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  1. Great design, I had one printed several months back for extra security with using my StarTech adapter. I'll be sure to grab another at some point.
  2. Using a softmod with 128MB of memory sounds a little unusual to me. I was under the impression that a custom bios was required. Perhaps their softmod solution loads some kind of compatible BFM bios as part of its startup routine.
  3. If you have a modchip (and thus a custom bios) installed, you can simply install the hard disk, format it using a disc like OGXbox Installer 2021 and install whatever software you need.
  4. The initial problem that caused this whole thing has been sorted out. I desoldered the EEPROM chip from the console, read its content using a CH341a programmer and then locked the hard disk using XboxHDM2.3. As for the modchip I'm really not sure what went wrong, the only thing I've yet to try it putting it in my main 1.2.
  5. I'd used an OpenXenium in the past so I knew to give that a try, but it didn't seem to change anything. At this point I'm really not sure what it could be.
  6. I flowed each and every pin on both the header and the chip with plenty of flux and extra solder where necessary but nope, I'm still getting the ol' 3-boot FRAG.
  7. It's fitted to the pins closest to the front of the console (leaving two at the back), I'll be sure to scrub it and take another photo for you. And yeah, the LED lights up red.
  8. Unfortunately disconnecting D0 or the modchip from its header just causes it to properly boot into the TSOP's own BIOS like normal. Plus this is happening with the original IDE cable completely removed as well as with it installed so I'm not sure if that's making a difference at this point. As asked before I have some closeup photos of my soldering both on the chip and the point under the board (hopefully the orientation is clear).
  9. I made the boneheaded mistake of flashing my backup 1.2's TSOP chip with a retail BIOS while the hard disk was unlocked. I ended up purchasing an OpenXenium that was pulled from another console (evidently a 1.6 based on the use of the 1.6 jumper). After installing the pin header and connecting D0 to the chip on the underside of the board (I found continuity between the pad on the chip and the topside via for D0) I found that the console wouldn't boot. It was the typical 3 boot attempts before a 50:50 FRAG. I'm unsure as to why this is happening, it was previously used which leads me to believe it was working just fine in the console it came from. The only thing I've yet to try is to install it into my main 1.2 and see if it has the same problem there, and if so, I can figure out if the CPLD needs reprogramming and the flash chip needs XeniumOS reflashed. Has anyone else had an issue like this with their OpenXenium?
  10. Mu.

    Rubber Feet

    I found myself using double sided tape, though it didn't end up lasting very long. I eventually replaced them with a set of 3D printed feet (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4725922)
  11. I'd suggest using a different dash than Avalaunch, either XBMC or UnleashX.
  12. Those hard disks will work, however you will require an adapter to go from the older IDE connection to the newer SATA connection those drives use. There are unbranded adapters out there and also ones made by companies like StarTech. I've had 100% success with the StarTechs while the unbranded ones can be just as good but its luck of the draw what you get.
  13. You press the power button on the front of the Xbox console, wait for it to switch off. And then press it once more to start the boot process.
  14. Probably the best solution for an on-console test would be to boot some form of Linux on it and then run a suitable hard disk related tool (I know 'dd' can be set up in a way to do this but I don't know the arguments off the top of my head).
  15. You can simply reboot, I've had the same issue and it's gone away that way.

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