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  1. I use the StarTech adapter per recommendation by others in this topic. I wouldn't trust the cheaper chinese SATA-to-IDE adapters described in this topic. The StarTech worked fine in my OG Xbox. You pay a little more but get extra reliability.
  2. Rocky gave me a link to a batch file XVM conversion program on reddit called Convert to XMV. Maybe he wouldn't mind sharing the googledrive link to it here. I use a program called Boilsoft Video Splitter to cut out sections from longer videos (ie YouTube). Seems like these would be good tools to make XVM files. I wonder why some XVM & WMV files play fine in XBMC4Gamers/XBMC while others don't. I even created an WMV test file since I heard that format is more compatible with XBMC and got the same choppy preview in XBMC4GAMERS.
  3. Update: I was going to do this 360 cable mod but was in the process of moving at the time so never got around to it. Then I had the opportunity to buy a used monster cable component cable for og xbox for only around $12 (USD) so I went with that option instead. Now I've gone back to the idea of having a digital audio out port on the og xbox itself and will be attempting to solder an RCA panel jack to the 6 & 5 pins on the AV connector on the motherboard itself. It won't be optical but it will be digital coaxial that I can connect to my AVR's coaxial digital in for true Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Has anyone here done this?
  4. *groucho voice* 750 xbox games!!!? Hey, I like my cigar too but I take it out of my mouth at least once in a while! *groucho eyes & eyebrows* I have a modest collection of about 50 games that I ripped from my discs to my HDD. I really like this XBmc4gamers app and I wish I could replace the default boxart wheel view with a video wheel like in XVGM but the author originally wrote it for his kids so they could have multiple accounts and it took on a life of its own. Maybe someday
  5. Ahhh, the mystery is finally solved. So slow xvm video playback is typical for this resource pack and XBmc4gamers and it's not my setup after all. Thanks for clearing that up. I have a crossover cable connected to my Xbox so I can FTP stuff over from my PC (which has wifi). Can I use this to enable internet access for my OG Xbox like I can for my Sony Playstation 3?
  6. I posted about an issue I'm having in another topic but since I'm using this resource pack I'll briefly mention it here in case anyone else has the problem. Most of the movies (preview.xmv) play in slow motion with sometimes stuttering sound if I call up a video in the Synopsis menu in XBmc4gamers. These same movies play perfectly in VLC so I know it's not the previews themselves. Anyone else have this problem? XBmc4gamers
  7. As a last resort, I'm going to attempt to mod a coaxial digital audio output on my Xbox 1.6 using your diagram (thx btw). Though I'd rather not be soldering stuff directly onto the pcb of the underside of the motherboard, if I'm successful I'll have a nice digital audio out on my OG Xbox. However, doing further research, I seem to be getting from different people different pins I should be connecting to. This guy's video on youtube starting at 3:40 for example claims that just pin 6 (digital out) and pin 5 (left ground audio) can be used. Has anyone on this forum actually done this mod and had success with it? Before I go monkeying around with soldering points on my pcb I'd like to get further opinions. There's mention in the video about bridging something or grounding a pin that the guy in the video didn't have to do but that other's might. This worries me. lol.
  8. The Amp 2 preview.xmv is an example of a media file that plays slow within XBMC4Gamers on my Xbox v1.6 when I launch it from the Synopsis menu. It plays normally in VLC. I also have that Xbox Video Museum Skin installed and all the xmv files play normally in that app. Normally I wouldn't consider this a big deal if it was just one xmv file that is troublesome but it seems to effect most xmv files in XBMC4Gamers on my system using the xmv files in that resource pack.
  9. Using latest versions of XBmc4gamers, have an issue with many of the movie previews playing choppy or slower than they should play. I checked these particular movies with VLC and they play normally otherwise. Other movies play normally under XBmc4gamers. I'm using the resource packs found in another topic. Many movies play okay while many others don't. Is there a fix for this?
  10. Another update: alas, I had to give up this method of enabling 5.1 surround sound on my system. I'm getting severe and constant cut-outs of the audio now. It's surely caused by the fact that I can't push the 2.5mm male adapter all the way into the optical/digital 2.5mm female jack on the Monster Cable component cable. Why it won't go all the way in I have no idea since the original 2.5mm male Monster Cable toslink adapter/dongle looks identical in the pics to my 2.5mm adapter and seems the same length. The guy I got this trick from on Reddit said his fits snugly. There must be a defect in my Monster Cable's optical port or perhaps something broke off inside by the previous owner (I bought the component cable used). So I now have no digital audio. Back to square one
  11. Okay, I found the view that enables background art. Looks great. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Well, I ran the updater, copied the content of the "update-files" folder to the "xbmc4gamers" folder then FTPed it to my Xbox, overwriting everything. Didn't appear to change anything. The boxart wheel shows up (I installed that resources pack to each game in my Games folder) but I don't get that nice background art for each game I stop on. Do I have to install those manually? I just get a blue background.
  13. As usual, I always have trouble installing these things. So I downloaded and created Rocky's XBMC4Gamers folder from his zips, FTPed it over to my OG Xbox's Applications folder, created a profile, ran it, it detected my games, and I got the horizontal boxart wheel of all my games with a bunch of blurred coverart and a blue background. How do I get it looking like dimfil's setup in an earlier post in this topic? I have the Resources4XBMC.rar with all the game stuff, but where do I extract it to?
  14. No, I installed Chimp in the wrong folder so it didn't show up in Applications. Once I did this it loaded and ran properly. Great work, btw. It cloned and partitioned my 1TB HDD perfectly.
  15. I have an issue with the new version of Chimp. After disconnecting my DVD drive and connecting the 1TB drive, when I run Chimp it briefly shows the Chimp splash screen, then reboots my Xbox (I think) and of course I end up getting the "Service Required" error because no DVD drive is connected. Is there a fix for this?

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