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Here is a step by step tutorial for making a high quality component cable using an Xbox 360 component cable and a standard original Xbox Composite AV cable that pretty much everyone will have. I was l

Topic is here : http://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/90-external-xbox-hdmi-mod/

I don't think you do.  the optical audio jack is in the AV plug on the 360 cable that's not used when building a Xbox component cable by cannabalizing the 360 cable for the RGB component (YPrPb actual

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On 7/14/2020 at 9:07 AM, Guffman said:

I made one of these about a month ago for my Xbox, and then threw another one together for my PS2. Thanks for the tutorial, they both work great!


On 5/21/2020 at 4:05 PM, junkman77 said:

The xbox360 cables are straight-up-quality shielded and flexible cables.  I have used them to make OGXBOX, SNES/N64(wRGB Mod) and PS1/2/3 cables.  Console5 has the unpopulated connectors.  The only console I personally have left to build one for is the Genesis.


On 5/21/2020 at 5:01 PM, BigSplodge said:

What did you use as your "donor" AV connector for the PlayStation cable?  I've had one turn up today which in truth actually doesn't look too bad.  However, I'm still determined to crack the connector open and solder the official 360 cables in its place.

I'm not sure how to open this particular plug without demolishing it though - would welcome any tips from your previous efforts!


EDIT: re-read your message and saw "Console5 has the unpopulated connectors" this time haha

Hello, sorry for bumping this topic. I'd like to make a cable for the PS2 , is there a detailed tutorial like this one for that? Or could you guys that already done this give me some advice? Like what AV connector to use , and the pinout schematic for the PS2 ? Thanks in advance.

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Just made myself a component cable today. Came out good. 👍


The diagram on the original post isn't very good, so I took one that feudalnate (from Reddit) made and spruced it up a bit, and also added a correction based on KoasEngineer's feedback.

Also, for anyone wanting to get digital audio, you can use the yellow RCA plug and connect it to your amp's Coaxial input. Enable digital audio in your Xbox settings and boom- 5.1 digital audio.



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Update- I re-did the diagram. Kekule pointed out that the numbering layout was wrong. The diagram I posted above works, but the way the pins are numbered are not standard. This new one is based on a diagram by Smoke Screen. That one was really small though, so I re-did the entire thing from scratch in photoshop. It's much larger now and much more crisp. It's also more print-friendly now (lighter colors).

Here's the source PSD file if anyone wants it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tTx7DJOl9cUFaLV3w_hO61bVtvvhJaMv/view

JPG Mirror: https://i.imgur.com/ZWvcXtN.jpg

Reminder: wiring up the yellow cable to carry digital audio is optional.

AVIP Pinout - DIY Component Cable HiRes.jpg

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Damn what a difference this makes. I'm really happy with the result. I'm not an experienced solderer, but I managed to make this cable. Probably isn't the prettiest, but it works. Only thing to test is the digital audio, waiting on longer cable to arrive.

Instructions are very clear @Cian Cunninghamthank you for that.


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8 hours ago, Guilleack said:

What kind of damage could this do to the console if one of the cables gets shorted with ground?

The only pin/wire that would cause a problem would be the pin 1 the 5 volt supply..



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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    • By fox
      I have a startech S-video adapter for my CRT tv. I want to enable the higher resolutions (480p etc) in xbmc but don't want to buy any HD av pack.
      Is there any specific pin inside the standard AV cable's male plug where I can move the composite video wire to do this? I mean, I imagine it would be whichever one corresponds to S-video or component on the HD AV pack.
      This probably sounds a little ignorant but I've never done AV mods.

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      Had a weird experience with my latest mod, an xbox 1.6 chipped with an Aladdin XT. First, the dvd drive has a terrible sticking problem I have been unable to fix so far. So, I swapped out dvd drive with another one from a parts xbox, oddly the new dvd drive will play official discs but seems not to read burned discs despite the modchip??? So, unable to boot Hexen I had to swap back to the original (sticky) drive in order to set up the new hdd. When I attempted to run my tried and true copy of Hexen 2017 the disc still refused to recognize at all for some reason (btw just wtf here, this disc has always worked on every other xbox I've modded - but now no), but a copy of Hexen 2018 did in fact boot right up. I went ahead with Hexen 2018 (although I prefer to use 2017 due to having some issue previously with 2018, I can't remember now just what..) and everything seemed to go okay... until I tried to set up hd video modes. I get this error, 'msdash.xbe does not exist' or something similar. Seems that does not get installed when you use Hexen 2018??? According to some thread this file IS included on Hexen 2017 which makes sense because I never had this issue before. Anyways, after all this I just got impatient and ftp'd a copy of msdash.xbe over from another previously modded xbox 1.6 running the same modchip and... now the machine errors out with hardware error 21 every time I try to run the ms dashboard. I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind, I actually already had a couple of other issues earlier on in this mod but got past them.
      I saw another suggestion to just download msdash.xbe from the internet but when I googled to download it there were like four different versions or something and I really just don't want to mess around anymore.
      Can anyone help? Thanks in advance if so...
    • By Xboxerover8
      Hi have a bad cap leak and trace rot, can fix the boards but don't know what the value of the transistors are. 
      At the moment looking at three boards a 1.0 1.2 and 1.4 , the legs are to corroded to reuse.

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