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  1. Dashloader Customizer is what you want. Run it set the override dash to gamers and you’re sorted. (Only works with my softmod or with my custom dashloader for hardmods)
  2. Disable edit mode, enter Key code in login screen. there is no kiosk mode like there is in emustation, I may add this at a later date but above is basically it but super locked down.
  3. Rocky5


    That’s not a bug, the modded MSDash 5960 checks if the persistent softmod is enabled and disables the language menu. (Persistent softmod invalidates the language value in the eeprom and the result is a controlled error16 state, this will make the system default to English) 4920 defaults to the saves manager on entry and has XBL disabled. Retail is retail, original MS signed. I wont be doing Xbox stuff for a while, as my twins were born recently and they are taking up all my spare time but everything you stated in this thread and other thread can be fixed with the MSDash being installed or editing the skin files of UnleashX. At at the top of NKPatcher Settings menus is info on what each option does, same goes for the extras disc. It explains what you want to know.
  4. Rocky5


    Thank you, thought there is nothing in that log that shows it’s errored or there is an issue. Can you send me to the roms please and instructions on what your doing exactly please. (Do it via PM)
  5. Rocky5


    What game and can you add it to favourites again and then send me the xbmc.log please.
  6. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md#artwork for backgrounds Q:\skins\profiles skin\media\folder fanart\
  7. Only thing you copy over is roms, if you download the emulators form the downloader it’s all setup ready for roms. ".emustation\roms\n64\"
  8. Just download the emulator from the downloader. It’s the latest version and it works. (Tested it with a good few games) Your roms can stay where they are. Just scan in N64 now. Alternatively send me the log file from the system folder after getting the error and I can tell you exactly why it’s failing. (Did you copy the media folder that’s inside the surreal folder over as it’s needed for the artwork and synopsis info)
  9. Yes, although some devs added there own region checks. So some games will only work in PAL or NTSC video modes. Timesplitters 2 is one of those games. 99% of the Xbox collection work in 480p only a few (more than 10) require a hex edit to force/auto select the 480p flag. Some games require a different patch to the video mode flag, but it’s the same situation, patch and it’s now forced 480p. Alternatively if softmodded you can just force 480p at the kernel level and if hardmodded flash a patched bios with 480p forced.
  10. Rocky5

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Those games may require a 480p patch to work in 480p mode. But I will need to compare the xbe files to see exactly what was done, as most of the HDD fixes are just FatX checks being latched. (When compared)
  11. Rocky5

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    You do realise bar a couple games the HDD fix is literally a FatX patch. (ie, DVD2Xbox ACL patched xbe) Just patch your games with DVD2Xbox or use it to copy them to the HDD, UnleashX will only patch the short FatX check, not the long one. DVD2Xbox will also patch most of the problematic games, but not all. Toca 3, the hulk eg... have acl patches for there protection, NFL 2003 or 4 has a patch file that you manually apply in the file manager.
  12. https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool#214-video-region
  13. There is no skin.xml for that skin it’s just built into the code. No source code no default skin.
  14. Updated the Downloader with a new version that works, tested it myself and it plays.
  15. Those are the default skins from inside the xbe.

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