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  1. Nice work. Just wanted to point out NBA Live 2005 has an incorrect default.jpg, default.tbn and poster.jpg
  2. All 3 IDE hard drives show up even without a scan. If I run xboxhd.bat each of the 3 IDE drives will show up as a choice in the menu when I connect that particular hard drive to the adapter. Seeing the hard drive as being connected doesn't appear to be the issue for xboxhdm. The problem is whenever I select one of the original Xbox hard drives as the drive I want to lock/unlock/check status, I get that SCSI error. If I use a Western Digital 250GB IDE hard drive on that same USB adapter I can select it from the list and can lock/unlock it with no problem with no error. I get the error when I select one of the 2 xbox hard drives.
  3. Before updating a softmod you really should backup your eeprom. That way in case anything goes wrong you can still unlock your hard drive or install a different one. Its an important safety step that could save you headaches later. I know you mentioned you already updated the softmod successfully I just wanted to point that out for others that might read this With a broken ethernet port you still have the option of transferring files through a 4GB (or under) USB stick and an adapter plugged in to the controller port on your Xbox. It is not as fast as FTP but it works. You can get the Xbox USB adapter off of ebay $3 and up.
  4. I finally got an IDE hard drive to lock/unlock but it doesnt work on the original IDE Xbox hard drive or two other IDE hard drives I tried. SATA hard drives dont even show up When I plug in the xbox IDE hard drive to the USB adapter and check the lock status I get a SCSI error.
  5. I messed up my softmod and the Xbox wouldnt boot even with Hexen in the DVD. I ended up formatting another hard drive and installed the xboxhdm23beta3 softmod on it. That second hard drive worked but I am now trying to unlock my original hard drive but I dont have an IDE computer anymore and xboxhdm23beta3 doesnt seem to work fully with the IDE USB adapter I have. I could be doing something wrong however.
  6. Sorry for the confusion in my explanation, I didn't install the XBlastOS. I used XBlast to flash evox m8+ to the TSOP. The USB IDE adapter I have is the one I mentioned in another thread. It is a Sabrent (USB-DS12) combo IDE + SATA adapter. It has a vid of 0x1F75 and apparently is not supported in xboxhdm23. I was hoping there was some way to unlock it with the Xbox since I don't have an IDE adapter that works with xboxhdm23. I did try to boot the TSOPed Xbox with the locked drive and Hexen in the DVD but after the flubber animation and Microsoft text the screen just goes blank and stays that way.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't realize a softmod was installed with xboxhdm23beta3. I had thought the rebuild C option was to take the C drive to a virgin state. In any event it worked. It is a very easy process if you can find an adapter that works with xboxhdm23beta3. I ended up digging around the house and I found a little 2.5 sata hard drive enclosure that I used to format a 2.5 hard drive and I used that 2.5 hard drive with sata adapter to boot the Xbox. From there I went ahead and flashed the Xbox TSOP with Xblast via the netflash option. I still would like to be able to unlock my original IDE hard drive that I messed up but I don't have an IDE computer anymore nor do I have an IDE usb adapter that works with xboxhdm23beta3. I thought with the TSOP flashed and having the locked hard drive connected I could boot a recovery disc like Hexen and unlock the hard drive but the Xbox wont boot Hexen. Another Idea I had is would it be possible to boot the xbox into a dash with a working hard drive, unplug that hard drive, plug in the locked hard drive and use a utility from the loaded dash that would unlock the hard drive? Or maybe a second option of unplugging the DVD drive using the second hard drive in place of the dvd which would allow booting from one hard drive while being able to unlock the other one.
  8. While tinkering with my Ndure softmodded Xbox, I have managed to mess something up with the files on the hard drive. I now get error 21. I'm not too concerned as I was sure to back up the eeprom. What I would like to do is use something like xboxhdm to build a new hard drive but have the softmod files included when the hard drive was being built. This way I simply put the hard drive in and I dont have to go through the process of softmodding all over again as it was included when I built the hard drive. From there I will probably just go ahead and TSOP flash the Xbox to make any future issues easier to deal with. What would be the easiest way to do something like this?
  9. I should have added in my previous post I also did try that. When I ran the --scan command with smartctl 7.0 as a standalone the Sabrent adapter did show so that was promising. However, when I copied smartctl.exe over to xboxhdm and ran the xboxhd.bat the Sabrent adapter wasn't listed. I also tried with the modified .bat files and still nothing. I noticed the smarctl.exe in 7.0 is much small than the older one included with xboxhdm23 so Im guessing the smartctl.exe in xboxhdm23 is heavily modified to make it work for the purposes of xboxhdm.
  10. I edited checklockhdd.bat, checklockhdd32.bat, lockhdd.bat, lockhdd32.bat, unlockhdd.bat and unlockhdd32.bat. My C drive now shows up along with my card reader and a USB thumb drive but still no Sabrent USB hard drive. Being curious I opened a command prompt and ran the smartctl --scan command on the smartctl included in xboxhdm23beta 3 to see what would show up. Only my C drive is listed. I then opened a Windows PowerShell and ran the same smartctl --scan command and the PowerShell listed all 4 storage devices I have connected including my Sabrent USB adapter/hard drive. I'm not computer literate enough to know why the Sabrent adapter shows up with a PowerShell but not a command prompt when I use the smartctl -scan on the same smartctl.exe in xboxhdm23. In any event the Sabrent adapter still doesn't show up even after editing the bat files and then running xboxhdm23. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. Thanks for the help. According to usbview, the vendor id is 0x1F75 and the product id is 0x0611. I have tried using this on two computers with Windows 10 and one with 8.1. The computers recognize the adapter with no problem but xboxhdm23 cant see it.
  12. Can anyone recommend a USB adapter that can lock and unlock both IDE and SATA drives with XBOXHDM23? I've got the Sabrent USB-DS12 but it doesn't work.at all. I've looked at the Smartmontools USB Device Support wiki buts its hard to tell what on that list is hard drives, what is enclosures, what is adapters and what on that list you can still get now. Anybody have any suggestions. on a good adapter to get? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the suggestion,.. The conductive paint seems like it could be a solid alternative in some instances.
  14. Hexen to me looks more intuitive. Anybody that would be potentially using it would have to solder their Xbox first so they would already know what version of Xbox they had as well as what type of TSOP so I dont see needing that information as a big negative. XBlast does sound interesting and better suited for many situations. I may try it when I go to flash my TSOP
  15. If you have a softmodded XBox and are using the XBlast OS XBE to flash your TSOP through a dashboard like UnleashX is soldering still required to enable write access to the TSOP or does the XBlastOS.xbe get around this somehow? If you still have to solder I don't, see XBlast being any easier to use than a Hexen disc..

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