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  1. xgekox

    Atx2XBox Needed

    Thank you very much SS-Dave! I will definitely try to make an adapter cable like yours! For the needle I'll try to ask the pharmacy
  2. xgekox

    Atx2XBox Needed

    Good job! the transistor npn of what values should I take it? What pin did you connect it to? And the regulator? Thank you
  3. xgekox

    Atx2XBox Needed

    Thank you, for now a user has contacted me and I proceed with him. However I will consider the option of making some as a spare. Thanks
  4. xgekox

    Atx2XBox Needed

    Hello Everyone, can someone sell me 2 xbox2atx (1 for 1.1- 1 for 1.4)? At what price does it ship to Italy? Thanks so much

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