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  1. Rocky5


    Some areas they are used to indicate more than 1 page of content. (They aren’t selectable) DLC, checker is a bit more complicated. But leave it with me. Can’t make any promises.
  2. Rocky5


    Do they launch from another dashboard or file manager? if so remove P:\database\myorograms6.db and restart gamers. (You will need to be in the settings menu for this to work as it’s write protected when in use) I need the logs, E:\TDATA\Rocky5 needs these logs\
  3. NKPatcher Settings > LED
  4. You can, required you make a dual boot.settings file and add it to the root of E, run NKPatcher Settings > Dashboards > DualBoot you can then use the option to add your own dualboot path and enable it (dualboot.settings file is made using the source on GitHub, in the source folder > NKPatcher > NKP 11)
  5. Update to the test build to get the artwork installer.
  6. Enable fanart, press Up when on your game list and toogle the option.
  7. Rocky5


    Hold white+Y you will get taken into a recovery ftp server, now copy over a clean copy and make your profile again. (If you didn’t delete anything it will find your data and ask if you want to use it or remove it)
  8. Enable fast game parsing in the Programs > Other settings and you won’t need to worry about loading/seeking times. if you want sub directories you will need to add new sources with the folders you want added to said source. (You can't have fast game parsing enabled for this) also if you ever can’t FTP or its crashing to the point you can’t do anything. Hold White+Y on boot and it will go into a recovery menu and give you FTP access.
  9. you’re the third person that has had this issue and posted about it, but before I can get any logs to see why. It’s been reinstalled and works fine. The one on hexen I don’t know what version it is, but you can update via the dashboard to the latest stable or latest test build. If you do go to the test build again and it gives you an issue with the downloader, I need the logs or I can’t fix it. I have zero issues at my end as I test the shite out of it before I upload it. (So it maybe something that’s left over from something that causes it, but without the log I won’t know) also you can use the artwork installer app on any version or dashboard for that matter as it’s just an app now.
  10. Did you remove the other install? as the logs will still be there if you haven’t. also P:\guisettings.xml i will make a script to backup your install so it’s easy to backup/restore settings.
  11. When it boots and you get the ok dialog, press A and it will hang, (it’s not hung it’s the uilock) FTP in and send me the xbmc.log from the system folder please. When I get that I will tell you how to fix it
  12. Like I said this does nothing to the install process. When he did eject the disc it would continue to the process. So he could leave the disc in for years and play 007 for years and when he starts the Xbox up without the disc it would continue and install the softmod. As at that stage in the process the Xbox is already softmodded, I just do some cleanup and file processing at stage 2. (If it weren’t softmodded I couldn’t do stage 2) so something else has gone wrong here, either the files he built weren’t built properly or the save wasn't transferred correctly to the Xbox. Unfortunately UnleashX doesn’t care if a file is missing or not there, it will just make a folder if the file doesn’t exist and there is nothing I can do about it other than the end user making sure the source built properly or do what I have been saying and even put on my github. USE THE PREBUILT FILES. (I build the files and upload them so you the user don’t need to)
  13. I include ever single trainer that’s out there. (You probably my grabbed the pack I help sort all dups eg... out off) So if you add new games you need to rescan the trainers (white button and pick scan trainers or what ever it’s called)
  14. I seen this is FB, reloads this disc doesn’t do anything to the process. As soon as you remove the disc it will restart and continue on with the install process. So the reason I say to remove the disc is just that, so it can continue the process. Something else has gone on, I had to update the source the other day to stop people building it themselves as different computers do different things. So if you run a bat file it takes you to the prebuilt files now. But back to the issue, he needs to hit swap it, plain and simple.
  15. Rocky5


    Update to the test build, use EJ212 rom set and download the emulator of the downloader. Then scan.

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