. Got the following from Rocky: "You need to extract the xpr file (simple.xpr) that’s where the backgrounds are stored.As for the layouts they are under the layouts folder in the themes directory. (Each theme has its own layout directory)Just look at the thumbnail code in the layout file (synopsis) and copy it and change the image type, you will need to hard code it, have a look at xpare theme as an example."

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