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  1. Video: https://i.imgur.com/aRyVI25.mp4 this, but now the fan doesn't spins. Could it be a capacitor related problem?
  2. I tried that and they still are lower than the expected voltages, the grey and white 3.3V still read as they should, the blue wire (PowOk) remains at 0. If I do that would it change the value of the grey and white wires? I mean those two show 3.3V as they should.
  3. I continued to troubleshoot the console in this post a bit. And from what I tested there is something wrong with my PSU In Gray I get the correct 3.3V, White 3.3V when I press the power button just for a second, Blue stays at 0 even if I press the power button, Orange about 0.8V, Red about 4V, and Yellow to 8V. Is there anything more to test? Or do you think that this PSU is toasted and I should try to find another one? Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks for the replies, now that I saw my old threads here I remember that I had this issue once and it fixed itself by just leaving the console off for a couple of days. My PSU is a Delta I suppose, about testing it how I should proceed, I should plug it into the wall and put the multimeter leads on the connector?
  5. Hello a couple of days ago I was testing my newly built component cables (Before using them I tested everything with a multimeter and nothing was shorting and I was able to play with them and they looked great since I used shielded 360 cables so I don't think that the cable is the problem) on my Xbox and it was working perfectly fine, I restarted it a couple of times and I didn't have a single problem, today I tried to play again and I got stuck on the iND-Bios splash screen with the light blinking red and green with no change, it just gets stuck there. My Xbox is tsoped and I have
  6. Hello again, i just don't have any means to get an original controller. They are extremely rare on my country somebody told me that you can use the Xblast os tool with third party controllers but i can't find xblast os on the hexen disk, how i should proceed?
  7. Those also need to be original to work? I saw a guy selling two of these near me but i'm not sure if they are original.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I can use the XblastOS tool with other bioses? (I wanted to go with ND-BiOS.5004.67 ) About the usb adapter i don't have one at the moment.
  9. Hello i have a xbox with a almost dead hard drive and a dvd drive that works barely. The previous owner performed a tsop very long ago and that's why i believe that i can boot to hexen without the hard drive, also i saw some solder residue on the pads to unlock the bios protection. (Cleaned the old solder and bridged the points again) I have a 1.4 with a Windbond and focus chip, the main problem that i have is that i can't move the options in the Gentoox because my only working controller seems to be a fake controller or at least the original pcb was replaced with a generic one, som
  10. Thanks, i know that the caps are good since i did your test and also i'm sure that the main reason the system boots rarely is that the hard drive is almost dead since sometimes it doesn't even starts to spin untill i give a tap top the top of the console.
  11. I tried the console today and it turned on like it was working before... I didn't do anything to it, i will try to TSOP it as soon as i can to avoid any kind of bad bios and in the case that the hdd or dvd drive die.
  12. Thanks for the reply, yes as you said i don't have video. I didn't do any kind of hard mod aside of changing the IDE cable and from what i see the motherboard doesn't looks like it has been hardmoded before, it's weird since yesterday was working just fine, it is softmoded and had some games loaded on the HDD (80 GB IDE). I will try to open it later and see if i spot any kind of damage again.
  13. Again with problems i was playing yesterday without any problems, today i tried to turn on the console and looks like it tries to turn on three times and after that it starts to blink a red and green light... What can be the cause of this? Yesterday was working just fine, the fan was very quiet and the console didn't seem to be hot at all.
  14. Thanks, i had this wrong idea that i needed to do some kind of firmware modification to make the console boot without the cap. (Something related to a bootloop maybe? )

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